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  1. myoblivion
    Is anyone going to participate in Earth Hour today?
    I think its really cool that all over the world participates, and I thought I'd make a discussion to see if more people are involved.
    I hope you decide to join c:

    If you dont know what Earth Hour is, here is its official site with a count down and everything:
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    Thats my husband...
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    Just me and my friend doing a callab on iScribble<3

    Chibis: Me
    Outfits: Friend
    Shading: Me
    Color: Each ourselves for our own chibi's
    Im on the left and she is on the right ^^
    P.S. If anyone wants to scribble tell me ;D
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    Im trying to order some clothing off a site and Im stumped on a thing....
    I can select none but if its like a bottom included..I want it >.<
    So, if anyone could volunteer, much thanks<3
    The site wont let me copy paste the word, so if you can let me know so I can print screen a picture of it ^^
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    Just a little fourm game I thought of...
    Weather is always changing, right?

    Its raining over where I live, and thundering ;~; Its scary.
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    C A N V A S

    This is a remake/remix of my old role-play Canvas

    Type/Genre: A little bit of everything, but mostly Action/Romance/Fantasy


    Over the years of trying to invent a perfect weapon for the universe of the fantasized, for protection and war uses, the scientists, witches, and wizards have accidentally created Type L. From the major intelligence and abilities given to these weapons they acted on their own and escaped, going to the only place that they could avoid The Emperor, Earth.
    The emperor of the Magical Universe, in response to the weapons actions, has summoned magical creatures of all kinds to help destroy Type L and their leader. The Emperor calls these summoned The Souls, who have a different powerful force inside each and everyone of them. To unlock the power they have to find their Soul Mate, which is the key to erasing the mistake, Type L.

    *Sorry for the short storyline >.<*

    - Human and Human cant be Soul Mates, its a Magical type and Human, or Magical type and Magical type
    - A Soul Mate is a person of opposite gender that is connected to you. Together you hold a elemental or extreme power, but you only have that power when together and in harmony.
    - Your Soul Mate can be human or magical, but it cant be a Type L
    - When you find your soul mate it’s a bit of a rough path, especially if your enemies. In order to unlock your powers you have to focus you and your energy together, after this is done a type of symbol will appear on you and your Soul Mate.
    - Symbols can be a variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets, anklets, and a very rare choice is a marking on your eyes, or hand. You choose c:
    - Soul Mates can be contacted at anytime, and will ‘magically’ teleport to you when you call to them
    - The powers you get from your Soul Mate are crucial and extremely deadly, even though they are strong you can barely hurt a Type L
    - To gain stronger powers you and your Soul Mate have to increase your relationship, it will give you more health+power :3
    - Type L is a race of human-looking beings that need to live off of life sources, such as humans. Which is another reason why they went to Earth
    - Type L is not good! They have almost irresistible charm and deadly features
    - The way to get back to the Magical Realm is by your Soul Mate c:
    - Only connected Soul Mates have the power to do small damage on Type L, humans are dead, other magical creatures are dead, only Soul Mates can possibly kill them.

    - You are required to have at least 2 characters!
    - You have to have at least 1 Type L
    - No more then 5 characters
    - Cuss all you want, just put a *
    - No perverted stuff
    - Its supposed to be difficult to kill Type L, and especially their leader. So no posts of killing a Type L unless they are weak or have been fighting for a long…Long time.
    - Type L does have a secret base BUT, its secret! No finding it out!
    - No normal Magical Creatures D:, just Souls
    - When I’m not on, please >.< Please do not post any big things, this is a complicated role-play, believe it or not xD

    Guide to getting your Soul Mate
    - In real life you basically plain it out *Usually with a friend or even with yourself* and have your character discover that they are Soul Mates
    - In the role-play your magical characters sense a connection with a character, and thats how they know...Not for sure, but it gives them an idea.

    S.M Power and T.L Power
    (Soul Mate Power)(Type L Power)
    Elemental- Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Dark, Light
    Extreme- Mind control, telekinesis, Metal (Bending and moving), Life (Kill, bring to life- This power is VERY rare), animal and human morphing

    Type L- All of the above + total body control, and charm *Sounds stupid*

    OC Form’s
    Name: *If you can include Last Name*
    Age: *8-20*
    Race: *Type L, Human, Werewolf, Vampire, ect*
    Face Appearance: *Hair color and style, eye color, skin color, ect*
    Body Appearance: *Body type, clothing, accessories , ect*
    Magic Appearance: *ONLY for Magical kind. Must be different from human appearance*
    Soul Mate: *If you find yours then PM me to edit this spot*
    S.M Power: *Elemental or Extreme? If elemental put what element, if extreme put what type*
    S.M Symbol: *Whats your characters Soul Mate Symbol? When you and your partner decide Ill edit this section.*
    Weapon: *Got a gun? Only needed for Soul Mates, detective, police, and crazy kids*
    Other: *Anything else?*

    For you lazy people…..
    Race: *Type L, Human, Werewolf, Vampire, ect*
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Skin color:
    Makeup: *Any makeup? This includes freckles and beauty marks*
    Body type: *Skinny, boney, fat, ect*
    Top 2: *Jacket?
    Top 3: *Optional, got a under shirt?*
    Bottom 2: *Leggings? Stockings? Socks?*
    Bottom 3: *Any socks over tights?*
    Accessories: *Necklace, bracelet, ect*
    Magical appearance
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Skin color:
    Body type:
    Top 2:
    Top 3:
    Bottom 2:
    Bottom 3:
    Ears: *Got ears?*
    Tail/s: *Got a tail or tails?*
    Other: *Horns, wings, ect.*
    Soul Mate: *If you find yours then PM me to edit this spot*
    S.M Power: *Elemental or Extreme? If elemental put what element, if extreme put what type*
    S.M Symbol: *Whats your characters Soul Mate Symbol? When you and your partner decide Ill edit this section.*


    Name: Mitsru
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Witch/Siren
    Face Appearance: Has a Asian appearance. Died periwinkle short straight/choppy/layered hair that is thinner on the bottom and goes an inch and ½ past her ears, with choppy eye-length bangs that slightly sweep right out of her eyes, dark brownie colored eyes, light soft skin tone
    Body Appearance: Skinny, petite/semi-short flattish figure, wears a semi-long thick-strapped white tang-top with light orange thick stripes and a white tang-top under, a light orange semi-long baggy/semi-oversized pullover hoodie over the shirt, a light purple not-too-short pleated miniskirt, white knee-socks with 2 black stripes at the top, and heelless Mary Janes
    Magic Appearance: The same except she wears a blackish purple witch hat and has a wand with a heart at the end
    Personality: Has double personalities. Shy, quiet, hesitant, brave is battle, swift, clever, worried, strong, adventurous, and creative. Hyper, smart, kiddish, outgoing, loud, fast, violent, and tricky
    Interests: Art, cooking, food, traveling, books, animals, weather, new places, cute things, clothes, singing, and toys
    Soul Mate: Unknown
    S.M Power: Unknown
    S.M Symbol: Unknown
    Weapon: Black gun
    Other: An expert in Kung Fu

    Name: Kokoa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Type L
    Face Appearance: Has a cute feminine but stern face. Black messy/choppy straight median length hair for a boy with two spikes at the top of his head and a white stripe going from the spikes to the end of his bangs, with small pieces of hair here and their and a emo bang to the left, bright bright yellowish lime eyes with a messed up right pupil, pale skin with light cheeks
    Body Appearance: Skinny/lanky boney semi-tall figure, wears a white long-sleeved semi-baggy folded collared school shirt with a thin black ribbon tied around the collar, with a dark almost black navy baggy semi-long cardigan, dark grey baggy boy skinny jeans with a black belt with random things hanging around his hips, and regular school shoes
    Magic Appearance: Pretty much the same besides some attack features
    Personality: Cold, evil, somewhat cute actually, dramatic, sneaky, can be kiddish, annoying in fighting ways, extremely smart, dangerous, charming, tricky, and quick
    Interests: Animals, science, art, instruments, violence, music, blood, human things, life, history, food, and fighting
    Soul Mate:
    S.M Power:
    S.M Symbol:
    Weapon: Gun+Whatever
    Other: Is the leader of Type L

    Name: Charcoal
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Type L
    Face Appearance: Dark deep blackish navy messy/un brushed-looking choppy/thin median boy length hair, with choppy different length bangs resting droop-like on his face and eyes, big pale but bright pink eyes, pale skin tone with slightly noticeable freckles on his nose and cheeks
    Body Appearance: Tall lanky/boney skinny slouched figure, wears a white unfolded tall-collared baggy semi-long school shirt that has a semi-big black bow tied around its collar, with a baggy over-sized sleeve red knit low V neck cardigan-looking sweater over, baggy hip loose dark blue boy skinny jeans, and black slippers with black taller socks
    Magic Appearance: The same besides power features
    Personality: Dull, hopeless, crazy, loyal, risky, clever in some ways, plain, brave, really weird and interesting, small, sneaky, dangerous, and tricky
    Interests: Fighting, violence, reading, and thinking
    Soul Mate:
    S.M Power:
    S.M Symbol:
    Weapon: A gun+other
    Other: The leaders right hand man.

    Name: Yu you Blair
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Type L
    Face Appearance: Has a Asian appearance. White/pale lilac thin/messy choppy hair that ends 3 inches past her shoulder that is thinner at the bottom and somewhat teased at top, with messy choppy perfectly straight across bangs, dark slate indescribable dark colored eyes, pale soft skin tone
    Body Appearance: Short extremely thin skinny/small petite barely figured body, wears a short baggy loose-fit light yellow tee-shirt with a lavender smiling flower on it, with a white laced thin tang-top under, a light pink mini skirt, white high socks, and small black flats with silver rimming
    Magic Appearance: The same besides power features
    Personality: Sad, insane, sullen, hopeless, in a way cute, hesitant, sometimes unfeeling, always worried, always scared, loyal, dangerous, tricky, sly, smart, and quick
    Interests: Fighting, clothes, cooking, cleaning, violence, blood, reading, and thinking
    Soul Mate:
    S.M Power:
    S.M Symbol:
    Weapon: A butcher knife and whatever
    Other: Is the leaders left hand girl. A expert at Martial Arts and pressure points. Sometimes called Blair

    Name: Niw *New*
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Face Appearance: Has a cute and feminine appearance. Strawberry reddish pink spikeish messy median length hair for a boy, with small choppy short bangs that sweep across his face, glow-looking big brown/gold eyes, light tan skin with blushed cheeks
    Body Appearance: Median tallish skinny/thin figure, wears a white hooded semi-baggy/long loose-fit tee-shirt that has 66 in block font in the front, with a bright purple semi-long/baggy loose-fit tee-shirt under that pokes its bottom and sleeves out, baggy black denim skinny jean Capri’s that roll up to his knee’s, higher white socks, dark grey vans, higher white socks, and a dark grey knitted ear-flap hat
    Magic Appearance:
    Personality: Stubborn, can be mean, selfish in small ways, brave, loyal, smart, sometimes a jerk, bad-ass, funny in being a dork, and young
    Interests: Reading, painting, music, scooters, smoking, saying fool, teasing people, playing tricks, school, cooking, and action
    Soul Mate: Unknown
    S.M Power: Unknown
    S.M Symbol: Unknown
    Weapon: A small gun and dagger he manages to keep hidden within himself xD
    Other: He’s a smoker

    Name: Amayo Gengichi
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Race: half Vampire mixed with a wolf Demon
    Hair color: Pink
    Eye color: Hot pink mixed with an amber Color
    Skin color: pale
    Makeup: none
    Body type: skinny, flat chested, and slightly short
    Top: a whiteish long t-shirt that goes over her skirt
    Top 2: a longsleeve collared faded redish pink coat with gold trim
    Top 3: none
    Bottom: brownish red skirt, almost like a school girl skirt
    Bottom 2: white socks that come up above the knee
    Bottom 3: none
    Shoes: redish brown flats
    Accessories: gold bracelets, silver barrettes, silver earings: three on left ear, two on other
    Magical appearance
    Hair color: silver
    Eye color: amber
    Skin color: really pale but not white
    Makeup: a scar going from the edge of her lip to her chin
    Body type: same as human
    Top: white spaghetti strap dress
    Top 2: blue sleeveless dress
    Top 3: non
    Bottom: none
    Bottom 2: white knee-high socks
    Bottom 3: none
    Shoes: black flats
    Accessories: three piercings on left ear, two on the other
    Ears: grayish silver wolf ears
    Tail/s: grayish silver wolf tail
    Other: fangs
    Personality: can get really hyper at times, caring, gets annoyed easily, sarcastic, smart, mean, aggressive, cruel
    Interests: blood, dogs, the moon, night, books, humans, human perspective on demons, red, cake, sweet things, fighting,
    Soul Mate: *If you find yours then PM me to edit this spot*
    S.M Power: *Elemental or Extreme? If elemental put what element, if extreme put what type*
    S.M Symbol: *Whats your characters Soul Mate Symbol? When you and your partner decide Ill edit this section.*
    Weapon: scythe
    Other: heightened sense of smell, hearing, sight, and speed

    Name: Nova Aveala
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Race: Type L
    Hair color: long blonde hair
    Eye color: dull blackish brown
    Skin color: a little pale
    Makeup: three dark claw mark scars going from the back of her shoulder curling around to the front of the middle of her arm
    Body type: skinny, normal height, a little more developed
    Top: a black turtleneck
    Top 2: white jacket with bloodred trim and cuffs
    Top 3: faded black corset
    Bottom: black schoolgirl skirt
    Bottom 2: gray tights
    Bottom 3: white socks
    Shoes: black maryjanes
    Accessories: a black ribbon bracelet
    Magical appearance
    Hair color: same
    Eye color: same
    Skin color: same
    Makeup: same
    Body type: same
    Top: same
    Top 2: same
    Top 3: same
    Bottom: same
    Bottom 2: same
    Bottom 3: same
    Shoes: same
    Accessories: same
    Ears: none
    Tail/s: none
    Other: fangs
    Personality: violent, psyco, odd, beautiful, lustful, intimidating, mature for her age, twists people to do/say what she wants, maniac, snake like, cat like, a preditor, sarcastic, evil, childish
    Interests: blood, violence, roses, thorns, white, humans, dogs, wind, guns, pain, knives, boys, sweet things, eyes, hair, love, others suffering, beauty, birds, fangs, books, the moon, black
    Soul Mate:
    S.M Power:
    S.M Symbol:
    Weapon: black gun with blood red rose on the handle
    Other: evil~<3

    Name: Mako Uisen
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Type L
    Hair color: messy Black
    Eye color: dark gray
    Skin color: pale
    Makeup: a scar over his eye like he was scratched (kinda like scar in lion king)
    Body type: tall, skinny, has muscles but not too big
    Top: long white coat like shirt that zips up the sides and the front, with a collar that when closed it covers the mouth,
    Top 2: black vest
    Top 3: none
    Bottom: black pants with a wing pattern sewn into the left side of the left leg
    Bottom 2: none
    Bottom 3: none
    Shoes: black boots, a wing pattern etched into the left side of the left boot
    Accessories: silver ring on his pointer finger
    Magical appearance
    Hair color: same
    Eye color: same
    Skin color: same
    Makeup: same
    Body type: same
    Top: same
    Top 2: same
    Top 3: same
    Bottom: same
    Bottom 2: same
    Bottom 3: same
    Shoes: same
    Accessories: same
    Ears: none
    Tail/s: none
    Other: claws
    Personality: blank sometimes, selfish, slightly insane, wants everything for himself, jealous, protects ones close to him, tries to keep his feelings to himself, easily gets nervous around girls
    Interests: black and white, girls, claws, blood, music, human pastimes, technology, drama, others suffering, animals, pain, other’s misfortune,
    Soul Mate:
    S.M Power:
    S.M Symbol:
    Weapon: chain, knife
    Other: insane.

    Name: Kii Hanako
    Age: 14 ½
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Hair color: silverish color, messy, medium length for a boy
    Eye color: bright bluish silver
    Skin color: just a smidge pale
    Makeup: none
    Body type: skinny, kind of short
    Top: blue long sleeve shirt
    Top 2: baggy white jacket with black trimming
    Top 3: none
    Bottom: gray baggy jeans
    Bottom 2: none
    Bottom 3: none
    Shoes: black sneakers
    Accessories: a blue gem on a chain, from his mom
    Magical appearance
    Hair color:
    Eye color:
    Skin color:
    Body type:
    Top 2:
    Top 3:
    Bottom 2:
    Bottom 3:
    Personality: fun, funny, hyper sometimes, loves to play, tries to make people smile when they’re sad, cheerful, makes friends with just about anybody, loving, caring, loves to laugh, smart, likes to hear other people’s laugh
    Interests: making people laugh, other people’s smiles, animals, people’s happiness, toys, trains, sweets, friends,
    Soul Mate:
    S.M Power:
    S.M Symbol:
    Weapon: sword
    Other: ee!

    Name: Grey Aeterna
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Angel
    Face Appearance: Black smooth hair that usually gets in the way of his brown eyes and nearly reaches his shoulders. The only mark on his face is a jagged scar on his left cheek.
    Body Appearance: Lean and stands at about six feet tall. Wears a very plain longsleeve black shirt, dark blue baggy jeans, and black boots. Wears a chain on the lefthand side of his pants.
    Magic Appearance: Same except he has wings, yellow eyes, and snow white hair.
    Personality: Funny, a little overconfident of his own abilities, smart, quick to act, and likes helping out others...sometimes.
    Interests: Guitar, music, breaking rules, fighting, puzzles, girls, weapons, hieghts, and driving anything that goes over a hundred miles per hour.
    Soul Mate: Unknown.
    S.M Power: Telekinesis.
    S.M Symbol: Unknown
    Weapon: His own body(IE: Just plain fighting).
    Other: Nothing I can think of...

    Name: Leo
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Type L
    Face Appearance: Short black hair, very dark brown eyes, tanned skin with no marks on it whatsoever.
    Body Appearance: Has a muscular build, about six feet three inches tall, wears a long black leather trench coat and underneath wears a dark red shortsleeve shirt with a black horizontal stripe across the chest, black baggy jeans, and dark brown combat boots.
    Magic Appearance: Same...
    Personality: Loves to mess with others emotions and play mind games. Cold, laughs at inappropriate moments, and is never afraid.
    Interests: Hurting others, making people suffer, forcing people to do things they wouldn't normally do.
    Soul Mate:
    S.M Power:
    S.M Symbol:
    Weapon: Two pistols...
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    Riku Haters

    Does anyone actually hate Riku O.o?
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    I know some of us have tablets for drawing, and I have a few questions to ask you guys...
    I just got a new tablet for my computer *Which is Windows Vista*...

    I was wondering if the screen on the tablet is supposed to remain black?
    And also a quick photoshop question: I barely know anything about photoshop but the version I have Photoshop Elemetns 6.0...Its different then what my friend has. And its really confusing because it doesnt show layers like a normal photoshop does.
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    Recently my mouse, or computer...Has been spazzing like crazy >.<
    The mouse goes haywire and flys around the screen, while closing and opening random stuff. And I cant move it when its like this, or close anything, or open anything.
    Anyone know whats wrong ^-^? Because its getting on my nerves >.<
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    Im scared ._____.
    A friend on myspace said my picture on there is all over something called babbleserv...What the heck is that? And am I going to be stalked o___o..
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    Well, I'll just say that some personal problems have came up. Anyone thats in the family *Cough* Snipe *Cough* Its NOT what I was talking about, well ehh...<___> Its a little about it but not really.
    Anywho, so I have some stuff I need to think about, plus school just started so I should be giving my time into school. Yeah...:/

    Family! I will return >.> In a month or so. If you really care >.<....So, keep the new thread going please <3
    Oh, it might just be important to say that I am leaving tomarrow...Not right this second...Tomarrow >.<

    So, bye-bye....Kind of o.o...Well, goodbye because I wont say goodbye tomarrow ^-^
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    Welcome and welcome back!

    Imagine a large mansion.....
    • 5 stories high
    • 20 rooms on each story
    • 6 bathrooms, a indoor pool and spa, 2 kictchens, a sunhouse, a garden and maze, 3 movie rooms, 1 gym, and much other accests
    • Different themed rooms
    • Elegant structure


    You follow, you stay

    1. No perverted stuff
    2. Cuss all you want, just put ****
    3. No dying unless you, yourself wants it or you PM the person for a okay
    4. Spam? NO.
    5. Dont controll another players characters


    • No adults
    • Have ages between 8-19
    • Cant have over 20 characters
    • No pictures unless I say so! MWHAHAHAHA
    • Dont be lazy with your OC's just because I said no pictures


    Kingdom Hearts Characters
    Riku: truelove13
    Roxas: Soran

    Organization XIII *Only some listed*
    Demyx: truelove13
    Luxord: keybladeofdarkness4

    OC Form
    Use only this form, and also give detail

    Face Appearance: *Including hair, eyes, skin tone, ect*
    Appearance: *Body type, what they wear, accessories*


    Name: Tatin
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: Bleach blonde layered/straight hair that goes a to her shoulder and gets thinner towards the ends, with choppy median length bangs that sweep to the left/up and long stripe bangs on the side, light brown eyes, light soft skin tone
    Appearance: Slender petite figure, wears a light pink/white/coffee brown/pale green/light blue striped tunic tee with a white wide pocket with a white long thin strapped tang-top under, light gray denim shorts, white tennis-shoes with a glossy pink under and a rainbow on the side, and a thin off-white bandana she wears around her neck in a Jenna-style
    Personality: Quiet, shy, smart, stubborn, artistic, worried, sneaky, usually happy, and unique
    Interests: Reading, drawing, singing, thinking, ranting, animals, cooking/food, little things, and new places
    Weapon: Fire and a tall axe
    Element: Fire/Illusion
    Other: Best friends with Iffy

    Name: Iffy
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: She is Japanese. Glossy white straight/somewhat choppy that ends 3 inches past her ears, with 3 long thick bangs 2 on the sides and 1 in the middle of her face, dark brownie/black looking eyes, light soft skin tone
    Appearance: Slender petite figure, wears a black star pastel colored print loose fit tee with a sky blue small strapped laced tang-top under, light faded denim skinny shorts, white high socks with a blue rimming, Mickey Mouse replica shoes, big pilot goggles she wears around her neck
    Personality: Both shy and outgoing, stubborn, sneaky, usually happy, adventurous, brave, thinks things through, and secretive
    Interests: Drawing, painting, video games, music, food/cooking, manga, anime, and reading
    Weapon: A shape shifting wooden sword
    Element: Water/Twilight
    Other: Best friends with Tatin

    Name: Kell
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Face Appearance: Messy sandy brown/blonde really choppy hair with small spikes in the back, with a long choppy bang that flips over his head and covers his left eye then with short bangs on the sides, dark deep navy eyes, light skin tone and slightly blushed cheeks
    Appearance: Tallish skinny figure, wears a charcoal Jersey styled longish tee with a white small 90º angle on it, light grey baggy hip boy skinny jeans, red converses, a black bandage he wears over his left eye, and a white bandage worn all the way up his right arm
    Personality: Quiet, dark, charming, slick, sometimes evil, sly, clever, tricky, violent, brave, adventurous, and normally semi-kind
    Interests: Darkness, music, hearts, reading, stories, traveling, fighting, traditions, spirits, and walks
    Weapon: A extremely sharp blade, a chain, and darkness
    Element: Darkness
    Other: He is a nobody. Best friends with Ven and Roki

    Name: Ven
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: Light dirty blonde layered alien cut styled hair where its longer in the front and extremely short in the back, with bangs like Kairi’s except a bit wider, bright soft copper eyes, light tan soft skin tone
    Appearance: Slender petite figure, wears a white thin off-the-shoulder tunic tee that ends an inch above her knee that has a orange small heart on a pocket on the left side with a reddish orange baggy long tube-top under, median blue denim skinny jeans, black slip-on vans, and a white headband with a red floppy bow on it
    Personality: Usually happy, curious, loyal, brave, outgoing, nice but can occasionally be cold, cute, confident, and stubborn
    Interests: Adventures, entertainment/events, food/cooking, darkness, friends, exploring, reading, new places, and art
    Weapon: A small blade that appears on her wrist and Kell
    Element: Darkness
    Other: Best friend with Kell and Roki

    Name: Roki
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: Light almost white choppy hair that’s like Namine’s except it rests on both shoulders, with bangs also like Namine’s except shorter and more in her face, light pale grey eyes, pale soft skin tone
    Appearance: Slender petite/small figure, wears a white semi-low square neck tiered lace-trim dress with a pale grey tang top hidden under, plain light grey slightly baggy leggings that end at her ankles, and black flats
    Personality: Silent, shy, interesting, sad and depressed, somewhat cute, smart, and secretive
    Interests: Drawing, reading, the cold, piano, violin, peace, and nature
    Weapon: A blank white covered sketch book
    Element: Illusion/Light
    Other: She is a nobody. Best friends like Kell and Ven. Her face is usually emotionless and blank

    Name: Hanaki
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: She is Japanese and has a very cute face. Died semi-bright strawberry brown choppy/lightly layered hair that ends 2 inches past her shoulder that’s up in a Asian-styled loose right side ponytail, with bangs like Namine’s more together and swept left/up, dark reddish brown eyes, light soft skin tone
    Appearance: Slender really petite figure, wears a long loose-fit deep sky blue tee with clouds and a rising sun printed on the front with a small red heart on the middle top on the back of the shirt with a pink spaghetti strapped tang-top under, a white semi-pleated skirt that pokes out of the shirt, yellow high top converses that are tied, and a bright red thin-strapped long over-the-shoulder strawberry bag
    Personality: Quiet, extremely shy, creative, cute, usually brave when needed to be, sneaky, curious, hesitant, and worried a lot
    Interests: Drawing, music, traveling, new sights, manga, food/cooking, sweets, cute things, shopping, walks, and cities along with nature
    Weapon: Small bombs she keeps in a pouch and a petite flute that makes you fall asleep
    Element: Illusion/Light
    Other: Best friends with Koi Kyon

    Name: Kyon
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: She is Japanese. Died dark brownish red straight/choppy hair that ends at her chin, with choppy long bangs and one bang that hangs down to her nose in the middle, milky dark pinkish brown eyes, light soft skin tone
    Appearance: Slender petite figure, wears a white loose-fit collared shirt with a semi-big floppy red bow tie tied around the collar, black pleated school girl skirt black that the shirts tucked into, white knee socks, non-heel mary janes, and lots of colorful/cute hairclips on her bangs
    Personality: Silent, shy but somewhat outgoing, curious, brave, confident, usually happy, different, cute, and clever
    Interests: Drawing, doodling, singing, music, traveling, anime, food/cooking, action, and reading
    Weapon: Fists, feet, and a samurai sword
    Element: Wind/Twilight
    Other: She doesn’t speak, at all. Best friends with Hanaki

    Name: Cocoa
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: She is Korean. Died coco powder/orangish straight/choppy hair put up in thin braids that ends at her shoulder and gets thinner at the end, with a short choppy side bang that’s swept to the side, dark black-brown eyes, peachish skin tone
    Appearance: Slender petite figure, wears a long semi-baby doll like white tube top that has small pink strawberries all over and bigger 3 strawberry buttons with a long white thin strapped tang-top under, grayish blue denim shorts, white short socks, yellow converses, and a thin-strapped peach bunny backpack
    Personality: Outgoing but still very shy, cute, quiet, clever, tricky, sneaky, adventurous, artistic, imagitive, and happy
    Interests: Cooking, food, shopping, traveling, walks, animals, manga, anime, culture, and violence
    Weapon: A butcher knife and fists/feet
    Element: Air/Ice
    Other: Tee hee

    Name: Pez
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Face Appearance: Has a very feminine and cute face but not enough to be mistaken as a girl. Black straight/choppy neat hair with a small rainbow Mohawk/spike thing in the back on his hair, with choppy bangs and semi-flipped out bangs on the sides of his face, bright brownish blue eyes, pale peachish skin
    Appearance: Normal height scrawny/skinny figure, wears a loose collar white long school shirt with the collar flipped out and a dark navy oversized cardigan over it, black boy skinny jeans, white vans, a thin yellow tie tied loosely around the collar, and a white semi-oversized white cute kitty hat with a >: face
    Personality: Quiet but yet loud, shy but still outgoing, cute, a creep, interesting, stalkerish, creative, sneaky, tricky, clever, stubborn, violent, and usually happy
    Interests: Girls, drawing, painting, drums, writing, reading, sneaking around, exploring, traveling, cooking, food, and events
    Weapon: A black gun and transforming drum sticks
    Element: Twilight/Fire
    Other: :D!

    Name: Danny
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Face Appearance: Has a very cute and feminine face but not enough to be mistaken as a girl. Black messy/choppy hair, with extremely choppy bangs here and there, dark black-brown orangeish eyes, light soft skin tone
    Appearance: Tallish skinny figure, wears a light grey semi-long muscle tee shirt with a loose-fitted black hoodie over, grayish blue semi-baggy hip skinny jeans with a X on the back of them, Goofy-looking shoes, and clear glasses with a thin black rim at the bottom of the glass
    Personality: Quiet, cute, sweet, smart, nerdish, adventurous, shy yet outgoing, creative, strong, and brave
    Interests: Cooking, reading, computers, animals, science, writing, drawing, painting, music, violin, and manga
    Weapon: Claws that come out of his fingers and mind powers
    Element: Illusion/Fire
    Other: Best friends with Cocoa

    Name: Kyii
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Face Appearance: Has a very cute and feminine face but barely enough not to be mistaken as a girl. Died whiteish gray messy/straight/choppy hair, with messy+choppy bangs in the middle of his face that slightly sweep to the left, dark brown/black eyes with a little faint black under, pale skin tone with light pink blushed cheeks
    Appearance: Very skinny/boney+lanky semi-tall figure, wears a baggy ¾ sleeve white red striped tee shirt with a dark slight purplish grey loose pullover hoodie over, dark grayish blue baggy-hip boy skinny jeans, black and white semi-dress/tennis shoes, and a black beanie
    Personality: Dramatic, cute, cold at times, curious, brave, outgoing, hyper/happy, romantic, selfish in a way, clever, sneaky, violent, lustful and dangerous
    Interests: Animals, walks, kid toys, food, girls, blood, violence, books, candy, traveling, and games
    Weapon: Sharp claws, blade sharp fangs, charm, and a black gun
    Element: Darkness/Illusion
    Other: His hair was originally black. He is a Vampire.

    Name: Miro
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Face Appearance: Has a feminine and very cute face. Black choppy/straight/messy hair with a left section being white, with short choppy bangs in the middle of his face that sweep to the left, bright blue left eye and bright brown right eye, light skin tone with noticeable freckles on his nose and cheeks
    Appearance: Semi-tallish boney/lanky figure, wears a loose-fit semi-long yellow low U neck thick-strapped tang-top shirt with a light tan hooded long loose-fit vest over, baggy hip median grey boy skinny jeans with a dark brown belt to hold them, black high-top converses, and a grey sack-looking backpack he always wears
    Personality: Quiet yet loud, outgoing, dramatic, kid like, smart, nerdy, tricky, cute, charming, brave, happy but sometimes cold, sneaky, and selfish in a way
    Interests: Kid things, small things, books, computers, nature, walks, traveling, food, toys, paintings, and breaking things
    Weapon: Mind powers, a black gun, and Ice
    Element: Ice/Illusion/Darknes
    Other: He is a ghost, huhuhu<3 Killed by a plane

    Name: Suu
    Age: ‘15’
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: She is Korean and Japanese. Died Light peach-colored short choppy/straight messy hair that ends an inch above her shoulder and in thinner at the bottom put in thin messy low braids, with short blended choppy bangs in the middle of her face that slightly sweep to the side, big bright brownish eyes, light soft skin tone
    Appearance: Skinny petite figureless short body, wears a red and white polka-dot baggy long-long thick-strapped tang-top with a slightly low U neck and yellow rimming with a bunny ear hood attached, a white skirt that pokes out from under the shirt, light grey heel leggings, yellow vans, and a cyan heart clip on a bang
    Personality: Quiet yet loud, shy yet outgoing, hyper, cute, young, sneaky, clever, caring, interesting, polite, and dramatic
    Interests: Coloring, kid things, cute things, food, cooking, reading, drawing, singing, drums, running around, shopping, and boys
    Weapon: A long butcher knife, charm
    Element: Light/Water
    Other: Her hair was originally black. She is a android, to signify it she has a white ring of numbers above her head that turns green when she in commanded to do something

    Name: Alyssa
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: Black hair, light blue eyes, pale skin.
    Appearance: Skinny, midriff strap black top, long grey cargo pants, grey and white sneakers,black fingerless gloves and a black choker.
    Personality: Playful, likes to joke, split personality means sometimes she can be serious but at other times she is playful and clumsy.
    Interests: Manga, anime (Bleach, One Piece and Weiss Kreuz), movie making, Music, spying on Riku and sleeping, alot....
    Weapon: Dark Keyblade called Halflight.
    Element: Darkness and Light chi (like ying and yang).

    Name: Pika_power
    Age: Pokemon age differs from Human age, so no comment.
    Gender: Known as a male, despite being RBY Generation.
    Face Appearance: Okay... Yellow skin colour, yellow fur all over. Big, black button eyes with while pupils. well defined circular red spots on cheeks.
    Appearance: A rather large rat around the size of a human head. Yellow fur all over. A tail shaped like a lightning bolt, with brown on the bit closest to the body. Long ears protrude from his head, ending in black tips. He sports a single blue vest.
    Personality: Generally chirpy, although can get easily shocked, and is prone to overreact at anything.
    Interests: Yellow skittles, himself, other people. Arguing.
    Weapon: What on earth is happening at this sleepover? Anyway, he has a small Rapier down the side of his body. More detail when he needs to use it.
    Element: Electricity. Can send out jolts of electricity, can move quickly, making many images of itself, can call a bolt from the sky.
    Other: Is a pokemon called Pikachu. He is in my siggy and avvy.

    Name: Slyth Kaijuu
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Face Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, a dark white skin tone (look at avatar)
    Appearance: Thin but muscular...He usually wears a gray jacket with a white shirt inside with Cargo pants that are black.
    Personality: Fun to hang out with because he is very random and does very stupid things... and most of all he always HYPER!!!
    Interests: Crazy things... and making his friends happy
    Weapon: Aura Blades and Aura Gloves
    Element: Lightning and Aura
    Other: His friends usually call him "Kai" although his real name is Slyth... He is a great fighter and is very agile yet powerful.

    Name: Arashi
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Face Appearance: black bangs and long, spiked silverish white hair, red eyes with slitted pupils, pale skin,
    Appearance: a tall, thin, slightly muscular body, a long black vest with a white collar folded out, a grey shirt with sleeves that cut off at the elbow and zips up, grey pants, black boots, belts around the pants just above the ankle, pouches on either thigh that’s secured by belts shaped in an X, a black dog collar, and a dark grey cuff on the right wrist, three piercing on each ear
    Personality: sly, very sarcastic, gets annoyed a lot, very confidant, sometimes nice, almost never affectionate but gets embarrassed easily in the love department, even with that he hides it by a sarcastic retort, mostly always bored
    Interests: darkness, the sky, full moons, music, fights/fighting, sky, manga,
    Weapon: fists, Kunai, a chain
    Element: illusion, darkness
    Other: none

    Name: Bailey
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Face Appearance: layered honey brown hair that goes an inch passed her shoulders, bangs that get in her face a lot, hazel eyes with a red tint to them, slightly pale skin
    Appearance: thin and moderately tall, a long sleeve, tight black shirt, a short, faded black hooded vest, grey zip off pants that can be capris or pants, small black belts that tie around the zipper of her pants, 5 gold bangles on the right wrist, a silver ring with a red gem placed in the middle on the left middle finger
    Personality: cares about her friends very much, can get emotional and defensive if there’s a lot on her mind, can go from hyper to sad within a second, very sarcastic, smart, fun, warm, when really sad she wont talk to anyone, very stubborn
    Interests: night, dark, light, music, piano, guitar, movies, anime, manga, sweets, wolves
    Weapon: two long swords with chains attached at the end
    Element: Fire, wind, darkness
    Other: friends with Chris, nickname is Bai

    Name: Christina
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: Light honey-brown straight/thin hair pulled into a messy ponytail, with a short choppy bang on the left side of her face follow by some small loose hairs and longish bangs on the sides, light glossy hazel eyes, slightly pale soft skin tone
    Appearance: Moderately tall and slender, wears a black skinny long vest with a loose hood and a long semi-loose fitted plum shirt, skinny median blue denim jean Capri’s, dark grey vans, a small black bow clip in her hair and a silver bracelet on her right wrist
    Personality: fun, smart, nice, can be sarcastic, very stubborn, likes to laugh,
    Interests: sky, light, music, anime, movies, lions, plants,
    Weapon: daggers that are on invisible strings of energy
    Element: light, Ice,
    Other: friends with Bailey, nicknames are Chris, Christie, and Chrissie

    Name: Sam
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Face Appearance: Light sandy brown choppy/layered hair with barely unnoticeable blonde streaks, with choppy jagged bangs that sweep to the side, bright grass green eyes, and light soft skin tone
    Appearance: Slender petite figure, wears a white semi-loose fitted long Henley with sky blue stripes around the sleeves with a grey laced long tang-top under, dark black semi-tight skinny jeans, and orange converses
    Personality: Happy, stubborn, smart, outgoing but shy, sweet, tricky, and fun
    Interests: Drums, cooking, reading, food, comic books, and cities
    Weapon: A small sharp sliver blade
    Element: Water/Earth
    Other: none

    Name: Syn
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Face Appearance: messy dirty blonde hair that’s a little long but not long enough to fall into his faded blue eyes, pale skin tone,
    Appearance: thin and slightly tall, a plain white long sleeve hooded shirt, faded tannish white pants, white vans, small grey belts on the upper arm of each arm, a grey jacket tied around his middle
    Personality: gets annoyed easily but almost never shows any emotion, always has a blank face, smart
    Interests: the moon, sky, birds, water, ice, white, music, other things that barely anyone knows
    Weapon: black gun
    Element: ice, water
    Other: friends with Kei

    Name: Kei
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Face Appearance: long spiked black hair, naturally narrow but warm, amber eyes, a slightly pale skin tone,
    Appearance: a tall, skinny figure, a grey t-shirt with a silver stripe shooting across the chest with a mark that looks like a sun at the end of the stripe, a black short sleeve jacket, black pants, black boots, two grey cuffs on his wrists, a grey belt holding up his pants, and lighter black, small belts just above the knees,
    Personality: almost always smiling, a little clueless at times, fun, funny, clumsy, gets embarrassed easily,
    Interests: the sun, the elements, magic, music, anime, exploring,
    Weapon: fists and feet
    Element: fire, lightning
    Other: friends with Syn

    Face Appearance:His eyes are a soft brown, almost hazel but still on the darker side. His hair is dead dark brown almost black that is spiked up and some spilling over his eyes.He wears square framed glasses that almost look like goggles
    Appearance:He is about 5'9 and skinny, but kinda lanky. He wears a black shirt white stripes criss-crossing all over and black jeans. His sneakers and red and black. He wears a trench coat over the shirt and long enough to reach his feet
    Personality:He's very quite and likes to read a lot, but when he opens up to people he's very nice and caring. But he's scared to voice his idea sometimes.
    Interests:Reading, drawing sometime, Meditate
    Other: He doesnt fight much unless he has to
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    Welcome to the Artistic Family


    This family is only for people who respect, criticizes, and create art ^-^
    Share art, gossip, hassle or hector family members, and have some fuunnn...

    If want to join us, PM me. And ONLY PM me ._.
    *Join us.......*

    1. Be kind about the other siblings artwork, basically encourage as well as criticize
    2. No serious fighting
    3. Dont spam!
    4. Show appropriate art work
    5. Remember to be apart of this family

    Every once in a while Ill hold a family competition for you artists! Who can do the best art in the family? *-*
    You can enter anything, drawings, graphics, paintings, such such.
    I, mother of this family, will always be a judge. As for the other 2 judges I will either pick them or post something about if you want to be a judge, and you will post or PM your drawings to me ^-^ Your drawings will be posted on the THIS very page, and after the deadline is crossed I and the other judges will judge your drawings secretly. By PMing.
    There's also a chance Ill put up a poll on a poll....Or post it and the family members can decide for themselves ºvº

    Family Members
    myoblivion- The Super Ruler of all that is in this family, Mother
    Rosey- Oldest sister
    NobodiesShadowX- The Ginger sister

    JapAnimeFanatic- Reckless sister
    HisNobdy- Lil sister
    Cocohints- The Quiet sister

    Kairi245- The Hyper sister
    the-one- The Fun sister
    Destinystar- Family Puppy

    Star_Seeker- The Mysterious sister
    Peace-and-War- The Wise brother
    ShadowofRiku- The Family Guardian

    Darkcloud- The Oldest brother
    Katsquatch Klone #5- Family Kitten
    KairiXRiku- The Super Hyper sister

    Pirateguywithapplepie- The Local Berserker
    美咲 四季 - The Silliest Puddiest sister
    True darkness- The Guardian sister

    DiveIntoTheHeart- Hyperactive Sister of Randomness
    Amythest- The Pestky Little sister
    Devil's Angel- The Poetic, Smart Little sister

    eastercat- Normal-Yet-Weird sister
    mastersword900- The Evil brother
    Demitryx- The Obsessive sister

    Kairimagic- The Innocent sister
    tummer73- The Hyper brother
    KeybladewarriorNexus1993- The Dark HedgeHog

    linde_laserbeam- The Outspoken sister
    khcrazy101- The Loveable Kitten
    UnSaintly Saint- The Shy brother

    Cupcake - The Creative Cupcake
    VaKh87-Adventurous Artist
    sorafangirl- The Fangirl sister

    Famous- The Spazzy but Sweet sister
    i <3 poptarts- The Awesome Pop-Tart sister
    sora n roxas rule- The Hyper Artistic sister

    khmaniac- The Over thinking Emo cousin
    Bareri-San- Hyperactive Ninja Sister
    on mirrors edge- The Runner

    Death Twister- The Deamy sister
    Vexen_Is_God- The Chilly Academic
    ProperArtist- Honestly ProperArtist

    Shadox D. - The Painter
    SpoonyChan- The Key of Destiny
    Missingheart- The Creative Kitty Sister

    T A F F Y シ- Ms. Spirallies
    MandyXRiku4ever- Lolitia Baby Sister
    ユウンジーピ- The Baby Banana

    Llave de Espada- Mako Poisoned Brother
    Total siblings= 44

    Signatures needed ^-^'....

    Family Matters
    Pleeassee check if your name is on the family list!
    And we have a new member<3 PLUSSS, are you getting tired of the rainbow family list? If you are Im taking requests on what you want your name. Different colored letters are okay, and no the colors dont have to be just from this site c:


    *like OMG*

    iScribble is a chat/ I have made a board for our family members only, the only way you can get in is by me inviting you<3 PLEASE PLEASE post your iScribble accounts once you've made them! Please join in on the fun<3

    Members accounts
    myoblivion: lullabie
    Near-To-Tears: Tears

    NEW NEW! Art contest!<-------------ON WAITING LIST *Temporarily closed*:
    Judges: Me, TBD
    Dates: Last date for submissions- July 10th *PM or post if its to short*
    Theme: Challenge yourself! Draw an animal!
    Contest winner- TBD

    Drawing Entries

    DONT STEAL ANYTHING, or Ill fly a chair into your scull :O
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    Well, I want CnC on this because its my first realistic-like wolf drawing...

    I drew this because I heard about Idaho, and what its doing or going to do, and Im extremely agaisnt it *No offense to anyone in Idaho*. Anyway, this is obviously dedicated to the wolves, I hope that what ever is going on will stop before its to late
    This took me...Unn...2 or at least 1 and a half to finish this...
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    This is an role-play based off Ouran High School Host Club, because I just finished watching the anime...Again. Also, it only includes OC's :/ There is a possibility I will change it into a Ouran High School Host Club role play
    *Do not make fun of me because I dont know if the school name is a real word or not ;~;*

    Kejien Private Academy
    Defined by 1. Prestrigious families 2. And Wealth.
    Kejinien, since based off Ouran, looks exactly the same..Exactly. It has everything Ouran has, and even the Host Club is located in the Third Music Room.

    Host Club
    A club made for prosperous people who have much spare time on their hands. Therefore, the Host Club is about these handsome guys that have free time, giving hospitality to these lovely ladies who also have free time.
    *Their are 8 hosts. 7 are spots are open*

    1. No copying the REAL host's ;D Your characters can share looks, names, and characteristics of the characters but they cant be exactly the same, mmmk?
    2. If you want to curse put a ****
    3. No sexual stuff
    4. No spamming
    5. No controlling other people's characters
    Example: You cant make them like something unless the character says so themselves. And you cant make up their background

    Note: They can be the maker or co-owner
    1. Host Club
    2. Music Club
    3. Art Club
    4. Newspaper Club
    5. Sports Club
    6. *For Fun* Black Magic Club

    Boys: Just think of the original Ouran High School uniform except it has a dark grey tie, and a light blue jacket instead. *Could change*

    Girls: A pale yellow dress with puffed short sleeves and a very small light pink bow tied around the collar. *Just think of the girl Ouran High School uniform except with short puffy sleeves and a small bow attacked under the collar*

    OC Forms
    Name: *First and Last!*
    Rank: *Host member, different club member, or just a student that isn’t in any clubs. If they are in the Host Club put their type!*
    Appearance: *Put what they wear when they aren’t at school*

    Name: Hanaki Yuu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Grade: 10th
    Rank: Music Club member
    Appearance: She is Japanese. Died semi-bright strawberry choppy/semi-layered hair that ends 2 inches below her ears, with bangs like Namine’s except sort of swept to the side and a little shorter, dark almost black brown eyes, light soft skin tone, petite almost figureless body *Like Haruhi*, wears a pale yellow baby-doll like small-strapped tang-top that ends an 2 inches past her hip bone with a white baggy long Jersey long sleeved shirt over, white layered Lolita-styled skirt that ends at knee, soft colored light pink and blue knee-socks, and black heel-less Mary Janes
    Personality: Quiet, extremely shy, hesitant, artistic, cute, smart, sneaky, and worried and troubled a lot
    Interests: Violin, piano, sweets, food, reading, drawing, singing, and small things
    History: Born from anonymous parents she was abandoned and founded by a well known to the rich..Rich Nanny and Daycare Service. She was raised not as a Nanny, but as a normal rich child would be raised, although she isn’t at all bratty, snotty, or except high quality in things. She has been enrolled to Kejien School since kindergarden and will follow through. Though she is very bright she was accepted because of her adopted families wealth.
    Other: Though she sometimes faints while being surrounded by lots of people, especially boys, she usually visits the Host Club daily.

    Name: Hatsu Kyo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Grade: 11th
    Rank: Host Club member, The Shy Type
    Appearance: He is Japanese. Has a very cute and feminine face but not enough o be mistaken as a girl. Dark black straight/choppy semi-messy hair that goes to his eyebrows in the front and to the normal length in the back, with extremely choppy straight across bangs, milky brownie colored eyes, light skin tone, skinny semi-short figure, wears a white collar tee-shirt with a yellow Jersey-styled tee-shirt under, average colored denium semi-baggy jeans, and black high-top coverses
    Personality: Very shy, sometimes over dramatic, takes things seriously, cute, clueless to emotional affection, charming in his own way, and bright
    Interests: Studying, reading, parties, sweets, nature, the Host Club, and animals
    History: Born into a super-rich, highly respected family he was enrolled in Kejien from kindergarden. He is very kind-natured and grew up with many pets since he only had a older brother, who was mostly studying but he still has a dear family bond with. Being seperated from the social world like the Hitachiin Twins, he was saved by the maker of the Host Club.
    Other: He is very thankful and proud of being in the Host Club, he takes his responsiblitly as host seriously and tries

    Name: Katsumi Konno
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Grade: 10
    Rank: Host Club Memember ~ Tortured Artist
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: Can come across as being a very 'emo' and slightly depressive. However when he's working in the host club he comes across merely as having a interesting 'artistic' temperament.
    Interests: Dramatic arts, painting, playing the piano.
    History: His family consists only of his artist mother, a woman who has always had luck on her side when it came to her art career. She's had pieces sell for enough to buy entire mansions.
    Other: Is an incredibly convincing actor and it's near to impossible to tell when he's being truthful about his feelings

    Name: Minami Kyoko
    Gender: female
    Age: 16
    Grade: 10
    Rank: Host Club member, the Lolita type
    Appearance: flat chest so you can easily mistake her for a guy (like Haruhi and reason for being in the Host Club), light messy brownish blonde hair that looks like a guys hair, light hazel eyes, a little short, she normally wears a white and blue visor that’s pushed off to one side, a baggy shirt with a black torso and white short sleeves, baggy army green pants
    Personality: mostly tomboyish, gets annoyed a lot but acts like the cute type of person kind of like honey
    Interests: the host club, random stuff, the members of the host club, books, paintings, art, animals, her salon, hanging out at her family’s salon
    History: her family owns one of the biggest salons in the area, she was distant from the other kids until the maker of the Host Club, mistaking her for a boy, had come up to her and told her to join, leaving before having her answer. Once she came there the others were really nice to her and she decided to have fun with it,
    Other: pretends to be a guy when in school, especially in the Host Club
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    It took me like almost 2 and half years. >.< Now I finally have 400 post.
    Yay :3
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  17. myoblivion

    Alex Evans.

    Who the heck is he O.o?
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    Note: I know I said I wasnt going to post any drawings but I need CnC >.<

    Okay, I just finsihed this drawing and its of a character I decided to make up after a story idea went through my head. Her name is Oui, and she was abused as a child and brought to an Orphanage out in the middle of the snow *Ill stop now :P*.
    Anyway, I wanted CnC because Ive never drawn so big before and just because.

    Note: The words on the side our the first sentances in Final Distance by Utada Hikaru

    Note: The butterfly net doesnt have to do with anything, it was going to be a instrument but...I need practice.

    No stealing! :yelling:
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    The title doesnt have much to do with the role-play...It was just a song I was listening to >.<
    This RP is inspired by Blood Plus.

    Over the recent years, the mythical world had accomplished a superior beats, its experiment name was Demon. In the past year the Demon experiment was swimming along beautifully till the thousands of experiments went in a fury, their special blood activated and they overthrew the lab. Murdering and destroying everything in site they finally went through what the magical citizens called The Mirror, a glass transporter to the Human World. Under the pressure of mythical creatures being discovered the emperor sent help out his 5 most trusted, skilled, and powerful warriors and servants. These creatures were called The Trusted 5 as a group. After excepting the invitation from the emperor, without many doubts they crossed through The Mirror to the human realm in hope that they would exterminate the Demon monsters before a war broke out between the humans and magical creatures.

    Demon is not pronounced the Demon you think, its pronounced in somewhat of an accent: *Dee-mun* not *De-men*

    Setbacks and important things
    1. *Sigh* Not everyone in the magical realm is good, and most of them don’t like humans.
    2. The Mirror excepts all things, they don’t have to be pure or kind hearted.
    3. Anyone can go in the Mirror, except for humans. *Bad creatures can go into the world secretly*
    4. After 10:45, all creatures in Earth will turn back to their original forms. *NO ONE can be discovered or ELSE.*
    5. The only way to get back to the magical realm is to be called back, or to simply die in the human world
    6. IMPORTANT: The 5 Trusted have been given power slightly above average

    1. Please no extreme Yaoi or Yuri
    2. Cussing is fine just have ******
    Example: F***
    3. If you are a human you cant just automatically except or say that someone is a creature. And you cant just randomly find out and say it
    4. Creatures cant have extreme power, they have the power of the..Power that their species has
    5. No sexual things. Keep it PG13
    6. *>.< Last one!* Please explain what your creature is on the RACE

    OC Form

    Race: *Human, or any creature*
    Status: *ONLY put this if you are one of the 5 trusted*
    Appearance: *Human appearance*
    Other Appearance: *Only for creature*
    Other: *Anything else?*

    The 5 Trusted
    Spot 1:
    Spot 2: TAKEN *Demitryx*
    Spot 3: TAKEN *JapAnimeFanatic*
    Spot 4: TAKEN *myoblivion*
    Spot 5: TAKEN *UnSaintly Saint*

    Name: Amoi
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Wolf/Tigress
    A over-sized Dire Wolf that has appearances of a White Tigress included
    Status: The 4th Trusted
    Appearance: She has a Japanese appearance. Glossy white hair that is styled like Saya’s *Older Saya off Blood Plus* its longer and put up in 2 short messy pigtails on the back of her head, with bangs styled the same as Saya’s too, deep blue milky eyes, light soft skin tone, petite almost figureless body, wears a pale grayish yellow thin Jersey-styled semi-long tee-shirt with a white laced long tube top under, a wide-pleated school skirt, white knee-socks, red flats, and a red thick collar with a small silver bell around her neck
    Other Appearance: A 3’8 Powdery white Dire Wolf with deep blue eyes, small Tiger stripes and the tail of a Tiger, with a red thick collar with a small silver bell *The collar is mostly covered by her fur*
    Personality: Quiet, resentful, very brave, shy, silent and very sly, tricky, young, cute, worried and troubled a lot, and clever
    Interests: Silence, food, new things, fighting, the moon, small things, humans, reading, Japan, and singing
    Weapon: Her claws/teeth, and a small sharp dagger she secretly carries around in her human form. She also has mastered the Martial Arts
    Element: Wind/Light
    Other: She has a very gifted singing voice. She is Senators daughter. And her fighting style, even as a wolf is Kung Fu

    Name: Sakiun
    Age: Somewhere between 15-17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Vampire
    Wikipedia description- Mythological or folklore revenants, who subsist by feeding on the of the living
    Status: None. *He is just a citizen*
    Appearance: Has a very feminine face but not enough to be mistaken as a girl. Black/Charcoal shortish hair that is somewhat spiky but still straight with small spikes on the back of his hair, with short really choppy bangs here and their across his face, dark brownie colored eyes, light almost pale skin with slight blushed cheeks, wears a blank greyish dark blue semi-long Jersey styled tee-shirt that has a hood, black boy skinny jeans, and black converses
    Other Appearance: A Vampire Bat or his normal appearance except with big fangs, red eyes, bat wings, and bat ears
    Personality: Quiet, mostly blank, brave, sometimes evil, slick, sneaky, violent, charming, and a trickster
    Interests: Food, blood *Course >.<*, music, reading, humans, violence, and difference
    Weapon: A silver blade and other abilities
    Element: Darkness/Illusion
    Other: He’s a ordinary trouble maker back at the magical realm, and cant seem to help himself to pure blood. When in front of a lot of blood he seems to be in a fury

    Name: Boe
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Status: NONE
    Appearance: Has a very feminine and cute face but not enough to be mistaken as a girl. Purplish/Navy/Black choppy/spiky hair that is styled Yuki Nagato’s except its messier, with bangs like Yuki Nagato’s except longer and the right bangs are swept to the side, dark brown milky eyes, light skin tone with lightly blushed cheeks, skinny semi-tall figure, wears a light yellow Jersey-styled semi-long tee-shirt, light black sluggish-looking boy skinny jeans, white/light pink/light yellow stripped socks, and black converses
    Other Appearance: None.
    Personality: Very cute, bad in ways, brave, weird, charming, artistic, clever, sly, kind, and a trickster
    Interests: Playing tricks, running, painting, music, drawing, and singing
    Weapon: A gun he carries around
    Element: Light
    Other: He’s a bit of a bada**, he smokes often and steals from mini marts >.<

    Name: Sky Blue
    Age: 16
    Gender: female
    Race: Human
    Status: 2 of The 5 Trusted
    Appearance: appearance
    Personality: Sky is a fast thinker who enjoys to come up with plans on her feet. She can also seem to be rather clinical in her approach to life and other people at times, however if you can look past that she is a very kind and thoughtful girl.
    Interests: She enjoys reading, experimenting with anything that she has available at that moment and setting up small traps around her belongings to catch people looking through them.
    Weapon: Single gun
    Element: Air
    Other: Sky can be very protective of her property and of her private life and her thoughts. She doesn't like to share anything too much.

    UnSaintly Saint-
    Name: Nate
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Status: 5th of the 5 trusted
    Personality: He’s mostly a sarcastic and full of life kind of character even though he would rather just stay silent sometimes and hang out. but people tend to only expect fun out of him.
    Interests: Anything physical but he also likes to hang out with girls.
    Weapon: Twin semi automatic pistols.
    Element: Fire
    Other: He doesn't have a family or at least if he does he never talks about if and avoids the subject entirely.

    Name: Nova
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Neko vampire
    Half neko, half vampire,
    Vampire is a being that lives off blood, and neko is half animal such as cat or dog,
    Status: 3rd of the trusted
    Appearance: a bit short for her age, skinny but good figure, Pink messy hair tied up three times, one short pony tail on her head, two long ones at the bottom, bangs that get in her face a lot, big red eyes, white sleeves that aren’t attached to her shirt, pink dress, high white socks that come up to her thighs, a white cape/ jacket worn tied around her neck, black boots ( )
    Other Appearance: silver hair, slited pupils, silver wolf tail and wolf ears, fangs, dress turns blue ( )
    Personality: gets annoyed a lot, mostly by boys (she’s a girl, its normal), but very caring, fiery temper, very headstrong, acts shy sometimes, gets hyper easily, loves to have fun, is serious when needed
    Interests: books, fighting, night, stars, moon, clouds, water, music, animals, candy,
    Weapon: gun, magic
    Element: fire and ice
    Other: *Anything else?*

    Name: Kei
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Race: wolf Neko
    A neko is a creature that is half animal, such as a dog, cat, wolf or something along those lines
    Status: none
    Appearance: the same as his creature form just without the ears, fangs, and tail
    Other Appearance: that with black baggy pants, average height
    Personality: romantic, charming, sly, can be dangerous, sarcastic at times, shy sometimes, cute, clever, very headstrong, loves to have fun,
    Interests: playing, books, hanging out with friends, humans, vampires, wolves, moon, clouds,
    Weapon: magic, a metal claw on his middle finger, and a gun
    Element: ice
    Other: a childhood friend of Nova’s, had a secret crush on her that has grown

    Name: Rik Echo
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Race: half vampire, half human
    Status: None, he's a wanderer
    Other Appearance: none
    Personality: crude and arrogant
    Interests: he likes strong people, he hates the weak, he also likes to fight to test his power
    Weapon: Nodachi/Katana
    Element: dark
    Other: none

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  20. myoblivion
    Anyone else have it :3?
    I just got the Japanese version as a gift for keeping my room clean >.<
    Yeah...Anyway, if anyone wants to learn a language in a fun, enjoyable way- I suggest this.

    Its very fun! Also you learn the language and even pick up some of the writing (If you know...You have Japanese, Korean, or Chinese and such). Its a very nice program, much easier then a book or tapes I have to sat.

    So, any of you guys have one?
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