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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Ram and Rom watched as Wizzro scurried away, the twins looking at him with their heads tilted as Rom asked. "What's with that man? It's as if his legs are jelly." Ram laughed before she said. "I don't know, but we should follow him." The twins got up from their spot and began to follow Wizzro into the crowd of people. Peach seeing this looked worried before asking Mario. "Could you follow them? I have a strange feeling they could get in trouble." Mario nodded before following Ram and Rom into the crowd of people not knowing that they were following Wizzro.

    "Now, you really shouldn't try pushing to increase your reputation." Samus commented to Hermione as both her and Dawn were nearby, the latter playing on her phone as she spoke up. "Yeah, trust us...we've learned that from our own experiences. As long as you learn about who your potential targets could be and work from there, your team's reputation will grow." Samus then rubbed Dawn's head. "Remember though Dawn, they're not just Rangers but also's much different from our usual secret missions."

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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Outside the Lor Starcutter~

    Cynthia stood outside the blue ship waiting for C.C. just as the call with Lady Etoille was finished, the green-haired woman stepped out with a sigh before the blonde asked. "Let me guess, it was work-related?" C.C. nodded. "Yes, it was related to we should get to interrogating Cronus." The two started back for the base not noticing that Wizzro had poked his head out from around a corner and quickly transformed into one of the various, nameless Rebels running inside the base.

    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base [Lana's Office]~

    Cronus sat in a chair across from both Lana and C.C. awaiting interrogation before Lana asked. "So, you're Kamen Rider Cronus? Your helmet looks a bit goofy with the eyes" Cronus responded. "Yes, and as for the helmet it was based on a design from a character in a game." Lana nodded before C.C. said. "Bowser mentioned you cannot reveal your identity due to being wanted, if that's the case then why have you not shown up on any wanted posters or the news?" Cronus calmly explained. "It is because I mainly operate around here, as you may have noticed the rural areas of Kentucky are not quite as noticeable compared to the likes of Japan and such. In addition the New World Order and even my fellow S-Types have not been able to discern who I am under the helmet."

    "I see, so the New World Order hasn't really added someone like you to their database because they can't figure out who you even are." Lana suggested in thought before Cronus said. "Yes, not to mention that our mysterious enemy has been killing and using S-Types to take over the Stormtroopers here to add more to his ranks." C.C. then asked. "What else do you know about our enemy?" Cronus then said. "He is rather powerful, no Stormtrooper or Rebel has managed to survive against him and live. He is also an S-Type as well with no ties to the Rebels or the New World Order...just the S-Types." Cronus then looked at Lana before suggesting to her. "I would advise that you prepare your group to evacuate the area."

    Lana raised an eyebrow. "Um, why? We're going to destroy the New World Order's main building soon and get them out of here." Cronus then said. "It's just a hunch, but our...friend...may be thinking steps ahead of you...and considering you have makeshift explosives housed here, it could be possible for him to arrive, blow them up and this addition to blowing up the facility you speak of." C.C. remarked. "That's...quite a concern. We will take it into consideration. You are free to go now." Cronus stood up. "I will assist you in what I can."

    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Wizzro was sneaking about getting a good glimpse of everyone present as he was in search of something, he bumped into Pimple who stood guard in front of a door. Pimple looked at Wizzro before he said. "Hey, careful around here. Behind me is a whole room full of homemade explosives and Zitz said they could go off if tampered with." Wizzro slowly stepped back. "I see, sorry about that friend. I was lost as you see." Pimple nodded. "Just be careful, okay?" Wizzro nodded and quickly slinked away into the crowd waiting.

    ~Olive Hill, Kentucky: Armory~

    Meanwhile in a large armory building located not far from the city of Olive Hill, a large group of Stormtroopers were busy making preparations to make their rounds when Goku Black came crashing in through the roof cloaked in energy. Multiple Stormtroopers pointed their blasters at the figure with one ordering him. "Freeze, Rebel scum!" Goku Black merely chuckled before summoning forth a blade of pink energy from his hand. One Stormtrooper even asked. "Do you really think you can take us all out?" Goku Black responded by flying in and stabbed the unlucky Stormtrooper in the stomach, his eyes right on him as he said. "Let the purification begin of these Earthlings."

    Using his free hand Goku Black began to fire blasts of energy at any oncoming Stormtroopers as he removed his other hand from the impaled soldier he took out. "Mere nameless soldiers to a dead cause, like lambs to the slaughter..." One Stormtrooper then said. "I don't know what you're going on about, but we're the..." He didn't get to finish his sentence though as Goku Black rushed in and snapped his neck asking. "Does anyone else wish to prattle on about how they think they're in the right?" The entire group of Stormtroopers began to charge in trying to take Goku Black out as the raven-haired S-Type grinned. "Foolish Earth mortals..."

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    ~Kentucky: Abandoned School~

    Cia, Wizzro, and Volga were busy tracing the escape route Lana and the others had used with Cia and Wizzro focusing their magical energies. Their progress was interrupted when Goku Black landed near them. Volga stepped towards Goku Black telling him. "State your business here." Goku Black slowly smirked. "I've come here on behalf of a member of High Command." This made Wizzro and Cia stop what they were doing before Cia knelt to one knee asking. "What has High Command requested for us?" Goku Black then said. "I know where those Rebels you fought were hiding out, it was requested by High Command that said group is to be dealt with." Cia then explained. "But there were a bunch of them here alone, did you have a plan?" Goku Black then said. "Of course, but it will require some work." Goku Black then turned to Wizzro. "You shall disguise yourself as one of the Rebels and blend yourself in. I in the meanwhile will handle the New World Order stationed here before we attack these Rebels."

    Volga then said. "I wish not to question the orders of High Command, but the S-Types and New World Order are allies. Why would they want us to possibly jeopardize Lord Astral's mission here?" Goku Black then explained. "It is because they will eventually fall to the Rebellion due to their own hubris, even Lord Astral will have to have a contingency plan for the S-Types of Earth if that were to happen. Not to mention that our initial goal takes priority over Earth matters." Cia smirked. "I see..." Goku Black nodded. "Yes, even though you are not an S-Type yourself you understand the bigger picture. Now...let's get to work." With that Wizzro and Goku Black quickly sunk through the ground leaving followed by Volga and Cia also leaving.

    ~Lor Starcutter: Communications~

    C.C. and Morgana stepped into the room where Star Dream was waiting in the floor od the room. "" A hologram of Wilhelm appeared next to the duo before he said. "Seems Lady Etoille and the Star Spirits are requesting our presence." As Wilhelm said that, seven chairs began to sprout up in the room in a circle formation before seven star-shaped beings appeared in the chairs as holograms. Lady Etoille then appeared as a hologram on the floor near the trio before they knelt down to bow, Etoille telling the trio. "I needed to speak with you on a manner most urgent, Harbinger Zordon is dead..."

    This led to gasps in the room as Morgana said. "Great, did the New World Order do it?" Etoille then said. "Who did it isn't important, with Zordon dead the seal he had on Thanos was undone, meaning Thanos has now been freed from the void he was imprisoned in." This led to the eyes of the trio widening in shock as Wilhelm asked. "Lady Etoille, if that is the case we would not have enough numbers to stop him as we did..." C.C. then turned her head and told Wilhelm. "Wilhelm, calm your ass down." The Star Spirits gasped before C.C. said. "Lady Etoille, noble Star Spirits, I apologize for speaking out of line....I have adopted using the Earth's language. Now then...what is the current situation regarding Thanos?"

    The head Star Spirit, yellow with a white mustache said. "He is currently on his ship along with some others in search of his daughters, if you are speaking in regards to the Gauntlet...I shall let Skolar explain." A lilac-colored star with a small black mustache, eyebrows and glasses spoke up. "Thank you, Eldstar. Now...currently the Infinity Gauntlet is not at full power, it is missing three of its stones." C.C. then asked. "If Thanos is missing three stones, then he wouldn't need to stop at Earth...right?" Wilhelm then spoke up. "Correct, I worked with Skolar and we came to the conclusion that none of the missing stones for the gauntlet are on Earth. Thus, Thanos would have no reason to stop at Earth."

    "However, we should still keep it in mind." Lady Etoille stated. "We don't have the same numbers we had all that time ago when we first began to battle the S-Types, if Thanos were to somehow stop at Earth for any reason...the denizens of Earth would not be ready as they are already dealing with the New World Order and the S-Types. In addition I have already informed Mario and Luigi of this." C.C. then stated. "You are right, but we can't exactly change gears when we're already in the middle of dealing with said S-Types either. Not to mention I wish that Mario and Luigi wouldn't have to deal with something like that." Lady Etoille nodded. "I wish the same as well, Cecilia."

    ~Kentucky: Abandoned Building~

    By the time things were said and done, Kairi had managed to beat Kai by a slim margin in their pool game. Kai was clapping looking rather impressed. "Good job, student of mine. You kicked my ass." Kairi sheepishly remarked. "Um, well it was more luck really. Besides...that's two things you owe me now." Kai smirked. "Ahh yes, the other being that date. You sure tried that day." Kairi glared at Kai before she said. "That was just because I got over my head, I've been practicing." The two then noticed that it was silent outside and there was a sleek black car sitting nearby as Kairi said. "Looks like we have our ride out of here." Kai blinked before she cheekily said. "And someone has also been adapting to this new world." Kairi then pointed to the car and said. "Let's take this car and drive back to the others, nearly dying back there and getting stressed by that woman is making me want to have a nice drive." Kai then asked in surprise. "Wait, you're driving?" Kairi nodded with a smile. "Yes, also I was wondering if you had a rubber band." Kai and Kairi then started to unlock the car's doors and get inside.​
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    ~Kentucky: Grassy Field~

    "It's fine, we just talked to Banjo's neighbor, found out he wasn't Cronus, and then he asked me to fight him." Mario explained as they were driving back. "I couldn't refuse the offer since it wouldn't feel right to me." Luigi was thinking before he said. "Still, something about him seemed a bit off despite not being the person we were after, he didn't need to fight you." Mario then explained. "Luigi, sometimes in order to get to know someone you need to communicate through your fists...and to me he was one who values justice." Luigi shook his head, "I know, but still...I'm just trying to keep an eye out for you."

    ~Kentucky: Banjo's House~

    Mario and the others returned to Banjo's house where Banjo and the others were waiting. Rash looked at Mario before asking. "Hey dude, what took you so long? We've been waiting for a few minutes now." Mario simply said. "We got caught in chatting with our fists, but everything's fine." Banjo then guessed. "I assume he wasn't Cronus, huh." Luigi nodded. "No, but he did explain himself well enough to clear things up." Zitz then pointed to the Lor saying. "Well let's go, these bombs won't move themselves." With that everyone boarded the Lor before it quickly took off back to the base.

    ~Kentucky: Church~

    Eventually all of the Stormtroopers were dealt with thanks to the combined efforts of the group before Aoi asked Neptune. "Neptune, did you and the girls find anything?" Neptune then explained. "We didn't find Cronus, but we did find a ravaged New World Order camp that was housed in that store." Neptune then noticed Cronus before asking. "Who is that guy?" Peach then told Neptune and the girls. "This is Cronus, he is going to come with us to clear himself." Cronus slowly nodded. "Yes, however what Neptune said is rather interesting. Did you happen to find anything else?" Noire responded quickly. "Yeah, undead Stormtroopers and an incomplete report about a single person going through their camps." Cronus then said thoughtfully. "Then it must be where these Stormtroopers came from before having S-Types implanted in them." Akira then said to the whole group. "We should return to base, they're going to want to hear this." Everyone including Cronus all stepped back into the Thundertank as it drove off back to base.

    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Robin and Zone-Tan were standing about waiting for the others with Robin remarking to Zone-Tan. "I wish I could get a massage like C.C. is getting right now..." Lana, Kallen, and the rest of the girls appeared in front of them in a flash before Zone-Tan could respond making Robin jump in surprise. "Oh, you guys startled me, welcome back." Robin's face went from joy to complete panic as her eyes noticed Kairi and then Kai were missing. Robin stepped over to Kallen asking. "Why are Kairi and Kai not with you?" Kallen made and loud gulp. "It's...a long story." Robin placed her hands on Kallen's shoulders and began to furiously shake her shouting. "Kallen, C.C. and Cynthia are going to have my ass if they find out Kai went missing! Now can someone explain what happened to them!"

    "We ended up in a little pickle involving two S-Types and an unknown person and Kai texted me telling us to get out of there." Neru said before pulling up a text on her phone that read. "Cornered by some strange woman, get out before the S-Types find you ~Kai <3" Robin blinked before she asked. "So...if that's the case, do you have any more information?" Samus then explained. "Yeah, before Lana got us out there were two S-Types coming towards us. One was in red armor, the other was a short, floating dude in a robe." Zone-Tan hearing the descriptions shouted. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Not those guys!" Robin stepped back. "No wonder they got cornered, C.C.'s gonna have a field day with this one."

    The others soon came running in with Iffy asking. "What's everyone yelling about!?" Robin took a deep breath. "Long story short...Kairi and Kai are missing..." The silver-haired woman pointed at Aoi. "Aoi, check the your sister alive and is there another Jedi?" Aoi focused his mind for a moment before he said. "Yes, she's alive...but there is someone else who is also capable of using the Force not far from her." Robin shook her head muttering to herself. "Damn, I didn't think they'd be back..." Star Dream flew in and said. "Not to interrupt, but I have an incoming call inside the Lor for Morgana and's you know who." Morgana nodded and started to head for the Lor as Robin said. "I'll tell her, Cynthia's giving her a massage right now."

    "Well if those two have to take a phone call, I shall wait before speaking to them." Cronus said before getting looks from nearly everyone in the room before Bowser said. "He's fine, this is Kamen Rider Cronus...he's not giving an identity due to the whole being wanted thing."

    ~Kentucky: Abandoned Building~

    The building that Kai spoke of was merely a walk away as it was long and cream-colored with a door on it, Kai notice a part of the wall that looked to be moveable and quietly moved it just enough to where they could get in, but without raising Cia's suspicions as they quickly went inside.

    The inside looked to be a mixture of both an old garage of sorts with various things on the walls used to paint and work on them and a storage for yard sale things as there were tables with things on them, racks full of clothes, and various odds and ends here and there. Kairi sighed. "Finally...Saki, did you know her?" Kai shook her head sitting down. "No, I didn't know that woman, but whoever she was....we should be lucky that I lied my ass off to get us out of there before she tried to kill us." Kai looked at Kairi. "She somehow knows C.C. and Cynthia...and I don't mean because they're wanted criminals." Kairi sighed in relief. "Well, what do we do know? We kind of need to get back to the others." Kai then explained. "Well, we will need to lay low for a bit. While it may seem to her that we jumped off and possibly died, she may be on the hunt for our know, to confirm it."

    "But it didn't look like it was that far down, at worst we might have had broken bones and such." Kairi suggested before Kai said. "Yes, but if that happened we wouldn't be able to freely get away and hide." Kairi then said. "Good point there..." Kai then explained. "We lay low until we know they're not there, then we get back to the base." Kai's blue gaze noticed something in the distance and stood up remarking. "Huh, now what kind of person would leave a pool table here?" Kairi looked over to where Kai was facing before seeing a perfectly good pool table just sitting there with the colored and striped balls perfectly in a triangle. Kai walked over casually remarking with a smirk. "You know, Kairi? Before I founded the Rising Tide and created my own nightclub to serve as not only a cover to our missions, but also as a legitimate business I used to go around various japanese bars and just play pool suckering poor drunk saps out of their yen."

    Kairi raised an eyebrow asking. "Now why would you go do that?" Kai then explained. "I wanted to help support the family. While Cynthia did make quite a bit as champion, she was the only one at the time bringing in the money. Not to mention Zone-Tan didn't have her business yet and had to deal with legal hurdles due to being an S-Type, Robin was doing what she could and C.C. hadn't figured out how to get a job yet. In addition I wasn't old enough to even get a job yet. I wasn't going to let that stop me from helping my family...and it also served as an experiment on how to work with my eye." Kairi blinked. "I'm surprised those guys didn't realize you were cheating with that eye of yours." Kai shrugged. "They were drunk, at best they were wondering how a young girl like me was kicking their ass at pool or wondering who I was, even if some tried to grab their hands on me I'd beat the crap out of them." Kai then picked up a pool cue and handed it to Kairi telling her. "Since we got a bit of time, how about we indulge ourselves in a game?" Kairi smiled taking the cue. "Sure."​
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    ~Kentucky: Grassy Field~

    Mario, Luigi, and Zamasu were standing in front of Zamasu's small home within the middle of the grassy field. Mario and Zamasu standing face to face from one another as they got into fighting stances. Luigi looked at the two before he told Mario. "Be careful, Mario." Mario nodded before looking at Zamasu asking. "Are you ready?" Zamasu nodded before Mario rushed in and started to swing his fists, Zamasu meeting the speedy fists with mere graceful palms only to be pushed back by the force.

    Mario on the other hand was surprised as Zamasu was able to hold his own and he didn't even transform. Mario swung his leg at Zamasu's head before it too was caught in his hands, Zamasu could feel Mario's force building only for Mario's foot to break past and collide with his head sending Zamasu flying across the field. Mario and Luigi gasped before running after him.

    Zamasu regained his footing as Mario caught up to him asking. "Hey, are you alright?" Zamasu stood there before he said. "I am fine, I now seem to understand your words about justice through your fists and feet." Mario extended his hand out. "You were rather strong yourself, usually when my fists collide with something, they go flying...but here you are stopping me and I even held back." Zamasu looked at Mario asking. "Why would you do that?" Mario looked at him. "Because, despite what has happened to this world...there are still innocent people dragged into conflict...people like you, Zamasu. Even nature isn't spared from cruelty."

    Luigi looked at Mario before he suggested. "We should head back, the others might have gotten that task done." Mario and Luigi soon said their goodbyes to Zamasu before driving away on their kart with Mario remarking. "I like that guy, his words were enlightening and deep."

    After the group had left, Zamasu went back to his patio and sat down just as Goku Black landed nearby carrying a takeout bag from Olive Garden. "Hello, my friend." Zamasu looked over at him. "Hello to you as well, what do you have there?" Black looked over. "Well, after I finished my training, I decided to fly over to a little place called Olive Garden and get us some nice Italian for dinner, I even bought a bottle of Rose wine." Zamasu smiled. "I see, bring the food over and we'll chat." Black nodded before coming up the steps with the bag in tow.

    Moments later the two were eating their plates of food over some Rose Porta Vista as Zamasu asked. "How did your training go?" Black mused. "It went well, I decided today I would train not only my body, but my I went to a place the earthlings call Gatti-Land. They had games of amusement and chance that proved perfect for my training session." Zamasu nodded. "I see, now what about Lord Astral and this New World Order I keep hearing about?"

    Black then explained. "Lord Astral and its forces have been busy trying to deal with the rebellion, thus I have managed to play my role well so far without being found out. Also I've managed to spot the sorcerror and her S-Types." Zamasu looked intrigued. "Interesting, why would Cia of all people be here?" Black then suggested. "If I had a hunch, it has to do with that old wound of hers, after all...Cecilia, Morgana, and even Lady Etoille's daughter are on this planet." Zamasu responded with a calm. "Good, now are you ready?" Black grinned with excitement. "Of course I am ready, once I finish eating I will go and show them my power." Zamasu also grinned. "Show them the justice of our proud race."

    ~Kentucky: Abandoned School~

    Cia, Volga, and Wizzro were in their position still observing before they heard not one, but two fire alarms go off. Cia merely chuckled. "Cute...they seem to be trying to distract us. Volga, Wizzro...humor our little friends..." The two nodded and rushed forth from their position heding for the building while Cia left in a completely different direction.

    Kai and Kairi had been running around relocking doors when the alarms went off causing Kai to smirk. "I love it when a plan comes together." Kai's words would come back to bite her on the ass when the two redheads ran into Cia and a whole bunch of S-Types standing between them and their way to the others, this surprised the two as Cia said. "There you why don't you just be a good girl and turn yourself in, Saki?" Kairi became alert asking. "Wait a minute, how do you know her true name?" Cia laughed. "Simple, I know more about her than what you know, and even if I didn't the New World Order is on the lookout for a Saki Kazue and a Aoi Kazue."

    Kai looked at Cia, then at Kairi, then at the fence behind them, and then at the S-Types surrounding them before Kai smirked clapping. "Well, someone seems like they've been keeping up with the times..." Kai then whispered to Kairi. "I seriously don't know who the hell she is, but play along." Cia responded with a smile. "Of course you'd have some comment to say about it, you're surrounded by my S-Types, your friends are doomed, and your adopted mother and father aren't here to save you." Kai shook her head asking. "Are you really going to have the S-Types kill me when you could easily do it yourself?"

    Cia raised an eyebrow. "You're absolutely right..." The silver-haired woman brought forth a familiar silver hilt and ignited the blade, silver light coming forth but with black on the inside making Kai's jaw drop. Cia then asked. "Now Saki, is there any last words you would like to say before I end you and your friend." Kairi then whispered to Kai. "Great, she has a lightsaber." Kai then winked. "I got this..."

    "Well..." Cia asked pointing the end of the weapon at Kai who started to gently step back behind Kairi with her hands up. "Well, seems like you really outsmarted me...very few people have that weapon you're holding." Cia then asked. "What are you doing?" Kai hid her head behind Kairi's head hiding the glow of her eye as she explained. "Well, I am much like my mother and my father...and if you know who they are, then you'd know they're both girls. After all..." Kai then lied. " wouldn't deny my last request to hug my lover..."

    Kairi's eyes widened as Kai wrapped her arms around her body ending with her hands on Kairi's chest...shortly before jumping backwards over the fence and out of Cia's view. Cia was surprised before Volga and Wizzro returned with the latter informing Cia. "We couldn't find those others that were with her, it was as though they vanished..." Cia then said. "It won't matter, all we need to do is trace their teleportation trail to their base..."

    Over the cliff, Kairi and Kai were hanging on the side of it with both Kai's saber and Kairi's keyblade jutted into the rock to stop them from falling. The duo were able to hear the conversation between Cia and Wizzro before Kai said. "So, they were aware we were here the whole time..." Kairi then asked in concern. "What do we do now?" Kai then explained. "Before we jumped off, I sent a warning to the others to get out of there and tell C.C. what happened. We will also need a little time for them to leave beliving we died jumping off the side of that cliff." Kairi looked down before she said. "We should be able to make the fall without hurting ourselves." Kai nodded. "And there is an empty building we can hide in not far from here." Kairi began to climb down with Kai still on her back.​
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    ~Kentucky: Abandoned Elementary School~

    Kai, Kairi, Lana, and the girls appeared outside a red bricked two story building that also had a building adjacent to it in a flash of light. Pyrrha simply remarked. "It's a good thing we learned the Warp technique." Kai nodded. "Yeah, one of the sixty-four techniques...we didn't need a vehicle. Now, give me a moment to get a layout." Kai looked at the building before her eye began to brightly glow, information pouring into it about the layout of the area and its security before Kai crossed her arms. "Well, it's certainly low-tech...not as secure as Nintendo High with the main obstacle being the doors." Kairi smirked. "Doors, Smoors. I've got the key right here." Kairi summone her keyblade looking a bit cheeky.

    "Well that solves our door issue, you go ahead and get the doors unlocked. Once they're unlocked we'll all go inside and investigate, when we're finished we'll all meet in the cafeteria and then leave." Kai explained as Kairi walked up to the nearest door and pointed her keyblade at the lock instantly unlocking it with a beam of light, once opened the group started inside with Dawn asking. "Why do I have the feeling this isn't going to be as simple as it seems?"

    And so with Kairi leading the way and unlocking every door in the building and in the building next to it, the girls proceeded to hunt for Cronus throughout the school to no avail. As they were hunting, Cia, Volga, and Wizzro appeared in the forest nor far from the second building that held the gymnasium inside keeping their presence low.

    The girls soon met inside the light blue-colored cafeteria where a single light on the cieling was still on for some reason. Kallen sighed. "All right, we looked everywhere...he's not here." Makoto then added. "Yeah, we've even checked the playgrounds." Lana sighed before she said. "Guess we can le-..." Only for Kai to shout. "Everyone on the floor, now!" Everyone soon got onto the floor as Haru asked. "What is this about?" Kai then said. "My eye caught wind of three unknowns outside. Samus, Futaba, can either of you get any information about them?" Samus and Futaba nodded before the former summoned her suit's helmet on her head and the latter brought up some screens. Eventually Futaba said. "Two of them are S-Types, the other...I can't discern what she is....what about you, Sammy?" Samus said. "Well, like you said, two are S-Types, the other despite being unknown has similar biology to us." Lana looked at them before she said. "We need to try to get out of here."

    "Yes, but our little friends aren't moving..." Futaba mused. "It's as if they're waiting for us to make a move, even teleporting out could be a bad idea." Futaba brought up on one of her screens a layout of the area. "But, if we could distract and split them up, we can get out of here without having to resort to fighting and potentially calling in Stormtroopers on us." Ann looked at her before she calmly asked. "So any idea on how to exactly do that?" Futaba sighed. "Well, in order to do it we'll need to set off the fire alarms, problem with that is that we cannot leave any sort of damage to the building or any way for those three to follow us back to the base."

    Kai then asked. "How many ways are there to activate the system?" Futaba looked at her screens. "About five, give or take. One here, one in the library, one in each hallway, and one in the next building over." Kai sat in thought looking around and noticed a red box high up on the wall before she said. "I got it." Kai looked at Samus, Futaba and Dawn. "You three handle this box here." Dawn turned towards the box before she slowly smirked. "I see where you're going with this..." Kai nodded. "Yeah, wait until everyone is out of the building first since we'll need to relock the outer entrances." Kai then looked at Lana asking. "Do you know any teleportation spells?" Lana looked at Kai before she said. "Of course I do, I don't even need a wand" Kai nodded. "Good, I need you to go with someone over to the library..." Lucina then raised her hand. "I'll go with Lana, she is my friend after all." Kai stood up. "All right, meanwhile Kairi and I will deal with the third alarm. Everyone else should get out the entrance and wait on the others, once we're together we'll quickly warp back to the base."

    Kairi looked at Kai before asking. "Are you sure about this?" Kai looked at the redhead before she said. "Yes, like I said the other entrances are going to have to be relocked to avoid suspicion and you're the only one capable of doing that." Kairi nodded before giving a thumbs up. "All right then, let's go." With that everyone split up leaving Samus, Dawn, and Futaba in the cafeteria together.

    ~Kentucky: Grassy Field~

    "Now, you wished to ask me some questions?" Zamasu asked looking at the group before Mario said. "Yeah, we were wondering if you knew anything about Cronus." Zamasu looked at Mario before calmly stating. "I am not sure who he is, but I am not him." Mario then asked. "Then how come you don't seem to head out? Your neighbors don't see you drive anywhere." Zamasu then explained. "First, I do not own or need a vehicle to get around. I am capable of flying much like a bird would in nature. As for not heading out there isn't really anywhere I go to other than my neighbors and to get things like food, drinks, and the like...after all this area I live in is rather peaceful and serene. I would like to show the five of you something." Zamasu then led the group outside to a back deck that seemed idyllic with plants and nature before the Mario brothers were in awe at the sheer beauty of it. Luigi looked around before admitting. "Well, you are certainly feels peaceful."

    "Indeed, has it ever crossed your minds that no matter who is in charge, that there will always be things like this?" Zamasu asked before Mario remarked. "Yeah, I mean before the Purge, my brother and I were just normal kids going to high school. I just think there needs to be justice for the world that isn't warped...something like...well I don't know if you have it here in America but like Captain Blue would show." Zamasu seemed pleased. "Interesting, it seems your minds are clear. I too wish for justice.." he looked at Mario before politely asking. "Mario, if you do not mind...could you spar with me?" Luigi raised an eyebrow before Mario said. "Sure, don't see why seem like an alright person." Luigi then asked. "Mario, that's...kind of odd." Mario then explained. "Luigi, the man asked for it. If he is as honorable as he claims, then it wouldn't be right for me to refuse."

    ~Kentucky: Church~

    Everyone stood their ground as they fought off the strange new enemies that stood before them. Kirby opened his mouth and began to suck one of the Stormtroopers into his mouth and swallowed it, this caused him to get a green hat with a sword before Cronus ordered. "Everyone, get outside!" Everyone scrambled outside with the Stormtroopers following and scurrying about before the battle continued. Yoshi ran up and jumped into the air rapidly kicking one of the Stormtroopers who was defending himself with the large bladed arm only for Rose to stab him from behind while Yoshi jumped away.

    As everyone fought, Neptune and the others were flying overhead returning from their trip when they saw everyone else fighting causing Compa to shout. "We have to help them!" Blanc looked at the Stormtroopers before asking. "What the hell? Those things are here too?" Neptune then said. "We don't have time, our friends are in trouble." The group soon flew down and landed on the ground joining the others in their fight against the odd Stormtroopers.​
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    ~Lor Starcutter~

    "Actually, I know what she's talking about." Luigi explained as the brothers went into the hangar and got into their kart with Mario in the driver's seat and Luigi standing on the back, Luigi looked at the girls before he said. "I believe it was called Winnie the Pooh." When the ship's engines stopped, the doors opened up with Mario driving out from the metallic hangar floor to the brown, earthly ground outside of Banjo's blue-colored home with black roofing. Banjo stepped out from the side entrance and looked at Mario and Luigi reminding them. "Just remember to take the dirt road until you get to a grassy field with a cabin." Mario nodded giving the bear a thumbs up before starting up the dirt path further up the hill surrounded by trees.

    ~Kentucky: Grassy Field~

    The brothers and the girls soon arrived to what Banjo had described as green grass expanded into a field with blue skies overhead, a wooden cabin sat on the right hand side with trees nearby. Luigi then told Mario. "There's the cabin, let me handle speaking with him. Knowing you, you'd kick the door down just like Dad would." Mario nodded. "All right, I'll let you handle it Bro." Mario began to drive up to the cabin.

    Meanwhile on the back deck of said cabin, a man with light-green skin and white hair was sitting in a chair sipping on some iced tea while looking out at the foilage and nature. His thought was interrupted by the sound of a kart and some bikes driving up, his eyes looking around before standing up asking himself. "I wonder who this could be?"

    Back with Mario, Luigi, and the girls. Mario drove up to the cabin and shut the engine off while Luigi stepped out onto the ground and walked up to the front door of the cabin. He was about to knock on the door when it came open and the man from earlier was standing there. Luigi then said. "Oh, hi there." The man's gray eyes looked at Luigi before he politely asked. "Excuse me, but was that your kart?" Luigi nodded. "Yeah, it's actually mine and my brother's. You see we came to ask you some questions in regards to recent events." The man looked at Hermione, Nico, and Yuuki not noticing anything out of the ordinary before his eyes laid across Mario, followed by Luigi where he could feel a massive power radiating from them, his eyes widened in shock as he thought. "What kind of earthly mortals possess this much power?!" Mario walked over and waved his hand in front of the man's face asking. "Helllllooooo, are you all right there? You look like you've not met us before." Luigi looked at Mario before commenting. "We just met him."

    The man shook his head getting himself focusing back in the present. "Forgive me, I just blanked out for a moment there. said you had questions for me?" Mario nodded. "Yes, your neighbor mentioned you." The man closed his eyes. "Of course, that bear is interesting....his bird friend on the other hand needs to learn some manners. Now...please come inside." Mario and Luigi walked inside the cabin with Mario asking. "So, what's your name?" The man responded. "You may call me Zamasu, now would any of you like something to drink?" Luigi shook his head. "I'm fine, but thank you for the consideration. My name is Luigi and this here is my brother Mario." Mario nodded looking at Zamasu very closely.

    ~Kentucky: Church~

    Meanwhile the Thundertank had arrived within the empty parking lot with a church made of brick on one side and a large building on the other side. Everyone slowly came out of the tank with Daisy stretching and commenting. "Remind me next time to talk to our planners about how piling everyone inside a single vehicle that isn't magic is a bad idea." Aoi looked around before he told Lily. "Thank you for bringing us here, Mrs. Potter."

    "Still, it's really quiet around here. Not a single car here." Bowser commented noting the lack of vehicles present before Peach said. "We might be onto a dead end since the door to the chruch is most likely locked." Rose rolled her eyes at Peach before she remarked. "You've forgotten what I am, give me a moment." Rose walked up to the entrance to the Church and placed her hand on the knob, she turned it before the door opened up surprising her. "That's...strange, here I was going to sink through the floor, come up on the other side and bust the damn thing open's not locked."

    "A empty church with an unlocked door, this is certainly extraordinary. Akechi mused before Yoshi said. "We should go inside, but keep careful...who know what could be inside." Akira nodded. "Well, you heard what Yoshi said. Let's go in." With that, the group slowly made their way inside the church.

    ~Inside the Church~

    The group walked inside the church past the pews and the colorful windows on the sides, it was quiet and seemingly empty minus one person sitting in the upper-left most pew holding an open bible. The person was clad in a black and green ensemble with a small green belt on his waist and a look akin to that of a Rider. Pauline approached the Rider before poking their shoulder. "Excuse me."

    The Rider looked at Pauline before standing up to get a view of everyone else as they had strange hair and what appeared to be anime eyes on the helmet, the figure spoke up although their voice sounded synthized and modulated. "Oh, seems as though I've let my guard down while reading." Bowser grinned before responding. "You certainly did, now you've got quite a bit of explainining to do Mr. Rider." The Rider closed the bible they had in their hand and put it away. "Very well, although you should be careful...this is a house of worship after all." Link stepped forward. "Most of us are well aware of it, but to start things off...why are you here alone with the door unlocked?"

    The Rider looked at Link before they explained. "Normally I cannot enter a church while in my Rider form, after all it is hard to protect your identity in a world where Riders and Rangers are considered to be the enemy. Not to mention that even if I did, the sermons that the preacher would host is still monitored by the New World Order." Rosalina looked at the Rider before she said. "'re Cronus then?" The Rider nodded. "Indeed I am, however I cannot reveal my actual identity for obvious reasons. But you may call me Cronus." Rosalina felt a stinging sensation in her eye while Akira took over. "So, tell us this...why are you attacking the New World Order? What do you know about the S-Type that's been killing Rebels and New World Order alike?"

    Cronus walked over and sat down near the podium looking at the group. "I am pretty much in the same boat as you in terms of my actions, I wish for a better world for myself and my kind. This S-Type on the other hand is malicious and intends to threaten this world if not stopped." Peach looked at Cronus as Aoi said. "Seems to make sense." Cronus looked at Aoi. "Of course, he is working under an S-Type who is higher up on the ladder compared to Astral itself." Morgana looked at Cronus suspiciously before asking. "How did you know our S-Type was a male? And how do you even know of Astral?" Cronus responded calmly. "I've been at odds with the S-Type in question and have encountered him from time to time, as for knowing Astral...let's just say I have my sources on that matter." Peach then asked. "Mr. Cronus, do you think you could come with us and speak with our superiors? They would like to know what you told us on the matter." Cronus asked the group. "You all don't intend to lock me up, do you?" Peach shook her head. "No, you seem to have a clear reasoning behind your actions. All you'd need to do is tell them and then you're free to do whatever."

    Before things could go any further, Stormtroopers crashed through the windows and landed on the floor. They soon stood up with each one having their arm turn into a large crystalized blade before Ryuji shouted. "What the hell!?" Cronus looked at the Stormtroopers before remarking. "Poor them, look at their condition...they're nothing more than...well corpses reanimated by S-Types." Yusuke looked at the Stormtroopers before asking. "How is that possible?" Aoi chimed in. "More than likely it involves inserting a S-Type's crystal into the host body. That's how we almost lost Mario and partially how Rose was born." Cronus looked at Aoi as he mentioned Mario thinking. "He and Luigi are still alive...good..." Cronus responded to Yusuke's question. "What he said was pretty much correct, but we need to deal with these...things."​
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    ~Lor Starcutter~

    As Star Dream was automatically piloting the Lor Starcutter to its destination with no manual driver present, Banjo looked at Yuuki and thought on it a moment. "Well, hmm...I'm not exactly sure on where you all you all live in terms of whether it's in the country or the city or the like, but I basically live on a hill surrounded by trees." Zitz then placed a hand on Banjo's shoulder before informing him. "These guys came from the Capital itself...aka Japan." Banjo nodded. "Right, thanks for the information. But yeah it's mainly away from any cities and towns, surrounded by trees, and my neighbors are mainly on my side...well...except for the one your friend told you about." Kazooie popped her head out. "Yeah, he's an even odder one compared to Goggles and Hut Boy..." Mario scratched his head. "Goggles? Hut Boy?" Banjo sweatdropped. "She's referring to my other neighbors who live down the hill. One of them is a mole named Bottles and his family while the other one is Mumbo. She always has names for them." Kazooie continued. "Look, this guy had pointy ears, white hair, and was going on about justice like he was one of those New World Order bozos on the television. Not to mention he had on a single green earring, I mean what kind of person let alone a man goes around wearing one earring?"

    "Okay, so pointy ears, single earring, goes on about justice...anything else?" Luigi asked before Tooty brought up. "Well, he's got green skin and doesn't seem to have a kart, a plane, or a hovercraft to go anywhere." Banjo looked at his younger sister and calmly explained to her. "Tooty, he might be able to get to places without need of a vehicle. After all despite being strange to us, he still probably has to go to the grocery store and get food like the rest of us." Tooty slowly nodded. "Sorry, just trying to help, big brother."

    "If I may interject here..." Star Dream echoed throughout the Lor before a hologram screen popped up near the group showing Banjo's House and the area around it in an overhead view before explaining. "To review what C.C. said...Banjo, Tooty, and the Toads will stop over at Banjo's to load the makeshift bombs into the Lor for safe transport." A blue dotted line then wen from Banjo's House up a dirt path until it reached a field where a cabin was then circled. "While they are loading up the bombs, the Mario brothers and Hermione, Nico, and Yuuki are to take this path up and investigate Banjo's nei..." Suddenly a question mark popped up over the cabin as Star Dream mentioned. "Odd, my sensors are detecting an S-Type reading but something about it is off, like I cannot get the full information." Luigi looked uneasy before Mario said. "It's likely that his neighbor might just happen to be one of the S-Types that settled down to life on this planet. But this is still worth never know what you'll find." Star Dream then said. "True, we are almost to Banjo's home, so you five should get to the hangar...your vehicles are waiting."

    ~Grayson, Kentucky: Abandoned K-Mart~

    After some time of flying low and out of sight of people, Neptune and the girls arrived outside an abandoned store while in the parking lot. Compa and Iffy settled themselves to the ground while everyone else looked at the white building with a marking of what appeared to be a giant K outline as though something had been removed. Rom then asked. "What happened to this place?" Iffy then brought up. "Simple, the store probably shut down due to a lack of sales coming in..." the brunette looked around. "...and since this was the biggest store here, this plaza's gone dead." Neptune looked at the entrance to the store before seeing something was off, as Neptune and her siblings were disengaing their transformations the lilac-haired girl asked. "Hey, since when do stores have blood on the door?" Noire turned her red eyes towards the door before seeing that yes there was blood on the entrance door. "What the hell? What happened here?"

    Vert and Blanc looked at each other, the blood, and then at Ram and Rom before Blanc told Nepgear, Uni, Compa, and Iffy. "Stay out here with Ram and Rom, I don't want them to have to deal with what's inside." Ram asked. "Are you sure about that?" Blanc sighed. "The four of us will be fine, think of this as keeping an eye out for anyone who might try to get us." Ram nodded before Neptune, Noire, Vert, and Blanc walked up to the door as it slowly opened itself up, the four then went inside.

    Inside looked to be a makeshift Stormtrooper post as areas of the store were repurposed for armaments, cafeterias, etc. But it was clear that something happened here as bodies of Stormtroopers laid about the place and security cameras had been blasted and ripped to bits. Neptune remarked. "Wow, looks like we've come across a horror movie right here." Vert looked around at the mess. "I find this very odd, whatever was in here clearly could outpace an entire Stormtrooper unit." Blanc then asked. "Well, what do we do? This clearly isn't a place Cronus would be in." Noire then suggested. "We should try to figure out what happened, this may relate to either Cronus or Black...just try not to get into any puddles."

    And so the four girls looked around the area making sure not to get into contact with any of the bodies before coming across a lit computer screen that seemed to have something on it. Vert motioned for everyone to come over before the blonde looked at the screen. "It seems to be an urgent memo that wasn't finished." Blanc placed a hand on her hip. "Well, what does it say?" Vert then began to read. "To all Stormtrooper posts within the state, this is an urgent warning. Be on the lookout for a hooded male with an energy blade, he is currently here treating our defenses as though they are nothing and our own powers barely scratch him..." Neptune looked at the bodies before she said. "Well, that explains that..."

    One of the Stormtroopers however began to jerk and move about standing upon two feet, this caught the four girls' attention as the Stormtrooper was moving around erratically as though it was a mindless creature. The girls didn't have much time before the Stormtrooper's right arm began to mutate and transform into a crystalized sword, it jumped at the girls before they got out of the way with Noire shouting. "Run for it!" The four quickly ran out of the building.

    The girls outside looked at the four as Uni asked. "What happened? It's like you four saw a zombie." Noire responded. "We did see a zombie, it tried to kill us!" Nepgear then responded. "Look, I'm sure that wasn't a zombie...not like what you've seen or read." Vert nodded. "She's right, despite seeing the dead Stormtrooper come back to life...there's got to be a logical explanation for it. For now let's fly out of here before those guys figure out how the door works." Everyone nodded as Neptune and her siblings transformed again and flew off with Compa and Iffy in tow.​
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    After the plan had been set forth, everyone was beginning their preparations as Vert said to Neptune, Noire, and Blanc. "Considering we have Compa and Iffy with us, one of us will need to carry one while I will carry the other." Neptune then asked. "Wait, can you even make the flight like that?" Blanc responded to that with a smirk. "I'm sure she can, I'll carry one of them too." With that the four transformed into their HDD forms and went to where Nepgear, Uni, the twins, Compa, an Iffy were waiting, the first four having transformed already as Vert lifted up Iffy and Blanc lifted Compa up shortly before they all flew out of the building starting their flight to their destination.

    "Hey Mario? Luigi?" Peach asked looking at the brothers. "Stay safe, you two." The brothers nodded before Bowser asked Morgana. "So I guess we're all going to pile inside you and drive down there?" Zelda was a bit flabbergasted as she asked. "Get inside? He's a cat." Akira then told Zelda. "Actually, he can turn into a van...but that's not going to be the best idea." Ryuji added in. "Joker's right, if the New World Order has cameras out there and they see a cat-themed van...then they'll be after us big time."

    Luigi then asked Banjo. "So when we get to your place, how do we reach your neighbor's house?" Banjo looked at Luigi before he began to explain. "Well, when we get to my house you'll notice a dirt trail that leads further up the hillside. Take that path and simply follow it up, you'll know you're there when you see a large grassy field and a wooden cabin with trees surrounding it." Kazooie then added in. "If you go past that and onto one of the other trails, then you went too far." Star Dream then chimed in. "The Lor Starcutter is ready to fly, all you need to do is come aboard." Mario nodded before the two groups began to head outside and boarded the blue vessel.

    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Outside~

    Outside the base and not far from it to where it couldn't be seen from a distance, three figures were seen observing it. A floating being in a purple robe watched as the Lor Starcutter flew off into the air with a singular glowing red eye, a male in red dragon-themed armor stood observing the base commenting. "So the Rebels have themselves holed up here in the middle of nowhere...shouldn't be difficult to rip them into pieces..." A woman in purple was between the two of them, quiet in thought as her mask and hat covered her face hiding her emotions, she then responded quietly. "No...this isn't just some small Rebel group, she's here..." The two others looked at her before the floating mage said. "Oh my, how interesting..." The knight then asked. "Mistress Cia, are you sure?" The woman quickly responded. "Yes Volga, I used Scan...not to mention I feel her in the Force." The floating mage began to steeple his bony fingers together. "Looks like it will be a bit of a touching reunion for you..." The woman then said. "Yes Wizzro, however we are going to wait..." Volga and Wizzro stood quiet waiting on what Cia would do next.​
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    After the lengthy breakfast, everyone was gathered together in what appeared to be an abandoned store that was turned into a makeshift planning room as a map of the area was on a board with several marks and pins in various spots. The sight of the map made Luigi ask. "Um...what's with that map?" Lana looked at him. "This is a map of the state, we were using this to triangulate where Cronus could be hiding..." Lana then raised her finger. "However we will also need to prepare for our bombing run against the New World Order as well."

    "Indeed, we have quite the tasks on our plate." C.C. started with a finger on her chin with Robin adding. "Yes, but I question how the New World Order here is handling things..." C.C. looked at her. "While that is a concern, we need to keep focus." The green-haired woman then picked up a pointing stick and pointed it at a spot with a sticky note that read "Banjo's House" on it. "From what we managed to look into, Cronus acts as a sort of vigilante..." Izumi smirked, her eyes on the map. "I see, so he's pretty much like a bat...he goes in, does stuff, he gets out before anyone notices."

    "That's..." Zitz remarked looking at Izumi. "...surprisingly accurate." Izumi sheepishly smiled. "Why, thank you." C.C. looked at the map before continuing. "Now, back to the point...we will be splitting our large group up in order to check some places that we've deemed questionable and possible hiding spots spread across a few cities." She pointed at the note. "The bombs for our later run are currently hidden at Banjo and Tooty's home..." Kazooie then squwaked. "Hey Pizza Butt, I live there too!" C.C. glared at Kazooie before she said. "Yes, you do. But Banjo mentioned that he had a strange neighbor." Banjo rubbed his head. "Yeah, our neighbor lives further up on the hill in a cabin next to a large field but I don't ever see him leave." Tooty added in. "Yeah, it's like he's some kind of recluse."

    "That would raise some concern..." C.C. started before Lana said. "Banjo, I'm going to need you, the Toads, your sister, and your bird to head back up to your house and load your..." Star Dream then mentioned through a floating drone. "I apologize, but I think it would be easier if you had Banjo and them load the makeshift bombs into the Lor. If you had him load them into a ground vehicle there is a risk that they will explode and kill them." Lana blinked before she said. "Yeah, do that." C.C. then looked at the Mario brothers before she said. "Meanwhile I need you two along with Hermione, Nico, and Yuuki to go and investigate Banjo's neighbor."

    This brought up questions as Camilla asked. "Hold on, are you sure you should be sending the brothers out with just those three?" C.C. looked at the purple-haired girl. "Our priority isn't combat, unless absolutely needed I want everyone to try to avoid combat." C.C. looked at Ankh next. "Based on what info I have on you, I'm going to ask you to check everywhere from the skies considering your avian-based genetics." Rom raised her hand. "Um, couldn't Samus fly too?" Samus looked at the little girl. "Excuse me?" Rom blinked. "Well, you said you were part-bird." Samus shook her head slighty chuckling. "Not like that, the Chozo looked like birds...doesn't mean I can fly like a bird."

    "Okay, we can discuss the technicality of the Chozo looking like birds another time." C.C. stated before pointing at a sticky note that read "Abandoned Upper Tygart Elementary School" before she spoke up. "This school here has been abandoned on account of a newer school having been built not far from it, considering it has two floors and a gym in a seperate could be a possible place for Cronus to hide..." C.C. looked at Kai before she said. "Kai, I need you along with Kallen, Pyrrha, Dawn, Samus, Ryoko, Hikaru, Izumi, Meiko, Haku, Neru, Camilla, Hinoka, Lucina, Morrigan, Lilith, Ann, Makoto, Futaba, Haru, and Kairi to check this school out." Kai nodded. "Of course." Lana then chimed in. "I'll go with you all too."

    C.C. looked at Neptune, Compa, and Iffy before pointing at a note labeled "Abandoned Kmart" before she explained. "Over here not too far from us is a town called Grayson where this used to be a Kmart..." Iffy then chimed in. "Considering you were looking at us, I bet you want us to go there." C.C. nodded. "Yes, Neptune...take your siblings with you and investigate the place." Neptune gave her a thumbs up. "Sounds good to me."

    C.C. pointed to a note that read "Suspicious Church" before she said. "Finally we have a church located in the small community of Globe that people have supposedly seen someone there at odd times of the day with even lights at times." Bowser remarked. "That certainly sounds strange." C.C. nodded. "Yes, that's why I want you along with Link, Zelda, Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Pauline, Yoshi, Kirby, Aoi, Rose, Akira, Ryuji, Yusuke, Akechi, Morgana, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lily, the Wilys, Ryotaro, Trevor, and Sylpha to investigate that church." Yusuke then asked. "Pardon me, but if we're all going to be running around, what about you?" C.C. smiled. "The rest of us will stay here and keep things under control, you never know what could happen."​
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    Mario and Luigi had been in the middle of training, least whatever kind of training was possible when you were asleep and somehow had your soul somewhere else. Lady Etoille had been watching their progress before she proclaimed. "Okay, that's enough..." Mario and Luigi turned to face the woman in white and bowed as Mario mentioned. "We sure have been doing a lot of training every night after we go to sleep." Lady Etoille looked at Mario before she explained to him. "Yes, I know it is seemingly a lot that I've been putting you through considering your youth. But something happened recently that could be troubling for your world." Luigi was concerned, his eyes looking at Lady Etoille before asking. "What happened?" Lady Etoile looked at the brothers with sadness in her rainbow eyes before telling them. "Zordon...Zordon is dead..."

    The Mario Brothers gasped in shock with Mario tightening his fist and holding back his sadness. "Zordon did well in his job as Harbinger, you should be proud of his efforts." Lady Etoille then said. "Mario, I am aware of it...but Zordon...Zordon was the only being that was holding Thanos back." Luigi's eyes widened. "Wait a minute, we saw information on him while we were going through the Hidden Palace...the son of Queen Beryl. If he's free then that means..." Mario then finished Luigi's sentence. "Then that means he could be heading for Earth if he knows who we are!" Luigi looked at his brother before looking at Lady Etoille and said. "Hold on Mario, we might be jumping the gun just a bit. We don't have any clear evidence in regards to whether or not he is heading for Earth. Lady Etoille...could you find out more about this?" Lady Etoille responded. "The Star Spirits and I will look more into it, if we find something we'll be sure to tell you...but I figured you two should know now just in case it does happen. Now you two should wake got quite the day ahead." The brothers nodded.

    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Mario and Luigi slowly began to rise out of the bed that had been sleeping in within a furniture store as the smell of food wafed about in the air, they grabbed their hats and put them on while leaving the furniture store to see the large assembly at the restaurant with Aoi and Yoshi leading the charge of cooks. Noire looked over as Mario and Luigi came in commenting. "Looks like you two finally made it." Luigi looked at Noire before sheepishly responding. "We got held up in a meeting." Mario then shouted to the kitchen. "Hey, what's for breakfast!" Yoshi popped his head out. "Well, we're currently in the middle of making chicken with biscuits, waffles, eggs, and cereal with orange juice." There was a loud "Guh-huh!" coming from the kitchen as Yoshi said. "Also Banjo is helping us with today's breakfast." Mario then ran in telling Yoshi. "Right, I better help out."

    "Seriously? I know we're wanted criminals but did you two really have to do that?" Robin asked looking at C.C. and Cynthia who looked at each other laughing with Zone-Tan scratching her head. C.C. remarking. "Look, it was Valentine's Day and I wasn't going to make my lover sad." Robin blinked rubbing her head. "I know you love her, but you didn't have to use the jedi mind trick to dine and dash." Cynthia then bluntly said. "But we have no Gil, plus like you said we are wanted criminals....not to mention that one local was staring at us as though he had never seen two women kiss before." Zone-Tan then asked. "Wouldn't it be more because you were a Pokémon League Champion?" Cynthia looked at the purple-haired girl smiling. "Unlikely, the only League in this country is Unova and that's more up north from where we are."

    Luigi wandered around for a moment before spotting Ram and Rom speaking with Tooty, Luigi approached Blanc and asked her. "So, looks like they found a friend?" Blanc responded. "More like they found a friend closer to their age, while we're good and all the children need it...after all they're not in Elementary school right now and who knows where their other friends are." Luigi placed his hands in his pockets. "I see..." Luigi then turned his head to witness an argument between Kallen and Pimple and Rash.

    "Look lady, that arm of yours doesn't exactly make you beefy." Rash said before flexing his muscles in front of Kallen's face. "Look at these pythons! All natural with no steroids used." The large brown toad looked at Rash before he said. "I dunno man, just because her arm is a machine doesn't mean she's not beefy." Kallen smirked. "Damn right! I've had to get used to lugging her around and if you ask my friends they'll tell you how heavy it is." Kallen then proceeded to lift Rash off of the ground surprising him in a hug. Rash was shocked. "Okay, you got me!" Ryoko looked over at Rash and simply told him. "Yeah, don't doubt our Kallen." Izumi then asked. "Are those pythons twenty-four inches?" Hikaru then asked. "Izumi, who do you think they are, Hulk Hogan?" Izumi merely shrugged.

    "Still, for a week I think we've all adjusted to living here pretty well." Peach said before Lana nodded giving her a thumbs up. "Yup, you've proven yourselves. Since the bombs are ready we should be able to deal a blow to the New World Order later today." Morgana then hopped up next to her reminding the blue-haired girl. "Don't forget, while your friends may have gotten their part done, we still have both Cronus and Black running around." Zelda raised her hand. "We know. Lana spoke to us about it earlier in the week so we're all up to speed for the most part." Morgana nodded. "Good, although I do worry abo Trevor..."

    Aoi soon popped out from the kitchen announcing. "All right everyone, breakfast is ready....we'll all be coming out shortly to serve." With Aoi's proclaimation Neptune, Bowser, Mario, Yoshi, Kirby, Banjo, and of course Kazooie all came out carrying various dishes and began to serve the large crowd of rebels. As they went around, Banjo placed what appeared to be a lemon slice with honey on it in front of Ryuji. The blonde looked at Banjo asking. "What's this?" Banjo responded. "Well, that is a slice of lemon covered in honey." Kirby looked over mentioning. "Wait, I don't remember that being part of the meal plan." Bowser then responded to Kirby. "Eh, let's just roll with it. Besides it adds a bit of an exotic texture to the meal's palette." Daisy looked at Bowser smirking. "Wow, I didn't think you'd know such big words." Bowser growled. "Shut up."

    Everyone laughed at Bowser's reaction before Pauline asked. "So, what's the plan for today?' Kai looked at her before she said. "Our priority today will be to go search for Cronus. It took a good solid while to get a good triangulation to get where he tends to show up, but we need to know whose side he is on before we attempt to strike the New World Order. Add to that we still don't know what Black is trying to do even with the information we have from Lana and the Marios along with Akechi's skills." Akechi nodded. "I thank you for allowing me to help." Dawn then stated. "No problem, although it was a bit of a cram session for me and the girls." Rosalina looked up with her cheeks bulging out full of food. "Less talking, more eating please before the food gets cold." With that everyone started to eat.​
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    I must say those were some interesting picks, anyway I am going to be taking a bit of a personal leave due to recent events. Don't worry though, I will be back eventually.
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base [Rooftop]~

    Kallen was clashing arm to saber to keyblade with Kai and Kairi with the duo seemingly being pushed back on account of the amount of speed that Kallen was moving about. Kai remarking cheekily. "Well, I knew you'd end up being fast, flying and fancy free all over the place." Kallen then grinned. "Thanks, Lady Kai." She flew in again and was pushing only Kai back a bit with quick punches and kicks, this led Kai to suggesting. "Kallen, how about we make this interesting? Kairi!" Kairi came over to Kai before Kai handed her the violet, triangular saber commenting. "Let's make it a fair fight..." Kallen's eye's shot open asking. "Fair fight? Do you really think Kairi can beat me?" Kairi turned to face Kallen with her keyblade in one hand and Kai's saber in the other twirling it around. "I can try."

    Kallen chuckled before she came at Kairi again, this time Kairi raised her keyblade up sending a torrent of wind around her keeping Kallen at bay. Kallen now couldn't get in as Kairi leaped up into the air and sent forth waves of purple energy by combining her keyblade and the saber together as Kairi remarked. "Here is some purple rain!" Kallen managed to fly out of the way of the oncoming energy waves only for Kairi to fly at the airborne girl and smacked her arm with her keyblade causing it to shake and reverberate, this was followed up by Kairi casting blizzard on the arm freezing it over. Kallen cracked her neck. "Well, seems like someone learned well." The ice on the arm shattered as Kallen tackled Kairi down to the ground seemingly pinning her to the floor. Kairi then blasted Kallen off with a force of light magic as she stood onto her feet.

    Kallen stood there rubbing her eyes from the light-based attack before regaining her sight mentioning. "All right, all right...I think that's enough." The wings on Kallen's back vanished and folded back into the backpack. "I can see why Kai wanted it be fair now, but you did good did good." Kairi blushed. "No, it wasn't that big of a deal. I mean I didn't want to hurt you with my new tricks I've learned." Kallen laughed. "Kairi please, I can endure quite a bit..." She looked at Futaba and C.C. telling them. "I think the flight worked out well." C.C. nodded. "I agree as well, go on ahead and take five." Lana commented looking at Kairi. "Those moves were impressive, I mean based on what Lucina said you handled yourself well against Kallen." Kairi blushed a deeper red. "Thank you, Lana...but again it's no big deal." Kallen then suggested. "Hey Kairi, why don't you and Kai come by to my room later on the ship...we can have some fun together." Kai nodded before Kairi said. "Sure Kallen." ​
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    I find it a bit ironic that I only notice this now when someone decided to edit Waluigi's page of all things
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base [Rooftop]~

    Work was being done on the rooftop as Kallen stood, her arm not attached to her body, Lucina and Lana standing there watching the armless girl in wait. Ryoko and Hikaru came up through a door carrying a long black suitcase with Izumi carrying a differently shaped suitcase up to the roof as well. Futaba and C.C. were following with the former carrying her laptop in tow with Kai and Kairi following too.

    "Hey, do we have everything?" Izumi asked looking at C.C. before C.C. responded. "Yes, we were originally going to apply this while we were still in Japan...but other matters got in the way of it." Ryoko and Hikaru approached Kai before raising the lock to her robotic eye, the eye glowing before there was a loud click causing it to open revealing a custom-made red and gold arm. Futaba sat down near Lucina and Lana before opening the laptop and quickly began to type furiously while Ryoko and Hikaru were putting the arm on Kallen's body.

    Kallen jumped as the arm at first began to move on its own before Futaba raised a thumb. "Chillax, I'm checking to make sure this works." Izumi had Kai open the other suitcase revealing a red backpack of sorts, the raven-haired girl placed the backpack on Kallen's back and plugged a wire into the arm. Izumi cheekily grinned before mentioning. "This might be a tight fit, but I'm sure you're used to that by now." Izumi wrapped the straps around Kallen's large chest before snapping it in asking. "Oracle-chan, is it plugged in?" Futaba grinned. "Yeah, we're online...field-test is a go!" Kallen asked. "Wait, what does this do?" Futaba pressed a button causing a pair of crimson diamond-shaped wings to pop out and for Kallen to go shooting up into the sky.

    Kallen felt the sudden G-Force on her face before shouting. "Damn it guys! I wasn't prepared for this!" C.C. soon shouted. "Don't panic, try to adjust yourself!" Kallen began to quickly adjust herself to suddenly flying in the air. On Futaba's screen was a readout of Kallen's data and on the new arm and backpack. Kallen eventually got adjusted before Kairi brought out her keyblade smirking. "Alright Kallen, let's test how good it is." Kai joined in igniting the familiar violet saber of Model O. "After all you're going to need to adjust to fighting using that." Kallen smirked at the redheads. "Alright, let's go!" She flew down at the two ready to spar.

    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Skies Above~

    Goku Black had been flying before he saw what appeared to be a glowing crimson red flying about, keeping his distance he eventually noticed the sparring session between Kallen, Kairi, and Kai before noting the others present. Once he saw C.C. the S-Type quickly placed two fingers on his head and vanished from sight.​
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    ~Crystal Palace~

    Psycho Blue was busy looking over the various S-Type operations when Psycho Red approached him asking. "Have you seen Lord Astral? I brought those two boys it had asked me to bring from the Capital." Psycho Blue looked at his red companion before telling him. "Lord Astral is busy with a personal mission, however it did tell me to inform you that you shall be the one to check and observe their abilities. After all they were rumored to be akin to those of the Mario Brothers." As this was being explained, Wario and Waluigi walked into the room clad in their overalls grinning maniacally and laughing.

    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Kairi sat in a clothing store outside of a dressing room clad in a pink dress with a red jacket on as she was patiently waiting for Kai to come out, the door opened only for Kairi to be hugged with her face meeting something large and white with black suspenders. Kairi slowly leaned out before noticing it was Kai grinning cheekily as she asked. "How did you like that?" Kairi's eyes leaned down towards Kai's chest before asking. "It looks nice, but what happened to your chest?" Kai looked down. "Oh this? I just stuffed some clothes in here to fill it out. After all one of these days you my have to deceive someone by taking advantage of the situation around you." Kairi laughed. "Duly noted, I just hope the other girls don't see this."
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    After discussing with Aoi about Mario and Luigi's findings Cynthia, C.C., Robin, and Zone-Tan were walking about checking things out when Cynthia's eyes spotted Mew. She quickly grabbed her friends and pulled them behind a hiding spot whispering. "Do you girls see what I see?" Zone-Tan squinted her eyes asking. "Is it some kind of flying cat pokemon?" Cynthia looked at her purple-haired friend with excitement in her eyes. "No, that right there is Mew...said to be one of the rarest Pokémon to even get a glimpse of." Robin's eyes widened as she asked. "If it's rare, then why is it here? Shouldn't you catch it?" Cynthia looked at Robin flatly telling her. "No, let it be...besides it may belong to someone else. But its DNA is supposedly in every Pokémon on the planet." C.C. then said. "If its genetics are in every Pokémon, wouldn't that mean it'd be in every known legendary too?" Cynthia's eyes widened in shock as she muttered. "Then that'd mean...oh boy...that'd be a chicken and egg situation..."​
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Kallen walked up to the group and began to carry the unconscious Ron with her metal arm jokingly telling him with a smile. "All right, princess. Let's get you into a bed." Neru was soon following behind her dragging a sleeping Haku and a smiling-drunk Meiko along the floor shouting. "Kallen, wait for me!" Meiko drunkenly began to slur out. "Mommy, I'm not tired yet..." Makoto, Ann, and Haru were observing this scene as Haru asked. "Are they normally like this?" Ann responded with a chirpy. "They're fine, just drunk." Makoto raised an eyebrow. "Yet somehow they fight with drunken fists." Peach walked up to Hermione and the others before she calmly asked. "Hey, is everything okay here?"

    Meanwhile after having said her goodbyes to Lina, Kairi had found Kai merely laying about on the floor before smirking and brought out her phone. "Hey Kai, mind helping me with something?" Kai rose up looking at Kairi. "Sure, what's up?" Kairi then explained. "Well, meet me at this abandoned clothing store. Then we'll have some fun." Kairi then giggled before Kai stood up smirking and telling Kairi. "Excellent, you've been learning well from me." The two began to skip away happily.

    ~Olive Hill. Kentucky: Banjo's House~

    Meanwhile some miles away on a hill, a small blue house sat on top looking rather ordinary. Inside Zelda had finished speaking to Lana before looking at Sylpha dealing with an unconscious Trevor before sighing and looked at Kazooie mentioning. "Despite your mouth, you were right...let's get him onto the couch." Zelda walked over and began to lift Trevor before placing him on a nearby couch. A small female bear with blonde hair bounced in clad in a red shirt and blue shorts before asking Sylpha and Zelda. "Um, is Mr. Belmont going to be okay?" Zelda rubbed the bear's head. "Mr. Belmont just needs to sleep, he will be fine Tooty." Kazooie then commented. "Yeah Tooty, don't drink the stuff that Banjo and Link are making. It's only for adults."​
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    ~Morehead, Kentucky: Rebel Base~

    Mario and Luigi soon returned after encountering no resistance on the way back, after parking their kart within the Lor Starcutter and stepped out the brothers gave a sigh of relief. Luigi admitting. "Well, we should count ourselves lucky that we weren't ripped to shreds..." Mario laughed. "Luigi, we probably could have stopped whatever got in our way." The brothers began to head back inside the building before Yoshi and Kirby walked up to them, the latter asking. "Guys, where have you been?" Mario then explained. "We've been out investigating a local pizza place...and found our target." Luigi nodded before asking the two. "Have C.C. and them finished with Lana yet?" Yoshi nodded. "Yeah, basically we're going to be here for a little while." The brothers nodded before running off deeper into the mall.

    C.C. and Cynthia were busy eating a pizza together with the former gently being fed by the latter, their moment interrupted with the sounds of boots against the tile. C.C's golden eyes noticing the brothers before quickly swallowing her food and asked. "Where have you two been? Star Dream told us you had ran off to some pizza place." Mario nodded before explaining. "Yeah, we went because Lina basically told us that one of our targets was spotted there. Luigi and I checked into it and're not going to like what we found out." Luigi brought out his radar and showed C.C. the new logged entry. "The black plume that had been killing both New World Order and Rebels alike is an entity the radar coined as Goku Black." The green-haired woman took Luigi's 3DS and looked at the screen with Cynthia looking over her shoulder, the blonde responding with. "This...isn't good, the power he has is off the charts." C.C. rubbed her chin. "This is reminding me of something, but I don't want to assume it. But whatever he is...we'll need to prepare."

    Meanwhile Lana was still in her office working at her computer before she proceeded to make a video call, a blonde teenage girl appeared on screen in a place with a yellow wall, she spoke up. "You called, Lana?" Lana looked at the pointy-eared girl. "Hey Zelda, I called to get a progress report." Zelda smiled. "Well, progress is going rather smoothly with Link and Banjo working together and doubling production. If things go well we should be ready to execute our plan by tomorrow." A green-eyed red-crested breegull soon pushed their head into the call commenting. "Well, it would be faster but Ralph Belmondo over here passed out on the floor from taste-testing the stuff." Zelda glared at the bird. "Kazooie!" The bird looked at Zelda. "What? He really did pass out on the floor." Lana laughed at the argument before she said. "Okay you two, chill out. Besides we've got some reinforcements in our ranks from some old friends of our from Nintendo High. Lucina, Peach, quite a few." Zelda commented. "Well that should make our job easier." Lana nodded. "I hope so."​
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