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    This is a status.

    This is a status.
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    Funny, I haven't been on here in forever either. Life? Hmm, since I last came on KHv I moved out of my parents, got a job, got fired from said job, got a gf, lost a gf, now going to school and sucking air while crying as I look at tuition fees for universities.
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    I don't know if this thread is for me because I am a joke.
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    It was another long tiring day within the private institute that Oerva had held her current education from. Classes were becoming more and more tiring as lectures were only pertaining to lessons that had already been taught back in her own home where she partook in middle school. At least living in the city was far superior to her living arrangements back home. At least here she felt independent.

    On her way to home, Oerva picked up a few groceries and talked to a few of the local merchants. They were always kind to her and she thanked them each time for it. On her way back home to her small apartment she rented while within the city, she looked up above to see something strange. She was aware of all the spiryx and mutants but she hadn't seen this power before.

    "He is flying!?"
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    NAME: Oerva Nerolia
    AGE: 13
    HEIGHT: 4'10''
    WEIGHT: Never ask for a girl's weight ((She is really really light))
    GENDER: Female
    RACE: Mutant
    APPEARANCE: here
    WEAPON(S): Her own body

    LIKES: Oerva likes the simple things, warmth, flowers, water, being out in the day. Just seeing people's smiling faces makes her happy.
    DISLIKES: The night, insects, winter
    FLAWS: Very clumsy. Given that she is basically a plant, when the sun goes down, she goes down.
    FEARS: fire, animals
    HOBBIES: Collects Flowers

    SPYRIX POWER:Floral-Kinesthesis
    • Plant Cell Body- Plants have cells different to animals. Their cells have instead of a cell membrane, a cell wall. This makes them a lot thicker and harder. Oerva has layers making her very thick skinned making it harder to pierce through. Because of this being her main mutation of becoming a plant, she also does not excrete blood from wounds, instead it is water that is pumped from her Vacuole Heart.
    • Solar Regeneration: Chlorophyll allows a plant to create its own sugar and food from sunlight. For Oerva, this is no different. She no longer needs to eat food. This works also for regeneration. Its faster than normal human revitalization, however its only about double the speed. Nothing compared to other spyrix users.
    • Paralytic Spores - When damaged or feeling threatened, Oerva will unconsciously release spores from her wounds or flowers. These spores can temporarily immobilize the threat allowing jus enough time to flee. Its a simple defensive mechanic.
    • Vine Whip - (think Wolverine) Oerva can extract a vine between her fingers. This vine has thorns on it which allows Oerva to fight instead of just being all defense. Surprisingly, she doesn't feel any pain when letting it come out.
    • Fruit Generation - To a random person, it would simply look like Oerva was wearing earrings, however, these are actually unique fruits that only Oerva can grow. When eaten, these fruits can enhance a person by kicking up their adrenaline levels. It is not recommended to eat two of them. Oerva gains no benefit from eating them herself. These fruits do not have seeds. Its pretty good in tea.


    Oerva was born into a family of nobility, a family that could have given her everything she desired. Her parents however weren't too keen on the idea of handing things to anyone including their own daughter. They believed luxury should be earned. Oerva grew up on this ideal and continued to live by it ever since.

    Since a young age, Oerva always spent time within her parent's massive flower garden, a place she felt most comfortable with. This is where she would play and invite some of the other local girls to play with her. They were all young and were simply enjoying life. She was happy even though her rich friends were given more privileges than her, she never put a thought to it.

    Once she became of age to go to school, she took classes with her friends and continued to build relationships with them. Oerva was an average student, producing average scores on tests, however she made up for it with effort in homework and extra credit, once more believing that good things only come to those who earn it.

    Finally, the age of 12, it was time to attend middle school. Oerva's parents saw through her studies and granted her the right to attend school wherever she saw fit. She chose to move away from her family and attend Middle School in Oda City. This is when things began to turn. Before this, Oerva had the blessings of the world around her, nothing to stray her in the wrong path, never seeing lies. Once she arrived, she was offered the spyrix gene from a man who claimed to be a scientist behind the subject. It ended horribly and resulted in the girl transforming into a mutant.

    At first, she didn't know it happened. She felt normal until she weighed herself, lost the desire to eat, and noticed a decline in nightly activities. It was when she began to grow flowers in her head that she had to experiment. Oerva cut her arm to try and figure out what was happening only to find out that only water came out and the wound healed much faster than if it were in the past.

    She then further realized her abilities were far greater then this when she could produce vines and saw the effects of accidental damage from tripping being almost none. However, fearful of being considered a monster, she hid this truth from people including her parents. She made the flowers and fruits seem like accessories and said she was thick skinned. She was afraid of people finding out, especially her new classmates.

    At the time being she is on vacation, living in her little apartment and exploring the city day by day hoping not to fall for another lie that was played on her.
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    Man they said tomorrow a few several 100 hours ago. This is one long day.
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    Her opponent was standing in front of her, the giant chicken of the guild. However, this was only in appearance, not in skill. No, in actuality, Ra was one of the most powerful members of the guild. It was an honor to go against such an opponent, however, there was no chance in winning. Even still, the man gave her a humble welcoming into this fret, treating her like an equal. Nothing more could be asked it this situation. She smiled and readied herself for a fight! Dawn bowed in respect to the other as the battle commenced.

    Although the earth underneath them shook, and the rocks began to gather, floating in the air as he charged, demonstrating the massive amount of energy he possessed, Dawn stood her ground. It was difficult to comprehend his power, almost like peaking into the center of the sun, the unknown gripping you and blinding you from the actual reality of your doom.

    Before he could unleash the attack that was certain to end her time in this tournament, she gave the most powerful Aero she could to maybe, hopefully, stun him and let his aim miss her. She couldn't really dodge, other than jumping, but that isn't how these battles worked.
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    Current Enemy Data!

    Ant's Nest

    Ant Soldier
    Level 20
    Rarity: Common

    These are the most common and abundant enemy within the Ant's Nest. They are the size of a real world tiger. They travel in packs of three and can attract more during a fight. They are weak however have power in numbers.

    Ant Pyro
    Level 22
    Rarity: Uncommon

    They are dangerous for certain. They can cause Dehydration and Burn alongside Bleed leaving for a very deadly hit if struck. They have average defense. They are a lot bigger than a Soldier Ant. They can spew flames from their mouth and should be avoided.

    Ant Knight
    Level 24
    Rarity: Rare

    Thought to guard the chamber to the boss. They have steel bodies and incredible reflexes. Their attack patterns are similar to a Soldier Ant but they have far more evasion and accuracy in their movements. Dangerous to fight alone, even for a level 30.

    Ant Supremacy
    Level 25
    Rarity: Extreme

    Not much is known about them. They are a rumor at best. Some people have said they saw only one. It had wings, was the size of an elephant. Apparently all six of its legs had stingers that could cause Burn damage on contact. So far, there has only been one survivor to tell the tale.

    Spider's Nest

    Spider Sion
    Level 20
    Rarity: Common

    Basic spider. They are small but pack a powerful bite that causes paralysis. Once paralyzed, more will come to finish you off. Use precaution when fighting them.

    Spider Legionary
    Level 22
    Rarity: Uncommon

    These spiders are about the size of us humans really. They are a bit more scary since both their fangs and hairs have toxins on them causing the Poison ailment. It is usually advised to let those with ranged weapons fight them.

    Spider Centurion
    Level 24
    Rarity: Rare

    Spider's thought to live within the chambers leading to the boss. They are roughly the size of a car. They are quick and agile, using the terrain to their advantage. They can shoot silk that will cause the target to Slow down movements. This makes things worse if hit since they are already agile.

    Spider Elite
    Level 25
    Rarity: Extreme

    Not much is known about them. Nobody has found them yet. Game data says they are large and gain defense the more they are damaged.
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    Time skip no. 1

    Timeskips are periods in which a significant amount of time has gone by within the world. In Sword Art Online, a time skip happened for example that showed Kirito go from the low levels to 40 within one episode. This sort of situation will be similar but not as drastic.

    What is asked of you as the RPer is to give a brief summary of what has occurred within this time amount. The current Time Skip is going to be 6 MONTHS. The current max level anyone can be right now is up to 30 but no more for a while. Think of this as a level cap.

    What the current situation is is that nobody has been able to figure out how to activate the doors to the towers within the Desert or Forest. There has been recent rumor that a boss lives deep within the Ant's Nest and Spider's Nest. More that 30% of SAO's population is dead. The bosses for the Imp, Ogre, and Orc camps have all been defeated. Nobody has their second weapon upgrade yet.

    Star's Past 6 Months
    Level - 27
    Current Location - Spider Nest

    The Japanese idol returned to her role of Blacksmith, a role she held during her days of the original SAO. Now, she creates armor out of materials dropped from the highest materials dropped from the current mobs that can be found. This would currently be Ant Knights and Spider Centurions. She is also on the front lines team so far for clearing the game.

    Thanks to the guild commander, Alpha, supplies is sent from the Ant Nest and is combined with the materials in the Spider's Nest. The armor seems to only be possible with both Nest's materials. Now she is searching for the boss chamber of the nest. It is unlike the other places where killing so many will spawn the boss. The tunnels stretch out for miles upon miles so finding the actual chamber where the boss is was proving to be difficult. Information and strategists suggest that the stronger and higher leveled units were to be around where the boss was. However this was proving to be false for some reason.

    Alpha's Past 6 Months
    Level - 30
    Current Location - Ant's Nest

    Alpha had ran the most powerful guild on the server, however it also had the largest death count of them all combined. It wasn't his leading, but the recklessness of the subordination. Within this time, he promoted Masaru to 2nd in Command. Now, he runs the command of the Ant Nest, trying to figure out how things are built and how they can find the boss. He had set the system to spawn the boss room within an RNG system. This was to prevent even him, the Creator, from finding things with ease.

    Otherwise, he did well running the battles against the Imp and Ogre camps as well as traversed the desert sands. Dehydration was posing a problem for most of the guild during that time. The ailments were proving to be more realistic than originally intended.
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    Eon was lost in thought majority of this time, not picking up on the slightest moments of speech directed towards him. His head was filled with voices right now of his past. This darkness in a way was kind of like home. Being locked away in a pitch black only to hear the voices of terror and screams in the background. He almost imagined he was there right now and Xara and Veera were simply guards taking him away back into that wicked chamber. Was it the darkness playing trick on him? No this was just psychological scarring.

    What snapped him out of this trance finally was the appearance of an old man. He seemed shocked that they were all so well adapted in this area. It wasn't entirely true. In reality they were starving and exhausted. There wasn't much telling how longer they could have gone on.

    "Surviving the darkness is easy when you are born in it, living in it for a majority of your life. You learn to work with it."
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    The boss was fallen. He had lost all the HP and the walls around the encampment had fallen. The boss was done and everyone received a considerable amount of XP. The battle had ended together in a strong effort. The summons left and the Goblins began to summon to their usual amount before the players had arrived. The first mission was complete!

    1st Boss Cleared!

    Star was breathing heavy in the back of the group, her summon had left and the Goblins had begun to spawn again, not aggroing towards anyone. If the Goblin King was dead, perhaps they wouldn't target unless provoked now. The girl looked over to Masaru and smiled.

    "Masaru, come here." She called him, wanting to spend some time with him. Sadly though, this probably was going to be short lived. Now that they had entered this death game, things would get more hectic. Star was going to have to make a blacksmith shop again and try to get everyone the top quality. She did this in SAO so it was only natural to do it in SAO2.

    Alpha stood tall among the players. He smiled knowing that the first boss had been cleared. Now they could split apart and take on the other places. "Congratulations everyone! Let's rest and regroup for later. Those part of the guild, we'll regroup in the city and establish a guild hall."

    Gonna have a timeskip coming in a while when everyone is ready. Just let me know in Skype when you are ready! Of course, this doesn't have to be right now. We can go a little while until the skip. I'll explain how far the skip will be and tell you all what should be required.
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    You know what is a really buggy and flawed game? Dark Souls. You know whats a really great game? Dark Souls.
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    New Accel World anime/ movie/ we don't know is coming out later!
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    It seemed the light they used helped them track another person in this abyss of darkness. This woman however was entirely new to Eon. She was never around during the times when he was with the other keyblade wielders. Perhaps she came before him? It was possible but it was something they couldn't entirely believe without asking. His eyes looked onto the girl. Xara was doing most of the talking for the moment, asking the important questions. Eon would respond to this woman in kind.

    "I myself got trapped here after the Land of Departure collapsed. I wasn't able to get into the portal in time. I was lucky to be trapped in here instead of being killed by the countless Behemoths that were around... I'm not sure about Xara here. As long as we're together, we should be safe. I don't know why, but I have this feeling someone is looking for us right now."

    That was just his intuition speaking right now. It was entirely possible that there were more people down in this darkness that they had come into. Now that there were three of them, the possibility was escalating higher and higher. Eon gave a smile towards the girl to try and show that his intentions were pure and meant no ill manner.
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    New game announced today known as Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. It is supposed to be a sequel to Sword Art Online: Lost Song. It takes place back in Aincrad but this time going through the first 75 floors unlike Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment and Hollow Fragment's floors 76-100. It is to launch on the PS Vita and PS4
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    Hey Ya'll. here with some new SAO news!

    SAO is going to be having a movie come out soon. It will most likely be like Extra Edition in which it will link SAOII with SAOIII. There is a trailer, but it says nothing more than its coming. More info for the movie will be out on October 10th
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    There was no point in continuing. Now, all Olivia could do just eat, gather some supplies and then head back home to do some more researching. Everyone else seemed in their own world now. Her appetite was much more different than the others and made some strange combinations from the buffet that was available to them. This was something that was never questioned, but it was probably because they all thought the witch to be a little weird as it was. But, sometimes there was always the feeling of loneliness. After all these years in this village, alive and working for the better of them all, she still had no one she could call friend. It was probably her fault for shutting people out, but it was just in her nature.

    ))mobile so no color or banner))
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    There were jerks in this world and then their were *******s who desrved to be eaten by the Titans. Hunter was the latter in this situation. She didn't care that he refused her. She didn't even care that he through the potion down onto the ground as an insult. Really, as one of the researchers of Titan's, all the mage wanted to do was to help their world from the threat that haunted them all. But of all the things he did, calling out about Adelina's brother was a blow that was far to cruel. "You freak of nature! Don't show yourself here anymore, ass!" Her voice boomed out as soon as Hunter left the room.

    She was fuming but quickly went into a reverse as she went up to Adelina and put her hand on the fairy's shoulder.
    "I'm sorry what happened. It's my fault for Hunter saying such cruel things." It wasn't hard to tell when another girl was in a moment of suffering. The way they moved and spoke, it could just be read from how they behaved, and Adelina was suffering. But asking for a way to bring the dead back to life? That was beyond her abilities. No matter what potion she made, nothing could put a soul back into its body once it has left. "I'll help however I can, too."

    Her face angled down to Tessa next.
    "Sorry for the mess. If my magic with levitation was better, I'd just pick it up and throw the blob away." Her focus then moved to Zack. "At least you have manners and know when to stop. As for the potion, I have more at my lab. I only wanted Stefano to test it really because if something went wrong, I wouldn't feel bad. The guy is just the worst."
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