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  1. AmericanSephiroth
    ok i have said it before in a previous post so i'll just paraphrase. guns are needed because there are those who would intend on using them for harm we need to have a way to combat them. as i said in the nra discussion it matters little whether you are the universe master of martial arts a gun is still going to outclass you period discussion over it doesn't matter, compared to the power of a gun humans are worthless ants under a magnifying glass on a sunny day. and i understand that some people are for the ban on assault weapons but i ask why if a criminal has them shoudnt you or do you say that you are willing to risk being out matched and in a terrible uphill battle? the line can only be clearly drawn in favor of the innocent by moving it forward not backward (forward=loose back=strict) because we have to get to the point where what is banned is so widely impractical that theres no want for it by criminals im for an even field not a disadvantage. oh and if anyone is curious my idea on the proper uses for guns are as follows; the execution of criminals, protection of ones self or others, protection of ones freedom, protection of ones property/livelihood, and the protection of ones country aka war(although on this one i believe we should skip the fighting and go for bombs and just glass the place). not to go off topic but im for the legalization and taxation of all forms of drugs and prostitution world wide just make it 18 and up and taxed and poof there went the national debt in america near over night.

    tl;dr: guns shouldn't be too heavily restricted as long as there is even the most remote chance that criminals could get their hands on unless they are wildly impractical like explosives which have little use besides military destruction.
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    well it's nice she was i am supposing unharmed and hope her and her family enjoy a nice (insert generic politically correct greeting here)
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    ok ok i get it im a severe minority here but first let me say this im not now nor will i ever be affiliated with the nra. i despise organizations with political agendas so any argument i make with them is my own opinion and if it sounds like them its merely a coincidence especially given my political views are typically very liberal with only 2 exceptions guns and war. those two it could be said that my beliefs are radically different than the norm. now first to address the claim that i labeled all mentally unstable people as "gun nuts" this is not true but it may be my run on sentences that may have given way to a misinterpretation. I meant to say that i am uncomfortable with people that have any mental disabilities or people with mental disabilities in their homes buying guns of course i said it much ruder because i believe being polite and expecting anyone to care what you say is a bit of an oxymoron. that being said crime is crime period and saying that i over compare alcohol and drug crime to gun crime, well yours comes off a little hypocritical about the american spirit being changable the things that the anti gun people and what mlk did are two totally different things what mlk did was try to end persecution and discrimination of african americans and it was a very honorable persuit. but what the anti gun people are trying to do is create persectuition of people who enjoy guns like myself. for example the nearest police station is well over 45 minutes from where i live so obviously people around my location can't trust the police to solve their problems so we need a way to solve them guns are just a great way to stop them because without a gun you are at a horrible disadvantage compared to someone who is armed and i dont know about you but i never want to be at a disadvantage. the solutions that i put forward would protect people who want to own guns while preventing the people who don't need them from getting them. are they extreme yes i will say that but they are heartfelt beliefs and i know they would accomplish something. and yes im not a great valuer of human life because i believe that some people can be replaced easily especially when you look at the big picture. like i have said i don't have anything against people with disabilities but i dont believe that banning guns is the answer because as long as there is atleast 1 person with the intent to cause harm with a gun they are at the very least a neccesary evil, and the reason i brought up the crack making is that if a strung-out braindead crack user can make a powerful drug with mixing compounds it stands to reason that if one simplify the process an average man could make a semi complicated gun. now to address the ethical concerns behind my solutions is it any less ethical then wanting potentially law abiding citizens who want to purchace protection to be rendered helpless. and i dont care who you are you could be a black belt in 77 martial arts but you still lack the ability to stand against even a simple gun so why risk the chance. i would rather spare a criminal than punish an innocent because there is no amount of criminal lifes are worth even half an innocents.
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    i honestly thought there was no immediate need for a statistic for my last statement because i thought it was common knowledge that the largest concentrations of gun crimes are either in urban areas doubly so if nearby a loose gun law state and in areas with incredibly tight gun laws it increases under the same criteria because if you look at the data these 2 places have the highest concentrations of the total crimes the most common of the 2 being urban due to mostly gangs and crippling poverty but the motive isnt up for debate so ill stop here
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    oddly enough no im not paranoid about others having guns i just dislike confrontation and a gun is an instant confrontation ender not only that im not saying any schmuck could make a gun but there are videos on how to make crack online so its not impossible to say one couldn't make a simple enough video that a relatively average person could make a decent firearm given time and even if they couldn't what would stop the rising gun cartels that sold guns to others whether they were well made or just pure crap. banning things has never solved much at least in america but more careful regulation is key and maybe add some more potent penalties to where people are inclined to remain in control of their guns for example where i live there is an open carry gun law and as such many people don't commit gun crimes for fear of retaliation and it seems to work great the states with very strict gun laws typically but not always have high gun crimes especially if they are in proximity to a state with loose gun laws cont.[DOUBLEPOST=1356345999][/DOUBLEPOST]sorry bout that ps3 doesnt like me typing too much now as i was saying we need to find a way to reduce gun crimes and there are only 3 practical solutions in my opinion. 1 we loosen the gun laws to give criminals something to fear and if nothing else slow them down. 2 we add in potentially expensive mental screenings for gun owners and their immediate family no scan no buy. 3 we attempt to add criminal deterrent by stationing more police at locations like schools with orders to shoot to kill any gun toting psychopaths. of course there are other options but i feel they would either be too slow to be effective or would require military intervention and honestly we dont need the military involved because things would get rather messy i believe
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    actually i wouldnt wish to face anyone thats why i go everywhere either armed or with someone armed so conflict can't start but thats beyond the point. the reason no one really uses grenades is not because of the prohibition its because of the cost especially since dynamite is incrediby easy to find/make one would rather have multiple trys you see. not only that since the guns are already out its no stretch to say that somehow recalling them would not only be difficult but would increase the bootlegging of existing firearms for example where i live there are many with unreggistered firearms so good luck taking those. now for the statistics many gun crimes are afterthoughts not primary thoughts in america so its not that we have an overabundance of crazies we just need better control of them as ive stated of course less politely because nothing gets done politely. but for example the alcohol prohibition virtually created the mafia, and i dont know about you but i dont want a redneck/mexican assault rifle/shotgun mafia no thank you prohibition solves nothing in the long term i believe we need a better and more focused solution like more available mental screenings and compulsory ones for "at risk" persons this would keep guns out of bad hands and also put responsibility of "at risk" people who are helped to duck these screenings by their families on their families like say a mother helps her unstable son duck the test if her son commited murder charge her with accessory. that i believe with even the ground more or at least until a better solution could be created
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    well hold the trolley here theres no need to blame guns here either because a gun on its own is nothing more than a fancy paperweight. its only the person behind it that makes it dangerous. the person clearly had mental problems and should have had those dealt with and if he had any remaining family that refused to force his treatment after it was made clear they should be held immediately responsible for the crimes their humanoid semi devolved chimp did in short its the person who did it not video games nor the gun/s. because video games are mearly entertainment/art and a gun without a user is no more dangerous than a chunk of plastic/ceramic/metal etc i could go on but i believe my point is made. the nra is talking out of their psuedo political ass and the people blaming the guns are just looking for an excuse and besides gun laws change nothing because criminals dont follow laws. its the same boat as prohibition denial creates desire if nothing else banning guns will only drive criminals to do more gun related crimes because who is going to stop them? the police? yeah try again it takes too long for them to arive and by then it will be far too late then to actually stop the crime. some deity? please dont hold your breath the closest thing to a deity that would stop them is light yagami and he is fictional. so the only answer is for someone already there to stop him so yeah guns arent the problem the less than capable semi humans who can get them is a simple mental health check and forced medication of the highly likely criminally insane could fix this /rant
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    I feel its only right i answer some questions that some people have and comment on some suggestions.

    1. about the girl i was talking about we were very close and we have slept together once as well as some other sexual things im not sure how she feels about me now we dont talk much anymore after a rumor devastated our relationship.

    2. i have been trying to get out of my house but since my family of 3 plus a dog only has $600 to live off of a month its very hard and ive tried multiple jobs to get hired but nowhere will take me because many have said my entire appearance is incredibly off-putting also some jobs are out of my ability due to my leg and spinal injuries suffice to say my right leg only works at 50% capacity and looks slightly deformed and my spine has weak spots that suffcient force or pressure would either kill or paralyze me so most manual labor is impossible.

    3. i think some people are confused about what i meant by family the 2 people i live with my mom and my step dad still seem to care about me but the other family that doesnt live with me but own the property i live on have started to hate me.

    4. my only hobbies are playing games, watching tv, and just in general laying around
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    I'm not too sure what to say other than i feel like my whole world is crashing around me. by that i mean i have felt nothing but pure depression and no matter what I do i can't feel any better. I have gained weight I'm now well over 400 pounds how i am alive is a mystery to me i have constant chest pain and just feel like dying or commiting suicide whichever happens first. i can barely muster the effort do even do anything but eat and sleep and the only time i can't really feel sad is when i'm so busy with a game my brain has ceased thought. here is a list of why i feel so bad see if anyone who cares enough to read can understand it.

    1. i nearly failed school due to my own stupidity and since my math score was so low its unlikely any college will take me
    2. i have no money neither does anyone in my house/no job/I'm single/virtually no friends/0 social life/a dead love life/and most of my family has turned on me.
    3. the girl i love more than anything is thinking about getting married hint not to me
    4. im over 400lbs and ugly as **** i despise what i see in the mirror
    5. i got rejected from a job where they said they were hiring anyone with a pulse
    6. im going blind and losing my hair
    7. i have no talents no skills and nothing to look forward to
    8. im the only reason my moms alive
    9. my mom said not intentionally that the only reason the girl i love was even attracted to me was because she's a whore and likes anyone who will give her dick
    10. my whole house is falling apart and is likely going to fall on me.
    11. i have ****** luck and i have never won something without me having to cheat or use dirty tactics.
    12. my entire personality conflicts with every chance in life ive ever had
    13. ive wasted nearly every chance ive ever had to do anything with my life
    14. I only have 3 hobbies in life and all 3 of them are useless
    15. I cant really show my emotions without a million questions attached to them and then a lecture on top of it

    theres more but i dont even really feel like talking about it i just purely hate myself and everything i am and ever will be i dont even feel deserving of life and i contemplate suicide atleast 7-8 times a day and i even have individually addressed suicide notes for many many people and i feel like maybe i got a few months left to live and the only reason i havent killed myself is i can't muster up enough courage to do it because im a ****ing coward. I'm just so tired of dealing with life and just existing hurts most of the time all i do now is just wait around and do nothing until death comes mostly. I dont know how else i can put how i feel. Any questions, suggestions, thoughts, input, smart comments, ideas on how to off myself, vodka donations? i just feel like im ate the edge of my rope but i dont have the strength to let go
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    As much as i hate to break up a good string of back and forth debate (by the way PaW and Styx you both have quite a way of sucking a reader into your posts good on ya). I would like to express my own opinion. while i am typically in the camp of strengthening the human genetic code, I am also a vehement supporter of individual rights and i believe thats so long as there is not utter harm being done to another living individual, (pro-choice i believe its only alive when its viable not a second sooner but i am against abortion every 3 seconds for horny teens "becuz they canz lul") I believe that any consenting relationship has no basis for illegality that is the point i will likely always have. for beastiality that is a similar point (consent=ok in my book) but as i have said as long as it is consented all is well and i believe that one who would see it as wrong because of some silly law or the " MAJICAL WORD OF JEEEEBUSSS who rides a skull kitted harly with gold ervry were on clouds" has some serious thinking they need to do about how others feel and how they need to be more sensitive to others emotions.

    TL;DR: if it is consented i could not care less and i believe they have a right to be happy and i hold this stance for any and all relationships
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    I have a hard time not saying "NO ****" but its mostly the alcohol that does that but in the same route it is only a factor if sex is on the brain (but then again at that age when isnt it lol). but in all seriousness mixing stimulants and depressants is bad and if ur like me (6ft 1in 400+lbs) with a weakening body it'll probably kill u so don't do it kids. -insert more you know music here-
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    I do not hold active grudges i simply plot vengeance then set it on the backburner and wait this is of course if i am truly hurt because if not it isnt worth my time but if i have to plan then afterwards its off my mind until then and than its over out of my mind for good
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    morality is a subjective thing as many have said i believe that good and evil can only be defined at a point when something happens that is either purely constructive or purely destructive. but since everything has both merits and problems there is no way to determine what is purely good or evil without there being some either opposing opinion or differing viewpoint. in short there cannot be a clear good or evil until that condition can be met and even then it would only be subjective based on its relativity from its closer management. in a religious example some say that the christian God is a petty vindictive being who does things just to see how far he/she/it can push he/she/its followers and of course there are differing viewpoints to this and those that agree and like any true debate there are equally viable stances whether or not they are the minority. like the previously mentioned abortion debate there are sides and neither one is truly wrong or truly right. sorry about bad text on ps3
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    well i know this is the second time i have come back after an unannounced departure/hiatus. but now ive plenty of free time to spend since i graduated and boy do i have things to talk about. but right now im kinda glad im back ive been through quite a lot recently and now maybe i can offer more of my attention to this forum since during my last return i kinda couldnt devote any attention to anyone because of my own cluttered life. so in short im back for a while at least hopefully.
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    without a doubt in my mind, my policy is you mess with me, my family, the ones i care about, or my things and i have a reason to kill i will. it is simple in my book once someone does something that stupid to me they will die.
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    Oh this should be fun no laughing at my choices or..... I KEEL YOU!!

    Must must must be short: like under 5ft 1in short period (im over 6ft and eye level or taller is just a turn off)
    I like girls who are a bit of pervs just like me
    bad habits i dont know why but atleast one bad habit (smoking, drinking ok)
    CANNOT be overly religious this is absolute
    i like somewhat violent girls (not too much mind you)
    long hair (atleast shoulder length)
    pale is best or light skinned etnicity
    good smile
    kinda clingy but not every 3sec texter
    I like girls who are not muscled but not fat

    dark skin or tanned (i compare tanning to white girls trying to be black it is a turn off)
    too calm
    too fat
    too obsessed with looks
    ghetto ***** (you know what i mean by that if not then its not about you)
    too positive
    way too nice
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    well i glad to finally be back and im actually kinda glad people remember who i am
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    finally back

    so yeah i returned after a hectic time of having a broken computer and virtually no way to get online sorry for the sudden leave but now im back
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    OOC: OWWW! T-T

    BIC: Demetrio's temper went down and agreed you're right it is for the best i suppose
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    tch aghh i hate having this painful wait its bad enough that the first person i loved in years cant remember who i am but now we're stuck in this damn lab Demetrio's temper was flaring his mind was clouded so he didn't notice the fact his hands had caught flames
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