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    Enjoy my fav. Character's first AMV by me.
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    This thread is about Action-Adventure-Fantasy games.

    Here r the vote choices: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, inFamous, inFamous2, Dragon Ball Raging Blast, or Megaman (Any Megaman).

    Please vote or discuss the games. BD Thx.
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    Here some of the walkthoughs I found of Megaman
    Cred to the creator :D For the awsome walkthroughs. [video=youtube;0EDv1x9CjWw][/video] [video=youtube;Q9cXmCJRpWI][/video] [video=youtube;gItzhaEZ9ow][/video] [video=youtube;NTKjScMstSA][/video]
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    MegaMan ZX

    Like the game Mega Man ZX? Or have played the game?

    Talk about it here.
    And enjoy this trailer: [video=youtube;Qex-bvLTi2w][/video]
    And some pics: View attachment 26859 View attachment 26860 View attachment 26862 View attachment 26861 View attachment 26863
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    You like Soul Eater? Do you play the game?
    Talk here. :D
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    Stuff about Kilik is herez!!!!! (The old one had his name wrong.)
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    Stuff about Mifune is here.
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    Stuff about Black Star is here
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    Episode 1: Legacy of a Thief

    Outside of a Castle belonging to an unknown, appeared a thief. We dont know his name yet. He looked at his trusty Twin Swords/Daggers then looked out from behind the cliff. He saw spy cameras. "No big deal, and I thought my old partner would do better!" He said quietly. Then, he peered again, then raced out!! One of the cameras spotted him, but not for long. Thief was running at literally 100 msphr!!! Then, he met the cameras straight on and jumped jabing one of 3. Then, landed on one then imedietly did a Spin Shock on it.
    Next, he peered in to the hallway door, that was..... open??

    When, he got through the hallway... he met his prize. The Legend Sword. The sword used in the War of Rebels. It belonged to the yet to be knowen hero of owers.
    Then, He appered behind the thief.

    "Well, Well, Well....." said the man. Thief turned to see his old partner Nyx, now known as "Xero". "Nice to see you again, ......... Reo" Said Xero. "Dont mind me, I'm just here for the sword." Said Reo. "Oh? I'm afraid I cant let you do that Reo."

    Reo takes off the hood. And the battle begins.
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    Tommarow-Friday I will be gone.
    I am going on a Boy Scout trip.

    So, if you needed anything from me then get it today.

    Ian. :D
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    Hey, I am Final Ian.

    I like lots of things, including KHs!!!!!!!!!! I'll sum it up. Soul Eater, Pokemon, Linkin Park, 30STM, Shooting, Camping, Chatting for hours, partying!!!!!!!!, and Dragon Ball Z. (Kinda Yu-Gi-Oh)

    I am pretty awsome once you know me. And plz, try to not use to much spam on my page, K?

    Ladies, I am taken.

    I sincerely thank you,

    Ian. :lolface:
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    Here r some of the thinges I want on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









    MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Here r the two outcomes of the ULTIMATE BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. [video=youtube;mKD0H8Vk_4A][/video] Utima outcome!!!!!!

    2. [video=youtube;H5B46ttXR-0][/video] And the Omega Outcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cred to original creator on youtube!!!!!!!!!!! Love his work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Prolouge/Summery: "Bookeepers Life"

    In a dimension far from Earth's. There were 5 bookkepers. 4 of them like there job at the Lord's Library, but one wanted to be on the front lines battling. His name was "Xenvin" which meant "Warrior of the Fallen Light", Nickname: Xen. He is 16. In Earthly language his name was Ian. He is a collection of personalitys from his friends, he is gifted with Multi-Talents (all of his friends talents & more as he meets people) But his main is "Multi-Void-Lighting/Thunder Sword of Legends". He lives in the dimension of the Kierions, A VERY peaceful dismension.
    His friends: "Kemviet" a very active dude, Nickname: Kem. He is 16. He was gifted with a Arced Claymore of Water.
    "Zequitor" a Inerjectic type, but also ver very Timid & a bit Stubborn but he is Xenvin's BESTEST friend in all the Multi-Verse!!!!!!!!!!! He is 16, Nickname: Zek. He was gifted with a Shield that changes in to two whips of Fire. (Born on the same day as Xenvin)
    "Qiunti" The girl of the band, Xenvin has a HUGE Crush on her, but she dosent know. Only, Zequitor knows. She is 16. She is gifted with a Bow of Wind & Arrows of Ice.
    and finally: "Finbarrt" the youngest, he is 15, Nickname: Fin. Only a month behind Qiunti. He has a cool and collected personality, but in battle he is an unforgetable power gifted with a Scythe of Earth.

    Before landing the Lord Starr gave them there weapons. Now toghter, they land on earth after gaining there Battle wings, and Toghter they try to stay a team and stop there enimes from deystroing earth whale they figure out there destinies & Pastes before the Libary Job.

    Episode 1: "Bookeepers Wish"
    Setting: Library & Pond of Destiny
    "Hey, so when is our shift over?" Asked Finbarrt.
    "Not for over 2 hours Fin!!!!!!" Shouted Zequitor for the 5th time.
    "Will you both just shut up and do your dusting!!!!" Yelled Qiunti.
    Xenvin starred at her then slipped and fell on his back, "What r u doing, laying there?" asked Kemviet.
    Xen replied, "Oh just admireing the cilling!!!!!!!!!!"
    So they all continued there work. But, Xen hated it. He instead pretended to, when he really was actually playing the Air Guitar!!!!!!!!!!!! Then, when the day was over they all headed over to the "Usual Place". It was the Pond of Destiny, the place where one wish comes true. When, they got there a new sign was there.
    It said: "No wishing, or suffer 20 yrs. in the Craig Mine." -Lord Starr
    "K, so we all got that right?" Asked Qiunti.
    "Right, aspsotively." Said the 4 execept Xen.
    "RIGHT, XEN?" Qiunti asked louder.
    "What? OH, sure I guess." Xen said drowselly.
    So they spend the last of there time that day there.
    When, everyone left, Xen stayed. He wanted to wish.
    Then, oddly he knew how to wish here, almost like instinct but not quiet.
    "I wish to my destiny to change and MIX in the Pond, to make my NEW DESTINY: The Destiny To Save People From Our War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    Then the pond glowed & then the 3 moons glowed!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And then his body was struck with Green Lightning and then with Blue Fire & Red Ice & Yellow Wing & Black Earth & Brown Water!!!!!!! And sucked out his soul and exchanged a Teal Light for his Orange Light. He knew what he had to do now!!!!!!!!!!!!! To help people with his friends.

    *Next episode on Thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Weapons Soon*
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    Here is our new adventure. Black and White But, KHs STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Soon, we will have the character choices up.
    Me and Daxa will work to get them done.
    So in the mean time play in the other discussions.

    *Coming Soon To A PC Near You!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
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    Here is where you can register your pokemon teams and put teams on Standby.

    Ian Main Team: Wins 1 Loses 0 Draws 0 Foresaw 0
    Status: Standby
    1. Zekrom
    2. Serperior
    3. Chandelure
    4. Galvantula
    5. Ferrothorn
    6. Excadrill

    Ian Secondary Team: Wins 0 Loses 0 Draws 0 Foresaw 0
    Status: Ready
    1. Reshiram
    2. Kyurem
    3. Cobalion
    4. Haxorus
    5. Tornadus
    6. Zoroark

    Ian's Extra Team: Wins 0 Loses 0 Draws 0 Foresaw 0
    Status: Ready
    1. Genosect
    2. Crustle
    3. Coffagrigus
    4. Klinglang
    5. Empoleon
    6. Venusaur

    *Pokemon Master gets 3 or 4 teams, Champion gets 3, Gym Leaders get 2 and Challengers get 1.*
    When a team is defeated or is tired it MUST be put on standby. Now, be ready to battle with this in your mind.
    (Everything that is on my teams above must be on your team, look at the "Rules" discussion to confrim.)
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    Here is where I will determin the moves for people who do not have a pokemon Tainer Card to go by.

    Chandelure: Ghost Flame, Will-o-wisp, Inferno, and Shadow Ball
    Zekrom: Fushion Bolt, Bolt Strike, Thunder, and Draco Metor
    Serperior: Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm, Leaf Tornado, and Dig
    Galvantula: Electro Ball, Elecrto Web, Shock Wave, & Signal Beam
    Excadrill: Metal Claw, Shadow Claw, Dig, and Drill Slice
    Ferrothorn: Rapid Spin, Flash Cannon, Iron Tail, and Giga Impact!!!!!!!!!!
    Those r the moves I can use on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Credit to ZeroXZ03 for video.

    Here is the Characters Jutsu's and Awakings. (This doesn't include Charged Jutsu's and Awaking's Jutsu's.)


    Enjoy and Again CREDIT TO CREATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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