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    Mm delicious post counts.
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    It's been some time.

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    Castur listened as the topic of keybladers was brought up. An amusing one considering how his world viewed keyblade wielders in general. ...And anyone who used magic. Well, to be honest, it actually wasn't amusing at all. Death was never amusing but pretending like it was helped him sleep at night. "I just can't wait until we can get out of here. I'm not comfortable being on this side of the bars. Are we supposed to be waiting for something or is this judgment all that we have to look forward to?"

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    Castur nodded his head. "You do have a pretty arrestable face, Aux." Castur mused. "Right about now I'd at least like to know why we're here. Even if it's just to hear some false accusations about all the big mega crimes we totally committed." He spoke as he leaned against the wall by the bars, trying to get a better view down the hallway.

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    Castur tapped the bars of the cell he had awoken in and raised an eyebrow. "Reminds me of home." He muttered as he touched the uncomfortably tight collar on his neck, being careful to not attempt prying it off. He knew what shock and explosive collars were like. "Though I remember being on the other side of bars like these." He mused. "So where do you guys imagine the others are? A different cell block maybe?" Castur called out to the others. "If no one else's magic is working then we might be able to get out of here the old fashioned way with good ol' social engineer—Ow!" He rubbed his neck in annoyance. Even mentioning escape seemed to cause the collar to trigger. That was something even his world hadn't adopted yet though who knows if that had changed by now...

    "Hm. I don't see any guards. Is this some kind of automated prison or...what? The tech might be possible for a world like this considering the weird...laser grid system...Hm...I don't know. Yay for being alive at least."

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    Castur then Gravity'd the stuffings out of the Lava Titan I guess?

    Gravity x3 on Lava Titan.
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    Castur used Graviga x3 on Rock Titan.
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    I had ideas on how to improve a recent-ish song so I just did this in the span of two days woo (new intro, slightly different mix, changed drums on one part).

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    Castur used Graviga x2 on Rock Titan and Potioned Beuce.
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    Castur used Graviga x3 on the Rock Titan
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    Castur kept spamming Gravity because only he understands the gravity of the situation. Castur used Graviga x2 and Transcendence on Rock Titan.

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    Castur used Graviga three times on Rock Titan.
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    Castur used Refine on himself (MAG), Poison Edge, and Graviga.

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    Castur used Graviga on Rock Titan twice and Covered AJ.

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    Castur raised an eyebrow. A 5 would be hard to beat. But not impossible. He took up his die and shook it in his hand for a long moment. "Get ready for the biggest 6 of your life." He tossed it and after a second of clattering around the cube stopped rolling. "6! Woo!!! Get ready to eat your words, Boogie! Let's find out what's under that weird sack of yours! That's right. Gimme your weird excuse for clothes!" Castur shouted excitedly.

    A large stomp was heard as the entire room shook. Another large stomp shook the room even more as the dice was flipped onto it's side, making it a three. Oogie took a sigh of relief. "Phew, saved by the party starters... sorry Castur, but you work for me now..." The stomp shook the room even more as people began to leave in panic. The dice fell back to a six.

    "Hey! You scoundrel!" Castur growled.

    Oogie grimaced as he took a shirt from the gift shop behind him and threw it at his face. "You want my clothes? Have a shirt!" He threw a 'Hercules' fan shirt at Castur and began to waddle off.

    "This isn't over Oogie! I will collect my prize!" Castur shouted as he tossed the shirt aside and gave chase to Oogie Boogie. He stopped running when he made it to a wide street and gazed up at the view ahead. "Oh...that's not good." He mumbled as he watched a cyclopean titan stomp through the city.

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    "Oh is that how it is? Fine!" Castur extended his hand that was balled up into a fist. "Rock, paper, scissors! All or nothing!"

    "What?! Okay then big boy! Draw!" he put out his stub as if Castur knew what it was.

    Castur threw out scissors as if anticipating this very event. "Scissors beats paper!"

    "What!? This is clearly a rock!"

    "Your stub is open! Ask anyone and they'll say that's paper! Clear as day!"

    He finds a random greek man in the vicinity. "You there! Is this rock, paper or scissors?" He asked the man. "That's paper," the man replied

    Oogie got fed up and turned to Castur. "Alright then no more games! One last game. If you win, you get anything in my domain! But if I win you become involved in my employment. Meaning you work for me do we have a deal?"

    "We have a deal, Boogie! I ain't afraid of no boast!" Castur cracked his knuckles feeling the rush of excitement he had not felt in years. His winning streak knew no bounds. "I chose the last one. You're up!"

    "One last roll of the dice. Highest roll wins." He kissed the dice and let loose the roll as it spun around before landing on a 5. "Your turn errand boy."

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    Oogie opened his mouth, having bugs crawl out as he took out a deck and began dealing. He looked at his hand and giggled. "Sure you don't wanna back out now?"

    Castur raised his cards to eye level to hide his expression and blinked several times. In all the years he played this game his luck had never been this good. He stifled a laugh and when he lowered his cards his expression was grim. "Well it's too late to back down now." Slowly he began to lay the cards out. "Royal flush, baby!"

    "Well it's to late because I have a royal flu-" he paused, looking at the cards casturs hand was higher than his. "Rrrrrrr best 3 out of 5! Double or nothing!" He took out a pair of dice. "Highest roll wins!" Oogie rolls the dice and lands an 11.

    "Double it is you Sack-Man!" Castur leaned in as he took the dice afterwards and shaking them aggressively in his hands. An 11 would be hard to beat but he was on a roll, pun intended, and had no intention of letting Lady Luck abandon him now. He rolled. Double sixes. "A twelve! Woo! I'm unstoppable!"

    "4 out of 6!" He barked, prompting Castur to pick the next game.

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    "Well how about a good old fashioned card game? I know a good card game..." Castur smirked.
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    "Haha! Looks like Lady Luck's got my number." Castur snapped his fingers in excitement before giving his name to the sacked man thing. "Castur. Castur for short." He smirked. "How about another game then, Oogie? Let's say we up the stakes to..." Castur gave a dramatic pause. "One thousand munny?"

    "Alright Castur. Game on! Pick your poison!" He showcased his hand to the rest of the games.

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