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  1. Lauriam
    "Defending wasn’t her style, but she couldn’t help but wonder… if the other weapons each had some kind of special ability, then what was the shield's?"


    also I didn't used to wildly swing jump-ropes around when I was a little kid because I wanted to fight like Selphie or anything

    I guess you could say Cin's got me on the ropes? Too soon?
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  3. Lauriam
    well hey that means I was the last from 2021
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    truly heating up
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    Got inspired for something
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    I mean it wouldn't *technically* be a betrayal if it's not my team I'm opposing... ;D Besides, we need to survive too and that means ending the game with more flags than we started with soooooo but I haven't done anything yet except take a nap anyway lol so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Really enjoying the idea of me and Trigger being awesome teammates though. I've always liked Trigger. He's a good'un XD
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  7. Lauriam
    Oooooooooh he wants to be part of the gaaaaaame

    Character-Roxas set this up 'for us,' he arranged it, he gathered everyone together and the whole ****ing thing has been spurred by blatant nostalgia, he literally wants to be part of the game and he connected himself to the trackers (but not anyone in the Organization) and has been lurking around where he might be noticed. He wants to be challenged. He wants to be engaged. He wants to play with us.

    At least that's my theory lol
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    lol the file I kept these screenshots in is named the Shame Folder
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  10. Lauriam
    oh **** oh **** not C and Gabi lol noooooo (and Sara too though I don't know them very well BUT STILL)
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    I was 16 and am now 29
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    If you stick around for another five years you might win the last one on your twentieth KHVniversary
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    Nooooooo not Explode! :O
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    'tis true

    Proof 1

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  15. Lauriam
    Yeeaaaah I got a super cool team! :D

    Though seeing some of the people I'll be opposing like big yikes there XD forgive me, friends, for what I must do
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  16. Lauriam
    Eyyyyy tale's got a shotgun! That's a good weapon lol

    I wonder who's on me and Misty's team... And oof I knew we'd be pitted against each other, but five teams of five? Didn't expect that, nor did I expect Capture the Flag! Super excited for the next installment, go blue whales lol and as for all you other teams here's a glimpse of your future:
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  17. Lauriam
    Ooooooooh things are getting really interesting! :D Honestly, sharing locations and splitting up was the best decision imo. Glad to see we're all using our brains lol.

    agh I have theories about what might be coming but I don't want to say them because I want to be totally surprised XD
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  19. Lauriam
    man this is all making me want to play Mafia Royale again lol.

    Also, as somebody who doesn't know Cin, this character is fascinating lol and I can't wait to see what he does next. I feel like he and Misty are the people to know here, and their dynamics with character-Roxas are super compelling.
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  20. Lauriam
    for the record tale I'm glad you made it ^.^
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