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  1. Misty
    It's not necessarily a problem but it can cause some headaches. But you can, like I said, try to use that second router as a repeater.
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  2. Misty
    Yes, your main router needs to stay connected to the modem. The modem takes the connection from the cable company and (typically) converts it to Ethernet, which the router can then connect to and service your devices.

    If you have a spare router that you want to use as a wireless repeater (take the wireless signal and extend it to areas of the house that the router may not reach), you can check and see if there is a setting within it to do so. I wouldn't recommend running two separate networks within your house unless you have a specific need for it. One router plus a repeater should serve you fine.

    Also $200 is crazy for a repeater. You can get one for much, much less than that.
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  3. Misty
    Stardew Valley is great. I completed the Community Center in my second year and now I'm on the early third. I haven't played much since finishing the Community Center simply because I don't have much more to do besides optimizing my farm, collecting everything, and building relationships. My two favorite things were the Community Center and the mines (I finished both). Mostly I'm just waiting for the new content patch to pick it up again.

    I didn't spend much time building relationships but Penny is my absolute favorite.
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  4. Misty
    Make sure wifi is set up at your new place
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  5. Misty

    Hey Blaine

    He didn't, everyone kinda lost interest because it included Lesser Members.

    Also I think he got banned during it
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    he knows, and he knows that you owe me one

    Much love Alex, we'll keep in touch. I need to detox all my hatred on someone.
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    yeah the whole thing seems super fake but I Want To Believe
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    mine are coming in. I like chewing twizzlers with them
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    hey do you guys think her and tom hiddleston are the real deal? i want to believe in love but they are trying me with that I heart ts shirt
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    Since my name has been dragged up and every other thread on this subject has been locked: I never, as I remember (and feel pretty confident in saying), publicly announced or addressed changes within the staff aside from opening up apps. If things ended ugly with a staff member, we usually had the decorum not to drag it out into the forums and make shady posts of half-truths and accusations in an attempt to discredit them. But then, most of the people I demoted were either by their own choice or because they hadn't logged in in ages. I'd never demote an active staff member for privately venting about me... but I don't work here any more and things are run differently now. (-:
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  11. Misty
    Never stick a vacuum in a computer, unless you want to fry your components. Pick up a can of compressed air and blow out the dust. You'll have to remove the side window but you don't have to uninstall any hardware unless the dust buildup is really bad.
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  12. Misty
    Oh yeah I must have misread that. Did the doctors tell you why? The only complications I have read about for it are if the doctor places it incorrectly and then problems people have with the hormones (if it is a hormonal IUD). There are many different types out there that may be worth a shot, but if there was some kind of medical reason you couldn't have it then obv that's more important. I read it as your doctor rejected you for one.
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  13. Misty
    y'all are all so salty now just play games and have fun

    might buy
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  14. Misty
    I went on birth control earlier this year, almost six months ago. I am on pretty standard, take-it-once-a-day combination pills. My mom never spoke to me about birth control nor do American schools really provide comprehensive sex education, so going on birth control was a decision I made after I started having sex. Truth be told I waited way too long but after a pregnancy scare and doing research into abortions (which, while I'm lucky to live in an area where they are fairly accessible and cheap (a few hundred from the research I did), still are something I want to avoid), I got more serious about it. I've had a rough time adjusting to it, the hormonal changes have exacerbated some depression issues I've had. Happily now that I'm finishing off the fifth month I think I'm adjusted. But after seeing what the pills have done for my menstrual cycle, I'd really recommend them to any teen (I'm no doctor so I don't know how that might affect their development) purely for the shorter, lighter, more regular periods. And that way, if and when they decide to start having sex, they're prepared.

    That said, your experience getting birth control and with doctors can vary hugely. Personally I went to Planned Parenthood and the process was fairly painless. They offer basic gynecological services too, they tried to get me to schedule a pap smear. I did have to pay out of pocket, but that's based on your insurance plan. It wasn't a lot of money and my prescription is covered by insurance at least. But what's great about them is that they will sit down with you and make sure you know your options. I went in having done some research and wanted to try the pill first, but the nurse was perfectly willing to inform me about the IUD, depo shot, patch, etc. There was no judgment, they listened to my choice for the pill, and were informative on how to use the pill and what my other options and questions were. It doesn't sound like your OBGYN had your interests in mind and I would highly recommend finding either a different doctor or a Planned Parenthood clinic in your area.

    However, most doctors are going to be reluctant to perform sterilizations no matter what. And there's definitely social biases that go into that and some medical concern as well (the process can cause complications). But it doesn't surprise me if this was the same doctor who rejected you for an IUD, which sounds like the best option for you. They're something like 99% effective because there's nothing to **** up like the pill (taking it late, missing pills, etc.) beyond the doctor placing it and they can last like 10 years. There's outdated belief out there that women shouldn't try it until they have had children, but from what I have read that's since been proven to have no real medical basis.

    I'm really sorry your experience has been bad and I think you should look for a different facility or clinic. IUDs are very popular because of their reliability and potential for long-term protection. They would be a great fit for you and you should find a doctor who is willing to give you one or at least talk to you about your options and basically treat you like an adult capable of making choices about her own body.
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  15. Misty
    I mean, there's piracy
    You can also probably get a legit key for free through your school
    And then there's a subreddit that sells them for like $15 I think? I've read about it, not sure what it's called
    Your school is the best bet, they'll give you a copy of Education edition which is essentially Pro
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    actual princess cal
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    I would never vindicate his stupid ass decisions like that
    can I have it
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    my boyfriend got a shiny from wonder trade (idk what Pokemon it is) and traded it for a ****in cyndaquil
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