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    [Justin Bieber (so I heard from tumblr) and Ke$ha! Justin Bieber turned 17 (if tumblr was correct about his birthday) and Ke$ha turned 24.]

    go on... GUESS!!!! :lolface: c:

    [and Lady Gaga's birthday is March 28th! Mama Monster's turning 25.]
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    Dear racist,

    Your car is Japanese. Your beer is German. Your wine is Spanish. Your democracy is Greek. Your coffee is Colombian. Your tea is Chinese. Your watch is Swiss. Your fashion is French. Your shirt is Indian. Your shoes are Thai. Your radio is Korean. Your vodka is Russian. And then you complain that your neighbor is an immigrant?

    Sincerely, lets just all live and let live
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    Whenever I get online, it says that I have no picture selected. Then when I go to check to see where my avatar went, it shows the avatar. Also, in the forum, it shows no avatars and no signatures. I was wondering if this was happening because KHV is messing up or something. Or if the problem was from Internet Explorer because whenever I'm on KHV on Google Chrome, it shows the avatars and signatures.
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    This song is amazing in my opinion. Does anyone feel the same?? If you haven't heard the song, here's the video~

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    i take cash and checks.
    that's the original picture.
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    My Problems

    I’m stupid.
    I’m lazy.
    I’m a bitch.
    I’m wasting my talents.
    My parents tell me that.
    They really do.
    They tell me all those things and more.
    I want to end it all sometimes.
    But I don’t.
    My friends stop me.
    The counselor stops me.
    My psychiatrist stops me.
    I’m on so much medication because of my problems.
    I may sound like I’m trying to get attention.
    But I’m not.
    I’m telling you how I feel.
    I’m proving to you that even someone who seems happy all the time.
    Has problems like a mental patient.
    Feels like the world hates them.
    Like no one is listening.
    Wants to just die.
    I want to die.
    I really do.
    But I don’t die.
    I take everyday like it’s my last.
    I’ve seen what happens after someone dies.
    It becomes popular news.
    I don’t want to be popular news because I died.
    I want to be popular news because people love me.
    But so far, I’ve barely found any of those people.
    I’m not popular but few still love me.
    Can you love me?
    Will you love me?
    Please say yes.
    I just need someone, anyone, who loves me.
    I need someone to see my problems.
    And will choose to stay no matter what happens.
    I hope you are that person.
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    What is it?
    Is it beauty?
    Is it the reason for living?
    Or is it something different?
    Like death and regret.
    Love is everywhere.
    Love is no where.
    Love is colorful.
    Love is plain.
    Love is life.
    Love is death.
    The reason I wake up in the morning.
    The reason I go to bed every night.
    The reason why I don't care what others say.
    The reason why I hate my life.
    The reason why I hate you.
    The reason why I hate myself.
    Love is the reason for my problems.
    My depression.
    My anxiety.
    My ADHD.
    My thoughts of suicide.
    But sometimes, Love is the reason why I’m happy.
    The reason why I don’t kill myself.
    The reason why I’m still alive.
    The reason why I do everything to get to you.
    Love is why I exist.
    Love is why I see the real you.
    Love is why I have a soul.
    Love is everything.
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    i have 69 friends. i thought that was awesome and epic.
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    [I love you!] how are you on this fine day in the forums of KHV?? and did you know that i love you??

    :<3:'s and love,
    me :lolface:
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    I have a referral and I was wondering where I go to look at the reason why I got the referral. I read the rules and it said that only the user who got the referral and the mods are the only people who can see why a member got a referral. But no where in the rules did it say where you would go to see the reason behind the referral. Thanks in advance.
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    While the Google logo in celebration of PacMan's 30th birthday happened last year (Friday, May 21, 2010), you can still play the classic game in the Google layout. Just go to this link and eat your heart out (no pun intended).
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    Percy Jackson and The Olympians RP

    Another summer is starting at Camp Half-Blood. This summer is different, though. It's the summer after the second Titan war. You are a young demigod at camp, used to camp activities, and the cabin life here. You know almost everyone at camp, Percy, Annabeth, Clarisse, and the Stoll brothers to name a few. You have a feeling deep down that, in the near future, the world as you know it will change, for better or for worse. There is a new prophecy and you have the power to change when it happens.

    1. NO GOD-MODDING! Only mods for the site can do this.
    2. Everyone should have an OC. If you are any character from the books (Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Nico, Clarisse, the Stoll brothers, and anyone else from Camp Half-Blood), you don't have to have an OC.
    3. If you don't plan to be on as much, you can be Nico or Grover and you don't have to make an OC.
    4. Yes, you can be a god or goddess. You still have to have an OC seeing that the gods might not be in the story too much.
    5. The same goes if you want to be Rachel Elizabeth Dare or any of the Hunters.
    6. Three characters max. This includes OCs, gods, Hunters, and characters from the books.
    7. For the Stoll brothers, one person having Travis and Conner is recommended but if two people want to have them, you can but make sure both people can RP almost the same way. If that doesn't make sense, message me and I'll explain it more clearly.
    8. Tell me if you are going to be gone for more than two or three days.
    9. Don't post anything in relation to The Heroes of Olympus series. I haven't read it yet, so I don't want spoilers.
    10. There will not be capture the flag games every so often. It will take too long to play one game.
    11. You should use anime pictures for your OC profiles but you don't have to. The characters from the books will have anime/fan art versions for their picture, though.
    12. First person to sign up for a cabin gets to be counselor for the cabin. Annabeth, Clarisse, and the Stoll brothers are the counselors for their cabins.
    13. Have fun and put "I am a demigod!" when you join.

    Zeus-No campers (OCs).
    Hera-No campers (OCs).
    Poseidon-(No OCs) Percy Jackson (played by: ) Athena-Annabeth Chase (played by: Destiny's hand)
    Username: Destiny's Hand
    Name: Alicia
    Age: 17
    Immortal Parent Name: Athena
    Appearance: View attachment 24349
    Personality: A shy girl who's been outcast of everything. She's a regular year rounder because of getting teased and tuanted at school.
    Weapon: Daggers
    Other (optional): N/A

    Username: . : tale_wind
    Name: Seth [last name tbd]
    Age: 15
    Immortal Parent Name: Athena
    Appearance: Messy brown hair with blond highlights (just 'cuz), about 5'6" with gray eyes. Kind of lanky. Caucasian.
    Personality: Happy-go-lucky, to the point of being annoying at times. (Mostly, this is a ruse to hide his fear and insecurity.) He wants desperately to fit in, and to be acknowledged as someone besides "that Athena kid".
    Weapon: A mini-crossbow. >:3
    Other (optional): Year-rounder.

    Username: AwkwardFailure
    Name: Ben
    Age: 13
    Immortal Parent Name: Athena
    Appearance: Brown spiky hair, gray eyes (of course :) ), camp half-blood outfit.
    Personality: Kind of still confused about the whole half-blood thing (he just joined a few days ago), trying to make new friends, kind of shy.
    Weapon: Blue sword (But for now he still doesn't have his weapon yet)
    Other (optional): Uhhh..I don't know :3
    (counselor) Username: Midnight Star
    Name: Astra
    Age: 17
    Immortal Parent Name: Apollo
    Appearance: Astra is quite small/short with an all round petite build, she has long flowing blonde hair (rarely tied back) and deep blue eyes. She's easily mistaken if you don't know her for being much younger than she is. She is seldom seen wearing a skirt or dress. She often has a bow and arrows on her back, as well as all kinds of healing stuff in a small bag.
    Personality: Is determined and hard working but is also quite kind and gentle, she prefers to not fight but will not hesitate if her friends need her. She is strong willed and mature (mostly), so is not to be underestimated from her small size.
    Weapon: Bow and Arrow from her father, rarely misses it's target.
    Other (optional): Is a talented healer and is very skilled with her bow and arrow.

    Username: Dr_Wigglz
    Name: Marcus
    Age: 17
    Immortal Parent Name: Apollo
    Appearance: Average in height. Short,black hair. Average build. Green eyes.
    Personality: Not hesitant in combat. Kind,caring, but likes to have fun.
    Weapon: A sword given to him by his father. It has no special attributes other than the fact that it cannot be broken. Also carries a recurve bow.
    Other (optional): Inherited his father's archery skills,although much prefers close combat.

    Immortal Parent Name: Apollo
    Personality:Happy,Short Temper,Smart,and willful
    Weapon:Bow and Arrow and a knife he keeps in his sock
    Other (optional): He can use thunder and has lightning arrows

    Name: Dan
    Immortal Parent Name: Apollo
    Appearance:Tall and thin with blonde hair and green eyes. He wears tee shirts usually dark with jeans and tennis shoes.
    Personality:Bold and courageous.though hes a bit selfish he will help those in need. He is usually kind to others.He loves to show off and loves a challenge.
    Weapon: A long sword that is always at a high temperature and a golden bow and arrows. He also had a shield that he only brings out for important occasions.
    Other (optional): Can heal others and himself under the sunlight.
    Artemis-No campers (OCs).
    Ares-Clarisse La Rue (played by: )
    Username: Ventus108
    Name: Mac
    Age: 15
    Immortal Parent Name: Ares
    Appearance: Like a less buff version of Ares and has normal blue eyes
    Personality: Acts like Ares, really aggressive and loud
    Weapon: Sword, named Shadow Steel
    (counselor) Username: kingdom_hearts_soras_girl
    Name: Ashley Morris
    Age: 14
    Immortal Parent Name: Aphrodite
    Personality: An out going and care-free, Ashley takes life one day at a time. She is the most popular girl in her cabin with the guys from Apollo cabin.
    Weapon: regular Celestial bronze sword
    Other (optional): She loves to sing and has a secret crush on Percy. She is also really good friends with Connor and Travis Stoll.
    (counselor) Username: master of keyblades
    Name: Seo
    Age: 15
    Immortal Parent Name: Hephestus
    Appearance: Sort black hair,average height,blue eyes
    Personality: reckless, kind, always protects his friends
    Weapon: Katana(that he made himself)
    Other (optional): Skilled when it comes to forging weapons and usally use the weapons he made

    Username: AwkwardFailure
    Name: Jen
    Age: 14
    Immortal Parent Name: Hepheastus
    Appearance: Brown hair about shoulder height in ponytail, blue eyes, a bit on the short side.
    Personality: Kind, clumsy, shy at times
    Weapon: Black sword, I made it myself. (Oh, and it's really big on me lol)
    Other (optional): N/A

    Username: Program
    Name: Angelique
    Age: 16
    Immortal Parent Name: Hephaestus
    Man thats an old pic.
    Personality:She's random, and very weird. She talks at times even if she has nothing to say, and doesn't makes sense at times. She's not insane, its just everyone else is TOO sane. she thinks of the pros and cons of every thing she thinks of, and doesn't has much trust in her abilities. She tries to make a bad scene good, and tries to reason with everyone. Though shes very sensitive, but hides it and tries to be tough. She also a bit wuss. She also has a strong British accent
    Weapon:She usually uses a over sized blade she can barely keep balance or hold with. It goes into a sheath, which she can transfer her energy into,But it is HER energy, and weakens her. She can't keep balance with it really, and its hard to hold up when not in it's sheath. She slips on electronical gloves her cabin makes, which are like mini computer, she can make a screen with them and go into the internet. It attracts monsters, so she hardly uses, if they short circuit it shocks her and smokes out. So she has to be careful.
    Other (optional): Idunno.
    Hermes-Connor Stoll (played by: . : tale_wind)
    Travis Stoll (played by: . : tale_wind)
    Username: Tedeum
    Name: Danny
    Age: 16
    Immortal Parent Name: Hermes
    Appearance: Straight black hair, kinda tall, hazel/green eyes
    Personality: Never stops moving, blurts random things out when the time comes, kind, handy
    Weapon: light weighted broadsword
    Other: Super Strength

    OC Form~
    Immortal Parent Name:
    Other (optional):

    I'll edit this whenever it is needed.
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    help me??

    Does anyone know of a graphic design website that is free and doesn't need to be downloaded?? Also, I want to be able to edit pictures and such. I tried to find one on my own but, it wouldn't show the picture I put in...
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    who else loves it?? just wondering...

    my username is i-am-thorr so follow me if you wish and i'll follow you back and mack your day wonderful when i can get online!

    also, i'm really bored at 12:13 am CST so making a thread about tumblr makes me less bored...
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    [you are going to do my homework] if you do it, i will give you rep. all you have to do is summarize what's in the attachment(click the picture to make it bigger) in about four to five sentences. and try to not use too many big words because my teacher would wonder who did it because i try to not use big words unless it's completely necessary. please and thank you! :=D:
    View attachment 23720
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    It started today, January 9, 2011, at 11:00 am EST at will continue until 3:00 pm EST. For all of you who wanted to go to it but couldn't/didn't go, I heard that they gave out a lot of prizes. I didn't go because I don't live in New York but that's what I heard from Twitter. So do you wish you could go, do you not even care that you couldn't, or did you even go? If you went, comment about everything that you saw, did, or remember from the release party.
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    Let me start with a definition of the word "chocoholic"--
    chocoholic [chok-uh-hol-ik] n. the state of addiction; devotion; inclination to chocolate.

    The reason for this tread is the sad fact that there are no chocoholics anonymous groups that can be easily found on Google. Really from what I saw, it was a bunch of cooking/baking sites where the owner is a self-proclaimed chocoholic or it's a recap of the Top Chef: Just Desserts episode entitled Chocoholics Anonymous.

    So if you are a chocoholic, self-proclaimed or not, just say your username followed by "and I'm a chocoholic." For example--
    Hi. My name is kingdom_hearts_soras_girl and I'm a chocoholic.

    The main purpose is not to stop people from being a chocoholic, but to recognize the KHV population who like chocolate to an excessive amount. Thank you and i hope you have a nice day with chocolate.

    Known Chocoholics:
    kingdom_hearts_soras_girl (Thor)
    Ienzo (Enzy)
    Machazo (BiZzArRe)
    Fayt-Harkwind (Fayt)
    Twilight Knight (TK)
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    so when i was little i always associated witches with Halloween and The Wizard of Oz. then Harry Potter taught me about wizards. then my cousin said that witches are girls and wizards are boys. now he was talking about Harry Potter so the whole witches being girls confused me. so can someone explain that to me in a way that i can understand it please.
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    anyone else heard the song Whip My Hair by Willow Smith?? i think that song is sooooo funny. & all the user created music videos they have on youtube are really creative. so does anyone alse like the song as much as i do??
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    so yesturday, a guy at my school died. he was in AF JROTC & he was on the football team. a lot of people cried this morning because that's when the whole school found out. even the football players were crying. they were crying soooooo much, so i heard. a lot of people knew him, but i never did. now i know what you're thinking, he committed suicide. but he didn't. i heard that he wasn't that type of person. that he was the complete opposite. if you want to know the cause of death, just ask. his name is matt. i forgot his last name. so can you guys keep his family in your prayers??
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