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    If I may suggest, we could have the staff as the main cast as, without them, this place wouldn't be what it is. I also recommend the setting be in the Kingdom Hearts universe as that's what has drawn us all together. Maybe they could go to worlds that they never put in the games and maybe a few they did. that way we could do some already written songs. would also five us a chance to show off our keyblade creating skills. just throwing this out into the brainstorm
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    I am so in for this. Gimme a couple days to come up with some plot and story ideas. I'm also happy to lend my voice to the acting and singing. I'll also try my hand at logo ideas.
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    fair enough

    fair enough
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    I would not put it past Noruma to create a new series about the Keyblade Wars. That is something almost all of us would like to see, I think, and would give them a chance to maybe put in some of the early Final Fantasy characters to promote the recent remakes. New Characters, new Villians, endless possibilities.
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    Whichever generation its going to be for, it will definitely be for both the Xbox and Playstation at least, with a possibility of a nintendo release.

    If its a console I don't have, I WILL buy the new one just for KH3
    Post by: Cloudrunner62, Sep 12, 2012 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
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    Ok, I'm going to put my 2 cents into this. No, its not been streched out to long at all. While I totally get the complaints about multiple systems, each game was important. Days ESPECIALLY so and let me explain why.

    First off, it gave alot more information into what Roxas went through and more into Axel's reasons for going after him as much as he did to the point of betraying the Organization. Second, it explained the reason behind the differences between Lea and Isa. If you played every game except days, you'd be REALLY confused as to why that rivalry was there. They were great friends in BBS and now they hate each other. The treatment of Xion is sure to come up in their conversations and No, I don't believe that everyone just forgot about her. Just everyone with a direct connection to Sora. Lea, Isa and the rest of the organization did not have that and as I recall there was a scence after her death where Saix warps into the throne room and informs Xemnas that she was no more. That implies they remember her. That is just way to much to put into cutscenes.

    As for Coded...without it, Pete and Maleficent would have no goal in 3D and the future. It also reminded Mickey that Ventus and Aqua were still out there waiting to be rescued. I believe I can say that people would've been very confused about a cutscence talking about a digital world that we never went to. Trust me when I say people would be complaining loudly about that random bit of infomation.
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    Personally I agree with the list of Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Mickey, Ven, and Aqua. The first half of KH3 will have to include Sora attempting to find and awaken Ven and also I'm pretty sure that Riku will venture once more into the realm of Darkness to find and free Aqua. Maybe Mickey will go with him. I can imagine Lea will be going with Sora to Castle Oblivion since he's been there...and remembers it. It'll be VERY interesting to see Lea's reaction when he sees Ventus. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have a strong memory from their meeting back in BBS, but my theory about Roxas having Ventus' heart...Lets just say I expect Ventus to remember everything Roxas went through and Lea's reaction to that should be very touching.

    There is something that worries me though. The thirteen. We know now that pretty much any1 who has those gold eyes is part Xehanort and thus is likely to have been part of that group. If you recall, Ansem the Wise had those eyes as well. He had an Org coat in the secret ending of BBS and knew what the year was. I think he had just been there in that room. I also believe that he was temporarily under Xehanort's control. He was telling Aqua those things to keep her up to date and certainly to give her hope. All of this will be very intersting to find out.
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    oh! what's ur email?

    oh! what's ur email?
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    currently working on uploading it.

    currently working on uploading it.
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    Dangit, this one I can at least lend my voice to the chorus line.
    Post by: Cloudrunner62, Sep 12, 2012 in forum: KHV Chorus
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    So we need to have these in by the 15th or...I'm guessing the sooner the better. I know you have to mix these things.
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    How's it going Jayn?

    How's it going Jayn?
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    Assuming I don't have to do the opera, I might be up for doing Libera me from hell.
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    Its a very good pic of Fuzzy Zubat (what I named it) and Riku. Loved that portion of the game. Loved finishing that goddanged boss rush prior to it even more!
    Post by: Cloudrunner62, Sep 6, 2012 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates