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    you wanna go boi?

    you wanna go boi?
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    Meh xD

    Meh xD
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    Iaso saw an object coming closer to him but he couldn't make it out. Then at a split second before it hitting him he noticed it was another bottle and dropped to a laying down position on his glider, then he stood back up. "What is it with him and throwing bottles!?", Iaso asked himself as he got closer and closer to Buece. Iaso grabbed a ether potion bottle from his pocket and proceeded to pour it out. "Who needs magic...", Iaso stated as he then had an empty glass bottle in his hand and in responce chucked it at Buece's head.
    Post by: Sora's Apprentice, May 7, 2013 in forum: Hall of Fame
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    Iaso saw the man shatter the wall and began to think. He desperatly raged for the man he wanted to kill had somehow screwed things for these people. He saw that the man wanted to go after Buece but couldn't for some reason. With that he made his decision. "Screw it, I'm going after him.", Iaso stated to noone inparticular. He went outside and summoned the glider from his keyblade. "I most likely wont be able to get out of this. But if i kill that guy, it'll all be worth it. Don't wait up.", Iaso said to the man he had saved. He then began to boost his glider and persue Buece no matter how far he was from him.
    Post by: Sora's Apprentice, May 6, 2013 in forum: Hall of Fame
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    Iaso couldn't hear a thing that Buece had said but already knew he was again being annoying. He however was able to make out what the man he had saved said. He held his head and got back up. He had realized that he had a potion in his back pocket, ment for a situation just like this. Iaso drank the potion and started to feel better as his head's pain went away. He then felt a tingle in the back of his head. He felt the back of his head and realized that a glass bottle was shattered against it. He summoned his keyblade and looked at the man he had saved. "I so desperatly want to kill that guy", Iaso stated as he spoke of Buece. "The names Iaso, and i am extremely confused by all this", Iaso introduced himself to the man while still not knowing what in the world just happened.
    Post by: Sora's Apprentice, May 5, 2013 in forum: Hall of Fame
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    Iaso suddenly awoke from passing out. He jolted up for no reason at all then being kicked from a deep sleep of exhaustion. He rubbed his head and his keyblade vanished from his hand. "Today is just not my day...", Iaso said as he struggled to stand. He looked at the man he had saved from Buece's attack. "Can't a guy get a thanks around here? Even just a 'You okay?' as he drools on the floor?", Iaso questioned the man while suffering a pain induced headache. Iaso fell to a kneeled stance due to the pain from his head. "What is even going on anyway?", he asked in a bit of a muffled tone as he held his head.
    Post by: Sora's Apprentice, May 5, 2013 in forum: Hall of Fame
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    Iaso saw Buece charge at the man that was somewhat behind him. With his last bit of strength he picked up One Winged Angel and as Buece got closer and closer he began to lift it. Until Buece was only a short distance from them he lifted his keyblade right in front of Buece making Buece run into it at the last second. Iaso then fell to the ground in pain and exhaustion. "How did that taste, idiot?", Iaso said right before he passed out on the floor.
    Post by: Sora's Apprentice, Apr 30, 2013 in forum: Hall of Fame
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    Iaso finally makes it to the Castle. He opens the door and looks up as he limps to hold himself up. He see's many people fighting each other, then spots the man who almost ran him over. "You...", Iaso said as he summoned his keyblade and violently jumped for the man. He misses the man by a few inches and then picks himself up with his keyblade. "Sorry if im interrupting, but you and me have some unfinished buisness.", Iaso stated as he readied to attack the man with white hair.
    Post by: Sora's Apprentice, Apr 27, 2013 in forum: Hall of Fame