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  1. Daxa~

    Been a while.

    Life is changing, things are moving swiftly, and I thought I'd take the time to check back in with a place a younger me spent a lot of time on.
    Hello world, how goes life?
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  2. Daxa~
    Greetings, warm regards, dancing moose to you all.
    How has everyone been? All good? All bad? Fab.
    Easter eggs. Eggs. "Cheep". Like a bird.
    I make myself laugh.
    In other news, I am tired and rather hungry and just got back from a Comic Con in Dublin. My lovely Dublin. Comic Con. Who would have thought it.
    But there was Kingdom Hearts merch there. Which made me think of here. And lo and behold, here I am.
    (Insert the deepest, most heartfelt, most dramatised statement of how much I missed you all here)

    (cause I did miss ya)

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  3. Daxa~
    Which means its time to get creative.
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  4. Daxa~
    Indeed indeed, t'is a pleasure to be (briefly) back.
    A good way to sum up how the past few months have been for myself would be to look at last night, where I went out with my friends, and ended up under a trampoline in some random persons garden at 3 in the morning pretending I was Thor. Yup.
    How have you all been, tell me everything, details and general stuff and just yes I have missed all you beautiful people (and on a *le gasp* Kingdom Hearts related note, I ended up crying, real tears, on the bus, because Axel/Lea gives me a lot of emotions still after all this time oh no my baby why).
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  5. Daxa~
    creepily Causally dropping by to see how all you lovely people are doing, and to make sure everyones grand and happy and just.
    I have missed you all ever so much, and continue to miss you every day (dramatic sobbing, beautiful soundtrack in background, cut and end scene).
    But really. all my love.
    In a box.
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  6. Daxa~
    Otherwise known as Iceman.
    It is cold and icy and snowing outside. Not lovely weather, and a stark difference to Irelands usual rain. So, walking home, just got off the bus.
    Trying to get over a half frozen puddle.
    A shout from behind me.
    All of a sudden, a man dressed in a yellow and black jumpsuit thing zooms past, flops on top of the puddle, and grins up at me. "Iceman is here, have no fear pretty lady!" he says, followed by asking me to walk on top of him, over the puddle, so my shoes are not ruined.
    Sure, I am 90% sure he was on crack.
    All the same. It made my week.
    Danu over and out, see you next time with another ridiculous, unlikely, but true story from my life.

    And how has everyone been? I miss you all ever so much darlings, ever so very much.
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  7. Daxa~
    It's rather lovely, if I do say so myself.
    And it keeps my ears warm. Always nice.
    Anyways, how has everyone been doing lately?
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  8. Daxa~


    It's like the Famine all over again.
    And I need my lovely vegetables and potatoes and whatever else grows in the ground that I eat.
    Blight warning.

    And there is a man sitting on the ground outside my window. I shall name him Jimmy. Jimmy Fred the Sixth.
    He won't wave back. And now I shall retreat into the shadows, have fun darlings.
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  9. Daxa~
    And there was a 20 minute section on the "King of the Spud" competition held in the West of Ireland today.
    I give up trying to convince people that we are not in love with any kind of potato, that our lives don't revolve around growing seasons, that we don't fight over who grew the tasiest one. It doesn't help that I have potatoes for dinner nearly every night, hmm?
    The news was only 40 minutes long in total, and 20 of them were devoted to spuds. With all that is going on, both here and elsewhere in the world. 20 minutes of farmers bringing their best potatoes. Of "professional" judges announcing the winner. Of the losers crying, big scary farmers, crying as they lost the potato competition.
    I give up.
    Now I shall get back to my little garden, where me lovely spuds are growing. Good day to you all.
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  10. Daxa~


    Such a wonderful thread title, yesh indeed~
    Hello there anyone and everyone who happens to be reading this.
    I just thought I might mention, as I do like to try and pretend that people on here care about me, that I shall be rather busy for the next few weeks, and, as a result, need a break from KHV. Just because, yesh.
    Starting tomorrow I have lots of lovely exams, going on until next Friday, the 15th. And me being me, it is very possible I have done no study, cursed lack of general motivaion. So yesh, three years worth of stuff for 11 different subjects. Blargh. I am then off to Croatia for twelve days, and though I am told there shall be internet access, I shall most likely be too busy getting sunburnt to be on much. Added to that, all sorts of blargish things keep happening to those I love, family and friends, and I need to....get my head together again I suppose. As I can feel myself getting closer to doing something stupid once again, and I don't really want that to happen.
    So yesh. If anyone wants to contact me, for whatever reason keep dreaming Danu~ I shall be checking up on Tumblr nearly every day (lovely distraction it is, just lovely) and my Yahoo email thingy. But yesh. Yesh yesh yesh.
    Love you all ever so much, more than I should most likely, and I shall miss you all dearly <3
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  11. Daxa~
    Hope you have a lovely day my darling Harrison, filled with tea and cake and Scar.
    And you must make everyone watch random Disney classics, sing songs, dance, and just have a wonderful time, as you deserve it sweetie.
    Love you <3
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  12. Daxa~
    Why hai there sweethearts, and welcome to LPTP IX.

    Winner of The Orginal: Spunk Ransom (before hack) Chev (after hack)

    Winner of the sequel: Kellyjelly

    Winner of the trequel: ... freaking Kelly *shakes fist*

    Winner of the quadquel(lolwut): Phantasmagoric(GS)

    Winner of the quinquel: finalform32

    Winner of the one after the quinquel (lol, funny word): Ienzo (Chris as runner up)

    Winner of the septquel: burnitup sabby

    Winner of whatever one the last one was: Daxa who won for Kelly and DT~

    Have an EDITED (08.08.11) song:

    Welcome to LP2P, welcome to the madness,
    Prepare to be lost in pure sweet randomness.
    This is the place to be, doesn’t take much to see,
    So come on, you’d better be ready,
    Because it’s about to blast off.

    OBJECTIONS flying round the place,
    Feenie’s here and on the case,
    Better not lie or try to run,
    Or his PW army will join the fun.

    Enzy’s there, light as a feather.
    She the one who holds us all together,
    Her presence makes the whole place glow,
    Get ready everybody, let’s go, go, go!

    MS is grinning like a Cheshire cat,
    Dancing around to who knows what,
    Her fairie magic’ll kick some ass,
    So don’t mess with this little lass.

    Then there’s ff, here to party,
    Ready with a hug, oh so hearty,
    He's our resident Xbox expert,
    Be careful now, don't get hurt.

    Burning motorbikes, probably with spikes,
    Grand entrances and future hikes,
    That’s our BiU for you,
    Always ready with something epic to do.

    Belgian waffles, goes the shout,
    Someone’s let our Machi out,
    With an extra dose of random,
    He’ll add to our mad tandem.

    Risk is in the house today,
    Witty and clever, ready to play,
    Desu weapon at the ready,
    Guess his mood, it’s never steady.

    Kelly’s causing a storm again,
    Dagger in hand stabbing all the men,
    With that dangerous glint in her eye,
    Better beware or she’ll blow you sky high.

    Chris is up to his usual tricks,
    Flirting, not caring who he picks,
    Teasing, making the whole place smile,
    This devil’s got some real style.

    That’s the team, that’s what we do,
    Always random, always new,
    Battling Dahlia or making stew?
    We’ll show you how it’s really done,
    So come on now and join the fun!

    For anyone unfamiliar with the faces you might stumble upon here at LPTP, there has been a character description made by our beloved Midnight Star! Click the spoiler to see it.

    Once upon a time in a strange unfamiliar land there was a small group of people, a mismatched lot by all means but this group together could do anything. Each of them was unique and brought something different to the team.The group has grown and evolved over time, new people have joined and others have left though still pop back every so often. This is the main LP2P from all of the threads, you are likely to find a selection of these currently active. Let me introduce you.

    First we have Chris, self-proclaimed leader of the group though there is some debate about that. He’s got no shortage of confidence and has such a style and elegance around him that gains him respect. He always appears to know what he’s doing. He fights with that same elegance and that simple smile, his twin blades a blur.

    Next is Enzy, the heart and soul of the group. Never without a smile upon her face, she holds the group together. Her bright outlook is like a ray of sunshine in the dark days they face. With her calm resolve, she often solves the party’s disputes sensibly, though still enjoys a good laugh. She does not fight, she’s the group’s healer and second in command.

    FF is ruled by his heart, his passion as strong as an erupting volcano. He cares deeply about his friends and will protect them fiercely, no matter the cost to himself. He will fight for what he believes in and will never give in. He wields a large broad sword with the all courage of a lion, never running from his fight.

    Feenie is the one who can make light of any situation and bring a laugh to the group when it is most needed. He can support anyone and is always dependable; he will never break his word or let you down. He is smarter than he sometimes lets on and can fight strongly too. He always has a cheeky grin and fights with a great showmanship, using his bo staff to great effect. Don’t underestimate this joker.

    Kelly is ice cool; she is perhaps the darkest of the group and sees things for what they are. She does not mess around with the frills and doesn’t fool herself. She takes it all in her stride, and nothing appears to phase her. She enjoys the darker side of things and can find efficient solutions, facing straight up to the hard truths of life. Her tongue is as sharp as her daggers that never leave her sight; this is one girl you do not want to mess with.

    Then you’ve got Midnight, the little girl of the group. She loves to have fun, go hyper and mess around but there’s more to her than meets the eye. When she wants to be she’s a force to be reckoned with, she can be clever and is always there to help when need be. She’s a mini scientist, with a host of chemicals up her sleeves, ready to make an explosion. Then when she’s got her bow, be afraid, she’s an expert archer and this little girl can kick ass with an innocent smile on her face.

    Risk is always ready for action, he is quiet but his actions speak louder than words. His mind always thinking ahead, and his mood is as unpredictable as weather. You never know what you’ll get but it’s guaranteed to be interesting. His fighting style changes with his mood so he chooses to go without a weapon. This makes him no weaker as he fights with his hands using his skills in multiple martial arts.

    Yet another character in the group is Machazo, and there is never a quiet moment when he’s around. He always seems to have a glint in his eye like he’s up to some mischief, but what that mischief is remains a mystery. He loves to tease others and has an obsession with Belgian waffles. His weapon, a frying pan, is somewhat unconventional but before you dismiss it, it is surprisingly effective. His enemies soon learn this when boiling hot waffle mixture burns their face off before they get knocked out with a frying pan to the head.

    Another often found with the group is Teddy, who brings along a little good old-fashioned innocence. In an ever-harsher world, this brings a breath of fresh air. Despite his innocence, he is not so vulnerable as he is able to utilise a multiple of little contraptions and traps to protect himself and help the group.

    It is not uncommon for Makaze to appear out of nowhere and make his presence known. This controversial guy can debate like a true master, winning virtually any argument he chooses to. This also has the side affect of being incredibly infuriating and can make a sane person pull their hair out in frustration. Despite this being a strong weapon in itself, he also fights with poisoned knife.

    Cat, our time travel expert, she knows everything there is to know about time travel and inter dimensional stuff. She is always fun to be around and also noticeably has a thing for older men (one in particular). Her weapon, if you could call it that, is a sonic screwdriver and is most useful with technology or robotic enemies. She’s got a mean high kick too should they not be made of metal.

    Now as you can see, the group is mismatched and as odd as can be but if you combine all these people and skills, you get a formula not to be sniffed at. You get a team, ready to take on the world and who are just about capable of anything.
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  13. Daxa~
    Why hello there my dears and darlings.
    I am in Germany right now,as my mother and father were bored so decided to book a holiday. And I decided to use this time to prove that strange things,and people,all end up happening to me. Yesh,people do happen to me. It's a serious condition.
    First of all,we almost missed our flight,due to the fact that we got there late,then went into the wrong terminal. I spent half an hour running around Dublin Airport with my bag. And then they said our names on the loudspeaker. It was very funny.
    The airplane then experiences awful turbulence,and some random old lady holds my hand and tells me that if the worst happens,I can have her wedding ring. The worst didn't happen. It was a nice ring. ;;
    After a three hour drive from the airport,during which we got lost,we arrived at our hotel. My goodness,it is the strangest place I have ever stayed in. All secret doors,creaky stairs,random people walking into your room....not to mention it is halfway up a mountain,surrounded by forest.
    It's lovely though,I must say.
    I have also learnt that German people enjoy stroking my hair. Very creepy of them.
    Now I go off to dinner,scared of what it shall be. Much love to you all my darlings <3~
    long post no one will read,hurrah~
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  14. Daxa~
    If we lose,people are going to get hurt ;;
    Happy St.Patricks Day my darlings,hope you're all drinking a lot and singing songs.
    Like I am.

    Some randomer looking over my shoulder as I typed this wants me to tell you all "This girls hair looks like fooking fire,ya know,and if the bleedin barman does not get me drink,someone's gonna dance with me".
    He then fell over.

    I need to get out of this country....
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  15. Daxa~
    Why hello there my dears and darlings~
    This shall be a lovely place for our lovely Kuroshitsuji family to talk,joke,sing,laugh,and do whatever else we feel like.
    For all those reading this who are not apart of our beautiful family yet,please do not be a stranger,join right up.
    All you need to do is choose a free character from the wonderful anime/manga,and you shall be one of us~

    Now we have the lovely list of members,and who they are~

    Sebastian Michaelis-moshimoshi

    Ciel Phantomhive-Korosu

    Elizabeth Middleford-Bloody Rose


    Mey-Rin-Dinny Grayson

    Finnian (Finny)-Feenie


    Alois Trancy-DarkTraitor

    Claude Faustus-NemesisPrime

    Prince Soma Asman Kadar-Myst

    Aleister Chamber (The Viscount of Druitt)-Tequila

    Grell Sutcliff-myself,Daxa~

    William T. Spears-Droid


    I got bored,and decided that I should add in a few of the character songs just because I love them. And oh god Williams songs make me diee <3~

    Grell <3~

    The rapping makes me dieeee <3~

    Great song to creep people out with.

    There are a few more here and there,just tell me if you want them included dears~

    I just ask of all you lovely people already here,and those wonderful people who shall join,be nice,kind,and love each other.
    Or at least pretend to.
    Much love to you all my darlings,and have fun <3~
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  16. Daxa~
    I hope you have tons of fun,eat lots of cake,and sing and dance to whatever song you like <3~
    Ever so much love to you darling.
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  17. Daxa~
    This is called me getting bored and fiddling with an app thingy on my iPad.
    I don't even know what you would call these...
    A bit big to be avatars me thinks,but too small to be signitures.
    But still.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And that last one is my eye.
    I don't know why,but while taking a picture of said eye,I got the sudden urge,to splurge,and pretend to be a graphic designer~
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  18. Daxa~
    I gots a 20 pound gift voucher off my granny for Christmas.
    And I do not know what to spend it on.
    Help please my dears and darlings?
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  19. Daxa~
    God damn you pink people.
    Congrats Petter dear,I am most proud of you for being a post whore <3
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  20. Daxa~
    Have you missed me my dears and darlings?
    Been oh so busy this past week,and I swear my life is Queen.
    Just Queen. Nothing else.
    But last night was the last show,and while it was so amazing and great etc,I shall miss it oh so much....
    And of course I started crying,making everyone else,including the teachers,cry aswell.
    And now,since I do not have to be in school 18/19 hours a day(no joke ;_;),I can catch up on stalking my beautiful KHV dears.
    Much love <3
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