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    Make that six contestants ~
    I sent my entry in the other day uwu (don't mind me - I'm just super excited hehe)
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    was trying to convince my cousin to watch a drama with a tsundere protagonist
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    Meeting them would be so awesome. I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like, but knowing me, I'd probably be too busy freaking out to talk to them properly ;~; . Anyways, I just remembered that GRANRODEO also performed the opening for Code:Breaker:

    ( It's not one of my favourite songs of theirs, it's still a really good song c: )
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    I haven't listened to many of their songs because I've only gotten into them recently, but I really like their music. They're catchy and no matter how many times I listen to them, I never get sick them. (The Other Self has around 400 plays in counting on my iTunes)

    Another song I like is the opening they sang for Karneval:

    (side note: I also think that Kishou Taniyama's a really great voice actor hehe)
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    Anime endings tend to make me more emotional than openings do, so I can't really think of any openings off the top of my head. As for endings...

    I think the video adds a lot to the emotional impact of the song because it focuses so much on the colour red.

    Okay so this will always have a special place in my heart because I grew up watching the anime on tv and every time I hear this song play I sort of die inside, so yeah.
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    hehe hi sis uwu

    but really guys, wookiie shouldn't even be a thing >:
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    Profile Post Comment

    heyyyy c: what's up ?

    heyyyy c: what's up ?
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    *stands up*

    forsaken that was awesome .
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    this is so dramatic ; i love it !
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    [/url]Day 4OOTD ♪ Mood: Paranoid ♪ OOC: n/a
    Emalynn had been woken up abruptly and was kicked out of the inn. The not-too-friendly inn keeper sure hadn't bothered keeping her rudeness hidden. Who was she to blame her though. A bunch of random campers that randomly showed up and asked for rooms to stay in? For free? Emalynn would be grumpy too. At least they were kicked out with a place to go. Home. Cane had offered a train ride, but after the ferry incident Emalynn was somewhat worried about how this excursion would go . . .

    Regardless she cooperatively packed and left the inn with the group. She was tired, so she did not bother socializing with the other campers while on the trolley. When they made it to the train station, accident-free, Emalynn was a bit relieved. Not to say that she was completely relaxed, they still had the entire train ride. She hoped that nothing else would happen as she stepped into the train. Please, just this once. Don't let anything bad happen. . .

    She scanned the train for a vacant seat. Most of the campers were already seated and talking to each other. She really had no choice but to sit with a group of people, but she wondered if she should sit with people she knew or with people she didn't. Widening her social network was probably a good idea. However, with people that she knew, Emalynn could probably keep a conversation going without getting bored.

    The first people that she recognized were Jenna and Sean. Might as well play it safe. Emalynn walked over to them and sat across from the two. "Still having fun with Sean, I see?" Emalynn said aloud. Jenna nodded with a smile. Emalynn sighed. "So how have things been for you?" she asked, addressing Sean this time.
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    Day 3OOTD ♪ Mood: Paranoid ♪ OOC: n/a

    Emalynn was glad that they were out of the water and back on land. Yet now that she was technically 'safe,' she sure didn't feel it. The entire inn had a certain atmosphere to it. Emalynn had a giddy feeling about all of this. The whole place reminded her of a gingerbread house. It even smelled sweet too. But perhaps it was just a reaction to the shock she had faced over the past two days.

    I still have a bad feeling about this . . .

    Emalynn walked towards the front desk of the inn. There, the innkeeper had just handed a key over a boy from camp. She waited her turn and then walked up to the desk. "May I also get a key to a room? Patrick sent me," Emalynn asked softly and politely. Really, she did not want to stay at the inn, but where else would she go. She didn't even know where exactly she was at the moment.

    She walked to her room and opened the door. Once inside she sighed and then sat on her bed, looking around her. When she finished examining, so laid down on the it and closed her eyes. After all of that, she was tired. Who wouldn't be?



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    9 !

    Emalynn's stomach slammed against the table as the ferry lurched forward, practically knocking the wind out of her. She gasped for air and looked up at Jenna who nearly fell back off of her chair. What the hell! Before she could try to recover from the odd jerk of the boat, the whole boat started to tilt. No. No . No. No. Jenna grabbed onto the table to stop herself from sliding down with her chair. Emalynn did her best to stop herself from ramming into the table a second time.

    It took a bit of time for Emalynn to completely comprehend what was going on. The ship was sinking. It was going to flip. They could all die. They had to get out. Now. First the fire. Now this!? The door leading to the deck was too far away. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Emalynn looked around. There was already a group that had broken a window not too far away. "Jenna let's go!" she instructed. Carefully, but quickly, she began making herself over. But it was too late. The boat flipped and tossed Emalynn causing her to fall hard on her back. She winced in pain, but got up. Water was filling up from where the hole in the glass was made. She still had a chance to get out! Emalynn tried swimming to the glass and then did her best to swim through the hole in the glass. Jenna followed behind. Emalynn held her breath and swam away from the sinking ship.

    She poked her head out of the water once she reached the surface and gasped for air. Jenna had done so too
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    Day 3OOTD ♪ Mood: ♪ OOC: n/a

    Emalynn took a sip of her orange juice in an attempt to stop the coughing. It worked, but Jenna looked worried. Great. Now I've worked her up. Perhaps it was better to change the topic at a time like this. Emalynn did her best to try to get Jenna's mind off of her coughing. She looked down at the girl's plate. There was a slice of bread on it. Emalynn could tell that it was slightly toasted.

    "Why don't you start eating?" she ended up asking. Jenna looked down at her food and gasped; probably because she had forgotten about it. The younger girl took a nibbled on her toast for a bit, while Emalynn took another sip of her juice. Not too long after, Jenna put it back down on her plate.

    "Aren't you going to eat?" the younger girl asked. Emalynn hardly ever ate breakfast. At first it was because she was on a weight loss plan, but it soon became routine. However, knowing Jenna, she would probably ask for the reason along with the answer and Emalynn did not really want to teach a thirteen year old how to skip meals. That wouldn't have been too great.

    Emalynn shook her head and explained, "I'm not hungry at the moment, but I'll grab something to eat later. Don't worry." She had added in the last part to try to relieve Jenna, and it seemed like it worked to some extent. She still had a look of suspicion on her face however.

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    [/url]Day 3OOTD ♪ Mood: Refreshed ♪ OOC: n/a
    Emalynn found an empty table and placed her glass of orange choice carefully on the table. The news about camp hadn't exactly put her in the best mood, and she definitely was not willing to have a happy-go-lucky conversation over toast, quite yet. She pulled out her chair and sat down. Finally, time to myself-

    Almost. Right after this thought, Emalynn heard someone pull up the chair across from her. She looked up to see who it could be. It was Jenna with her bright smile, as usual. Emalynn sighed and then proceeded to smile. With so many campers on the ship Emalynn should have known better than to expect a table to herself. She was somewhat glad that it was Jenna that was in front of her though. If anyone else were to sit down across from her, Emalynn might have snapped at them.

    "Are you feeling better?" the younger girl inquired. She had a worried look on her face. It was almost a pout but not quite. Emalynn nodded in response. "That's good," Jenna remarked.

    "Have you been good? Was Sean nice to you? Not to weird?" Emalynn asked. I swear if that scumbag did anything to Jenna . . . But what could she do now. They were all leaving for home. Getting angry at him now wouldn't be of much use. Emalynn wondered what Jenna thought about the whole situation. Is she disappointed, too?

    "He's like the big bro that I never had!" Jenna replied with her signature smile. Emalynn raised an eyebrow. So he's good with kids, huh? Then she looked over at Sean who was not sitting too far away. He acts all tough but is actually a softie, huh? Definitely something to hold against him if we ever meet again. Emalynn turned her attention back to Jenna.

    "That's good," she started, "It sucks that we have to go home now though." Emalynn sighed whereas Jenna frowned. Of course she was disappointed that it was time to leave. She was so eager the first day of camp. Emalynn wished that there was something she could do. But after something like that fire, what could she do? Before Jenna could reply, Emalynn coughed.
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    Day 3OOTD ♪ Mood: Frustrated♪ OOC: n/a

    When she reached the temporary cabins, she hurried inside to find her bag. It wasn't too difficult because she labelled all of her things with the same tag. Pulling it out of the pile of the other bags, she entered the nearest restroom, picked out a new outfit and quickly changed. Before exiting, she glanced at the mirror and realized that her hair was a complete disaster. Oh my god. She had to fix it. There's no way I'm going out like that again. But after trying to fix it a couple of times, the girl just pulled it up into one ponytail.

    With her bag, she walked out of the washroom and back outside to the main road, where she was instructed to wait. Emalynn really didn't want the camp to end so soon. It literally only lasted two days. She looked back at the building and frowned. Well there goes my summer. What am I supposed to do now? I only planned camp for my summer.

    While waiting for everyone to make their way outside, Emalynn tried to think of other things she could do when she got back home. It was hard to think about anything more productive than a music camp. At least here I could have worked more on music and at least learned something.

    She hung her bag on her shoulder and continued to think about other productive things that she could engage in during her summer that was now free.


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