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    On a report I saw about this vile bill being passed they mentioned the fact that even if members of the LGBT community leave Uganda to find a place in the world where they won't be prosecuted if they're "reported" as such the government will try to get them extradited back to Uganda to face punishment.

    I don't know how true that is, but if it is I can't imagine too many countries co-operating.
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    I've never finished a Final Fantasy... Ever. :c
    I always get so wrapped up in the plot I rush between places and don't level enough, get half way on pure luck and can't get further without about 6 hours of grinding xp and give up because I get bored. XD

    First game I ever played was XII though. And I do love it, a lot. Despite the fact everyone always seems to want to hurt me because it's my favourite. I just like the look of it, and I like the world-story. Not so much the storyline, but I love the background story.
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    I spend most of my time worried I'll come across as one of /those/ girl gamers when I try to make conversation about video games. :c
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    I love Larxene /because/ she's a bossy, grumpy, maniacal, sadistic old b*tch. It makes her a fun character to watch. And in all honesty with all the egos floating around in the Organization she probably needs to be as bossy as she is otherwise she'd never get anything she wanted.

    Personally I dislike Axel (super unpopular opinion I know). I'm not sure why I dislike him so much, because I used to like him, but something about him just really gets under my skin. I think it's the cockiness, arrogance I can handle, but cocky just winds me up. XD
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    Dearly Beloved is certainly my favourite, it immedeatly triggers off memories of the first time I play the games. So the first few notes deliver a nice dose of endorphin. c:
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    Saix was most definitely my favourite. Although I may be slightly slanted there as he's my favourite from the Organization anyway. XD

    I like how they actually bothered to make his appearance change when he's in Beserker mode, because they quite easily could have not bothered and no one would have noticed.
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    I don't like the Darkballs, they really freaked me out when I first played. And the fact I had one of those and a Defender come straight at me when I arrived at the front of Hollow Bastion's castle was enough to make me quit the game for a couple of days (yeah, I was a big baby over that XD ).

    And Neo-Shadows, they don't scare me so much as they creep me the hell out when they're in the HQ Another Side/Another Story cutscene. The veins and stuff just really unsettle me.
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    That is one of the biggest over-reactions I have ever heard of from the police. Why does an upset, drunken teenage boy with a handgun warrant a small army of SWAT personnel? Surely one appropriately trained officer is enough to handle the situation?

    They certainly deserve compensation of some sort, although I expect that will never make them feel any better for having lost their son over something as small as a poor grade. Although I imagine there must be some sort of underlying issue that wasn't mentioned, because I cannot imagine anyone seriously wanting to die over flunking a subject as that can be so easily rectified.
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    So I'm living in a student house at the moment, and ever since leaving home it's become horribly apparent that I cannot cook worth a damn. In fact today I had to ask my housemates how to tell when a potato was boiled enough to mash. So it's just getting humiliating at this point. :c

    Anybody here know any simple, reasonably priced recipes? Big meals or single portions are equally as good, seeing as my house do occasionally make dinner as a group. c:
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    When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.
    - C S Lewis

    I find this quote helps me when I'm wondering if I'm "too old" for something. I left this site a long time ago because I felt as though I was too grown up, being about 15 at the time. Now I'm 20 and I'm back, and actually enjoying it more as an adult than I did as a child because I'm not trying to be a grown up anymore. I'm here to have fun, and that should be why we're all here.
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    I'd like to say I'm capable of being the bigger person and getting over grudges, but I'm really not.

    It's not that I hold grudges exactly, I don't stay angry for a long time. It's usually that, because I dislike confrontation, I'll hide from people so the conflict never gets resolved. And as the people I tend to fall out with my only communication is online I rarely have to see them again, but as I'm a cosplayer and they're cosplayers we end up in the same places a LOT which results in a lot of awkward looks being exchanged and makes making friends difficult as I do my best to avoid them.
    But I only avoid them because I know I can be downright horrible when I'm angry, and I don't want to totally offend them and make pure enemies. I'd rather just people I'd rather not have to talk to. I don't like being hated, and I don't ever hate people. I just get scared of what they might do to me.
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    Although I do think they shouldn't really make a new film, it's been a long time since the last one and revivals seldom go well, I don't think it's the certain catastrophe people are making it out to be. I mean Disney are behind all the recent Marvel films, and I've thoroughly enjoyed all of the ones I've seen and heard nothing but good stuff about the ones I haven't.

    So I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here, just because Disney own it doesn't mean the Death Star will suddenly grow Mickey Mouse ears. c:
    In fact with the budgets and resources Disney have, these new films /could/ be amazing.
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    There were a few "favourite/least favourite" threads and I couldn't find one for sidekicks.

    My favourite is Mushu from Mulan. Some of the lines he comes out with make me fall into hysterics every time, and I don't normally laugh at films. My favourite being "DISHONOR ON YOU! DISHONOR ON YOUR COW!". XDD

    My least favourite is Pascal from Tangled. He doesn't seem to do much throughout the film other than be there and look grumpy, apart from when he suddenly decides to trip Gothel out of the tower which I felt was completely unneeded. Although I do love Gothel, so that may be where my dislike for him stems from. Also the fact he's a chameleon makes me think it was decided a 3am "what haven't we used as a sidekick?" meeting at Disney HQ.

    What about you guys? c:
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    Honestly I don't particularly like any of the official princesses... XD

    - - -

    Snow White: I generally find her irritating. Mostly for her voice, I don't know why but how girly sounding it is makes me want to punch her. I can appreciate the film for what it is, a product of its time. And The Queen scares the living daylights out of me, which I always like out of a Disney villain. But as a character I cannot stand her.

    Cinderella: Again, her voice grates on my ears. But as has been stated above, it bothers me how she seems to accept her fate. To me that doesn't show "faith" or "patience" as people have said to me in the past, it shows a self-victimising personality. And as phoenixkh93 said above, if she hadn't been pretty than nothing good would have happened for her. Which isn't something I really thought about until reading their post, but is a valid point nonetheless. I do love the film for the King however, the jumping on the bed scene is the only reason I'd even contemplate rewatching this film these days.

    Aurora: I don't have much of an opinion on her, as she's barely in the film. Hence why I struggle to understand why people hate on her so much. Yes, she was incredibly naive to touch the needle, but we need to remember she'd never seen a spinning wheel prior to that moment. And she was bewitched. There was no way that that was her fault, the entire situation was handled poorly by the parents and the good fairies. But god I love the fairies in this film.
    Ariel: There's not a whole lot I can say about her that hasn't been said already. She's bratty, she didn't get any repercussions for her foolish actions, and she set a poor example by marrying far too young. But! She redeemed herself very slightly in the sequel in my eyes, as she realised the mistakes she'd made whilst raising her daughter. I did however hate this film as a child, it scared the hell out of me. And as a daddy's girl, seeing her father practically die scarred me for years.​
    Belle: For once I have something positive to say here. XD I enjoyed Belle's character, as it seemed to be more than a "I want a prince" plotline. She was clever, independent and witty. I do feel however, that making it so clear that she was"the most beautiful girl in town" was a bit over the top. Of course she can be beautiful, but honestly it just felt pushed. Particularly as all the other young girls seemed to be drawn to look just as pretty, so really I have no issues with Belle as a character. Just how the filmmakers chose to portray things.​
    Jasmine: Again, I liked Jasmine. She was definitely my favourite as a child as I loved how she was, what I believed then was, sassy, I now realise it was bossy. I identified well with her then, and I sort of still do now if I relate my younger self to her (seeing as I'm now 20 and not a bossy child anymore). I also admire how determined she was to stick to her beliefs when it came to love and marriage. And how she didn't fall in love as soon as her eyes glanced upon Aladdin.​
    Pocahontas: I do not like her as a character, but the storyline is a good watch. I think she was foolish to trust John Smith, and I hated how she seemed to dismiss Kocoum just because he came across as 'serious'. She never even seemed to give him a chance, although I don't believe a girl should marry a man just because she's told to she should at least speak to him once. And unlike Jasmine, she hasn't had her father pelting suitors at her left right and centre, so he might genuinely have thought the two of them would get along. I do admire her bravery though, I wouldn't be able to go to a new world alone like she did. Or speak to strangers like she did. And I definitely couldn't jump off a cliff into a lake!​
    Mulan: I love how she counts as a Disney Princess, seeing as she did the most out of all the princesses. She truly earned her title. Mulan has her flaws and her strengths, her beliefs and her doubts. She feels like the most developed character out of the line up to me, and she also feels like the most relatable as everyone wants to prove themselves, and everyone wants people to be proud of them. I didn't appreciate her as a child, but now I certainly do as the film is one of the things that inspire me most at the moment. And she makes an adorable boy. XDD​
    Tiana: I will admit, I don't remember a lot of Tiana despite having watched the film several times. But I think what she stands for is a very good ethic to highlight to children; If you work hard things will happen for you, but bad things may happen along the way so don't give up. And it shows you to never judge a book by its cover, as although Naveen seems like a pompous pillock for most of the film, he is a good guy deep-down. So although her character doesn't stand out to me, I will definitely be showing my possible children this film purely for the good morals behind the story.​
    Rapunzel: I do think Rapunzel deserves credit where credit is due, if you'd been raised your whole life being told that everyone was evil you'd be scared to go outside. I know I don't like going outside because of the threat of mean people, and I was raised to believe there's good in everyone. XD Her childlike zest for life is something I love to watch, and I love how she actually regrets the choices she makes that may hurt the people she cares about unlike other princesses coughArielcough. Even if it does turn out that in the end she'd been trusting the wrong people, but that's something I think happens to everyone at some point in their lives. The only real complaint I have about Rapunzel is how she seems to switch off her emotional ties to Mother Gothel. Gothel raised her, and I do genuinely believe Gothel did care for her even if her own vanity clouded her judgement, yet she really didn't seem too bothered that she died. She and Gothel had 18 years of memories together, Gothel was literally her world. And she just didn't seem to care that she'd died. I know there's people in my life who use me and make little comments that get me down from time to time, but if I lost them I'd be devastated.​
    - - -​
    Overall I'd say it's a tie between Cinderella and Ariel for my least favourite, I can't decide as Cinderella's inaction and Ariel's lack of remorse aggravate me equally.
    And Mulan is my favourite. Because she'd have a plotline worth watching even without her "prince" and, as the Emporer says, "You don't get a girl like that every dynasty". XDD
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    I'd really like a Tangled world. Me and a group of my friends were having a rather in-depth discussion about Tangled having a KH world last weekend. We even thought up a very basic story-linefor it. Flynn would join your party about half way through the level after you end up stumbling across him and the Stabbington Brothers having a confrontation, with Sora being the guy to break up an one-sided fight as usual. And the final boss being Gothel when she trips from the tower, but instead of her turning to dust before impacting on the ground she'd turn to wisps of darkness and then erupt into some sort of Heartless beast.
    There's even some music in the film itself that would be quite suited to battle themes. c:
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    Misty's situation was pretty much the same as mine. Only I wasn't fortunate enough to have older sisters. :c I did have a very in depth book my parents brought me though. XDD
    I was in a bra from about the age of 8, I'm 20 now and the damn things have never stopped growing. XD And I also went from being tall to being short. Honestly if you look at photos from a school trip I went on as a year 6(when I was about 10) I look like an adult in body but a child in face/hair/clothing/etc. And I was surrounded by tiny little 10 year old girls, so I looked like a giant. :c In fact I was taller than all the boys in my school as well by that point at about 5'4. My large size and bushy hair resulted in me being dubbed 'Hagrid' :c

    On the topic of voice changes however, no men in my family's voices have ever "broken" as such. They just slowly got deeper over time, I wouldn't say any of them have particularly high voices though. Except for one cousin and his father who constantly sound like they're on helium (not trying to be mean, I just can't think of any other way to describe the exact pitch/tone of his voice). I have to admit, I'm quite curious about why their voices are so high, because one of my friends' brother-in-law has the same thing. But they're the only men I've ever come across who sound like that.
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    Thank you so much, you're the only person who's really replied to me about this. I mentioned it to a couple of other friends recently, and all I really got was a "Bless you. :c " type response, which wasn't very helpful. XD

    I understand what you're saying, and I think I'll give it a try next time I get down. There's a few animes I've been meaning to watch, so it'd be a good time to finally get around to it. c:

    I hope things are getting better for you though, even if you do feel a bit down sometimes still. < 3
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    I'll record one later. c:
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    Okay, recently I've been having some really fast cycling mood-swings. Going from being hyper and giggly to crying uncontrollably for three or four hours or just sitting and feeling like nothing else could possibly ever go wrong about three or four times a day. I'll be brutally honest and say the depression has led me into self-harm after being recovered for about five years (which I am not impressed with myself for letting myself do), and makes me feel physically unable to eat.

    I've made a doctors appointment, but it's not for over a week. And it's getting worse with each episode of severe depression. So I need some things to try and distract me, because everything I've tried so far isn't working because I just do the tasks on auto-pilot and my brain still thinks about how miserable and pathetic I feel.

    Just so you know I have very little money (I'm a uni student in England and my student finance money still hasn't gone in so I'm at the bottom of my overdraft and around £400 in debt with my family) and I don't really have any good friends around my area, just people I live with in student housing. Currently I'm relying on just one friend to keep me going, but he's in Australia and we have opposite times where we're up for the most part. And my IRL friends either make me feel guilty for bringing up how I feel because it "upsets her" or make me feel guilty because he "was worse off last year" and I'm pretty certain the two of them b*tch about how I behave when I'm depressed so I've decided that talking to them really isn't a good idea anymore...

    So any suggestions for things that could distract me?
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    So, umm, I'm back. If anyone even remembers me. Haha. c:
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