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    Thanks for the help everyone. I managed to get pass End of the World after doing few level grinds. The only problems I'm having now are Sephiroth and the Mysterious Figure, which we all know is Xemnas. I never beat Sephiroth in my PS2 version so I know I probably won't beat him now.
    As for the difficulty I was on, it was normal and I was using the Oblivion until my friend decided that I use Rumbling Rose, which I didn't. But I was still able to beat the game. Now to go back and do it all over again on Critical and Beginner. I'll be sure to use everyone's help and tips during the Critical gameplay, that's for sure ^-^
    Post by: Marluxia912, Nov 7, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Try watching the video that Evilman_89 provided. It helped me a lot and I got all the dalmations :3
    The locations were changed afterall
    Post by: Marluxia912, Oct 18, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Thank you. I hope this works. I would hate to restart the whole game
    Post by: Marluxia912, Oct 7, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Restart? You mean, restart the whole game?
    Post by: Marluxia912, Oct 7, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    So, while cheating to find the rest of the Dalmatians, it seems that my journal says that I'm missing numbers 46, 47, 48. Here's the thing, I already have them but it won't register in the journal, I guess.
    I went to the area where the Dalmatians were supposed to be which is at the Palace Gates in Agrabah. I go there and the chest is not there. Thing is, I remember getting this chest. So...why isn't it in my journal. The chest isn't there, I remember opening it, and I even watched a youtube video to confirm it.

    So...why isn't it coming up in my journal? This is probably going to stop me from getting the trophy I need. I hope it's not a glitch or something cause this is kind of making me mad.
    Thread by: Marluxia912, Oct 7, 2013, 8 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Really? O_O What game are you making?
    Profile Post Comment by Marluxia912, Oct 7, 2013
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    This, I know. I already started dreading fighting Ansem once I saw that I couldn't get past this part. So I guess grinding would be a logical reason. As much as I don't want to.

    Forging the ultima weapon would take too long for me to do since I've yet to do it in the PS2 version.
    Overall, thank you everyone for your advice and help. Maybe I'll give it a shot tonight.
    Post by: Marluxia912, Oct 5, 2013 in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    Well...this is embarrassing. So, I've reached the end of the game. Hooray for me!~ But here's the problem. I'm stuck on the part where you ALMOST reach Ansem. The part where you have to fight different seeds of Heartless after beating a Behemoth. Every horde you beat, you knock off a piece of the heartless emblem in your way. I have died nearly 6 times before rage quitting. I usually don't rage quit in Kingdom Hearts, but you must understand...I would be on the last horde before dying and it got to me, I rage quitted and cried for an hour.

    Anyway, long story short, I need advice on how to get through this. I've tried leveling up before getting there. I haven't played since the rage quit. It's been a decent 2 weeks, but I remember being on level 53-54. I beat Chernabog after dying once, so a horde of heartless shouldn't be a problem for me, right?
    Another strategy I've tried is summoning Tinker Bell after I beat the Behemoth. Sad to say, she lasted until the last horde and so did I. I've also tried using Ragnarok and that doesn't help either. I've no problem fighting the DarkBall heartless and Angel Stars, just Invisibles (the heartless with the swords).

    I'm playing normal mode and I'm about ready to give up. Any advice on how to handle this situation so I won't die for a seventh time when I decide to play again?
    Thread by: Marluxia912, Oct 3, 2013, 15 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
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    I did...and I got the job XD

    I did...and I got the job XD
    Profile Post Comment by Marluxia912, Sep 24, 2013