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  1. strfruit

    Just Cause...

    A friend sent this to me.
    Thought I'd share......yup :3
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    Special Effects Ray Harryhausen dies today at age 92.

    Jason and the Argonauts V Skeletons

    May he rest in peace.
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    Say My Name

    The other day in class, my professor mispronounced a student's name.
    Yup....doesn't seem like such as big deal, right?
    However, this student was pretty ticked off by that. Literally he stood up and yelled at the professor that it wasn't said correctly. Was a bit surprising how this little mistake made him so angry. Yeah, it's been five weeks in that class so far and my professor should somewhat know our names by now, but it wasn't something I wouldn't think one would really be that angry about.

    A few of my professors call me by the wrong name or mispronounce it (and my name is pretty simple), but it isn't really a big deal to me. I would never really be upset about it.

    There's also the matter of making new friends and they forget your name. So to say I make a new friend and we don't get to see each other for a while and they call me by the wrong name. (College is a good place for this! @.@)

    So out of curiosity, do you guys think it's a big deal to be called by the right name? Does a mispronouncing of your name bother you?
    Do you say something when it is said wrong or just let it pass?

    Share your feelz.
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    Woke up this morning to my friend freaking out over this. However being a big fan of the series, it's pretty exciting for me too.
    Sharing with you all. Ratchet and Clank movie said to be released in 2015.



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  5. strfruit
    While working on a project today, my iPhone fell out of my pocket and the screen shattered :(
    I have an iPhone 4.
    The screen still works but it's hard to read anything.
    My roommate told me I should just buy a new phone, but being in college that's a little rough at the moment. However if it costs just as much to fix just the glass, it might be better if I did?

    What should I do guys? ;____;
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    Disney Animation posted this on their Youtube page.
    Such a wonderful animated short.....I can't describe it in words! So much love for it.


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    You may have seen this, but my animation professor sent this to me because he thought it was cool haha.......sorry guys for bringing this song back! ;___; I thought it was pretty neat and must have taken quite some work/time to do so I am sharing it with all of you lovelies ^-^

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    Yesterday I was doing some stretching exercises as I do every day. Well, I bent down to touch my toes and when I came back up a got a slight pain in my lower left back. It didn't stay but for maybe a few seconds, but I stopped stretching just in case.
    About an hour later, I lifted my leg to sit on my bed and while doing so it happened again, but this time it was severely painful and I felt a burning sensation in the same part of my back. It hurt so bad that I had to lay down flat on my bed and couldn't move at all. It took my breath away and was even tear jerking. I had to call my mom for help. I took some medicine and applied ice and heat, but nothing is working.
    Being bed-bound all night and all day today, there isn't any position I can lay without it hurting. I also am unable to walk. Whenever I get out of bed, it begins to hurt more with each step and I become really dizzy and feel faint. I get really shaky and I hear ringing in my ears as well. I don't know if maybe the pain is what is making me feel this way?
    Even sitting up in bed, I feel really faint. :/

    I'm not really quite sure what I did. Maybe I turned the wrong way and pinched a nerve or something. I feel terrible v.v
    Just to be able to walk would be wonderful....;~;

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks a bunch you guys.

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  9. strfruit
    A friend and I were talking about this the other day.....random conversation but quite interesting all the same..... ^^
    Made me curious...

    What would you all consider to be a dreamy romantic date?
    (nothing dirty guys XD)

    Just laying on the beach at sunset or night, holding hands, gazing at the stars, and having a nice conversation with some laughs.....
    sounds cheezy..yes yes...I know XD...but lovely :3

    Such a random my :P
    (I apologize if this is in wrong place and if there has already been a discussion of this ^^)
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