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    Just as a warning, this is going to be annoyingly long. XD

    So first of all, my mother is extremely overprotective. I'm not saying she won't let me go to some party or something like that, I mean this is practically insane. I'm fourteen, and I'm not even allowed to go into the garden without my mother being outside watching me, I am taken to and from school when it's a 20-minute bus journey (my mum actually tends to wake up later so I actually often get to school late and get in trouble for this), I never get to see my friends outside of school, period. I actually enjoy school because if I get to go from one class to the other without someone following me and fussing over all the possible ways I could get injured, and get to actually go someplace outside my own house ALONE, then I feel like I actually have some responsibility, and I love that. I know it's a weird thing to feel, but it really is the truth. I live in a quiet little town in Ireland, and, I know there can be kidnappers or murderers or whatever pretty much anywhere, but I've never met someone else who's parents have gone to such extreme measures to keep their child... safe? I've constantly had breakdowns throughout the course of my life about the lack of freedom, my house feels like a prison, and I've told her, almost begged her on numerous occasions to give me just a bit more freedom, let me take the bus to school with my friends or something, but she won't listen. I break school rules by keeping my phone on in class because my mother will ground me and say she can't trust me if I don't keep my phone switched on at all times, and I'm scared that if I don't keep it on, then things will remain like this until I turn eighteen and can finally move out. She has absolutely no reason not to trust me, I always answer my phone, and I've never even had a CHANCE to prove that I wouldn't be late coming home or something. Is there anything I can do? I've confronted her about this numerous times, but she just won't listen to me, so advising me to tell her how I feel won't do... The only time I ever get any freedom is when I'm with my dad.

    And then there's another problem... my house is so low on space that me, my mother and my sister have always had to sleep in the same room. My sister hoards stuff. I've dislocated bones from tripping over stuff and landing awkwardly, and it's basically like one of those depressing houses you'd see on those TV documentaries. I live with my sister, my mother, my grandmother (who hit me when I was younger) and my grandfather. There simply isn't enough space for all of us to live here. I've tried to keep the house clean but I've found slugs and other things that seriously make me want to vomit, and my mum is the only one who is also interested in getting rid of piles of junk which nobody uses and trying to make this place living-friendly for anyone. We've hired a skip on numerous occasions, but everyone else in the house just simply takes the things out of the skip and puts them back in the house... We've also given stuff away for charities, but getting rid of all this stuff could take years, so we can't keep that up forever. For at least ten months now, I've been seriously considering moving in with my dad. My mother despises him, and if I moved in with him, she'd think of it as me "betraying" her. I feel like I'm abandoning her and my sister, and that makes me think I'm being selfish, but I really need some space. I've told my mum many times that I want to move in with him, and she starts to cry and asks me why I hate her. I always try to explain that it has nothing to do with her, but she still continues to cry. She tries to buy me over with gifts and new video games which I hate; she's already poor as it is (that's why she lives with her parents, and in turn I live with my grandparents) and it disgusts me how she thinks something like that will make me change my mind. I've never brought up living with my dad to him directly, as he's the type who'd go behind my back and get custody about it even if I told him not to, and I don't want law getting involved, it would only make the situation worse, but I'm getting extremely depressed here, it's like the internet and books is my only way out. Does someone have any advice about this problem? :\

    This is the last thing, it's kind of minor compared to the other two, but... I'm Atheist, well, no... I believe in some minor Christian beliefs, but I don't believe the big ones that would define me as a Christian. I've told my mum about it, we had an argument, but she came to terms with it quickly. My dad, on the other hand, never would. Whenever I stay at his house, we pray every day, and go to church on Sundays, and the whole practice makes me feel uncomfortable, because I don't even believe it. If I told him about it, he'd be appalled, and he'd probably make me pray more, and make me read the Bible, and go to Church several times a week. I seriously don't want to pray all the time; I respect other's beliefs, but doing these things myself makes me feel really uncomfortable, and, well... if I tell him, the problems will probably increase.

    I'm sorry, I know this is extremely long. But is there any way I could fix these?
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    Why did you do this to me?
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    Are you sure?
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    [x] Kill him yourself.
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    Pssh. The Melt is a stupid name anyway. They don't deserve applications. Hey I live in Ireland I dun even know what The Melt is.
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    I saw this 6-minute Portal movie today which was pretty cool.
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    Why is it so hard to find a YouTube video where that dude from 300 screams "THIS. IS. SPARTA." on loop? :B(:
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    Eragon was worse. Eragon is always worse.
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    Yeah. The one where Mario was born in an egg?
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    T or A

    My faith in humanity.

    It's gone.

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    T or A

    wat. Why isn't B in this poll?
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    This is me from nine hours ago. :3
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    This. But it was sad.
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    I found this way funnier than I should have.
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    English, Irish, Spanish and 1337 5p34|(.
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    From what I can understand, one AR card acts as a viewing stand for your Dream Eaters, one AR card has R & R Seal, and one randomly unlocks either Ursa Circus, Sudo Neku, or Meowjesty. I got Ursa Circus.
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    I'm horrible when it comes to secondhand embarrassment. I honestly have no idea how I lasted the entire video.

    This Tobuscus vlog on the other hand makes me cringe to no end. >.< [video=youtube;g06kzPtWX6o][/video]
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