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  1. Calxiyn
    In class, we went over a concept that has really changed my outlook on things, so I thought I’d bring it up

    We were discussing the idea that to achieve true freedom and liberty, the state should have no power in imposing their views on private life onto individuals. Meaning that the state should not try to regulate private behaviours, and instead only focus on activities that harm others instead of self harming activities. The idea being that morality or moral activities are activities that harm others, while imprudent activities are activities that harm yourself

    But this begs the question where the line is drawn between activities which are imprudent, and activities which are morally incorrect.

    The idea is that activities like murder are a moral issue because it is an activity that harms someone outside ones self.

    But activities such as drunkenness, not showering, doing drugs, those are self harming activities and so it is a matter about ones values when it comes to being imprudent, or ones opinion on what is prudent.

    To continue, there is an idea that say, if a police officer is drunk on duty he should not be punished for the drunkness, but rather neglecting his terms of contract. That if a parent is on drugs and neglect their children, they should be punished for being neglectful and not doing the drugs. Because these activities are at a base level self harming and do not harm anyone else until someone decides to do something morally wrong while preforming these self harming activities.

    For something like murder it is very black and white, but with concepts that seem to be in a grey area, where do we place them? Because the idea here is that morality is based on rational ideas, while prudence is about feelings and personal values.

    For example:

    Polygamy is not a moral issue but an issue of perceived imprudence by other groups or people, being gay is not a moral issue but an issue of perceived imprudence by other groups or people, and these groups of people should not be able to infringe on individual liberties.

    So now that I’ve explained that fully, we sort of got to a place in class where we were talking about the idea of being the “moral police” or trying to regulate private behaviours, how this works into politically correct cultural and stuff like that.

    So my question is, with this line of reasoning is that how can we decide the difference when people genuinely believe their issues of what they perceive as prudent or not are moral issues?

    I’ll use the example of being gay again because I’m gay and that’s what I’m comfortable with. For being gay to be morally wrong, the idea would have to be that it is not only a perceived self harming behaviour, but that it also harms other people. I don’t think it harms anyone (obviously) But some people genuinely believe that it harms the well being of the people around this person thus in their eyes making it morally wrong.

    So what do we do in cases like this? Is that where the majority just has to decide what is or isn’t a matter of prudence? Or is that when we find evidence to prove that it’s a matter of prudence and not morally? And how can you “prove” something is actually morally wrong if people feel like they are hurt by the action? Is this a case of people needing to “toughen up”, or do we listen to each case of where someone may feel like their individual liberty is being impacted by a behaviour and decide? But that goes back to who is responsible enough to decide these things and if there is a right or wrong answer.

    For my personal opinion, this whole idea may seem lacking in empathy, because you’re basically saying that you don’t care about other people unless it effects you. And I do think that we should leave people alone if they’re doing something that’s not hurting us, but does that mean we don’t care if they’re hurting themselves? Like the example in class used a lot was being drunk, and how that’s a self harming behaviour and so we or the state shouldn’t moderate that or try to control that. But what about being concerned for someone’s health and well being? Do we not interfere because it infringes on their individual liberty even if they’re sick and we want to help them get better?

    I know that’s a lot of questions but I’m up to talk about this more
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    This isn’t my theory, but I saw this video and I thought it was pretty interesting

    Basically the idea is that these hourglasses around the Young Xehanort fight in Kingdom Hearts DDD represent the foretellers. The foretellers are supposed to represent the 7 deadly sins and so these are the colours of said sins. To recap you have Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Pride and Lust, and the colours that are used in the hourglasses share the same colours used to represent the sins

    One hour glass is missing from these and since Young Xehanort has one on his Keyblade, the YouTuber here claims the hour glass representing Luxu or Lust is attached to Xehanort which I guess furthers this theory. I would watch the video to get a better explanation.


    For my personal thoughts on the theory though I’m a little confused.

    The light blue and the goat symbolism (Xehanort seems to be associated with a goat or another weird animal) is supposed to be sloth, a spot which would already be taken up by Aced.

    The dark blue one for Lust or Luxu is outside of the circle, which to me with the same logic this theory presents means that it would be that Aced is in Xehanort, not Luxu. Which is kinda weird and doesn’t make any sense

    But I find it strange that someone could explain all the colours and what they all connect to but then go “well ignore that Luxu’s Color is already on the outside mate it’s fine”, like it seems like a big hole that could be easily avoided. Because now you got a sloth Xehanort and not a lust Xehanort. Which means you got an Aced Xehanort and not a Luxu Xehanort. You could argue that Nomura just switched the colours around cause he felt like it but that’s the only way this still holds up
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    My sister who’s sick with an ear infection got an UberEats McFlurry from McDonalds from a friend from school to make her feel better.

    If that’s not true love I don’t know what is

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    Most of us probably already understand what these terms mean, even if we've never heard the term before:

    Fixed Networks are Social Media sites like Facebook or Instagram. There are exceptions to this of course such as group pages and what not, but most of us have the understanding that on a site like Facebook, the norm is for you to put your real name and pictures of yourself, as well as information about yourself in order to connect with people who you've met in real life, like your family or your friends. Instagram falls under that to an extent, with an emphasis on putting photos of yourself, where you are, or what you're going. (Instagram is also pretty integrated with Facebook). In a Fixed Network, you may feel pressured to act a certain way because you know all your friends and family can see you.

    Flexible networks are networks where people are anonymous or pseudonymous. You get the chance to present yourself as a new identity, like with a username that's different from your real name, and a profile picture that could be anything from an anime character to an actor.
    Reddit, 4Chan, even KHV fall on the spectrum of a flexible network. On these sites you can post information about yourself which you maybe wouldn't post on your Facebook, since no one knows who you really are.

    In between this are websites such as Twitter and YouTube. On Twitter you have a choice, you can present yourself as "yourself", like celebrities or politicians having accounts with their real names and information, or you can be pseudonymous. For YouTube, it depends if you're the user or the creator, but lots of YouTubers get by without having to ever put their actual face or name anywhere, they simply have a character or a persona like you would have on a flexible network, but in a video.

    I wanted to explain that before I asked: What do you guys prefer when you're online? Do you prefer being on Fixed Networks like Facebook, where everyone knows exactly who you are (your real name, your real photos, the account you've had since you were 14 probably), or do you prefer networks that are more flexible? Do you feel like not being under your real identity gives you a chance to act out like you wouldn't on Facebook, or do you feel that instead you're able to be your true self?

    For me I don't really get to have a flexible identity anymore lol. "Calxiyn" is connected to everything, so even on more flexible networks, it all goes back to the same place so to speak, so I don't get the luxury of being able to be pseudonymous anymore unless I have other accounts. And I actually do have a couple of those. Not on KHV obviously, but Tumblr and Twitter you create new blogs or whatever and manage them pretty easily. It ultimately has to do with branding and clutter, not a "true self" or "deviance" sort of thing - if I'm really into something that has no relation to my "brand", like an author I'm reading a lot of books from or something, I don't want to fill up my Calxiyn accounts with all that stuff because my followers from my YouTube channel probably aren't gonna care.

    Anyway, I want to know how you guys think/feel, we were talking about this in my Social Media class at school (but y'all aren't being used for a homework assignment or anything don't worry)
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    Please send me pictures of your pets, your dog dogs, your cat dogs, your dog cats and your cat cats.
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    So if you guys didn’t know they are currently making a Heathers TV show that is supposed to be loosely based on the original movie.

    I told myself I would give it a chance and now that the pilot is out I decided to watch it.

    Throughout the entire thing I was like “Wow this is so much worse then Riverdale” in terms of the writing, not necessarily the plot itself (since that was more or less ripped from the actual Heathers movie). It’s very much like “do y’all really think this is how teenagers sound like”, and I pretty much didn’t laugh once. At least there are things in shows like Riverdale where I’m like “this is so awful it’s hiliarious” (not the writing but a situation or whatever) but this didn’t really get a laugh out of me. It was more like a weird second hand embarrassment where I was like “oh god why”

    However, with that being said there was something at the very end of the first episode that I think could turn this all around. Because this thing wasn’t mentioned in the trailers, this pilot could be the biggest bait and switch so to speak I’ve personally ever seen. I want to talk about it more in depth in a spoiler tag, but I see 1 of 2 options:

    1. They do what they’re doing and it totally sucks because these people clearly can’t write

    2. They do what they’re doing and it goes exceptionally well, and this pilot was sorta a farce the whole time.

    So I would say for now to give it a chance because it can actually go somewhere interesting, but if episode 2 doesn’t deliver I would suggest skipping this one.

    Now for the spoilers

    So basically at the end of the episode you find our Heather isn’t really dead like she was in the movie, but she’s just really hurt and wakes back up to see that she now has 27 million likes on her suicide video.

    This is where things start to get “interesting”, and you see a preview for the ACTUAL season as it says “on this season of heathers”

    Heather basically blackmails JD and Veronica because they kinda tried to kill her, she returns to school and becomes the “face of suicide” with her new found fame. Obviously this causes the entire rest of the plot of the OG Heathers to go in a completely different direction. This I think is a really interesting idea that I wasn’t really expecting

    That being said, as I mentioned above, I have approximately 1% faith in terms of this actually be executed correctly. Because in my head the effective trick is “see we baited you now is when the actual show is going to start that is well written, taking an interesting turn and actually funny” like this was some large marketing scheme cause if y’all didnt know this did get a lot of backlash and what not.

    Because for me, now instead of turning this off because it was of a questionable quality, I’m actually like “oh... okay, this is something that could actually work and capture my interest”.

    The thing is the rest of the entire season could fix a lacklustre first episode, especially if that lacklusterness was on purpose for whatever reason. But I’m 99% sure things won’t improve from here, even though a tiny 1% inside me is saying that maybe, just maybe this could turn into something completely different
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    I don’t know if Amaury does Canadian only holidays...Also upon further investigation this is only a thing in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan so I’m sorry

    Go tell your family you love them, whether that’s your blood family or friends that feel like family, etc etc

    Or don’t I’m not the boss of you
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    View attachment 48623 View attachment 48622

    So these ugly little things are called Bakugan and they came from a TV show that aired in 2007. Unlike my Pokémon cards which did not get the same treatment, I actually kept these.

    I’m pretty sure this would have been more popular in Canada because of TeleToon then the US, but I wanted to see if anyone was into it.

    Everyone eventually abandoned these for Bayblades or whatever but these were always cooler
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    I made a joke about this in a different thread where I like, took a picture of an emoji and stuck it at the end of my sentence cause KHV doesn’t seem to keep them in the posts if you put one in, but I’m actually curious now: Is there a reason IPhone emojis don’t work when posting and replying to threads?

    Basically what happens to me is that I’ll use an emoji and it’ll just disappear by the time I post it. I don’t know if this happens for Android as well, but it’s definitely happening for me on my iPhone.

    I guess this is part help + part a suggestion since I’m wondering if it would possible to get them to work, as well as what is stopping them from working right now? Like what’s making them disappear?
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    I was thinking about this while looking in movies / media, but it strikes me as weird that even though YouTube is such a big part of online culture and online media, we don’t have a subsection for it. (Or even that many posts about it but I’ll get to that)

    Basically my idea is that we have a YouTube subsection within one of the other sections (like within the media section), and within that section you’d talk about specific YouTubers, their newest uploads etc.

    For example right now I’m pretty much obsessed with this YouTuber SailorJ ( ) so I’d make a thread about her with something like “SailorJ is an up and coming YouTuber who posts videos poking fun at Makeup YouTubers and is best known for videos such as ‘how to be a hufflepuff’, ‘how to be a Pisces’...” and so on. I know we can put individual videos in the spam zone, but I imagine these threads like say, the RWBY thread where people were always sorta updating it with new news and info about most recent “episodes” etc.

    There are also a lot of YouTube content that is serialized to an extent as if they were “episodes”, like Roosterteeth podcasts and letsplays and whatnot.

    The only thing is though I don’t know if anyone actually wants this. A lot of KHV members are a little older and may have grown out of their YouTuber obsessed phase lol, so that’s why I’m asking.
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    I was thinking about this recently cause I’m having trouble sleeping (this isn’t really a help with life thing though), but in your experience is it better to get another hour of sleep, or just go through it all together? Here’s some examples:

    - When you’re pulling an all-nighter, is it better to get one hour of sleep or push all the way through to the end? (So you were awake for 11 hours slept for 1 and then were awake 12 hours)

    - Your alarm wakes you up around an hour before you have to get up, do you sleep the hour or just wake up

    - If you have to commute is it worth it to sleep an hour on the train and then wake up and go about your day?

    I’m a number 2 & 3 example. I’ll always wake up at say, 5AM if I have to be up at 6AM, and if I happen to fall asleep I don’t know if I actually feel better rested because I’m just pulled out of sleep again. Same with on the train

    So I wanna know what y’all recommend: do you take the extra hour when you can get them, or do you just push through and not do the hour power nap because you’ll just be more tired?
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    So if you guys didn’t know, Black Mirror is a sci-fish British(?) TV show that deals with technology in stuff. One the episode has a system where it pairs you up with someone and you’ll only stay together as long as the time tells you. For example, you may get this

    View attachment 48614

    If you want to test to see how long you got with your partner or with someone on KHV, click on this

    There is a little trick to get forever, but you’ll only know it if you watch the show! Hunter and I got this

    View attachment 48615
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    OKAY so real quick: I didn’t draw ANY of these I just wanted to show you. My thumbnail artist Howl made all of them for me, but he’s not on KHV and I didn’t know where else to post them. Anyway you can find him here:

    View attachment 48604 View attachment 48605 View attachment 48606 View attachment 48607 View attachment 48608 View attachment 48609 View attachment 48610 View attachment 48611 View attachment 48612

    Also he actually used @Marushi ’s Secret Santa gift of the picture she drew of me for some guidance (which I think is also so cute)
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    I have no idea where to put this thread

    I wanted to ask - do y’all do any personal cleaning before New Years and if so, what exactly? I don’t mean vacuuming and stuff for guests just stuff for your personal well being

    Like for example I deleted a bunch of apps I don’t need, left 16/20 of my Discord servers, canceled a bunch of email subscriptions etc

    Do y’all do anything like that?
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    At the beginning of each school year I would start a journal and have a new journal every couple months. I fell off of doing that for a while, but I still remembered what I used to do: just in case someone was reading it 100 years in the future, I explained absolutely everything to them: That I was in this RP group on this other site called Punchwood, that I was on KHV (later that I was Staff on KHV), that I had a YouTube channel and did musical theatre, my entire highschool experience that far, just a very detailed explaination of everything

    But the weirdest thing about that was I would make "profiles" of a sort and I sorted everyone by group. So my real life friend(s) had their own spot, but then there was a Punchwood header, and of course a KHV header where I put everyone I could think of being important to the person's understanding of the journal, who they were, what they were like etc. I probably still have them and maybe I'll show you guys your entry if you're curious. And like I said I dropped it for a while.

    Now that I'm starting a new journal I thought about doing the same thing again, but as I mentality started listing people, for the first time in my life I realized there were too many people to mention - the Punchwood group, the KHV Staff (when I was Staff) would have stayed, but then there are the members I've made friends with that I didn't know before (shoutout to @DigitalAtlas ), there's everyone that's in my personal Discord server and the staff team for my server, then there's my RWBY YouTuber friends and their servers, and the more I started going the more I realized that I'm so lucky to be surrounded by so much love that I can't even list everyone I care about - because I care about all of you guys so much.

    View attachment 47731

    So I did this in one page. Short and simple, with no long explaination, just happiness and hopefulness for the future...

    Tldr: Thanks guys you rock
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    This musical has over 22 songs which is unsurprising considering Frank Wildhorn is best known for Jekyll and Hyde which stands at a solid 29 (around that anyway) songs. They're all listed on the Wikipedia as the musical has already premiered in Japan and is now also doing a run in Korea we have a good long list of what the musical will look like. There was a workshop where some demos were recorded, and I'm going to post some of the demos I found down below:

    This definitely has a Jekyll and Hyde field and they incorporate a LOT of the music from the anime if you listen to the chords and stuff.




    6 KIRA:


    14 I'LL ONLY LOVE YOU MORE: (This is a cover of the song, the coverartist as a link to the original english in the Bio but unfortunately it seems to have been taken down)




    That's it from now. We only have those 10 songs! If you guys find anymore, since videos were taken down from the playlist I was looking at let me know so I can edit the OP. My personal opinion is that this is perfect - it uses the original Death Note score while Frank Wildhorn uses his own style. Jekyll and Hyde wasn't really popular but it's one of my favorite musicals and I can't see anyone else doing the music for this - it's just so fitting for him to be doing the music. Also to have freakin Jeremy Jordan in your musical, like GEEZ you must have done something right. Also I'm not sure of the original actress for Misa, but you do hear her in Stalemate and her voice is INTENSE.
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    I know this is Kingdom Hearts related, but honestly it seems more like a spamzone thing then anything else:

    I'm not that far into it yet but this would probably be more fun when you're wasted (you legal age people) and it's 2:00 in the morning. So far from what I understand this is how Xehanort like, become a Keyblade Master and got off Destiny Island I guess


    View attachment 47715 I guess I'm dead

    EDIT 2:
    View attachment 47716 View attachment 47717 AAAAG
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    Hey everyone! I just made my first ever YouTube channel trailer, and I want some advice on how I could improve it for the future. I'm not very good at editing anything together, but I feel like this is good, but I want to make it great for next year's channel trailer!

    Also, just as a note, it needs to be about 30 seconds for YouTube to use it as an ad and so that's why it's so short. It also took me a billion years to put all of those videos with all of our reactions in the middle and nearly crashed my editing software, lol. I was trying to mimic trailers like HMK's, but I have very limited resources so I need to work with what I have, which is Power Director 14. It's a really good editing software but as soon as it got to video 10 in that set where I have all of my faces all over the place it was starting to have a hard time.

    Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hey everyone! This is a very long theory and discussion post. If you don’t wanna be spoiled I suggest don’t read it lol. This post and the video I made based on this post is basically my feelings on whether having Marluxia is justifiable or not. You can find the video under the spoiler tag if you'd rather listen then read:

    Now that that's out of the way, let's get into it: For me the answer is yes, and I’ll explain the evidence I believe points to this happening all along, rather than the KHUX trying to add nonsense at the last minute. Whether you like the story choice or not, I believe that if it was previously foreshadowed as happening it has been built up enough to be believable and hence is “justified”. I can’t find a better word than justified other then “makes sense” but you guys get the idea: What is unjustified for me is them adding it because they felt like it and I don’t believe that’s what happened here. Even if I don’t like the inclusion of Marluxia here, I can respect it as it has been built up since RE:COM, and even if Nomura’s choice is bad, at least it was a concrete choice, it’s not random. I just wanted to clarify that.

    I think it’s understandable to be shocked and or angry as as we haven’t gotten an explanation for why characters like him and Ventus are showing up in Kingdom Hearts UX. But, first in case you don’t know, in the new cutscenes, Sterlitzia, who’s supposed to be the 5th leader, is looking for our player to warn them about all the stuff going down, but storytelling wise it would be cooler if she had known Marluxia beforehand and was actually looking for him and HE killed her. It would have been a cool twist. But anyway she looks around town, and then goes into a building where a shadowed figure kills her in cold blood. She then dies without creating a Nobody or a Heartless, because the intention here wasn’t to extract her heart, and then Marluxia goes to pretend to be the 5th Union Leader. So there’s not too much to unpack here, but what I want to talk about whether or not this is a justifiable decision or not.

    The first is that Marluxia is called the Graceful Assassin, but he actually didn’t kill anyone in RE:COM. His title was decided before his UX appearance, which always to me pointed that he had done something shady in his past like a lot of the other Organization 13 members.

    The second is that Marluxia is the one to explain how Roxas can collect hearts. Now everyone in the organization should know this, obviously, but if Marluxia does have a Keyblade in KHUX, it makes sense he would know how since in the scene when he killed Sterlitzia, he choose not to extract her heart to create a heartless or nobody but instead kill them outright. Because if you remember in KH, anyone without a Keyblade can kill heartless but they just come back, meanwhile Sora can extract the hearts of a heartless, so it’s very fitting for him to be doing that in 358/2 Days and it makes the scene more meaningful whether he has a Keyblade or not.

    However to counteract that point, Marluxia in RECOM says: "The Keyblade's power... How I've longed to make it my own!". This to me implies that Marluxia doesn’t have one and is going to go through KHUX bullshitting his way out of using a Keyblade. Now, this would explain Marluxia’s bloodthirsty attitude towards getting a Keyblade, because he’s been waiting what feels like an eternity to get one. The reason he killed Sterlitzia could have been for the same reason - that he hungers to make the Keyblade’s power his own. If you want both my last point and this point to stand however, you could argue that Marluxia could be talking about the Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts BBS that unlocks Kingdom Hearts, and that the only reason he was going after Sora was because he knew everything had to be “in place” for the events of the future to happen. Remember that we never catch Marluxia monologuing to himself about his true intentions, or are ever in his head, and so the idea of overthrowing the organization to use Sora could have been a ruse to make sure future events were set in stone. In addition, Xemnas knew of the plans to overthrow the organization, and so I believe sending Axel there to eliminate them was also a ruse, or a strategy. Because as we know from Saix, Axel was supposed to die there as well, or at least Saix wanted him to. Maybe this is because later Axel gets a Keyblade in DDD, and Axel says himself he doesn’t think anyone really accounted for him coming in to save the day. So maybe the reason why Xemnas knew is because without this event he knew it would be impossible to set all the events in motion for the other KH games, as explained in DDD.

    Marluxia also has an obsession of being superior or in power, and no matter where my last point lands you could say the power from KHUX got to his head, and so even if he overthrew the organization truthfully without Xemnas being in on it to set up events in DDD, that could be why.

    Then, there are the Marluxia Nobodies in the Tangled World, which should have given us a very large clue.

    Finally, Marluxia is sent to Castle Oblivion and we know the real reason why people were sent there was to find the hidden chamber that held Ventus. As some of you may know, there’s a very solid theory because of the inclusion of the Dream Eaters that the KHUX world we are playing in is a Dream world, like the ones Sora and Riku visited, and the inhabitants of that world are stuck there in a timeless loop so to speak. Or that it is similar to Timeless River, where no one gets any older and are stuck in the timeline in which Disney Castle hasn’t been built yet. In any case, Marluxia could have been woken up along with Ventus, but now that Ventus is asleep again, I believe the concern is by Xehanort and Xemnas that if he is woken up, he could tell them the secrets of KHUX and warn everyone about what he remembers after diving into the dream world. He could also see his old self. With this theory it makes sense that Marluxia and Ventus were just trapped souls stuck in the constant loop of the timeline that were ripped out by Xehanort.

    Even though some of these point are theory crafting or connecting the dots without it being entirely spelled out for us yet, this to me justifies the decision of including Marluxia into the game. Again, if I don’t agree with the choice I believe there’s enough material that could be now seen as foreshadowing to KHUX, instead of it just being a random choice Nomura made because of a weird KH acid trip.

    So I wanna hear what you guys think: Do you think this was a random choice Nomura made, or do you think he actually has been planning this all along? And does it make a difference to you regardless? Again, personally for me even if I don’t agree with the story choice I personally can respect with the fact at least it was a concrete choice and not just random, but I wanna hear from the rest of you!
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    Have you guys read this Twitter Thread? My mom was losing her **** about it

    Here's the thread in video form for those that it'll be easier for:

    In summary, this dude is a humor comic author and he keeps having dreams about this kid named David. He has this dream about a girl asking him if he's seen David, and she tells him that he can ask David 2 questions, and not to ask a third one or he'll die. So of course he asks a third one and strange things have been happening to this dude ever since. A lot of people thought it was for publicity but he seems to be putting in a **** ton of work when he's already gotten the views he's probably needed off it anyway. For his sake tho I hope he's just faking it cause the dreams he has seems to be causing him a lot of paranoia and fear which is kinda sad. Whether it's true, or untrue it's a fun read/viewing.

    What gets me though is his cats that just go to stare at the door, and that it's BOTH of them. The creepiest thing about it may be the cats conspiring to freak him out.
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