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    OOC: I thought Ichigo had landed by now. I mean that was several pages ago and I figured...
    Sure Ankh it is.
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    Okay, that is the single most adorable thing I have ever heard.

    You've got a point there.
    I mean have you seen them play Stepmania?
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    Oh and [IMG]

    Oh and [IMG]
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    OOC: Bluh bluh, like I said in the OOC thread, I was without internet for a week, so sue me.
    But yes, I'm back

    What a strange little world we all live in. Isn't it?
    Well, 'world' wasn't the right word for it, but, any other word would sound inconvenient for his preferences.
    So, a Time Lord, several humans, a Shinigami, a handfull of super heroes, some talking animals, oh, and of course that Bushy fellow. Him too. Of course none of this was what was strange to him. To like this person named 'Frank', who humans commonly used in their dialogue before stating a truth for some reason he was unsure of, this actually felt quite normal in comparison to his average life. Although, he had to admit that, with all of these Japanese girls around, the bow-legged hunter would make some sort of remark about that 'Busty Asian Beauties" magazine which he gawks at. Cas wasn't really sure why, though. It mostly consisted of images of nude women. I mean there were barely any articles to read at all! A waste of good money if you ask him.
    Crossing his arms in an awkward position in which the limbs weren't even relaxed, Castiel awaited orders. He remembered seeing Dean make this gesture in a way to show someone was either deep in thought or troubled over some form of subject matter. It really wasn't comfortable. Mostly because he was doing it wrong, but, either way.
    An order, already?
    Very well, then.
    Hopefully this will be more successful than his encounter with the child.

    Appearing in man's face he glanced up at everyone before, quickly, breaking eye-contact, "Ankh, everyone. It is a pleasure to meet your acquaintances." Alright, so he would have asked their names, first, but neither of them have the time or patience for mannerisms at the moment.
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    Okay, I just wanted to let everyone know that, yes, I am still alive. My internet just isn't. The contract ran out tuesday afternoon and my new internet providers won't install thei until Wednsday(Yes, long time, I know). At the moment I'm sucking wifi at a McDonalds to send this but I will surely be back up by Wedsnday night. Sorry, sorry, so sorry for the inconvenience and all. But you know how it is with me and my computer problems that I am always suffering from.
    Bluh bluh, overall, I did not drop off from the face of the earth.
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    Wait wait wait you mean guys actually try to make/do something for valentine's day?
    Wwhale then.
    I thought they were just "Here's chocolate lol I got this on the way over here because I remembered it at the last second."

    Don't you know...tell the girls that you had something else planned but it didn't work(or at least give them the chocolate AND the thing that you failed at making) so they know you tried for them?

    That's a nice gift.

    Of course, she also shouldn't be expecting you to lasso the sun for a holiday such as this, so you don't have to worry about not giving the right gift.
    I mean, she should appreciate anything(decent) that you give her.
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    Username: termiallyCapirious
    Character of Choice: Jotaro Kujo
    Game/Anime/Etc. the Character is from: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 3)
    Additional Info: Wait wait wait wait wait! Stop right there! This isn't quite the same Jotaro as you experienced in The Ult. Crossover. There, he was 45, divorced, and could stop time. This one is 17, rebellious, and can flip lit cigarettes into his own mouth(if that even counts as a talent).
    A highschool student who normally breaks any law that he doesn't care for, this Jojo is...less than happy about overenthusiastic people. He's quick to anger and doesn't want to handle anyone's bull. If you have a problem, don't go to him. In fact, if you have anything to say, don't go to him. He'll also go into fits of snarking at everyone for doing things. Jotaro believes people can read him like a book, so he tries to create this stoic facade. He's not so good at it as it easily breaks under circumstances.
    If he likes you, although, then that's a similar story but with slightly more of a light-hearted tone.
    All and all, he's an okay guy.
    He's only been able to use his Stand, Star Platinum, for a few months and is incredibly rusty at using the thing. Although, he's a quick learner and knows a few techniques.

    And, of course.
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    Yes good.
    I needed a thread like this.

    But what oh what shall we discuss, if anything at all?
    That is the main question.
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