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  1. Styx
    So I've finally been playing this game again (first time Final Mix) and this struck me. What if Donald had just said "Sure mate, welcome aboard!" when Sora invited Riku to join in Traverse Town? There seems to be room for 4 in the gummi ship, Riku just proved his ability to dispatch Heartless with ease and he even held the freakin' Keyblade without it teleporting back to Sora. What more proof that this kid just might be incredibly useful do you need?

    Maybe Riku left before hearing his answer, or maybe he would have refused because he couldn't stand playing second banana to Sora, but part of me likes to think that Riku owes his entire story arc to Donald Duck. At least he gave him and Maleficent something to bond over; the latter knows all about not being invited.
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    When you access Facebook or any site containing memes, you will get the feeling that the entire world revolves around the immensely popular show "Game Of Thrones". Of course, that means that people will talk about the past episode. There has, for instance, been a friend of mine with a status update which was literally nothing more than "X happens to Y", where Y is an important character in the show.

    I love Game Of Thrones! I love it so much that I don't watch it right away. I'd rather watch several episodes in a row because it would allow me to pick up on smaller things in the plot that I would otherwise miss (I'm a goldfish like that). Because there have only been two episodes of the new season so far, I did not in fact know that X would happen to Y.
    I've been meaning to call my friend with the aforementioned status update out for spoiling me on that, but first I want to know if I even have an argument against her.

    The main problem is that "A Song Of Ice And Fire" is quite old, and the story has been "out there" for quite a while. I'd be willing to bet a sizable amount of money that my friend would use that against me if I accuse her of spoiling me. "Go read the books then", I can hear her saying.

    I find this bullshit. I should be allowed to enjoy the story at my own pace and in the format I desire. I hardly read any fantasy books because of their tendency to describe every single setting in detail, and doing so in an excrutiatingly static manner. I've heard, from several people who have read the books, that "A Song Of Ice And Fire" is really no better in that regard. Plus, I'm a slow reader, so I might as well focus on stories that are unlikely to ever get an adaptation.

    Upon discussing the Harry Potter movies (of which I did read all the books), I'd always ask the other whether or not they've read the books before mentioning something that could be a spoiler. I call this "common decency" (aka "good form", aka "politeness", aka "manners").
    I understand that shutting people up about the subject would be too much to ask, which is why I won't. Unliking the GoT page on Facebook when the new season began was a very deliberate choice of mine. There are plenty of possibilities to discuss what you just saw without involving people who haven't watched it yet though. Notice the word "discuss". What's the added value in just blurting out "X happens to Y" anyway?

    To end my rant, I'd like to ask you the following questions:
    1) Am I allowed to complain even when the story itself is older? Am I at least making sense as to why I didn't jump at the story first chance I got?
    2) When is something still a spoiler? What would be an appropriate time frame in calling something a spoiler or not?
    3) Is it all just me, and should I get with the program and just watch the episodes as they are released?

    Feedback is appreciated, as always.
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    I'm surprised by how big this is. The news reached all the way to CNN because we're apparently the first country who does this (The Netherlands still has an age limit of 12...pansies).
    High-fives all around?

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    Happy New Year, NSA! I know you're reading this so I might as well let you know that there's a nice fellow out there thinking about you right now. Good luck catching terrorists, guys! <3
    Also, I didn't really plant a bomb in the Chrysler building.
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    "We're having guests tomorrow so you better make sure all flies, mosquitos and spiders are gone by tomorrow evening."

    I have a fly swatter, deodorant, a lighter, a venus flytrap and coffee at the ready.
    Wish me luck!
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    Right? Internet crusaders being all feisty: Patsy Stone abhorring everything about theism, Dalk's cockiness, me being an asshole, Dregora randomly telling people to shut up, Repliku's long-ass replies, Rainbow~Monkey being a Jesus camp product, brief appearances of KHI semi-trolls, CtR trying to be the voice of reason, none other than spdude unexpectedly owning atheists in a late aftermath... It was a fucking battlefield out there.

    Those were the days... Anyone remember those?
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    Oh yeah, let's turn up this heat!

    1. Babies aren't cute. They are ugly pink lumps.
    2. There's no such thing as "too soon" if a joke is genuinely witty.
    3. Consensual incest is okay.
    4. Respect must be earned. Opinions do not deserve respect by default, nor does faith.
    5. Certain African nations have become a lost cause (e.g. Zimbabwe) and I'd fully understand if the West would stop dirtying their hands on them.
    6. Relationships should not have "sex breaks". The duties of a relationship come with the privileges: holding off sex because it "doesn't feel right" anymore and still calling yourself a couple is not an option.
    7. Cheap forms of captital punishment are acceptable in certain cases, even if these methods look icky.
    8. A majority of "friendzoned" guys is frustrated because they don't get laid. Even the ones that aren't should get their priorities straight. Cherish the friend that you have rather than lamenting the relationship that isn't to be. And yes, I know this is difficult.
    9. The planet can live fast and die young for all I care. Don't expect me to take part in environmentalism.
    10. Acceptable drinking age: 16. Acceptable age of consent: 16. Acceptable gambling age: none as long as you have a steady income.

    Was worried I wouldn't get to 10, and ended up having to leave some out. I'll add more when I feel like it. Have fun being unconventional, but don't turn the thread into a flame war.
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    So, here's the thing. The States have got this bomb called MOP. It's a heavy thing encased in a strong metallic layer. This enables it to penetrate the ground and attack subterranean targets, let's say, oh I don't know, a secret nuclear testing facility in Iran called Fordo or something.
    This bomb has all but been specifically made to prevent Iran's nuclear program. (They've been testing it since 2004 and it was deemed finished, until they discovered the aforementioned base, since when they've decided to adjust the bomb so it would be able to destroy it.) No problem so far.

    This is all well and good, but the thing that struck me most is how the bomb actually works. You see, it doesn't go anywere near deep enough to actually blast the facility to bits. No, what it does is blast the access tunnels and ventilation system to bits instead. I'm usually not even close to wishy-washy where war is concerned, but choking trapped scientists to death does sound a bit...medieval to me.

    I can see the rational benefits, and methods like these may be as common as the sun rising in the east (military history isn't exactly my forte), but I was somewhat surprised when I read how it works. Oh well... Let's hear your two cents.
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    I hope you'll all experience plenty of love, happiness, challenging but manageable boss fights, and everything else that's good and right in this world! I may be drunk now, very much so, but this is one of the few things I won't regret saying on a drunken whim...because I'm just that corny.
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    Earlier today, the Belgian government got wind of the director of the Greater Zürich Area (Marc Rudolf) in Switzerland sending e-mails to companies located (partly) in Belgium, explicitly advising them to move to Switzerland.

    Some literal quotes from the e-mail:
    The rest of the letter mostly consisted of Rudolf praising the Swiss political and financial situation.

    As you can see, Marc Rudolf boldly drags Belgium and other EU countries through the dirt and while it shames me to admit it, he's right on many levels. The question is though: is this still a fair cop?
    Should we advertise at the expense of other economies or should there be a minimum of chivalry? Is everything fair as long as the information is true?

    I myself have a hard time maintaining objectivity on this issue. However, I wonder if such a controversial e-mail was even necessary. Companies can smell profits from light years ahead. I'd assume that if Switzerland really was the economical land of milk and honey, multinationals would have known this much already. They sure as hell know that Belgium isn't doing well.
    Perhaps I would have understood this cutthroat way of marketing better if Switzerland was a desperate country in dire need of economic oxygen but it claims to be anything but that in this very message. While I can't really argue with the content of the e-mail, it still strikes me as a bit...uncalled for.

    But don't you listen to me. For all I know, I'm just being spiteful. Tell me what you guys think.
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    So I had this awkward convo with my ex today. She was all like "Maybe you just don't need a girlfriend." and I'm all like: "Ha! Says you! I bet I don't even need a girl- Wait, what?".

    A few days ago I thought "Wouldn't it be all shits and giggles if the two of us got back together? We had fun. I have fond memories of our time together."
    (Long story short, I dumped her because she didn"t dump me for being too competitive.)
    Today I went out riding my bike enjoying the sun and wind, visiting family, stealing apples like a 1920s farmer boy, not caring about anything. For a moment I was perfectly happy. The last time I was blessed with a feeling even remotely like it was when I was crowd surfing at a Pearl Jam concert. Anyway, I got all philosophical and I said: "Styx", said I, "Maybe you ought to stuff all that skirt chasing in the fridge for now. There's more to life than dames and trying to impress people by being sporty and trying to sound intelligent. Enjoy life. Try to make toast with things that don't belong with toast. Go to the beach in the middle of a storm and do stupid shit like that."

    So yeah. Tough choice.
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    I gave: a wallet I found to the bus driver without removing any of its contents.
    I received: a call from a friend the next minute saying that a new video game store opens up in my town.

    I gave: my all stacking cubes of hay in a barn for my dad's boss.
    I received: an opportunity to go batshit on a set of furniture with an axe.

    I wonder what karma has in store for me next?
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    Alright, so I've written this sci-fi/thriller fanfic (with some philosophical elements, I guess) that's VERY loosely based on Serial Experiments Lain (read: it has little to do with the story at all, and if I change a term or two it would be a completely independent storyline). I decided to write it on a whim one day and finished it in about four days. That being said, I'm wary that it may be lacking in quality: I switch between past and present tense and the plot might be full of holes.

    Therefore, feedback is more than welcome!



    We were just past the halfway point home from our monthly hi-bye in college when our cells brought us the blissful news.
    Rei playfully shrugged.
    “Guess we have somewhere to go this weekend.”
    I nodded, although if I went by my gut feeling, an overjoyed dance would rather be in order.
    “Been long enough too: two months already.”, I said.
    Cyberia is the hottest club in the country and beyond, and with good reason: no one has heard of it. Based on bartender J.J.’s last estimate, about 550 people in total know of it and approximately 380 of them fill the dance floor every time. Pretty low-key for a joint that can make the improbable certain. Then again, it may just be low-key enough for a venue that only opens when it, or rather its quirky proprietor, pleases.

    “Then I’ll finally have a use for this.”, I boasted as I flipped a white card from out of my pocket. The train seats within hearing and viewing distance were virtually empty anyway.
    “No Boundaries…”, Rei read on the digital screen, “Wasn’t that the one you won the annual cocktail inventing contest with?”
    “Uhu.”, I confirmed. “Got a prescription for it the moment the winner was announced. Got a text from J.J. advising me to check my card. That’s when it appeared. How’d you do?”
    “Horribly.”, she moaned. “Seventh place! I don’t think I’ve ever done so poorly. I don’t get it either: people who tasted the Window In The Sky all told me they loved it! Thought long and hard about the name too.”
    “It’s because you basically shoved it in people’s mouths!”, I teased. “You didn’t drink anything but that stuff last time we went to Cyberia, and ordered it for people who didn’t ask for it. There is such a thing as too much advertising, you know?”
    “It wasn’t as much advertising as it was genuinely liking the damn thing. I felt like I outdid myself.”
    Rei shrugged again, but I knew she was still disappointed. I’d be too, if I had done my best for a change instead of fooling around with crazy ingredients and giving the result a flashy name. As it turned out, intuition is what works out best for both of us. Don’t know what to make of that.
    “Better luck next year.”, she said flatly. “Besides, has anyone ever won first place besides us?”
    “Ransack won it once, I think.”, being pretty sure that he did. “But that was a fluke.”, I immediately added.
    “I know, right?”, Rei snapped. “No one still orders his Ransack Mk. V anymore, if they ever even did. ****** generic-ass name too. I mean, come on…”
    She’s right; half of the drink is in its name. Ethereal or badass names seem to work best in garnering attention, but there are almost as many exceptions to this rule as there are examples.
    The other half of a Cyberia cocktail is the experience of drinking it. Taste alone just doesn’t cut it. Texture, colour, and even being aware of what you’re drinking are all part of the package. Because believe me, Cyberia’s compounds contain ingredients you wouldn’t deem potable, from paraffin to motor oil and yes, actual drugs and medication as well. J.J. has never been shy about admitting that he mixed antidepressants into a generous percentage of his own creations. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s where the term prescriptions originated. Speaking of which…

    “How many prescriptions do you have by the way?”, Rei asked one stop before our destination.
    “54, since I scored the No Boundaries one. You?”
    “Same here. Eden’s Elevator was my latest addition. Want me to set you up for its prescription?”
    “Depends. What’s in it?”
    Rei scrolled on the card until she met the list of ingredients.
    “Gin, banana, lemon juice, Xanax, sweeteners, some vitamin supplements…”
    “No, thanks.”, I broke her off. “Is that what you’re gonna kick the night off with though?”
    Rei flashed a smile.
    “Nah, I think I’ll stick with Wealth & Taste tonight!”, she decided genially. Recalling that this was her winning entry last year, I smoothly replied:
    “Make that two. The No Boundaries can wait.”, and I saw her flash another smile, detecting a subtle hint of randiness behind it.
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    Whose fault is this? Come clean, you HIV-filled twat!
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    A generic and completely unoriginal thread. So far I have visited:
    - Belgium
    - The Netherlands
    - Luxembourg
    - France
    - Germany
    - Switzerland
    - Italy
    - Vatican City
    - UK
    - Ireland
    - Tanzania
    Will add Portugal to the list soon, and possibly Croatia sometime next year.
    So where have you been, KHV?
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    Which one should I eat tonight? Wild boar or bison?
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    Town festival

    Dear diary...

    Went to the annual town festival on Saturday. I woke up yesterday with an incredibly punishing headache, a fair amount of sand in my hair, a blood-stained handkerchief, the name "Eve" and three kisses doodled on my wrist (alas, no phone number) and wearing a rather smart casual jacket that I had either found or stolen some time that night. I had so much alcohol coursing through me that my blood would have made a decent disinfectant.

    My memories of that day/night/morning have become exceedingly hard to dig up, as if someone put out their cigar on the movie of my life (wow that analogy was dumb). I remember conversations with my friends which were really one huge random slur, with subjects ranging from budget kitchenettes to our favourite Dead Rising psychopath.
    The blood on my handkerchief is covered. My nose had a rather unpleasant encounter with a wayfaring elbow which resulted in a nosebleed. Could have been worse. The sand in my hair (and boy, was there ever sand in my hair...) may have something to do with me cartwheeling home the whole distance several hours after daybreak. The girl's name is still a mystery but I suspect that the truth will be far less...promiscuous than my masculine fantasy wants to believe. I'm going to keep the jacket too. Partly because I can't be arsed to find out who it belongs to, and partly because it really does look rather slick on me. I'm no connaisseur but the thing goes absurdly well with my shoes.

    You'd think the weekend would end there and grant me some peace and quiet. No sirree! I woke up Sunday afternoon with a hangover a mile thick and my mom shoved a dish in front me: "Here. Cod in cream sauce with croquettes." and I was like "YES!" accompagnied by two sincere thumbs up. Admitted: I wolfed it down with less elegance than such food deserves, but I was happy enough that I could taste any of it at all.

    Due to my ability to flip my inner switch from vulgar to cultured in 0,55 seconds, I went to a concert by the local brass band yesterday evening. A brass band that is far too talented for its limited size and fame by the way, but the musicians themselves would rather not be reminded of that fact because their conductor is an obsessed prick.
    Needless to say that my hangover dug its claws in my brain for the entirety of the performance, with a painful climax by the time Liszt's Grand Galop Chromatique kicked in.

    I had planned to stay sober that night but nothing of the sort happened. Instead I ended up congratulating the band members, talking to a prince who shares my first name and getting wasted. I nearly got into a drunken brawl with my dad, feeling very Irish in the process, but it was nothing serious so I guess it's all good.
    The only person that was further gone than our bunch was an old high school teacher of mine. Annoying as he was, it felt good to shut him out of our clique, challenging ourselves to ignore him. By the time he started throwing coats at us to get some attention, we figured it was time for us to the pub. Obviously we stayed there until closing time, having a pseudo-intelligent discussion about solar panels (and a less than intelligent rant about their dickwad conductor).

    So here I am, unshaven, writing down gibberish, laptop blasting Blue Öyster Cult, being more vulnerable to sunlight than your average non-Twilight vampire. I plan on writing my impressions of the weekends down from this point on, and as a first try I decided to bother you, the good people of KHV, with my attempt. Don't worry, I won't be making a habit out of it.
    I have a presentation on AIDS sometime this week, which breaks down to telling my extremely hot Science Communications teacher that the back door is more dangerous than the front door (which in turn is more risky than the chimney). Unprepared and not giving a shit about it yet (standard fare for me). I'll be spending a good chunk of my Friday observing penguins, which are rumored to do NOTHING AT ALL except standing there, being Antarctic. All in all it's still briling in the slithy toves.

    TL;DR: My life is fairly epic imho, sometimes up to the point of hoping that it was less so.
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    Some women...

    Was standing at a traffic light this afternoon. Even though it was red, some girl thought it was best to cross the road anyhow. She didn't see a car rushing towards her, so I pulled her back. Got slapped because I touched her breast in the process of hauling her back. Ungrateful bitch. Have fun becoming a smear of blood and cheap make-up next time.
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    The thread on the Arizona shooting begged for a thread such as this one.
    So here it is. Discuss "the right to bear arms".
    I'm making this thread because I want to know more about this subject. Therefore, I don't have a real opinion of my own on this. I want to see which side presents the strongest arguments.
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    ...but nog a single mention of the recent WikiLeaks charade? You disappoint me, KHV.

    I was told nothing new when the paper mentioned that American diplomats say A in your face and write B back to Headquarters. I'd be surprised if just about every diplomat from every country in the world didn't do the same. But seriously, America, espionage? Good luck talking yourselves out of that one. XD
    Anyway, I for one am incredibly interested in further top-secret information that has yet to be divulged.

    I can't be arsed to post a link. I'll just assume that none of you live in another solar system and in fact already know about it.
    Thoughts and opinions?
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