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    True. And then probably 10 families out of the country or something.
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    Does anyone even participate in that Nickelodeon thing? =/
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    Still feels like summer where I live, but thank you!
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    So this was a piece I wrote back in May one day when I had nothing better to do... feel free to express your true feelings about the work and enjoy. =)
    WARNING: Contains violence and other suggestive material. Please read at your own risk.

    Prom Night
    Now, before I begin, I'll let you know that I'm telling the full, 100% truth of what happened on that faithful night nearly four years ago. I've never told the whole tale, to admit, because that night, the people that... didn't have to go so early in their lives, Pe-

    I'm getting too ahead of myself; I've been haunted by those memories ever since they occurred, which travels to me by nightmares with hyper-realistic faces and bloodshot eyes, as well as hallucinations of the dead and Pe-

    You're getting what I'm saying, right? I'm not here to waste your time, so you can basically assume that this still affects me four years later. I know you probably have other things to do today, so I might as well just begin the tale. Ok? Ok. Let's get this over with...

    What I'm here to talk about happened on the day of Prom. Yes, Prom, but this is no Carrie White bullshit with the telekinesis here (and as far as I knew, there were no students in my class with super-religious, period-loathing mothers like her's). The Prom was actually at this really nice country club called “White Elk” on the outskirts of town. It was quite a sigh to see, with marble steps leading to the velvet-carpeted entryway and the emerald chandelier-

    Oh, am I getting carried away? Sorry about that, I guess... I guess I'll just explain what you came for...

    I was happily walking up to the double-glass doors via the marble steps with my date, a member of the school spirit club (The Birdmen, I believe) while making a few last-minute adjustments to my outfit of choice. I wasn't dressed extravagantly, but classy enough for the occasion by sporting a turquoise dress that touched the floor and had a halter cut with tiny silver sequins lining the cleavage area.

    “Trista!” As I approached the doors, my best friend noticed me and excitably turned around from her date, “You look great!”

    “Thanks, Winnie,” I softly smiled, “You do, too.” (She really did, wearing a tangerine-colored dress with small hints of yellow).

    “Heh, thanks. It's nice to see you with Angus all dressed up like that; you two are adorable together!”

    Angus' face turned rosey,
    “Well... there was a reason why I asked a beautiful, kind girl like Trista Butler to prom...”

    “Awwwwwww!!!!” Winnie gushed while he turned even redder, making his cropped sand-colored hair stand out.

    “Well, I might as well make my merry way back to Josh!!! See ya!!!” She eagerly waved and skipped off.

    As Angus and I entered the club, I pulled a strand of almond hair behind my ear and patted him on the back,
    “Yep, that's Winnie being, well, Winnie.”

    “I guess...” He sighed, forming an embarrassed look on his face.

    As we entered the dancing area, a familiar... man with a dark-colored... typical pulled-back hairstyle... and a suit the shade of midnight stumbled in the club: Pe-



    Percy! Percy Britton! There, I said it! I was surprised at his arrival, since he was turned down by several girls (not me- he never asked!). He had nobody to go with, so I didn't know what made him decide to come to Prom. Oh well, I thought at first, I'm here for the night of my life, and I hurried off further into the dark yet colorful dance room swarming with high school seniors doing some kind of joint dance that was popular back in the day.

    Time passed, and slow songs, dancing songs, and songs that no one could jam out to passed with each song gaining more anticipation from the graduating class than the last. I danced (obviously), laughed with my fellow upperclassmen, and ate hour d'evours (or whatever the Hell those small bits of food at parties are called), and drank a soda every now and then; it was all a pretty normal prom night, like one you'd typically see in a movie.

    Then, If You Were Here Tonight played over the speakers. As if coordinated, we all headed over to our dates for the next 6 or so minutes and sway back and forth while standing in the typical slow dance position. As such, I layed my arms across Angus' wide shoulder blades and he placed his on my petite waist as we swayed to Alexander O'Neal's serenade.

    “Quite an odd music choice, isn't it?” Angus tried to initiate a bit of conversation.

    I shrugged,
    “It's a classic song from like the 80s or something. I've heard it on the radio a few times before.”

    “Ah. I guess some of the faculty added their fantasies in the playlist.”

    We both laughed silently and continued our little back-and-forth swaying.

    However... about 3 ½ minutes into the song, a red... red-haired girl screamed at the top of her lungs:
    “Oh my God! Is that Percy Britton with a gun?!”

    The music... stopped dead, dead cold and all of us in the room shivered in worry of what that girl exclaimed.

    The lights flashed on and I was able to glance around the area... and saw Percy... with what looked like a sho...shot... shotgun! How...he got one, I don't know. He either... brought it from home or stole it... from the club's gun shack.

    “Someone pin that kid down!” The D.J. Hollered, and... a couple of the chaperones raced over to the... midnight-suited Percy. But... they couldn't subdue him, because he aimed... aimed his gun at the adults and caused them to hesitate, moving any closer.

    “This is for all the people who rejected me!!” Percy... declared, “I poured my heart to every girl I felt was sweet, beautiful, and kind enough to ask to this prom night, but they all treated me like garbage! This world should be free of such trash like them!!”

    At this point, most of us (including me) were fleeing away from... the dancing area and all of the adults were... trying to circle Percy and call the authorities, treating him like an animal with rabies. I chucked my silver heels off in order to get the hell out of the area, grabbing Angus... by the arm.

    As my feet touched the velvet ground, I sighed in relief and reassured myself until I heard what sounded like... fireworks. Gunshots!, I thought, and checked out my current status. I was uninjured, and so was Angus. However, someone was missing from the party...

    Winnie... where was Winnie? She was farther from the exit than me... but she was close to Angus back when the serenade was occurring! She had to... be... fine!

    So, I peeked... back into the dance room. I saw a couple of limp... people there... the blood... oh my God... the blood was just flowing...oh God... oh God.... Winnie... I saw her... she was being... held at the head.... by Percy...

    I couldn't hear well... from the chaos... but I could make out...
    “Ah, Winifred Johnston, remember... I gave... but you said... no!”

    BAM! A bullet, pierced through Winnie's pale head. Her bunned wheat hair was splattered by the blood and... grey stuff... her tangerine dress was splattered with the blood... just everywhere on her head and upper body... bloody as a horror movie... oh God... the blood... the blood.... WINNIE!!!

    Ok... I'm sorry, I really am. It's just... you can't unsee something like that... Oh my God, the blood... the blood....

    Thank you for the water, that calmed me down a bit. Winnie... wasn't the only victim of that prom night. Other girls like... hard to please Lexi Curits and exchange student Yuuko Kawayama... they died... too. I saw them... Lexi's pale yellow dress covered... Yuuko's long dark hair ruined by... the blood... the blood.... oh God, oh God....

    Percy... apparently shot himself by the time police arrived, so no justice was really done... but people are still trying to figure out what made him think... about doing that kind of attack. Was it jealousy? Insanity? What was it? I think... personally... it was a bit of both. Percy didn't have a date... but he had a gun... and the blood he caused to spill... the blood....

    There was no real way around it, anyway... If I didn't go? Winnie... still would've died. If I tried to convince Winnie to say yes to Percy? Like Hell that'd happen... she was dating Josh. Fate... just couldn't change... for this.

    I've also lost contact with both Angus and Josh, and I know they're scarred too... of a sorts. Everyone was scarred. I was scarred, my parents were scarred, so many people were scarred. Me... obviously... a little more than others.

    I really don't like to talk about my prom night, and now you can see why. But, I trust you. Why I trust you? Well, you don't seem like someone who... would distort this story and say that it was just a jealous loverboy... shooting people out of his envy. Those takes I saw in the tabloids pissed me off. People died, and so many others were physically and mentally injured by this probably insane teenager... and you blame the VICTIMS for this boy's outrage? He probably needed professional help! If only they saw what I saw. Lexi, Yuuko, the blood... the blood... Wi-Winnie.

    Sometimes, I wonder what would've happened to me if the prom night never happened, like if fate decided in my favor, y'know? Would I be pursuing my then-dream as a teacher? Would still be in touch with Angus, Josh... Winnie? It's been four years, but seeing your best friend... be shot in such a way.... seeing the blood... the gore... the blood... the blood... by a classmate.... can really take a toll on you. I remember that night like it was yesterday, and it has been burdening me like heavy baggage... ever since.

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    I've been listening to a lot of orchestrations recently to help me work.
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    Profile Post

    Back from the Dead

    Back from the Dead
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    I don't remember when I last logged on (I think it was shortly after that reset roleplay ended abruptly). I've spent my year of absence starting high school, doing/finding hobbies, rebuilding my social life, and finding ways to make my old roleplay characters useful again.
    I might not be as active as I used to, but I've decided to at least kind of return. What have I missed? =D
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    Wearing - Mood: ...... - Music - OOC: Yay for first post in weeks! =D
    The last thing Sienna heard before being pinned down was Anthea screaming "Sienna, don't!"

    Too late,
    she thought as she raised her fingers and thought, thunder and lightning, thunder and lightning....


    Sienna's vision then blacked out.

    Sienna's Dream
    (Music - Wearing)
    Sienna woke up on a familiar field at a familiar place. She groggily got up and glanced at her surroundings. There were a few white-and-gray buildings in front of her, and there were girls all around the field, all wearing the same familiar uniform.

    She looked down and she saw the exact same outfit on her,
    Wait... she thought, is this... the Huxley School for Young Girls?

    "Hey, look who just came out of hiding, it's Lenin!" Sienna turned around to see three girls walk up to her, laughing.

    Sienna was shocked, but then remembered, Oh yeah, these girls always picked on me due to my last name.

    "What's the matter," One of the girls asked sarcastically, "afraid of America's free market?"

    "No... you know I'm not communist!" She replied.
    "Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot about your everlasting propaganda about you being a socialist and a member of all those unions, and-"

    "Girls, stop it!"
    A woman not wearing the uniform stormed up to them, "Leave Mary alone!"

    One of the girls gave the other two a signal, and they nodded their heads, "Alright Mrs. Farmer," she said, "you win, sorry for disturbing your peace Marigold Lenin!" then they left.

    "I'm so sorry about what they did to you Mary!" Mrs. Farmer slightly hugged Sienna.

    Sienna was a bit confused at first, but then she remembered, Mrs Farmer... she was the one teacher who cared for me and helped me. She always called me by my old name, even though I preferred Sienna, as I do today.
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    Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.- Gandhi
    Wearing - Mood: ! - Music
    - OOC:

    Anthea watched in shock as Sienna used her lightning powers, but slightly breathed a sigh of relief when the only thing that happened was that the power went out.

    But, when she saw her attempt again, she ran over and attempted to restrain her, "Sienna, don't!"

    "I must to teach this meanies a lesson!" Sienna replied, trying to break free.

    "But there is no need to, Sienna! And how can you even see where you're going in here?"

    "I just know, now..."

    "Sienna, don't!" as she started up her abilities, Anthea pinned her down and was able to (at least sort of) restrain her.


    Anthea looked around, the lights were back on, but Sienna was out cold. Sienna!!! She thought.
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    Wearing - Mood: Irritated and Drunk - Music - OOC: Sorry for the rushed pace,
    I'm working on a project while writing this.

    Sienna smiled as she ran toward the mean people who insulted her "sister".

    How rude of them, she thought, insulting Anthea like that.

    She turned around and noticed Anthea running after her, screaming
    "Didn't you see how large they are? They look like they could tear you apart if they had to. Also, you're drunk, and it's best for you to stay out of this."

    "I don't care! I have my secret weapon!" My thunder manipulation!

    "Sienna, don't!"

    She approached the insulters,
    Too late, I'm already there.

    "Sienna!!!!" Anthea screamed.

    Sienna grinned and lifted up her left hand, thinking
    thunder and lightning! over again.

    There was a little spark, but the only thing that happened was that the lights went out.

    Oops, she thought, my bad, then went back to what she was thinking before, now to try again! Thunder and lightning!

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    I'm not gonna use this character yet, but I'm gonna add her as one for later.

    Title: The Cold-as-Stone Sorceress, Eira
    Defining Trait: Cruelty
    Valen Appearance: click here
    Weaknesses/Fears: Fire, failure, not getting what she wants, being ignored.
    Personality: Eira is a cold-hearted woman, and only cares about herself instead of those around her. She believes that she is “above” everyone because she was born a Valen (despite the fact that there are others that way too). She only tolerates a select few valens, most of which are some of her winning pawns.
    Magic / Powers:
    Death-warning: The ability to gain a vision of a living person shortly before his/her death (like 5 seconds before)
    Ice Manipulation: The ability to control and generate ice.
    Possession: The ability to possess an object or person for a certain amount of time (Usually a lot shorter time for a person than on object).
    Favorite Color: #00BFFF
    』Goal: Unknown
    Availability: 4/7
    Other: Eira was the coordinator of the game Anthea won, and has a grudge against her because of it (as she did not bet for her).
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    Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.
    -William James

    Wearing - Mood: Somewhat frightened - Music - OOC:.....
    The fact that the people in the bar were still cruel (even after Sienna helped her out of the situation) didn't really surprise Anthea. It was Fairwyn, after all.

    "Hey, wht 'ya doing still standing around?" One of the larger persons in the group walked up to her, "get outta here!"

    "I'll help you, Anthea," Sienna grabbed her hand again and ran to the other side of the bar.

    Anthea sighed,
    "Thanks, Sienna," but then she noticed her running back to the fighters, "Sienna! What are you doing?!"

    "I'm gonna give those nasty Fairwyn people a piece of my mind!"

    Anthea tried to run after her,
    "Didn't you see how large they are? They look like they could tear you apart if they had to. Also, you're drunk, and it's best for you to stay out of this."

    "I don't care! ," she grinned, "I have my secret weapon!"

    Secret weapon?, "Sienna, don't!"

    But Sienna already reached where the people who harassed her stood,
    "Sienna!!!", she screamed.
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    (OOC: I'm out of town, so I'm doing this (probably bad) post through my phone (I didn't see a real need to bring my laptop with me =/))

    Daphne opened her mouth to reply to Sienna's question, but was interrupted by someone and walked away, mouthing "sorry".

    Well that wasn't so bad, she thought, and she's supposed to be nice. She then mouthed "it's ok".

    She looked around a bit, but she stopped when someone yelled "Sienna!"

    Sienna turned around to see her "sister", Anthea, fallen down and surrounded by some people.

    "Anthea..." Sienna turned around and ran over to her, stumbling while doing so, "are you OK?"

    "Well, I've fallen down, so no."

    Sienna laughed a little and helped her up, but the people surrounding her weren't done.

    "Ginger," one of them started, "get that pink-haired scum outta here!! She's messing up our game!"
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    No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered with
    a searching but at the same time a steady eye.
    -Winston Churchill

    Wearing - Mood: Irritated - Music - OOC: Yes this is a short post =/

    After some more searching, Anthea finally found Sienna, who was being helped up by Daphne, it seemed.

    There you are, Sienna, she thought as she started to approach them, now, we can leave this bar and find an anti-


    Anthea looked up, and she noticed that she tripped over... something. She couldn't see exactly what she tripped over.

    "Hey, pink-hair, get out of the way!" A man screamed at her.
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    Wearing - Mood: Drunk - Music - OOC
    It wasn't long for someone to notice that Sienna fell down. A valen, Daphne, it looked like, got up from her stool and reached out her hand, "Are you okay?"

    She accepted the hand,
    "Yes and no. Yes because I feel great from that wine and vodka, but no because NO ONE IMPORTANT IS PAYING ATTENTION TO ME! Well, except you," She smiled.

    After she got up (with Daphne's help), Sienna looked at her and said,
    "Thank you for helping me, I'm glad that someone was able to notice me," she looked around, but there was no bar stool nearby to sit at. The one she was sitting at was occupied by a large fellow, and she decided not to deal with him.

    Anthea wasn't in the bar yet (or if she was, she didn't find her yet), so Sienna decided to talk with the valen that helped her up until her "sister", who was now later than the White Rabbit, arrived,
    "So...Daphne... how are you today?"

    Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.- Gandhi
    Wearing - Mood: Irritated - Music - OOC:
    When Sienna ran back into the bar, Anthea's first thought was, I've seen her go through this before. She'll usually be back outside sober in a minute or two.

    After 3 minutes, she still didn't come outside, Ok, I have to go into the bar, darn it.

    The bar was just like what it was before, only a bit crazier, Now, where is Sienna?

    She wasn't in any of the booths, and she wasn't in the restroom either,
    "Darn it, where is Sienna?!" She mumbled.
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    Wearing - Mood: Drunk - Music - OOC
    Only a few people noticed Sienna reenter the bar after she ran off from her "sister."

    How rude, she thought, why isn't anybody noticing me? I should be respected, even though I'm not the most popular Valen or the Valen that is the nicest.

    "Hey...." Sienna started to squeal again, "....why are all of you ignoring me?! I might not be so popular around here, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't interact with me!!!!!"

    A person she didn't recognize (it wasn't even a Valen) turned to her and asked, "... you O.K. missy?"

    "No, I am NOT alright," Sienna replied, "Everyone is ignoring me, except you, and my sister said I had too much to drink!!!!"

    "Well, your sister's wrong, there is never too much to drink. I
    t always feels better to have more."

    She smiled,
    "thank you, sir, for proving that my sister was wrong. Now I just need to get more people to notice me!"

    The man looked puzzled,
    "Sir? My name's not 'Sir', it's Xanthias."

    Oops, I guess they don't use titles in Fairwyn, "Oh, sorry Xanthias. I'm Sienna, by the way!"

    She sat down and decided that instead of Khortytsa, she will order a glass or two of the bar's finest white wine. After she got one glass, she gulped it down,

    Then, she got up, but only to collapse again, after which she screamed,
    "Help!!!! I fell down and I can't get up!!!!!"

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    Wearing - Mood: Drunk - Music - OOC: Damn my writer's block >.<
    As she and Anthea left the store, Sienna started to stumble out of Anthea's hands. Again, and again, and again.

    "Woah, you really are that drunk," Anthea commented.

    "You don't have to... in..." Sienna replied.

    "Ok then... what do you wanna do now?"

    Back to that bar, she thought, and pointed to the bar.

    "No, Sienna," Anthea replied, "we are not going back to the bar."
    Sienna gasped, "Why *hic* not?"

    "You're drunk, Sienna."


    "You puked on the floor at that bar."


    "Soooooo, we're not going back in the bar!"

    "Annnnnd, FUCK.....THAT!" Sienna then proceeded to run into the bar. Anthea can't tell me what I can and cannot do!
    She then proceeded to swing open the door and squeal, "Hi there....*hic* everybody!"
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    “Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, it's at the end of your arm, as you get older,
    remember you have another hand: The first is to help yourself,

    the second is to help others.- Audrey Hepburn
    Wearing - Mood: Sympathy - Music - OOC:
    Luckily, the nearest clothing store wasn't very far from the bar. In fact, it was only two doors down.

    Anthea looked up at the sign, which read "Ekos",
    Hopefully something decent will be in here, she thought as she opened the door, supporting Sienna in standing up while doing so.

    Only a few people were in the store, and it had plenty of clothes,
    that's a good sign... this will probably be a ton better than that bar situation...

    However, the clothing there wasn't "wearable" to her standards, ranging from a simple sportsbra with a miniskirt to a seductive nurse costume,
    Damn.... what's with these people in Fairwyn?

    After some time, Anthea found a
    dress that looked suitable enough to wear, and Sienna agreed, "Yeah...that looks.... good e*hic*nough...."

    "Alright then," Anthea started, "let's go pay for it."

    The woman working at the store looked very young and "pretty", it reminded Anthea of those popular high school girls in those teenage human movies... only this girl is wearing clothing that was a lot more seductive.

    "Y'all aren't from here, huh?" The woman asked as Anthea gave her the dress.

    "No, we're from different regions," She replied.

    "I see..."

    After the dress was bought. the "sisters" went into a nearby changing room and put the new dress on Sienna, placing the puked-on one in her bag. Then. knowing that they needed nothing else to do in here, they left the store.
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    “An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend
    time with his fools." - Ernest Hemingway
    Wearing - Mood: Shocked - Music - OOC: Yes this post is fast-paced. =/

    Anthea watched as Rosaline helped Sienna up and talk with her for a bit before she continued towards the restroom door. After a few seconds, Sienna collapsed and puked.

    Oh god, Sienna got that drunk?! Anthea ran over to her "sister" and asked, "Sienna! Are you okay?!"

    "What do... you...think?" Sienna groggily got up a bit.

    "You're covered in puke!"

    "I guess I got... a little... carried"

    "You got very carried away, Sienna," Anthea helped Sienna get up, "Let's clean you up and find a new outfit for you."

    "Al...right," Sienna replied.

    So they went to the restroom and cleaned up Sienna, wiping the puke off of the face and dress. After that, she went to the bartender and paid for her and her "sister's" drinks (adding a little extra for as an apology to puking on the floor), and they walked out of the bar and started to look for a clothing shop.
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    Wearing - Mood: Drunk - Music - OOC
    Damn.... Sienna thought as she fell, I thought I would have more...what's the word... endurance in this situation.

    When she looked up, she saw a Valen sitting down. She didn't know her name, but she decided to get some help anyway and asked her,
    "Hi there.... sorry for trippin'.... can you... help me up?"

    The valen got out of her seat and extended her hand to Sienna, she accepted the hand and got pulled up.

    "Are you ok?", the Valen asked.

    "I don't know....."

    "You shouldn't be drinking so much if your body can't handle it."

    "I know.... but sometimes I can't help it."

    The vodka just tastes so good..... Sienna thought.

    The valen snickered before going on,
    "You should get yourself to a bathroom. You looked wasted."

    Sienna smiled a bit,
    "I was...just about to do that. Thanks....for...helping me up," and she walked on as the valen returned to her seat.

    That was a nice girl, I wonder what her name is... Sienna thought as she was about to approach the door to the bathroom.

    Then her stomach felt funny,
    Oh shi-

    BLAAAAAAAAARGH!!!! Sienna collapsed and threw up.
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