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    Here we are, standing on the ocean front
    Next to us, nothing but the sands of time
    They dwindle, they flee, they're gone
    An echo, ringing out through the silence

    How far might they have gone
    How long till they return
    A million questions burning within
    Silence is the only call returned

    The waves crash upon our feet
    Cold, calming, but dangerous
    If they drag you too far from shore
    Maybe you'll be the next one

    Who leaves
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    I'm gonna peace. If anyone wants to adopt my characters, all yours. If not, kill them off in a big explosion. Been fun. Lates.
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    Well, I'm just going to go ahead and assume this site isn't going to recover from this. Lux, we never really talked but it's a shame that you had to suffer so much hardship, especially when you were devoting your time and resources for free. I've been on again off again with this site for years and I missed a lot of the "events" you spoke of over the last year or so. Like I told Maru and Heart, just do you. Be yourself and don't let other peoples negativity bring you down. Life is too short to get caught up on making everyone else happy because you never will. I've tried and it never happens. Someone will always find something to be mad or upset about. Follow your path.

    I guess I'll take the out here too. This place isn't the boards I used to roll on anymore. Too much has changed. Like Lux and several others, I'm gonna peace. Been real. One love.

    For those who want to reach me, you know how.
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    I love you

    I don't think I realized exactly how bad off this site has gotten. I realized upon my last resurface that activity was extremely diminished. To see that it has fallen into such a state of disarray as to cause the staff members so much hardship is alarming. You should never do something because you feel like you have to. You should never put yourself in a position you aren't comfortable with. There's a difference between pushing your limits and pushing yourself over the edge. Nobody should have to force themselves to do something, especially when it's volunteer work. There's absolutely no reason for you to apologize, Maru. In fact, I'm pretty sure you're the only reason I saw any light remaining on KHV. Any conversation that was going on, you were there. I may not have been around for a long time but even I can see how much effort you put into your position and this site in general. It should be clear to everyone that you put your all into it. It's for that reason that I don't believe you've failed KHV. If anything, I'd say that KHV failed you. Everyone has a battery and this site drained too much of yours.

    I say this to you and every other staff member, of this or any other website; there is no amount of content worth your own well being. I can understand wanting to see KHV as active as it was in the olden days. Sometimes you just have to accept that times change, and with it the people. Maybe KH3 will create a resurgence of interest in the series. Maybe the site will be flooded with new members ready to fill the boards with content. Or maybe this is just the end of an era. That's not a bad thing. Everything has an ending. The curtain is always set to fall. That doesn't take away from everything that happened on stage, does it? The memories we make with friends both new and old. The stories we've created. The hardships that were faced. Those won't disappear. They'll remain with us for the rest of our lives. This? This is just a website. A bunch of code and images. There's nothing special about it. The community is what makes it so great, always has. It's kind of like living in a small town. People come and go. The friendships we make with each other remain.

    Please don't be disheartened. The fact that this is causing you so much turmoil is enough to show how much you care. I'm not saying that it's pointless to try and save something you care so much for. It's just not worth it if it becomes a burden heavier than you can shoulder. I've had many philosophies over the years. Several bad ones got me through my high school years. The one I live by now is this: I will only do what I am comfortable with doing. That doesn't mean I'm never going to try and reach for something better, just that I will only do what I want to do. It took a while to completely comprehend but it finally hit me. I'm an adult. I can buy bags of candy and eat them all in a day if I want. I can drive across the country to pick apples if I felt like it. So why would I do anything that I didn't want to do? Obligation? Ha. The only obligation you have in this world is to yourself. To make yourself happy. To live a happy life. To live a life that you want to live.

    So, to Maru and Heart and anyone else, never regret the choices you make. Never put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Never do something out of obligation. Live your life. Be happy. Whatever that may mean to you. Nobody else knows what makes you happy. That's up to you.

    I'll finish with this:

    One: You must never reveal any sensitive information about KHV to outsiders for as long as you live.

    Two: You must never use the contacts you made through the site to achieve personal gain.

    Three: Though our paths may differ, you must always live your life with all your might. You must never consider your own life to be insignificant. Never forget the friends you held dear.

    I say farewell in the hopes your journeys bring you the happiness you deserve. Surround yourselves with the people and things you love. Always stay true to yourself.


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    Planet - Obraxis III
    Continent of Argos - Grand Capital Ignus

    Obraxis III. Once a home to the ancient Fae civilizations that inhabited the land, air, and seas. Magnificent beasts that were neither human or animal, yet a glorious mixture of the two. Due to extreme changes in evolutionary traits, the Fae were a wide variety of species. They adapted to match their environment. There intelligence was what set them apart from the beasts they were so closely related to. After time, the Fae began to die out. With technology and progress, environments didn't matter much anymore. You could be comfortable anywhere.

    It wasn't long at all until the last of the ancients were lost to time. The new era of Faunas had begun. This new generation maintained a few traits from their predecessors, however they were extremely diminished. The Faunas were more human than animal. There was no longer any need for fur, feathers, or scales. Most only kept a visual representation of their lineage. The beasts kept their ears, tails, or fangs. The birds kept their wings. The fish had their gills. Some were born with several traits while others were born with one or even none.

    It was clear to all that Fae civilization was no more. A lot of information regarding the ancient Fae remained a mystery. There were some who studied them in hopes of finding some grand secret or insight. Others just wanted to forget them altogether. There remained a few, however, that still clung to the ways of the ancient Fae. They lived in the ruins, scattered around the globe, away from modern civilizations. These groups were referred to as the fairies. So rare to see and yet so valuable.

    A lone faunas stood in an alleyway betwixt two buildings, the moons light radiating down from above. The sounds of faunas passing by could be heard from the entrance of the alleyway. Tidbits of conversations that would never be understood. The mundane realities these people lived were driving metaphorical tacks into the strangers mind. With both hands, they grabbed their head in anguish. Slowly, a tail wrapped around from behind them. The tip was sharp and pointed. A scorpion tail.

    The stranger spoke in an ancient tongue, "So much nothing. Always nothing. Make them something. Make them."

    Planet - #@^&$
    Kingdom of !@^^&&# - &@@%^
    Research Facility Alpha

    Alarms were blaring throughout the halls of the research facility. For what seemed like an emergency, it was eerily quiet otherwise. The only movements worth noting were that of the lone Gildarian, slowly backing away from what appeared to be a human. A lab coat would lead one to assume this Gildarian was a scientist, perhaps a researcher at this facility. Her name tag read: Leffertia Corfus. As with any Gildarian, her skin was a brilliant shade of green. The fins protruding from her head were a bit off colored but still green. Her eyes were a magnificent golden hue, hidden behind a pair of cracked lenses. The most notable feature, however, was the fear exuding from her face.

    "A-a-a-a-analyzing ..." The human figure spoke in a monotonous voice. "Th-th-th-threat level zero. C-c-c-compliance with protocols. Unit sh-sh-shutting down." The figure became still and silent. The only sound emanating from them was a strange whirring sound, as if something had overheated.

    Drip. Drip. Drop.

    Liquid flowed from the figure, falling from its limbs. The color of crimson.

    Splish. Splash. Splosh.

    Leffertia made her way closer to the figure. "I ... I can't believe it," she spoke. "What have you done, KRN?" Leffertia took in her surroundings. All the chaos that had been caused by KRN. "They'll have you scrapped for this ... why would you do this," she cried, nostrils burning from the smell of iron. Her weight became too much to bare as she collapsed to her knees, adrenaline slowly leaving her bloodstream. "This wasn't what you were made for."

    Click. Click. Clack.

    The figure made more strange noises. A few moments later, a beep sounded off followed by a recording being played.

    A strange voice could be heard, "Come on. Nobody will know. It's not like she'll mind. She won't even know what's going on."

    Another voice chimed in, "I'm not sure man. It just, doesn't feel right. I just ... I think I'm just gonna call it a night."

    The first voice replied, "Suit yourself. More for me. I just can't get over how real these things are."


    Leffertia looked up to see KRN crying. Her voice was faint, barely a whisper, but she could hear her all the same, "I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt anyone."

    Leffertia took a moment to allow all this information to sink in. When she came to a conclusion, she got to her feat and made her way to a nearby desk. She returned a few moments later with a tool set. "What are you doing," KRN asked.

    Leffertia stopped, hesitating for a moment before responding, "I'm making a few repairs. We don't have much time. I'm going to get you good enough to move and then we need to leave."

    KRN was confused. She assumed she'd be dismantled. "Are we going somewhere," she asked.

    Leffertia continued working on the repairs necessary to get KRN running again. "Away," she replied. "I'm going to take you far away from here. What happened ... wasn't your fault. Those idiots shouldn't have ... it doesn't matter now. Just shut up, do what I say, and we'll get out of this. Do you understand that, KRN?"

    KRN began to reply but instead opted to nod. She thought it strange for her to be ordered into silence and then asked a question. Hopefully she wouldn't have to remain silent forever. "Does the condition end one we 'get out of this' or will I require confirmation," she thought to herself.

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    Simmer's ears twitched as he heard one of the participants finish speaking. The brother of the one who got slugged a bit ago. Sounded like he was picking a fight with multiple contestants. Simmer grinned, "Well, well. It appears things might get interesting after all." Karen only raised a brow in response. "See the pretty boy," Simmer pointed a finger to the Silver haired person standing over in the middle of the scuffle. "Sounds like he's picking a fight with that blue skinned beauty and that tall dark hunk of handsome," Simmer finished with a wag of his brows.

    Ignoring the faunus' perverted tendencies, Karen spoke, "One human against a Rami and a captain class android? That sounds like the opening of a bad joke." Now was Simmer's turn to raise a brow in question. Karen sighed, "Most new model androids are capable of standard analysis. It doesn't take a genius to spot a Rami anyway and I wouldn't be much of an android if I couldn't spot one of my own."

    "Oh," Simmer slammed a fist into his palm, "So do you think you could connect to him like wi-fi?"

    Karen blushed, "That is ... You don't ..."

    Simmer tried to fight back laughter but fell short, "Pfft. Don't tell me that's how androids have-"

    Karen interrupted with frantic hand movements, "N-no, nothing like that! It's just ..." Karen glanced away, trying not to let Simmer see her face, "It's intimate, alright. When two androids connect, they share everything about themselves with each other."

    "That sounds nice," Karen turned back to see a glimpse of a somber expression on Simmer's face before his normal grin returned. "So, you've got money on the the other two?"

    Karen scoffed, "As if. I don't partake in childish antics such as gambling."

    "You scared, pixel," Simmer inquired with a smirk.

    Karen's eye twitched in frustration. "I've got ten thousand units on the Rami," she replied, slamming imaginary currency down on the table.

    Simmer followed suit, slamming his own imaginary currency on the table whilst replying with, "Fifteen thousand on the human. I think he's got the spunk to pull through."

    Karen laughed, "If we get out of here, I expect payment."

    Simmer corrected her, "When we get out of here, so do I, savvy?"

    Karen smirked, "Of course this little wager becomes null and void if there isn't a fight or a clear winner."

    Simmer stood up and turned to shout at the group, "Kick their asses Silver hair!"

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    Simmer and Karen let loose the grip they held on each others hand when the racket that had been going on in the background took a drastic and sudden turn. Simmer glanced at the participants and then back to Karen, "Looks like things might get a bit more interesting. If this turns into an all out brawl, you wanna pair up?"

    "With you? Unlikely," Karen huffed. She had also been taking in the scene unfolding before them. She noticed a few of the others from the transport they arrived in. "Although, if things do go south, expect heavy interference. These collars aren't for show," Karen pointed a finger at the collar that had been placed around her neck, recalling the distasteful one liners she had to endure when the guards had them stop to have them installed.

    Simmer shrugged, "I'm just saying. If a fight were to break out, we'd have a better chance together. I mean, I'm just a cook and you're a doctor. We're not really qualified for combat and they seem dangerous."

    Karen turned to watch the potential fight, unabashed about whether or not someone would notice. She needed information. If a fight were to happen, it could serve as a distraction. Or maybe she could gleam some information on the other inmates and their abilities. As it stands, she couldn't figure out a way to escape from this place and they had, at most, three days to do so. Once they injected them with trackers, escape would be meaningless. She had made the mistake of underestimating Simmer earlier but she was sure he wouldn't be much help in a fight. Perhaps she should ask anyway? "Simmer," Karen began, her eyes remaining on the possible threat, "what are you able to do in a fight? What type of skills do you have?"

    Simmer cocked his head, holding his chin with his right hand in thought. "Hmm, what combat skills do I have," he pondered to himself. He shrugged with a sheepish grin, "None really. Like I said, I'm a cook. The only skills I have are for cooking and hunting."

    "How do you mean, hunting," Karen inquired.

    "Oh, well, I'm able to sense lifeforms up to a certain distance away. I used it for hunting back on Obraxis three. Not that it would be much help but I can also make excellent meals with very few ingredients," he finished by pointing his index finger at Karen. "What about you? What skills do you got?"

    "For fighting," she thought for a moment. "As you said, I'm not qualified for combat though I do have a few skills that could be beneficial in a fight," she hesitated. The information she was about to divulge was personal. She barely knew this person, why should she trust him. He did open up to her. Perhaps she should do the same. She continued, "Ability one: Hands of Life. Using my hands as a defibrillator to bring any recently deceased lifeform back from the dead. Stipulation one, they can only have been dead for a few minutes. Once the brain cells are deprived of oxygen, the damage becomes irreparable. Stipulation two, it only works on living beings. This ability would not, for instance, work on an android like myself. Stipulation three, I cannot use this ability if the possibility of recovery is unforeseeable. For instance, if I can't calculate an outcome where the patient is able to not only be resuscitated but also healed, my ability won't work."

    Simmer could have swore he saw a tear forming in her eyes. "Ability Two: Limit Break," Karen continued. Simmer guessed he must have just been imagining things. "By what would essentially be overclocking my body, I can increase my attributes by two times, as well as my ability to process information. Typically this would be used during an operation if I needed more precision. It has merit for combat use though. Not only am I faster and stronger, I am also able to calculate probabilities at a faster rate allowing me to strategize more easily. There is only one stipulation for this ability. I can not have this ability active for more than five minutes. My body would not be able to handle the stress."

    "Finally, ability three: Exertion. This ability is much like 'Limit Break' save for a few differences. Difference one being that instead of increasing my capabilities by two times, it increases them by ten times. Difference two is that there are a few more stipulations. Stipulation one, I can not activate 'Exertion' unless it is completely necessary. Much like 'Hands of Life', if I can't foresee a way out of a dangerous situation, 'Exertion' activates as a defense mechanism. There are other circumstances where it can activate but not worth mentioning now. Stipulation two, I can not have this ability active for more than thirty seconds."

    "Thirty seconds," Simmer interrupted, "that's not a lot of time."

    Karen gave him a glare that dared him to interrupt her again before continuing, "Thirty seconds is not a lot of time, yes, unless you're operating at ten times your normal limit. Using 'Exertion' takes a hefty toll on my body within that operating period. Were I to use it for longer ... it would most likely kill me." Karen paused for a moment before adding, "Stipulation three, much like a defense mechanism should, 'Exertion' operates on instinct. Once it becomes active, I no longer have control. My body will do everything within its power to retreat to safety or eliminate any threat within a fifty meter radius."

    "Is that why you don't want to pair up, so you don't accidentally hurt me," Simmer asked with a grin.

    "Nonsense," Karen huffed, "I don't like your face. Now that I think about it, perhaps you should stick close to me. Maybe I can rearrange it for you."

    Another shiver flew down Simmer's spine. Despite what most would consider dangerous territory, he continued, "Is that your way of proposing?"

    "The only thing I'll propose is your obituary, cat ears," Karen sighed.

    "Aww, how thoughtful. And I told you it's Simmer," Simmer swooned. "Oh, and before I forget," a devious smirk crossed his face, "I didn't take you for the kind of person to name your abilities. You some sort of closet nerd or something?"

    "Call me a 'nerd' again, cat ears, and I will kill you," Karen threatened nonchalantly.

    "Call me Simmer," Simmer deadpanned.


    "Fine, I'll call you ... um ... robot ... lady," Simmer puffed his cheek in faux anger. He was never the best at coming up with insults. Not that he really wanted to insult her.

    At this, Karen actually laughed. She couldn't remember the last time she'd done that. "Call me whatever you like, cat ears," Karen chuckled.

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    Simmer Grant was a very unique individual. No matter how bad a situation might be, he just couldn't help himself. It was second nature at this point. The guards finally released him after a sultry conversation. Less of a conversation really. More like a one-sided pickup line contest. "So, you come here often," Simmer asked the android who had been lumped in with his antics. "She's pretty cute," he thought to himself.

    Karen Masterson had been analyzing her current situation and found it lacking. To start things off, she was stuck on this prison planet which was supposed to be her grave, apparently. That was according to the warden who had so graciously made an appearance before them. To be honest, she could handle that. She was perfectly fine with waiting for all these fleshy nobodies to rot away. What she couldn't handle was a red haired cat eared romancer. She was paired up with him by happenstance from the gate. She thought it would be a simple matter of getting to wherever the guards were taking them but they had to stop several times along the way. It's not like he was a ruffian causing trouble. No. He was flirting with the guards. Karen could tell they were obviously taken aback, not expecting this kind of behavior. Neither was she. And yet, they still managed to make it to the cafeteria. "You talk too much. Perhaps if you ran your brain as much as your mouth you wouldn't be in this situation," Karen stated nonchalantly as she took in the room.

    "Hey, your words cut deep," Simmer laughed, obviously not affected. He noticed the android was analyzing their surroundings and decided to do the same. That's when the food caught his eye. "Is ... Is that supposed to be food?" Simmer pointed to a grotesque looking platter of slop. "That doesn't even look fit to be eaten by a space slug," Simmer snarled whilst playing with the studs in his ears.

    Karen noticed this and decided to ask, "Why do you still have those? They took all my belongings and placed this limiter on me," she raised her arm to display a cuff that had been attached to it, "Why didn't they take yours?"

    Simmer grinned ear to ear, "Probably because they like me!"

    Karen sighed, "More like you're a nuisance they couldn't wait to get rid of."

    "Hey, I'll have you know that I am an amazing person. My skills in a kitchen are unparalleled by anyone. And you can't deny I'm charismatic," Simmer finished with a wink.

    Deciding to ignore his last remark, Karen asked, "So you're some sort of cook then? Can't imagine a cook doing something to end up in here."

    Simmer snarled, "I am. Let's just say I gave a high priority individual the come upins he so utterly deserved. What about you? What do you do and how did you end up here?"

    Karen finally moved to sit down at a table, having finished her analysis, "I'm a doctor. I was looking for something and got caught in a place I wasn't supposed to be in."

    Simmer followed with a casual stroll, "You're a doctor, huh? I'd like to see some bedside manner from you."

    Karen stopped in place, gripping her fists, "I'm sure I could show you, if that's what you like. I'll make it the last thing you ever see."

    Simmer felt a shiver run down his spine, "Cold and dangerous. ... So, you figured out how to get out of here yet?"

    For the first time in the pairs interacting, Karen was slightly shocked, "What?"

    "You've been trying to figure out a way to get out of here, right," Simmer asked nonchalantly.

    Karen took a moment to make sure no one was listening and then answered, "I have."



    Simmer sighed, "No such luck I guess. If an android such as yourself can't even calculate a way out of this place, I've got no chance." He finished with a sigh and took a seat at a nearby table.

    Karen followed suit, staring at Simmer with bewilderment, "It appears as though I haven't given you enough credit, cat ears. I thought you were a mindless idiot with a silver tongue."

    Simmer grinned, "I don't like letting people see the real me. I find it leaves them wanting. The names Simmer, by the way. Simmer Grant." Simmer extended a hand in Karen's direction.

    "Karen," she said, accepting his gesture, "Karen Masterson."

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    is this...

    I actually made it in response to the op. Don't know why the op made me think of Emporer's New Groove but I'm glad you liked it. ^^

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    is this...

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    I wasn't sure on the value of a unit so I went under the assumption that 1 unit is roughly the same as 1 USD.

    Name: Simmer "Hot Knife" Grant
    Crew Position: Cook
    Age: 24
    Race: Human/Faunus - Cat Ears
    Birthplace: Obraxis III
    Personality: Generally disinterested in most things. Once he gets fired up though there's no turning back. Loyal to a fault, he'd follow his crew to their doom and fight to drag them back out again. He's got a real bad habit of flirting in the worst of times. He takes pride in his work and always makes sure his crew doesn't go hungry.
    Bounty: 20,000u
    Crime: For flirting with an important Baron of Obraxis III. Also for kicking that Baron's teeth down his throat when he called Simmer a Milgax.
    Defense: "Tsk. He deserved it!" - Simmer

    Hair: Autumn Red - Short/Shoulder
    Eyes: Spring Green
    Skin Color: Summer Tan
    Height: 6'2"
    Distinguishing features: Simmer wears a star pendant around his neck, two studs in his right ear, and has strange tattoo -that looks like a really messed up bar code- on the upper part of his right arm that he doesn't remember getting.

    Weapon Proficiency
    : Daggers for close range and Rifles for distance.
    Special Skills: Simmer uses an ability dubbed 'Chow Time' to create lavish meals out of next to no food. He can also use a skill dubbed 'Sense' to locate nearby life forms. These were mainly used for his survival on Obraxis III.
    Spoken Languages: Ancient Fae, Obraxian, English

    Name: Karen "Double Edge" Masterson
    Crew Position: Surgeon
    Age: 32
    Race: Android
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Personality: Karen is very proper in the way that she holds herself. To her, everyone else is just a future operation. She can be cold and will often berate you with her silver tongue. Despite her seeming to dislike when anyone disturbs her research, she always takes care of any patient that needs her help. It's an unspoken promise that when Karen Masterson is your doctor, that you can rest easy knowing she'll do whatever it takes to get you better.
    Bounty: 35,000u
    Crime: Breaking into, and out of, a government space station.
    Defense: "I didn't break anything. Honestly, you should be thanking me for pointing out the severe flaws in your security measures." - Karen

    Hair: Sky Blue - Long/Midback
    Eyes: Lavender
    Skin Color: Pale
    Height: 5'10"
    Distinguishing features: Markings on her body where she's made "upgrades" to herself.

    Weapon Proficiency
    : Pistols
    Special Skills: Karen can revive almost any living creature with a special ability dubbed 'Hands of Life'. In times where she requires more effort from her body, she can use a skill dubbed 'Exertion' to increase her speed and processing capabilities by ten times. Exertion takes a hefty toll on her body and she has to repair before using it again. When she doesn't need as much power she can use a skill dubbed 'Limit Break' which increases her capabilities by two times. Limit Break doesn't take as much of a toll so it can be used longer than Exertion.
    Spoken Languages: Literally any modern language.
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    Fun Fact #274

    I haven't created a thread on this site since 2015. Guess this makes this my triennial thread. I wonder what the next one will be about?

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    I believe in gun safety. I can't count the number of times I've seen someone aim a gun at someone else while cleaning/checking it. It's not hard to not aim at someone, seriously! I don't believe in restricting guns, despite my feeling on safety. The minute we lose our weapons, is the minute we completely become lambs being lead to an inevitable slaughter.

    Example: You give up your weapons, everyone in your town is now defenseless. One late night, a group of people break into your home with guns. Now, instead of having a chance to defend yourself, you're calling the police and hoping they get there with their guns to shoot the other people with guns and save you.

    That seems pretty dumb. "I don't like guns but please shoot these people who are trying to hurt me."

    My point is that, criminals are not going to give up their weapons. The minute they know you have, you become a target. They'll know there's nothing you can do to stop them.

    It's not just the criminals that I'm worried about, either. The government itself has become really unstable, especially in recent years.

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    There's been a lot of debate on the second amendment and what it actually entails. Some people think it means everyone has a right to own a weapon. Others believe it's to reinforce the military. To me, when I read this, it means that as a people, we have a right to defend ourselves from a government who would have our freedoms taken away from us. In this way, I don't believe it is the right of every citizen to own a gun. I believe it is our duty to ensure we are capable of combating our own government and, subsequently, our military should the need arise to defend our rights.

    I'm not typically a patriotic person. I generally don't care. When it comes to guns though, I believe that everyone has the right to try and own a weapon. I believe that strict measures need to be put in place for prospect and current gun owners. Psychological evaluations, training programs, and the like. It shouldn't be a test you take one time when you purchase your gun. It should be a recurring thing. People change. Mental states change. Someone who wouldn't harm anyone three years ago suddenly lost everything and wants to take out their frustration on the people who took it from them.

    It also shouldn't be just the owner themselves who are tested. Anyone in the household should be tested and evaluated, in the same way that a felon cannot be in the same house as a firearm. There should be inspectors to make sure that your guns are secured in a safe, somewhere where nobody but you can access.


    I believe that stricter policies should be put in place but guns should not be taken away entirely.

    PS: I hate how the media blows things up. The shootings that are occurring are terrible and I do feel badly for those whose lives are lost. Don't throw out statistics and then withhold information about them though. They claim that there's been eighteen school shootings this year but they don't tell you that it's not what you think. In one case, a stray bullet entered a university from off campus. Another where a grade school fired a security officers weapon while it was holstered. There may have been eighteen incidents involving firearms this year but there has not been eighteen school shootings. It's propaganda worked up by the media to over hype the situation and draw in more attention. It's nothing new. The media has used this tactic for years.

    I personally believe that the media shouldn't be allowed to run these stories on repeat every single day. You run this stuff and somebody sees the story and thinks "that got a lot of attention, maybe I should go do that". Copycats. You want to run the story, fine. Run the story one time, say what you have to say, and move on. You wanna dissuade people from doing this again? Public execution. I know, that's a topic matter for another day. I just don't think that someone is going to be scared off by hearing how someone got to live out their lives in prison after doing something so heinous.

    Stop blaming guns. Blame people.
    Post by: Technic☆Kitty, Mar 3, 2018 in forum: Debate Corner
  15. Technic☆Kitty
    I enjoy the safety of not having my personal details on display for the entirety of the internet. Honestly though, it's so easy to track my information. I use the same two email addresses for everything. Makes it pretty easy to track me down. I keep my address off the record for safety concerns but a lot of my personal information is on Facebook. I prefer anonymity, but in this growing age of connectivity, it's kind of hard to not have a Facebook or other social media.

    Personally, I prefer flexible networks.
    Post by: Technic☆Kitty, Mar 3, 2018 in forum: Discussion
  16. Technic☆Kitty
    Fifty dollars and you can follow me around for an entire week. I'm not bashful ;)
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  17. Technic☆Kitty
    I-i-it's not like I like them or anything! *He says, turning away angrily while blushing*

    Not necessarily to find them. Honestly, I find the community surrounding those groups more interesting than the pictures themselves. Constant bickering, berating, and flaming. I don't even need TV anymore. I just grab a bowl of popcorn and check out the comment section.
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  18. Technic☆Kitty
    Oh no, my old enemy ... feelings. Beautiful post, Llave. Well said.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go sob in a corner.
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  19. Technic☆Kitty
    I only use facebook for funny pictures and lewds. I tend to block everything else.
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  20. Technic☆Kitty
    Agreed. I think a YouTube prefix would be more applicable than giving it it's own section. As Amaury stated, there aren't really all that many discussion regarding YouTube as a focus topic. My vote would be for a 'YouTube' prefix in the media section. If popularity increases and an overwhelming number of conversations regarding YouTube start popping up, perhaps then more discussion could be put forth on the matter of giving it its own sub-section.
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