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    After 358/2 came out to bridge the gap between KH:CoM and KH2, it got me wondering how many more games will be created to answer any plot holes that the fans might have.

    Think about it. When Kingdom Hearts 2 came out, many people wouldn't understand what happened between 1 and 2 unless they had played CoM or Re:CoM first. And then fans began speculating what happened in the missing year between CoM and KH2. Thus 358/2 is created.

    The secret movie of KH2 made the way for KH:BBS. When THAT comes out, people will wonder what happened in-between BBS and the first KH. And then there will be the question of the Keyblade War to answer. We'd need a game and storyline that would tie everything to the VERY beginning, maybe answer the origin of the Keyblade.

    My point is that many people would like the answer to many questions and that an almost infinite number of games (or novels, not fanfics) would need to be created to tie up any loose ends that are left unchecked. Like would we be focusing on what happened to Riku during the first KH (kinda like how Coded focuses on the past too)? The Keyblade's origin? Kairi's perspective during the 358/2 timeline?

    Where does it finally end? Or will the Kingdom Hearts series be one of those games that will continue to generate plots and storylines until Nomura finally dies?
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    [Now all I can think about is Sailor Moon running through my head. :wacko:]
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    [Never heard of the guy.

    This thread's now about cookie pie:]

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    I know I haven't been on that much lately, but I've tried to be. The university level of work wasn't what I was expecting. Oh well, at least it's all over with...for now.

    Anyway, unlike the previous summers where I could leech off my neighbor's internet to get on, I don't have that luxury anymore. :(

    This means that by the end of May 22 until August 28, I'm going to be cut-off from the internet. I'll be occasionally able to get on every now and then, but not for long instances. Which means you'll be seeing a lot less of me than you already have. :sideways:

    I don't know what's going to happen over the summer, but I'm going to take the opportunity to work on the stories that I haven't had a chance to all semester. So if anyone's still following "Wedding" or "Switched," expect them both to be updated when I get back. :3

    I'm not going to list off names of friends, acquaintances and such that I'd be saying bye to due to all the numerous name changes and people fading in and out of existence. :p

    Besides, it's not goodbye, just a temporary hiatus until school starts again.

    So to review, I'll be officially back August 28 (or whenever I get a stable net connection), Wedding and Switched will be both worked on over the summer, and I'll probably be really behind on the Kingdom Hearts theories and histories when I get back.

    Thank you and have a good Summer/Winter (depending on what side of the equator you live in)!

    This is Destiny's Force, Logging Out...
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    No, I'm being dead serious. Why is it wrong and appalling in Western society for females to be bare-chested, but not males?

    There's nothing wrong with the human body itself, but for the female chest to be such a taboo in today's society makes me wonder about the validity of the public ideal of gender equality.

    And before puberty hits, male and female bodies are pretty much the same besides one major physical difference.

    I don't know. What are your thoughts about this?
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    Okay, well since I can't double post on the usual thread, I'm just going to talk about the status here.

    We're still stuck where we were during the Winter season. The only good thing that seems to have happened is that our so-called "competition" has had to go through five YouTube accounts because the other four were suspended due to copyright issues.

    The YouTube account we posted the trailers on is still intact. Although I'm looking back over what we have so far and I'm wondering if I should redo the script. It looks pretty good, but I'm wondering if it should be revised or not...

    Not sure what else to say. Nothing else has really been done...
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    The ONE girl that likes me back. The ONE girl that liked me for who I was. The ONE girl that I enthusiastically adored tons and didn't care what I looked like and loved me for my personality. The ONE girl that I actually had a REALLY great relationship with.

    And I F***ING screw up. AGAIN.

    I broke her trust. Overstepped my boundaries. And guess what? I end up destroying my happiness with the exact same reason that none of my other previous relationships worked.

    My ego. My usually depressed-but-overly-inflated-if-not-kept-in-check ego. Seriously. This when I usually want to knock the crap out of me. I'm not exactly depressed. I'm more extremely angry with myself. For breaking her trust. For making her scared of me. For not wanting to talk to me.

    And the most frustrating part is that I'm usually the person she can talk to whenever she's got a problem. Or feeling down. Or had a stressful day. Or to be the only guy that likes her true self because everyone else in her real life doesn't like her bottled-up personality.

    And you know something? I'm just fed up with this crap. I finally had a light shining through my darkness. I was getting my hopes up that we could actually pull this off. I was starting to see the future becoming bright and positive.

    But no. My dark self, the "Evil DF" inside of me finally overpowered my judgment. I was so focused on trying to keep her happy that I didn't realize that I was letting my suppressed, immoral self creep its way into my mind.

    And then I did the one thing that I swore I would never do. I let my guard down and ended up scaring her and breaking her trust.

    I'm not sure what to do with myself. My one big chance and I screw up. I've apologized. I've promised never to do it again (and we both know how important and serious a promise is). But what's done is done and I can't take it back.

    Heh. Maybe I'm just destined to be alone. Never to be able to hold onto a budding relationship for more than a few months. I still feel like she's the one. But now she'll always have a glimmer of doubt. And that's not something that I can erase.

    I don't really know what I'm really asking for. It's a long-distance relationship so we can't actually go and talk to each other face-to-face. So we've never officially met. The age difference is about 8-9 years. She's everything that I've ever dreamed about.

    And I lost it. I lost her and I can't get her back. Things will never be the same between us. She won't ever fully trust me.

    I've thought about suicide. But I know that's never the answer. Besides, why should I be upset over something that happens through the net?

    Because it wasn't just the net. We've actually talked to each other through the phone. Her parents were cool with me. She was cool with me.

    Seriously, I don't want to take a break from her. I liked being trusted and adored and able to reciprocate the feeling. But I guess there's no point in worrying about it, right?

    I don't even know why I'm even posting this here. The most likely advice I'm going to get is "Take a break, give her space, she'll forgive you when she's ready." There's also the "So? You lost one girl. So what? Just find another one. And if you can't, then your social skills suck. Quit crying about it and move on." Then there's the "I know how you feel, dude. But if it wasn't meant to be, it wasn't meant to be. She'll probably forget you and move on with her own life. There's no reason to be stuck on her." Oh, and did I mention the whole "You screwed up. You made the same mistake and you knew you were making it. You should see a psychiatrist or something. Because if you know what the mistake was, you should've gotten it fixed years ago." There's also "Why are you in a relationship with her in the first place?! Couldn't you have gotten someone that's more around your age range?"

    And before anyone suggests it, no. I cannot buy anything for her. At least not yet anyway.

    So that's it. The girl that I truly hope is the one doesn't want anything to do with me. I can't really do anything else to fix it if she doesn't want to talk to me. I wish that I could just wake up in the morning and hope that it was all a bad dream. But no. I'm not going to fool myself like that.

    She doesn't trust me. She doesn't like me. I hurt someone that I truly care about. I guess the only reason that I'm really saying any of this is because I'm a writer and I needed to let off some steam. Not the most creative way to do it, but at least I have my initial feelings in text.
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    And this time it's the truth. 8D

    Unfortunately, the PHS (Post-Hypnotic Suggestion) didn't work. On the plus side, though, I got a screenshot of her being hypnotized so I know it actually happened. :)

    If I posted it, though, it'd just look like she was sleeping so it's not concrete proof.

    All I did was the balloon test and make it slightly warmer for her. X3
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    Kairi let out a sigh of giddy contentment as her feet shuffled across the carpeted hallway to her room. She had just finished taking a shower in preparation for her big date with Sora. However, it took her a few moments into her shower when she realized that she had forgotten to bring her clothes in with her. Fortunately, no one else was home, so she wasn't all that fussed about it. Despite that, Kairi still felt slightly embarrassed being outside the bathroom in nothing but a fluffy, pink towel covering the unmentionables.

    "I wonder if Sora remembers our date," the Princess of Heart wondered, entering her bedroom. She had been looking forward to this day ever since she first developed her crush on Sora years ago. Of course, since Sora was adorably dense in asking her out despite the numerous hints that she had been giving, she finally got fed up of waiting for him to make the first move and asked him herself.

    "Knowing the guys, it's a safe bet that Riku and the others made sure he didn't forget," Naminé replied as Kairi began digging through her drawers for some underwear. "Of course, this is Sora we're talking about here."

    Kairi let out another sigh; this time, one of exasperation. "Yeah. Never there when you want him, but always there when you need him." Suddenly, her face twisted into a frown as she felt her fingers make contact with something thin and stringy. "What the..." Despite her slight reluctance to leave it be, Kairi yanked out from underneath her pile of underwear a hot pink G-string.

    "You still have that?" Naminé moaned. "I thought you'd have returned that thing by now." Kairi shook her head as she remembered the previous Christmas when she and her friends had decided to do a Secret Santa. She had received the G-string as her gag gift. At first, she was slightly worried that Sora (of all people) had been the one to get her the gift. It was during New Year's Eve when she found out that the gift was really from Hayner and Tidus. Fortunately, Selphie and Olette managed to exact revenge on both of them for her. She wasn't entirely sure of the details, but whatever the girls did, it caused the guys to be unable to sit down for weeks.

    "The guys never put a gift receipt with it and I don't know what else to do with it," Kairi responded. "Besides, it seems a bit expensive." She pursed her lips as her eyes stared at the skimpy piece of cloth. "Although a bigger question would be how they got it in the first place."

    "At least it wasn't another electronic ab machine, right?" Naminé replied. Kairi shuddered at the memory of last year. One of the boys (she couldn't remember who) had given her one as a gag gift for her birthday. Curious (and bored), she decided to try it out in the privacy of her own room. Unfortunately, that had been a mistake. As soon as she started it up, the vibrations stimulated her stomach muscles just enough to tickle torture her. To add even more torment, the model had been equipped with a timed-lock mechanism, so the poor girl was forced to endure the tickling for two hours straight before she could remove it. Afterwards, she wrapped it back up and gave it to Riku for his birthday. His abs were more toned and well-defined ever since.

    "Anyway..." Kairi stuffed the G-string back into the deepest depths of her dresser. "Better safe than sorry..." Kairi took her phone from the top of her dresser, autodialed Sora's number and put it on speakerphone, leaving both of her hands free to finish getting dressed. As soon as she heard Sora's phone picked up, she chirped gleefully with a "Hi, Sora!" However, she couldn't have been in more astonishment when Sora greeted her back with a "GAH!" Slightly taken back by the weird greeting, her fingers fumbled with her bra. "Sorry! Is this a bad time?"

    "Nono! Everything's perfectly fine!" Sora's voice sounded a bit strained as he said this, worrying Kairi.

    "Um...okaaaaay..." She wasn't completely buying Sora's assurance, but she decided to let it go for now. "I was just calling to ask if we were still on for today." Sora only grunted in response. "Are you sure you're alright? You don't sound so..." Kairi stopped mid-sentence. "Is that...water splashing?"

    "Yeah! Riku and I are sparring near the shore!"

    Kairi let out a little sigh. "And you're talking on the phone while doing it?" With one leg caught in her skirt, she leaned over and reached for the phone. "Sora, you sound kinda strange. Maybe I should just, you know, call back later?"

    "N-NO, WAIT!" Kairi froze in her awkward position, kicking back her free leg to maintain her balance, giving her the appearance of a figure skater. She could hear Sora gasping for breath. "Don't worry, Kairi! A thousand Heartless couldn't keep me from missing our date!" Kairi felt slightly relieved that Sora hadn't forgotten, but she still wasn't convinced he was okay.

    "Well, alright..." She didn't know what else to say, so she decided to let it drop. "Anyway, I'll see you there!"

    "Count on it!" Sora replied enthusiastically. As she heard Sora hang up, Kairi shook her head with amusement, a slight smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

    "What am I going to do with that boy?" Then she looked in the mirror and realized that she was still standing in her underwear with her skirt crowded around her ankles.

    "Yeah, Sora's going to love the whole 'nudie' look," Naminé joked.

    "Shut up," Kairi replied playfully as she hiked up her skirt.

    * * *

    As soon as Sora hung up the phone, thunderous, but firm pounding could be heard on the other side of the door.

    "Sora? You okay in there?" Riku's voice called out in concern. Sora grimaced as he felt the insides of his stomach churning again.

    "Uh...yeah! No worries, Rik...URG!"

    Riku sighed as the sounds of plopping and splashing became audible through Sora's groanings. "I told you not to eat those Spicy Chocobo Bean Burritos!" His nose crinkled as the familiar smell of a dead skunk wafted through the door cracks. "Especially seven of them!"

    (Note from author: Don't ask me what the whole point was, it was just some random idea that ran through my head. :p )
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    ...shave in Castle Oblivion? Especially without a bathroom?

    I would guess they used Larxene's kunai to scrape it off. :p [/random]
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    Close your eyes. And listen. Imagine yourself standing on the overhang of a great waterfall. This hidden waterfall cascades down into a beautiful, sparkling lagoon below you. As you stand there, you feel a gentle breeze playing across your body. Take a deep breath in. Smell how clean and crisp this air is. The sounds of tropical birds can be heard over the crashing waters that flow beside you. You feel the cool, sprinkles of water drizzling the surface of your feet.

    From your perch, you can see the sun peeking over the horizon. It can be dawn or dusk. It doesn't matter. Lush greenery extends as far as the eye can see. It gives you a sense of privacy, security and yet familiarity as if you had lived there all your life.

    You are shaken from your thoughts as a familiar voice can be heard echoing over the raging falls. You peek over the edge of the cliff and down into the calm waters of the lagoon below you as you shield your eyes, searching for the source of the voice. Your eyes scan the water's surface until they draw themselves onto the familiar figure. His entire upper half can be seen poking out from the pool as he cups his hands and shouts your name again. You can't help but smile shyly. There was always something about him that made your heart beat faster whenever you were in his presence. Suddenly, you see him waving you down, beckoning you to come and join him.

    A pang of slight fear makes you gasp. You realize that he wants you to dive from your perch. A flitting thought of taking the path through the trees behind you crosses your mind, but you immediately discard it. Although it's a long way down, you can't help but feel yourself getting excited. You give him one last connecting gaze before you begin to take your first few steps back. In the back of your mind, you realize that you want a running start to give you more air time. As soon as you feel that you've got a good distance between you and the edge, you take one last cleansing breath. You can feel your heart beating a good rhythm and your breathing begin to quicken. But this is your moment. There's no reason to fear. After reassuring yourself that you'll be fine, you let in another intake of breath and break into a dash. Your legs pump faster as you close the gap in a few short strides.

    And then in one final leap of faith, you jump.

    As you feel your feet break contact with the ground, you can tell that you made a perfect jump. Time seems to slow down as your body flies through the air. A sense of awe and amazement washes over you as you realize that you're actually suspended, hanging in midair. You imprint these few moments into your mind as of right now, you are completely weightless. However, all new and exhilirating experiences must end as you feel the gravity finally manage to catch you.

    As you begin to freefall back toward the lagoon, your body immediately reacts to its instincts as it begins to position itself into perfect diving form. In the next few seconds that you have to yourself, your eyes scan the water's surface for the boy that called you, but to your surprise he can no longer be seen. As the pool begins to rush toward you, filling your view, you feel yourself take in one last intake of breath...

    KASPLOOSH! The shock of the water swallowing up your entire body feels so good against your skin. You try to make out your surroundings underwater, but your vision is literally swimming. All you can make out is the stream of bubbles that erupt from your mouth as you let the captured air out slowly. It gives you a peaceful and pleasurable feeling being weightless for more than a few seconds. You spend a few more seconds underneath before you realize that you need to breathe again. You rapidly flail your arms and legs heading back into the open air. As your head bursts through the water's surface, you instinctively gulp in some fresh oxygen into your lungs.

    While your lungs take in the air, your eyes take in the scenery. You find that you're positioned right behind the waterfall as the water cascades in front of your eyes like a shimmery, transparent curtain. The sight is breathtaking to say the least. Then you remember. Your head whips around back and forth in search of him, the one you feel passionate towards. With your hair dripping wet over your shoulders, you wade around behind the water curtain, looking for any sign of your dream boy. Doubts begin to form in your mind. Did I really see him? Was he really there? Where is he? You begin to wonder if he really was down here...

    Without warning, you feel cold, yet gentle fingers tickle your ribs from behind, forcing a shriek to burst forth from your lips. You panic slightly from the surprise tickle attack until you turn your head to see his head erupt from the water. You almost wonder if he intends to tickle you even longer. To your relief (or disappointment), you feel him remove his hands from your ticklish spot and instead wraps his arms around you, pulling you in closer to his body. You can feel the blood rush to your face as his bare front comes in contact with your exposed skin. Even though it's cold, your body feels so warm and tingly that you don't even notice.

    With almost no effort on your part, you intertwine your fingers over his. His warm breath panting on the nape of your neck sends an involuntary shiver down your spine. You can feel goosebumps forming all over your sensitive skin. You feel comfortable in his embrace, as if you were always meant to be together in each others arms. He brushes some wet strands of hair from your cheek and sets them behind your ear. As he leans in toward you, his gentle breath tickles your ear slightly, sending another involuntary shiver to travel throughout your body. You can't help but blush as you feel embarrassed and at the same time, aroused.

    "There's something that I've wanted to ask you for a long time," his voice whispers. He leans in closer until you can practically feel the warm aura of his face almost make contact with yours. Your heart hammers with anticipation as he takes in a deep breath as if to steady his nerves.

    After what seemed like an eternity, he finally says the words that you've been waiting your entire life to hear...

    "What does the scouter say about his power level?"
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    Okay. Everyone knows about good, evil and the shades of gray in-between. And almost every storyline today has the "good guys" always going up against the "ultimate evil." However, the "evil ones" aren't always acting immoral even if they're deemed "100% evil." They sometimes don't kick the protagonist when they're down or they allow the "hero" time to recover so they can kick the crap out of them again. An honorable act and in a sense, "good." And if they have any minions, they may not necessarily care about them, but by letting them live and sparing their lives for the time being, they're unwittingly performing a "good" act.

    So, I guess my question is, is there any sentient being fictional or otherwise that is 100% evil? Someone that's not just running on instinct and is completely immoral, unethical and has no value of life?
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    Down by the bay (down by the bay)

    Where the watermelons grow (where the watermelons grow)

    Back to my home (back to my home)

    I dare not go (I dare not go)

    For if I do (for if I do)

    My mother will say...

    Down by the bay! :D

    (Don't ask me why, I just felt like it.)
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    For those of you who aren't familiar with this project, me and VGN have been working on an "Abridged" type series involving the anime "Negima! Magister Negi Magi" or usually known as "Mahou Sensei Negima."

    In layman's terms, a condensed fandub that actually has humor in it.

    And for those of you who're either involved or been interested, don't worry. We're not dead. :p

    Most of the pilot episode has been done. We're just waiting for certain voice clips before it's officially ready. In the meantime, here's something to keep you occupied. ;)

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    Let's face it. I haven't been on as much as I used to. I've got papers due every week. I haven't been able to work on Wedding or Switched for awhile because of that. No new avys or sigs. The Negima project's been stopped to a dead halt because of lack of interest. The RPs that I'm in can get along without me for a little while. The Cookie Castle has been able to create its own...status.

    And my friends...well, I'm not going to get into that.

    I'm spent. Emotionally and physically. Change has happened and I need time to adapt.

    This is where I would usually list all my friends/acquaintances/etc...

    ...but I'm not going to do that. Let's face it. I know I have a purpose here. So I'm not going to say goodbye.

    More like a "Catch you later" and such. And so I leave you with this:

    In other words...

    I'll be back around my birthday. Maybe by then I'll have been able to find the balance that I need. I'll still be on MSN for those who I've been in contact with.

    So this is DF saying "Catch ya later!"

    -Destiny's Force has activated stealth mode-
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    ...and it falls on top of a mime...

    [would anyone actually care?]
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    And before you ask, no, I do not have pictures to prove it. It wasn't exactly planned.
    [I almost wet myself from excitement]
    It just happened unexpectedly. I'm so stunned that I don't remember what happened...
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    Seriously. All my friends on this forum have their own problems and issues to deal with and when I look at them, I feel extremely helpless. I want to help them out as best as I can, but being the anti-social person I am in real life, I don't have much life experience in those types of situations.

    There are times I desperately want to help them out, say the right thing that can resolve the situation, but I'm usually not there for them when they need advice the most.

    I know I shouldn't worry about other people's problems when I have my own to deal with, but I guess there's always a part of me that actually wants to be there as "a shoulder to cry on". A...well, to put it in simplified terms...a "hero."

    I'm also worried that if I'm not there for my friends, our relationships will begin to drift apart. I've already noticed it happening with a few of my closest friends here. I'm not there for them because I'm busy with my own life and I feel our bonds starting to weaken.

    I guess my main concern is being forgotten, discarded and becoming just a fading memory...
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    More info can be found here: I need voice actors, mostly females...about 31 different female voices.


    Negi Springfield <---Taken by Destiny's Force
    Yuna Akashi (#2) <---Taken by Kairi2011
    Kazumi Asakura (#3) <---Taken by Kairi2011
    Yue Ayase (#4) <---Taken by Cocohints
    Ako Izumi* (#5) <---Taken by RRMS.
    Akira Okochi (#6) <--taken by S a b b y M u f f i n <3
    Misa Kakizaki (#7) <---Taken by O R A N G E
    Asuna Kagurazaka (#8) <--Taken by O R A N G E
    Misora Kasuga* (#9) <---Taken by Kingdom Konoha
    Chachamaru Karakuri (#10)<----Taken by Cocohints.
    Madoka Kugimiya (#11) <---Taken by O R A N G E
    Kū Fei (#12) <---Taken by CarbuncleGem
    Konoka Konoe (#13) <--Taken by S a b b y M u f f i n <3
    Haruna Saotome (#14) <--Taken by debralizjr
    Setsuna Sakurazaki (#15) <---Taken by ~Amber~
    Makie Sasaki (#16) <---Taken by Fairy Princess Sara
    Sakurako Shiina (#17) <---Taken by O R A N G E
    Mana Tatsumiya (#18) <---Taken by Kingdom Konoha
    Chao Lingshen (#19) <---Taken by DiveIntoTheHeart
    Kaede Nagase (#20) <---Taken by debralizjr
    Chizuru Naba (#21) <---Taken by Chεrry ♫
    Fuka Narutaki (#22) <---Taken by kittykat88.
    Fumika Narutaki (#23) <---Taken by kittykat88
    Satomi Hakase (#24) <---Taken by Steal the Hail
    Chisame Hasegawa (#25) <---Taken by ~Amber~
    Evangeline A.K. McDowell (#26) <--Taken by Catch the Rain.
    Nodoka Miyazaki (#27) <---Taken by Kairi2011
    Natsumi Murakami (#28) <--Taken by Chεrry ♫
    Ayaka Yukihiro (#29) <---Taken by ~Amber~
    Satsuki Yotsuba* (#30) <---Taken by RRMS.
    Zazie Rainyday* (#31) <---Taken by RRMS.
    Albert Chamomile <---Taken by 戦士の翼
    Nagi Springfield <---Taken by 戦士の翼
    Shizuna Minamoto <---Taken by debralizjr
    Eiko <---Taken by kittykat88
    Nekane Springfield <---Taken by Catch the Rain
    Seruhiko <---Taken by dman.sora

    Sound effects: CreatorOftheUncreatd & VideoGameNerd246

    Not in the trailer:

    Sayo Aisaka (#1) <---Taken by Shiki
    Dean Konoemon Konoe <---Taken by Destiny's Force
    Takamichi T. Takahata <---Taken by Destiny's Force
    Anya <---Taken by Cocohints.
    Fate Averruncus <---Taken by Vex123
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    I finally moved into a university dormitory.

    All you can eat food. Bathrooms that are like locker rooms. Friendly people that say hi back if you greet them. No school or parents to worry about this weekend. Life can't get any better!

    I'm f***in' bored and lonely as hell. :nono:

    Curse this damn shyness! :bangbang:
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