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    1. Most definitely, its always nice to have someone there that you can spout random stuff that comes to mind to. An example; I might find something interesting about a show or game I'm playing I'll message my partner about it. Or if I'm getting excited about a game or a character etc.

    2. Not necessarily? Like I'm not gonna wanna know when he went to the toilet (das just gross yo) but I am interested in how his day has gone and vice versa tbh.

    3. Definitely yes. If we've got something in common, that's something to talk about! If its a game my partner and I have a mutual obsession with we'll talk about things we like about it or how we go about overcoming obstacles and stuff. Even if its a topic neither of us may have an interest in (my partner looks up political issues and whatnot sometimes) we're always willing to listen to what the other has to say since it could be interesting.

    4. Not... really? Not that you really need someone who's been through what you have to understand or listen.

    5. Could vary. As for me I tend to be a very stressed and/or anxious individual about anything and everything, and I've had some things happen to me that I've never been able to tell anyone until I met my partner. I think it boils down how long you've been with your partner and how much you trust them.

    It honestly feels like it comes naturally really, expressing your infatuation or affection to your partner. It could range from an "I love you" to a peck on the cheek or even a quick hug. I like little things like that. If you wanna show affection to them like that then go for it, but it can really vary from person to person, heck some people are just happy to be in the same room as their partner/lover and that's all they really feel like they need to do to show their love.
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    I wonder if ORAS will have the same options as X and Y did, where you could choose what language you played in when you started a new game. Would be pretty cool if they did that again. o:
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    KHV Username: Bareri-San
    Time Zone: UTC+10:00 (I think I got it right, I live in Queensland, Australia)

    PSN ID: Bareri-San
    Consoles you play on: PS3 and PS Vita
    Games you play: Check my backloggery list.

    Steam ID: barerisan
    Games you play: Check my steam library, not really any atm since my laptop is crappy.

    Nintendo Network
    3DS Friend's Code: 3282-2442-4626 (be sure to PM me or something with your FC if you've added me!)
    Games you play: I have Pokemon X and Y but I don't do pokemon battles, I also have SSB4 and Harvest Moon: A New Beginning if people wanna trade crops or something! <3
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    I can not recommend FFIX enough. All time favourite FF game and JRPG in general. Has a nice story, a relatable cast and some of the nicest music I've heard to date, it also has some pretty nice graphics for a PS1 game. I wouldn't say its "DA BES FF GAEM EVA!!1!" but its still a really nice under appreciated game in the franchise that really deserves all the love it can get.
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    I've honestly lost count, haven't bought that many titles because I'm super tight on money but I've bought enough to make my wallet curl up on the floor crying.

    Most memorable titles that I've bought are Tales of Xillia 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Sorcery Saga and Motto! SoniComi.
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    I'm in agreement about the JRPGs. It'll give me more of a reason to get a PS4 when I can afford to lol. I would really like to see some more releases on the Vita as well though, either way, my wallet is probably going to suffer.
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    Mega Lopunny looks kinda creepy to be honest. Slowbro just looks... very confused.

    Gen 3 wasn't really my favourite gen but I think I might consider getting OR or AS because of the contests and hidden bases. Contests would definitely keep me playing for a while, probably why I didn't play X&Y as much since once you beat the Elite 4 all you really had was the battle mansion and battling other people.
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    Mine would probably still have to be Bacterial Contamination. Especially with the music video. The song is catchy (to me at least) and the music video has the just right amount of creepy that I love. Not to mention that the lyrics I can kind of relate to as well.
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    To be perfectly honest I don't like him at all. I don't like his music and I especially don't like him as a person either. Some of his fans are bloody insane too. I dunno man, he just rubs me the wrong way and while I kinda had an indifference towards him a year or two back that incident at the Anne Frank museum I kinda just went "You know what I actually don't like him".
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    Holy crap its been forever. YO YO WHATS UP?
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    Awesoooome. Speaking of Persona 4 my Yosuke figure came in the mail today!
    Obligatory photo filter because its from my twitter. u__u
    Well I put it in the title just in case I do end up posting a lot of photos and for some people it would be image heavy as Space Gandalf said.

    Dayum that is impressive. ._.
    I'm just imagining a sea of blonde hair when you walk into the room. haha
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    Aaah I just looked them up (good ol' google haha) and they look super cute! QAQ
    I'd love to get the Vivi and Zidane ones omg;;

    Oooh neat! I've seen that BRS figure around and I gotta say, it looks bloody amazing (then again I love almost anything purple so that probably has something to do with it lol). I've only got my three nendoroids at the moment but I'd love to get more, I'm starting to grow fond of them. ;u;

    Why yes that is C. Viper. c:<

    Oooh are they like these ones?
    Yeah I have like... 24-27 (haven't counted for a while) and I have another 17 on order spread over June to December. I might get a few more in between because I too want to get the Akari nendoroid. u__u
    I also want to get the Alter figure of Milla from Tales of Xillia but that will have to wait for now. As much as I love nendoroids I've only got one other one on order and thats for Kobato Hasegawa haha.

    Aww bugger about the space. D:
    Well if you do end up getting one I got mine from Ikea for $120. But that's because I have a membership card there so I got money off of it (they're usually $150 but the black ones were discounted). Speaking of glass cabinets... I'm going to need to buy another one in a few months. orz

    I've never been a big fan of the Gundam series but that model looks pretty cool bro.

    It hasn't even been a year and I can already attest to how time (and money) consuming this hobby is jfc
    I try and balance it out with my other hobbies (buying video games and manga) but uuuugh there's so many out there that I want. ;-;

    Neat! o:
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    And I happen to love mozzarella.

    For real though, OP, its not a bad thing that you haven't played any of them. Everyone has their preferences.

    If you do want to play and I highly recommend 9 and 12 and maybe even 7 because they have really good storylines. That's just my opinion though. u__u
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    Yeah I have a job at a craft store (its an aussie business so I don't think you'd know the name if I told you). Its got decent pay but they've been screwing me around for shifts for a while now so I'm looking for a new job. I also have a second "off the record" job cleaning my mum's boss' house (that's $100 cash in hand for 3 hours of cleaning). I also have a savings plan in place so I always have money to fall back on if I don't get shifts for weeks at a time.
    Mind you I only say it can be expensive because if you're like me, you preorder a few figures every month and it can get up to $100 not including shipping very easily. I know my September preorder on AmiAmi is about $230 at the moment. Thankfully since its a monthly thing, I get plenty of time to get the money together to pay for my orders when the time comes.
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    kalfjasdf thank you! ;u;
    I'll say this now; its not a cheap hobby. To give you an idea on how much I've spent on figures so far, I will have reached the $1500 mark in December but that was before I preordered four more figures haha. I have a friend that's been collecting them for the last 3-4 years and I think she said she's spent like... $8000 on them so far and she's showing no sign of stopping either.

    Speaking of Garrus, I have a Play Arts Kai figure of him!
    Sadly he is sitting down in my glass cabinet because I can't find a stand for him at this point in time. u__u

    If you head over to this website and type in his character name you might be able to find out if its a bootleg figure or not. They usually keep an eye out for things like that. o:

    Also fun fact about the Rin and Yukio figures: They have spare parts so you can have Rin without his flames and tail and I think for Yukio you could have him with his guns at his sides. He came with spare glasses too. xD

    Ooooh I've seen those TF2 figures and they look AMAZING. The Gaming Heads one that is. But they're so expensive. I really want the red Sniper one but its like $250 or something. ;___;

    Well if you ever do take the hobby up don't hesitate to send me a message with any questions on where to buy them. I usually go to AmiAmi but there's several other websites out there too (same applies to everyone else who's interested~). I'm pretty sure the first figure I bought myself was an anniversary one of Yoko. She's one of the biggest figures I have (followed by my Leon S Kennedy one :3).

    Oh yeah, I found a photo of my glass cabinet for my figures:
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    Its a hobby that I started up nearly a year ago and despite how damn expensive it can get oh my god its a lot of fun.
    Plus you get to have pretty colourful figurines to put on display. o:

    Here's some of the ones I've taken photos of so far:

    I've got more photos over here: x
    And a more extensive list of what figures I have/have preordered here: x

    So... yeah, do you collect any? Do you have a favourite that you've bought at all? I'd love to know!
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    Haha yes I'm pretty sure I went by that name at one point on here. xD
    I'm hoping I do too, a lot has been happening over the past few years and not to mention tumblr has sucked up most of my attention too. u__u;;;

    Thank you guys! Its good to be back. c:

    Ah yes that E3 trailer. Was actually in denial until that logo came up at the end and then it was all screams and tears after that (my boyfriend had to hold me so I didn't fall off the bed alskdjfalsdf).
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    I don't know if any of you remember me but with the recent announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 I thought it'd be high time that I make my way back here. :D

    Gosh I think its been a good two years since I was active here so... how has everyone been, anything interesting happen since I disappeared?
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    god I'm so icky
    I got cat ears in the mail yesterday~
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