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    As DJ passed the four training from Shiro, he made his way over to the command deck where the larger master sat defeated at the control panel.
    DJ looked over to him with an almost parental look of disappointment.

    "I MADE AN OOPSIE..." Shiro lamented.
    DJ sighed as he closed the door behind him. A quick ten minutes of back and forth between them caught the both of them up to speed.

    "So they're alive?" Shiro confirmed.
    "Struggling, but alive from the sounds of it. Kaida and Quill got their training, Beuce seems to have benefited from Orion before he got voided... Luna returned without Aux which seems... concerning... what about the other four?"
    Shiro sighed. "I'm not exactly adamant at the one on one tutelage. I'm a military man.. I excel at having them learn by doing..."
    Dj leaned back in his chair. "We're bad at this, aren't we?... When I joined onto the Order, I never signed on to be a teacher. Never wanted to be a leader either..."
    "Shiro leaned forward. "This was supposed to be my burden to bare. You've done more then anyone expected of you. Kaida as well... We continue to rush them into gaining more strength, but perhaps its best we `slow things down a bit. Everyone could benefit from some downtime... Besides, we still need to track where the other Hellfire club members are. The burning of the archives makes it more difficult to find them all..We need time to gather more leads..."



    Gilgzaamesh led Kurrterra to where Nequa was playing with a chess set. She said and twiddled her fingers over certain pieces, trying to place them strategically.
    "Witch," he replied.
    "Old man," she rebutted. "Was the body I found you not good enough?"
    "Certain events made this the more appealing choice. I understand your numbers have dwindled."
    "Aww did someones super clever plan be super dumb?"
    Terra glared as he gritted his teeth. Nequa smiled as she continued., "Since the good guys don't want you, you need to fight on a winning side for the X-blade, right? And since you aren't going to be one of the seven lights-"
    "I regretfully-" he sighed mid sentence. "-am forced to be one of the thirteen darknesses."
    "Provided you make the cut," she grinned. "Well since I lost my last Bravo, I guess you can be new Bravo."
    "So long as I get what I want, I don't care what you call me..."
    Gilgamesh cleared his throat. "Whiskey never returned from her revenge subplot... I think we have all the numbers we need boss."

    "Welll goodie then! Be sure to congratulate Kilo and Hotel on making it to the finals!" She loojked to Terra. "Congratulations old man, you just got fast tracked to the endgame!"
    "So if we account for five of the darknesses... who are the other eight?"
    "Wait and see old man..."she replied. "Wait and see..."



    Vanitas stood alongside Sho Minamimoto as they stood across from Sorenia and Xares. They were traveling inside Soren'a cosmic reptillian vessel. They were able to speak within a cosmic space of distant stars inside the Snake.

    "You're telling me this whol crusade is being led... by... teenagers?"
    "That a pronlem Mr. General of the sanctuary? Oh wait- you got that title taken away, didn't you? Vanitas chuckled.

    "Insufferable little- I still have my rank and have half a mind to-" Xares lunged forward before being held back by Sorenia.
    "Kid's a nuisance, but his offer is legit. I've seen the kind of creatures he can summon. Mindless minions we can use towards our own objectives. You get your army, and your chance to get even with those who've wronged you."
    He turened to ther woman and pushed her hand off him. "I already have an army... And what exactly do you get all of this?"
    "Let's just say there's some one who needs to be pout back in their place."
    "And you're willing to work under children? All to prove a point?" He looked to Sho for more clarity. "And what do you get out of this?"

    Sho was typing away on a laptop, half listening to what was going on behind him., "I was a game master in Shibuya. I had a game prepared for the players anbd got my opportunity snatched away from me. If society won't acknowledge my genius for what it is, then I'll just burn it to infinity. The World is garbage!" he exclaimed.

    Xares stepped forward as he towered over Vanitas. "What's to stop me from simply taking the resources from you and taking over this faction myself? What do you get out of it?"
    "If you have to know, I'm just the recruiter. I get people on board so we can wipe the world of it's light. What I am is darkness. And that's all I need to be."

    Xares turned and began to walk away. "You'll have my answer soon enough..."
    Sho turned to Vanitas after the altercation. "What happens if he says no?"
    "He won't," Sorenia replied. "You can see the hate in his eyes. It's not even about the power. It's about pride. He values it too much..."



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    While Beuce was still lounging about, waiting for his ride- the ship that Aux and Luna took arrived from hyper space, slowly landing down and having the dock bay door open to let Beuce inside.

    The atmosphere inside the cockpit was very eerie. It was just Luna sitting in the cockpit without Aux. She looked like she had been through rough battle and didn't seem in the talking mood. On closer inspection a small reptile, a dragon, made its way onto Luna's lap to try to comfort her.
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    Ahh the days where I had too much time...
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    Happy 10 years of SOS!

    (Fun fact, Party Rock Anthem was released the same month as this roleplay!)
    As a special bonus, all players have been given an additional 100,000 EXP!​

    December 2018
    This Month's Keyblades are 50% off!
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    "Perish the thought! No intruder could ever get through the new defense program installed." Shiro confirmed.

    A calm robotic voice emanated from shiro's gauntlet as he stood proudly.
    'Warning. Unknown personnel in the detainment center.'

    Shiro's head immediately turned to the detainment center. "Oh Gummi nuts..." he whispered softly. He sprinted as fast as he could, leaving behind the others. "Just an error I'm sure, spar with eachother till I get back!"


    Gilgamesh appeared through a rift he made into the detention cell where Kurt was being kept. "Someone call for a pick up!" He yelled, entering as he found Alex no where in sight.

    "Alex, you look terra-ble."
    "If you're referring to the blonde hoodlum, they took him out hours ago..." Kurt scolded.
    "Uh-huh, and who are you?... haha Just kidding- I read the wiki... Ima call you Kurterra FYI."
    Kurt's eyebrow arched in confusion.

    "And who do you represent?"
    "Nequa." Gilgamesh replied.
    Kurterra's eyes glared at the mention of the name. "Take me to her... her and I have an overdue reckoning..."

    Scratching his head, he contemplated the offer.
    "You know I would, but I don't exactly have any reason to take you with me."
    Kurterra thought how to delicately respond to the strange man before me. "Yes, but you have no reason to leave me behind either."

    "That is also true... alight, come on then..."
    He allowed the man passage through his portal as Kurterra followed.

    Shiro arrived only in time to see the two of them leave trough the special rift. He sighed heavily as he thought aloud. "This is not lit at all... No cap..."
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    “We’ll have to see about that” Faust laughed lightheartedly as he started to fix the bandages around his neck that came loose in his fight. “I've been told that I'm quite hard to kill before. Lady luck really tends to watch out for my neck when I stick it in places I really shouldn’t, but let me know if you want play a game some time to see who lady luck favors more”

    Gilgamesh nodded as he looked around seeing that the group was more or less done with his antics. "Mhhm, mhmm, well I can see you are all busy. Just please give this to Andrew when you can." He slashed open a portal and shuffled on through it, yelling "kill you later!" As he vanished.

    Shiro arrived on the scene and looked around a bit confused. "Wait wasn't there a 5th person who..." he shook his head as his eyes narrowed to Karina. "Well it seems DJ might have gone overboard with the difficulty." He helped guide her to the med bay, taking along the rest of the group.

    He placed a few small devices on karina's arm when they arrived to the medical bay. He monitored his vitals as he watched the monitor. "Well, you overexerted yourself a bit there. But that is to be expected with with fire element. Candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long after all.." he looked to the rest of the group. "Anyone learn anything in their session?"
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    "Hello Faust, I'm Gilgamesh, the magician killing mercenary," he said, shaking the man's hand while still being enamored with AJ.
    "Just kidding, I'm not really much of a mercenary these days," he added.

    Hearing a banging on the glass, Shiro took off his headphones and looked at the window to find everyone was finished. "Good jo- I mean.. DANK job fellow masters!" He ended the simulation and opened the doors out of the chamber to let everyone out. Something caught his eye as he saw a large man in armor still in the chamber.
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    "You really are just better off leaving now."

    Gilgamesh spun around to find a short blonde haired boy giving him flack as well. Before he spoke, something strange happened. He saw AJ in a strange light. Everything behind him faded in a white glowing light as cherry bklossom p[etal rained across the sky in his mind.

    How had he not seen it before? While looking at more of the veteran protagonists, he had completely overlookeed the Part 2 survivor... Andrew Jacob Canvasback.
    AJ was always in the foreground but blended in the background. A perfect compliment to Gilgamesh's scene stealing spotlight of a personality...
    AJ spoke with clarity and was always direct. Gilgamesh was outspoken and changed the subject all too often
    AJ repeated everything his allies said before replying to them, while Gilgamesh forgoit what he said ten minutes ago..

    AJ was frustrating order. Gil was uncontrolable chaos.
    AJ's eyes even began to twinkle from Gilgamesh's point of view.

    He grabbed AJ by the shoulders and looked down at him.
    "You. complete. me."
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    "Y'know I really don't appreciate all the hostility and rudeness coming from this interaction. I mean her I get, but you?" He said shaking his head towards Kel. "SHameful... I've been nothing if not direct, and even resorted to non-violence because I'm a chill guy like that."

    More titanic chaos raged on in the background as gilgamesh continued talking to the warriors. "Now I came looking for a nemesis and I shan't leave until I find one... oh yeah, and bring Alex back or whatever." He cleared his throat before proceeding.

    He pulled out three roses and began his process.

    "Karina, you and I would be a fair match of strength, but I feel you're too angry and I feel our communication as enemies would suffer as a result. The added daddy baggage is also a hard no on my part. Please take this rose as a sign you will not move on to the next round." He placed the rose on her head.

    "Kel, you're a swell guy who always does right by his friends. You follow the rules, and as an agent of chaos, I think we could very good together. Sadly Hotel called dibs on you and I'm pretty sure you've been out for Nequa longer than my run in this game. For that, I regretfully give you this rose as a sign you will not move on to the next round." He placed the rose in one of his hair spikes, propping it up as if it were in a vase.

    "I'll just wait until Andrew and Faust are finished so I can have a word with them," he calmly replied.
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    "Oh right, I don't think we've been canonically introduced. My name is Gilgamesh, a ruthless blade wielding mercenary currently operating under the red society. Of the nequa's red society. Here are my references." He handed her a piece of paper that acted as his antagonistic resume of sorts. "I understand some of you already have sworn vendettas and whatnot but I M looking for a rival to work against." He folded his hands in front of himself as he towered over kel and Karina.
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    Shiro continued to do pushups as more phrases were taught to him via the learning tape.
    "Suppose you have a friend feeling down in the dumps and you wish to lift their spirits... Simply announce to them 'Don't swat it homie. Things'll be dank before you' Now you try!"
    Shiro grunted as he was approaching his second set of a hundred. "Don't sweat it homie. Things'll be dank befiore you know it."
    "Very good," the audio replied.

    With Karina and Kel, now finished, Faust and AJ were still remaining. As the download finished onto the simulationm, Gilgamesh digitize into the arena behind Karina. "Hi, excuse me," he tapped her shoulder. "I'm here to apply for a nemesis."
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    Shiro nodded as everyone began to take on their battles. He looked to the system monitor as a notification popped up. "Hmm?" He clicked the window as another appeared. "New system update found. Do you wish to download?" Shiro arched an eyebrow. "Well, I suppose it's important to keep up to date." He clicked confirm as another window appeared. "Are you sure? File has not been recognized or approved by the system software...Oh come on I don't need Master Dwayne's approval all the time!" He clicked confirm as the download began.

    He moved away from the monitor and put in a pair of headphones. He put in an audio tape into his discman titled "KEEPING UP WITH TODAY'S KIDS" he began to do push-ups effortlessly as the audio book began.

    'Hello, and welcome to your first step into the world of young adult culture. We'll begin with a simple greeting. 'WADDUP FAM?' Now you try!'

    "Waddup fam." Shiro repeated.

    "Very good!" The tape replied.
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    Shiro clapped his hands. "Well lucky for the lot of you today's exercise is more about the element, than the your endurance." He led the four of them to the simulation room. "Today you four have only one tiny task to do." He pressed the buttons that activated data forms of the Olympian titans to manifest. "Defeat these titans using only elemental attacks. Cooldowns on your commands have also tripled in wait time... So be sure to coordinate your more useful attacks!" The titans roared at the party as they loomed closer. "I'm not sure what difficulty they're set to, but I'm sure running will help space them out!" He yelled from the safety of the control room.


    "No speed, no climbing, just using your elemental affinities to open a door." He grabbed Quill by the shoulders and positioned him to an empty part of the area. He did the same to Kaida so whe was across from Quill. "I'm going to try to open the void... Alex and I will be using our auras to try and manifest the dimensional frequency. But we don't have a strong enough signal. That's where you two come in!" DJ seemed more excited about the experiment then training them...

    "Time and space are vital in accessing every realm. If you to can harness your elemental auras long enough, you should be able to project yourself into the void for a short period of time. But in order to do that we need to connect with something form the void. And that's where this conductor comes in." He threw the ball in the center of kaida and Quill as SOK popped out of it like a pokemon. "Yay! New room!" He chimed as he sat cross legged.

    "Basicqlly you both just need to access your second level aura and aim your keyblades at SOK. once you project yourselves into the void, you should still be able to talk to us on the other side. Ready?"

    Alex rolled his eyes as he tuned his blade. "Yeah like its just that easy..."
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    Karina, Kel, AJ, and Faust met bright byt the simulation arena for more data battles. DJ typed away on the keyboard with Shiro trying his best to understand all the commands he was putting in. With his last prompt, DJ stepped away from the keyboard. "That should help with balancing their techniques... Remember. Only run Training Protocol 7. Is that clear?"

    Shiro huffed in an offended shrug. "Master DJ, I understand my technical knowledge is subpar, but at times I think you find me stupid..."
    "Look, I just know you've had... difficulties with the simulator sometimes."
    "In my defense, the EASY and CRITICAL buttons and too close together..."
    "Well Yen Sid took Eraqus and Ven back to the Mysterious Tower for research, so it's just you for today to train these four and keep and eye on Terra- I mean Kurt... Kurterra? Just... Promise me it's the only program you're gonna run, okay?"
    "Yes yes, I know."
    "That means you only push this button RIGHT. HERE." DJ exaggerated as he pointed to the start button. "And if you have any problems-"
    Shiro picked him up effortlessly by the collar as he escorted him away from the control panel. "Yes yes, Thank you for your assistance, but I am perfectly capable of running the course. Good luck and good bye." DJ was yeeted about ten feet, thankfully landing on his own feet. He sighed before making his way to the hangar.

    Shiro greeted the others with a hardy salute as he took a powerful stance. "Alright Master Kelford, Karina, Andrew and Faustian. Today we up the difficulty. I assume you've done your morning 10k runs?"

    Over by the hangar, Quill and Kaida were by the docking bay. Alex met up with them shortly after.
    "You bring it?" DJ asked him.
    "Yeah yeah, just don't ask me to catch it again. Thing was hard enough to keep still. He tossed him a small sphere shaped capsule. "You sure about this?"
    "And the other 30%?"
    "We're trapped in the void." There was an uncomfortable pause. "Seven out of ten is still good!"
    "Ten out of ten is better!" Alex barked.
    "Everyone just get on the ship."
    "Where the hack are we going anyways?"


    Cut to the ship landed down in Deep Jungle. They beamed down into an uninhabited part of the jungle.
    "Either of you been hear before?" DJ asked Quill and Kaida.
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    Guild Hall Update 3.13


    - Stop Magic rework - Stop magic now gives extra turns instead of delaying the enemy.

    - A guild system has been implemented to share accessories, items and munny among your peers.
    - Anything you move to guild storage is taken out of your inventory.
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    Shiro looked to DJ for a brief moment before turning back to Luna. "Very well... But take Master Auxillius with you... If you miss out on training at least you'll be able to work off each other. And in these times of uncertainty, you should always have a partner to watch the rear!"
    DJ sighed. "We really gotta work on how you word things.. She can take the Cruiser ship we left on in Sanctuary." He turned to Luna. "Make sure you can contact somebody here if things get too dicey out there."



    Maleficent walks down a long hall, dimly lit to an indigo hue. The hall lined with broken, ancient statues as Nequa lounged in her commanding seat.
    "Did you bring it?"
    Maleficent smirked. "But of course..." She held her staff tightly and summoned a sword from a green puff of smoke. The sword levitated in front of Nequa as she gripped it. "The sword of Truth..."
    "It all went as you said.. Once Prince Phillip was captured, the three fairies set him free and he was given that sword. I faked my death allowing them to escape with aurora... But it cost us a princess of heart," she scowled. "Are you sure that blade worth it all?"
    "Very much so. And as I said before... There are than enough candidates for princesses. You already have five in the chamber. Only two more. As for me?" She held the sword and stared at it momentarily to admire it. "I'm just one sword away before the final step."
    Maeficent glared at Nequa impatiently. "And now for your end of the bargain... Which princesses of Heart remain for capture?"
    She put the sword down and stood in front of the witch. "Way to ruin a moment, lady... We've kept an eye on the ones still within reach of your club. Eilonwy, Jasmine, Tiana and Luna are the last ones you have a hope of capturing still."
    "Good... At least they'll be found within the worlds we will hav dominion over. Jafar can track down Jasmine. Facilier after Tiana, and the Horseman and I will retrieve Eilonwy..."
    "And the princess in the SOS? The Princess-o-s?"
    "I have no need for keyblade wirlders do deter what we've already come so far for.."
    "Best o' luck to you long horns," Nequa chuckled, saluting her off.

    Maleficent groaned. "What senseless humor you have from your time in that void. Turned you into quite a fool!" She walked through a dark corridor to leave Nequa sitting back down with the sword in hand. She looked into the reflection of the sword. "Takes a lotta sacrifice to gain a personality..." She stared into the sword as if she didn't recognize herself.

    "Hey uhh, boss?!" Gilgamesh belted out.
    "Can't you see I'm reflecting here?" she complained.
    "No yeah I see that, big character development going on here. But here's the thing, I was talking to the cowboy, the french gal and teacher's pet back there and uhh... we're kinda bored... Like... really bored."

    "Can we go bother the SOS kids?"
    "Because I need a Rival! Something to drive my character! Kilo wants to kill Kaida, Whiskey wants to kill Luna, and even Hotel has it out for that Kel kid! I need someone I want to kill!"
    She sighed loudly before waving her hand to dismiss him. "Fine... go have fun I guess... good luck getting pass that security system..."
    "Oh don't worry about that... I have plenty of plot bending ideas..."
    The scene fades to black.

    "And Sho. I need Sho. Sho will be doing most of the plan."
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    As Aux began to wander the dorm halls, he slowed down a bit, recalling vague memories of this place. He usually kept to himself most of the time, and kept his helmet on. Rigorous training regiments he gave himself. How did all that change? What happened that gave him more purpose then just getting stronger all the time.

    While he was staring at the various canvases plastering the halls, Kaida showed up with a giant boomerang in hand. "What's that supposed to be?" he asked.
    "Boomerang. You throw it and its supposed to return to you. The big one is for bludgeoning or something." Kaida explained almost instantly. She looked at the boomerang before shaking her head and asked, "How're you holding up?" Acknowledging the size of the boomerang, he nodded solemnly.
    "Well I get why it's called teamwork now," Aux sighed. "Being part of a team is work... I got stuff done quicker when I was working alone. I was given an order and I carried it out. But now everything gets... messier because people need your help." He turned back to her. "Not that it's a bad thing I guess. How're you holding up?"

    "Well you're supposed to delegate in teamwork. Have many people do smaller jobs to get the big job done faster." Kaida giggled before thinking about the other question and said, "I'm alright. Better than I have been, I suppose. I'm still not completely over what happened on that big ship."

    'But what if I can do the job better?' he thought to himself. HE shook his head trying to focus back one what he wanted to ask her.
    "Yeah a lot happened over the past year... " He thought back to his encounter in the underworld and everything that happened with Seiza. He didn't want to talk about it, but he didn't want to keep putting it off. "Hey, you haven't seen Sieza have you?"

    Kaida looked confused at the question and said, "I think I would have said something by now had I seen him... but no." she crossed her arms and took a deep breath and said, "I admit I didn't give a thorough look. That's on me... hm..." her thoughts seemed distracted and she placed the boomerang against a wall and looked away and said, "Now that you say it, I'm not doing anything right now. I should give a proper look around." Aux didn't want her to search if it wasn't necessary. The underworld might have been playing tricks on him, but he only saw the deceased, as did the others. "Kaida, wait-" he grabbed her forearm trying to stop her from leaving. Kaida looked over at him when he stopped her and she turned to him and waited simply asking confused, "What?"

    "I uhh..." he looked down and realized he was still holding her arm. He let go as he took a step back. "After No Heart took over, a lot of stuff might have happened and we'll..." he looked back up at her face. Made things much harder. "Umm... anyways... when I was in the underworld at Olympus, I saw the ghosts of dead enemies I faced in the past. And along with them I saw..." he took a deep breath as he tried not to break contact with her silver eyes. "Seiza..."

    Kaida stared for a long moment before she let out a light chuckle, with a smile that wasn't quite a real smile and said, "Come on, Aux. You literally just asked me if I've seen him. Why would you ask that if you already knew he was dead?" That made things harder. "Because I thought maybe it was just an illusion but the longer I think about the more I keep thinking the worst. And every time I wanted to talk to you something came up like the jail in sanctuary, the aura training, halloweentown and now that I have a chance to breath I just-" he exhaled and inhaled slowly. "Needed to tell you..."

    This whole conversation was torture. Kaida was quiet for a long time before saying, "Thank you... I appreciate you telling me..." she placed a hand to her chest and admitted, "I... had a feeling he was gone. Something in my heart told me that, but... I didn't actually know. I'm..." she took a deep breath and covered her eyes with her hand a minute and rubbed her eyes saying, "Sorry. I... I know you probably think I'm lame and you can make fun of me for it... ah..." she moved her hand and tears were pouring out her eyes and she said, "I don't really know what a dad is. But... but if I had to imagine what one was like, Seiza was a lot like one to me... um..." she tried to force a smile and said, "It's alright... we'll just try and move forward like we have been... I mean... if I dwell on all the what-ifs, I won't be able to do anything a-a-about it."

    12:01 AM
    Aux hesitated as he stepped forward a bit trying to comfort her. He had never seen her this sad and didn't want to say anything to make it worse. Instinctively, he put a hand on her shoulder. "You can slow down for the moments that matter," he said, trying to get a glimpse of her eyes through the tears. He wasn't really sure how to consol her without messing up so he wrapped his arm around her and buried her face to his chest. He only recently got to reconnect with his family and felt awful that kaida couldn't do the same with hers.

    "He did an amazing job raising you... I've never met anyone so... y'know... brave." He said, patting the back of her hair. Kaida didn't know why, but the weird hugging only made her tears come out more. She didn't even say anything in response, she just instead found herself full on crying. Aux waited with her until she was all cried out.
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    "Your keyblades may be the byproduct of the aura, but they aren't the source. When you left the wasteland, you were all left without keyblades for a short time."

    Aux eyes darted to the floor as he tried not to think about it.

    "If that happens again, we just wanna make sure you guys can handle yourself. I guess it's not particularly mandatory... but there's a higher chance of success when you learn to use various extensions of yourself."

    "Young DJ is correct!" Shiro chimed in. HE walked over and began to wield one f the heavier buster swords, twirling it around a bit to showcase the fluidity of this training. "A weapon by definition is a means of gaining a tactical advantage in combat. The keyblade is a very powerful tool, but it never improves to improve your arsenal." He walked up to Kaida and AJ, towering over them. "Not every aura is powered by a blade. While the blade is mighty, i found strength in heavier weapons like the mighty hammer and axes. They helped me take my wind and earth auras to new heights!"
    "Lea showed me how to use chakrams and it really helped boost my sound aura... Easier to keep rhythm than a sword."

    Aux looked up to the wall of weapons. He looked at the heavier melee ones, but overall seemed disinterested. "And what if we don't need a weapon... what if I can just free hand it?"
    "Then you could train with gauntlets for hand to hand prowess!" Shiro instructed.
    "Cool, I'll do that.." He slumped passed everyone towards the main hall. "I'm going to bed..." Training didn't start until tomorrow anyways, so it didn't seem useful to stay behind. He just felt overall tired from everything.

    DJ looked to the rest of them. "Look, if you wanna pass up on it, no one's forcing you. But if you want a bit of an extra edge, it couldn't hurt." He opened a small tablet from his pocket and went over the training regiment.

    "Shiro will be training the warrior and mystic classes in the holo chamber. That mean Karina, Kel, Faust and AJ."
    "No keyblade use! So if you have proficiency with another weapon, I suggest you use it," he nodded to AJ.
    "I'll be taking the guardians and hunters off world. That means Kaida, Quill, Aux and Luna are with me. Space, time, light and darkness require a certain amount of exposure to the elements themselves." He turned his head over to Beuce. "Orion insisted you go with him for some kinda selected training tomorrow. Guess you're getting a new path," he shrugged. He turned his attention back to the rest. "We start early tomorrow, so spend the night as you like it."
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    "When at least that's one more of the bad guy roster," DJ sighed. "While you lot were away, Shiro and I paid a visit to Enchanted Dominion.... We found Princess Aurora, but no sign of Maleficent. We managed to contact the Disney Station and they took care of things from there. The villains may be moving faster than expected, so we've got a new training plan to help move your aura training along."
    The rest of the SOS had finished leaving the shuttle and found Shiro with DJ waiting to great them.

    "Time to increase your arsenal!" Shiro exclaimed as he strolled with a jaunted over towards the group. He activated a small switch which unveiled a wall full of melee and long range weapons. Bladed weapons, guns, bows galore. "Once you rest for the night, we'll be able to split you off into groups of two, training with weapons outside your keyblade! Here's just a taste of what you can expect!"
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  20. Krowley
    The Christmastown and Halloweentown groups reunited before heading back to the gummi ship.

    Elsewhere the Horseman and Blotimer found the small bug hivemind slithering away. "Where the heck have you been! I had to deal with clean up duty!" Oogie's voice echoed like a high pitched wine. "Now hurry up and help me fashion a new sac body! If we hurry we can-"
    "Sorry bug boy, but I don't think we'll be doing much of anything..." Mortimer chuckled.
    "WHAT?!" Ooogie's voice echoed.
    "Your tactic was... not pragmatic. You let our prey get away," The horseman replied in new dark, raspy voice. "Your resources are now... obsolete."
    "We're saying your small potatoes!" Blotimer gloated. "Playing checkers when yah should be playing chess."
    "The Rat is correct..." the Horseman replied. "Your services are no longer required. Consider this your indefinate release." A dark portal opened behind them as he and blotimer stepped through,
    \"You can't do this to me!" Oogie's voice echoed. "RRRRAAAAHHHHHH!" His cries echoed as the two left him behind. Lock, shock, and Barrel came into view, giggling as they collected his spare bugs crawling about.



    Alexander Xares punched the wall as he collected the things from his office aboard the sanctuary.
    He lowered his buster sword from his mantle as he stabbed into the ground as he let out a fierce grunt.

    From his doorway, Queen Sorenia was leaning against the wall, folding her arms as she raised an eyebrow. "I take it you're not takin your dismissal with grace?" she asked.
    "My military resume never exactly boasted my etiquette when it comes to failure."
    "I wouldn't exactly call your recent act of treason a failure," Sorenia shrugged.
    "I wasn't talking about me!" he responded offensively. "It's that good-for-nothing daughter of mine. Her annoyances have continued disappoint me time and time again. Is it just every daugter's whim to defy her fauther's authority?" he groaned.
    "I did," Sorenia scoffed.
    "What do you want exactly? That McCracken woman is replacing me and I need to clear out within the hour"
    Sorenia offered him a tablet she held. "It seems we have a comman ally. Someone hoping to put our full potential to good use."

    Xares grabbed the tablet away from her and saw Sho's insignia on the e-mail.
    "You want us to align ourselves with the same menace that helped remove me from office?
    You wanted an army right? Mindless soldiers you can command without mutiny?"
    Xares examined the e-mail further.
    "Not to mention would give you ample opportunity to set your daughter straight," she smirked.
    "Whatever family matter I have with that girl isn't reason enough to align myself with these... vigilantes of darkness. What about you? Are you considering their offer for an army as well?
    "Let's just say there's a score that needs to be settled..."
    Xares continued to skim over the e-mail. He was intrigued but still dismissive on the concept.
    "A battle of light and darkness... Too black and white for my taste. I don't believe in morality... Only Strength. And the willingness to take what is rightfully mine."
    Sorenia walked away from the doorway. "I'll meet you at the ship hangar in an hour."
    "I never said accepted the offer," Xares scolded.
    "Ye you did... besides, not like you're needed here anymore..
    She walked away to leave him with his thoughts.
    He looked back to the e-mail and read more carefully. "What the hell are nobodies?" he question, reading the document fully.



    With everyone regrouped at the gummi ship, the SOS crew returned back to Central Haven with their gifts and rewards from the world.
    All 9 of them returned safetly into the docking bay of the Central Haven ship hanger. DJ and Shiro approaching them as they returned.
    "How'd everything go" DJ asked.
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