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    This has now been fixed.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 14, 2018 in forum: Feedback & Assistance
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    Posting to say that just being logged in and visiting the site, without having to login manually, to retrieve the login bonus should now be working properly.

    Just as a note that the 'start' of the day occurs at 5:00 PM PST because of the timezone our server is set up at. This doesn't really affect anything as you can still only get 1 login bonus per day but just thought I should put that out there.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 5, 2018 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    This isn't functionality built into the add-on. It also seems like it'd be a redundant notification. As you get munny from:

    Creating a Thread
    Uploading an Attachment
    Logging In

    All of which you know that you did and don't need notifying that you did something. You also get munny from getting your post liked but with that, you already get a notification that someone liked your post, so you don't really need to receive a separate notification for that.

    So I'm going to say no to having additional notifications for munny. If you are ever curious about your transaction history, you can view it here:
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 3, 2018 in forum: Bug Reports
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    Huh. Okay, I'll look into it.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 3, 2018 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    Visiting everyday should be enough. If there are any errors with that, let me know.
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 1, 2018 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    Since users can buy pins for other people, the idea was to make this available on the purchase pop-up. Which is does currently as if you buy a pin you already own, the pop-up won't have the option for you to buy it for yourself, only someone else. Will be working on some indicator on the main shop page.

    EDIT: There should now be a green check mark on pins you have purchased for yourself (you can still purchase said pin for others if you choose to do so).

    Currently not implemented But will will start working on this. No estimated time for this at the moment.

    Click on your pins in any posts you make will also take you to the pins you have.

    This was an error and not suppose to show up. This has now been removed.

    This seems to be affecting newer pins made (looking back, it seems the recent Valentine's event pins also are slightly larger) so I'll talk to the pin makers about slightly adjusting size.

    As already mentioned there are multiple ways to earn Munny, as of which involved being active on the site in some way, from makings posts and threads, to having your content liked, to simply logging in every day. I've made a post with a run-down of both the Pin Shop and Munny system here:
    Post by: libregkd, Jun 1, 2018 in forum: Feedback & Assistance
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    As you may have already noticed, there are a few new features available on the site after yesterday's maintenance. The two major additions is the ability to buy pins and a currency used to buy them. Let me start by talking about the pin shop.

    Pin Shop

    The Pin Shop, as you can tell from its name, is where you can buy pins. The pins available for purchase are exclusive to the store and each pin can be categorized as Common, Uncommon, and Rare which determines their price in the store. In addition to their rarity, certain pins may not always be available for purchase in the shop. Pins can also have a time limit on them as follows:

    Permanent - As the name suggests these are available at all times.
    Rotating - These are rotated on a 1 (rare), 2(uncommon), or 3(common) monthly basis as part of a continuous rotating stock.
    Themed - These are special themed pins that will only be available during certain events.

    In addition to buying these pins for yourself, you can also purchase pins for a friend.

    Now you know about the Pin Shop and what you can buy, but how will you be able to buy these pins? Well...


    You can buy the pins with Munny of course. Munny can be obtained in a variety of ways:

    Posting - As long as your post is over 100 characters, you get rewarded 2 Munny for each post.
    Making a Thread - As long as the opening post of your thread has 100 characters, you get rewarded 5 Munny for each thread.
    Logging In - You can earn 10 Munny a day by simply visiting the site.
    Liked Content - You earn 2 Munny everytime someone else likes your post.
    Milestones - You can earn bonus Munny (ranging between 10-300) by hitting certain milestones. You can see the full list of milestones by visiting here.

    In addition to earning Munny, there is also a system in place that will allow you to send Munny to friends.

    If you have been on the site for awhile, you may already have a hefty amount of Munny to spend. Any milestone goal you hit prior to the introduction of the Munny system has been retroactively rewarded to you. Previous posts and liked content are not awarded retroactively.
    Thread by: libregkd, Jun 1, 2018, 9 replies, in forum: Community News & Projects
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    I'll reply to this since, while not a call-out, it's still sort of a call out ha.

    But essentially I am not around because I am frankly very busy for the most part and while I am bummed that it has come to that; it's just how things are. I've made clear to the staff, which admittedly may not have been obvious to the userbase at large, that I've rescinded any and all responsibility that comes with being an Administrator outside of actually keeping the site running, updated, and having new features implemented. Given my lack of activity on the site in general, I felt it was only fair for me to step down from duties outside of those. To put it another way, what I am doing for KH-Vids is very much like what I have done (as well as currently doing) for other websites, with the biggest exception is that I'm not charging KHV anything for work that I normally would for.

    Again I know this wasn't really a call out to me, but I do think it is fair to further elucidate my position on the site.
    Post by: libregkd, Feb 14, 2018 in forum: Feedback & Assistance
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    Looking into what is causing the issue.

    For the time being we've disabled our usual search engine for another one so you should be able to at least perform searches.
    Post by: libregkd, Aug 16, 2017 in forum: Bug Reports
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    Profile Post Comment


    Profile Post Comment by libregkd, Aug 13, 2017
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    Hey everyone! So as previously announced we have gone and updated KH-Vids to be better integrated with our Discord server. So what does this mean? This means,after you link your KH-Vids account with your Discord account, you will be able to confirm your identity and participate on our Discord server. If you do not link your accounts you will still be able to view the discord chat but will unable to send messages. This will help to prevent impersonation, alternate accounts, and other misbehavior. Linking your accounts will also automatically get you moved around to matching roles on the Discord server based on your usergroup on KH-Vids.

    The add-on we are using to integrate KH-Vids with our Discord server also opens up the door for allowing more stuff happening on KH-Vids to be seen on Discord and vice versa. These are still under discussion for the moment but please look forward to them in the future.

    To join our Discord server either click on the Chat link in the navigation or go here:

    This will take you a page that will show you who is currently online as well as direct you to a page to link your KH-Vids and Discord accounts. Once you are all linked, you can continue to enjoy our Discord server!
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    The issue seems to be Chrome (and other browsers like Safari) isn't playing very nice with the background-clip CSS property.

    Since this information is publicly available (insofar as you can just inspect the web page and you can find this); this is the CSS that is used to achieve the rainbow username effect.

    background-image: gradient( linear, left top, right top, color-stop(0, #f22), color-stop(0.20, #ff2), color-stop(0.3, #2f2), color-stop(0.45, #2ff), color-stop(0.6, #22f),color-stop(0.75, #22f), color-stop(1, #f2f) );
    background-image: -webkit-gradient( linear, left top, right top, color-stop(0, #f22), color-stop(0.20, #ff2), color-stop(0.3, #2f2), color-stop(0.45, #2ff), color-stop(0.6, #22f),color-stop(0.75, #22f), color-stop(1, #f2f) );
    background-clip: text;
    -webkit-background-clip: text;
    color: transparent;
    Disabling background clip will get you this on all browsers:

    View attachment 47293

    Obviously having it enabled will get you this:
    View attachment 47294

    Or this (where the implementation seems wonky):
    View attachment 47295

    So the actual colorization is appearing on Chrome (and Safari I would assume) across a line break just as it is on Firefox. It just seems it's not clipping any text that happens after the line break. I'm still looking into it and I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    Post by: libregkd, Apr 30, 2017 in forum: Bug Reports
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    This seems to be an issue that only affects Chrome and possibly Safari (I only tested Chrome, Edge, and Firefox personally). When the username wraps around to the next line, part of it becomes transparent (the text is actually still there). I'll look into the issue as to why the browser doesn't play nice w/ the CSS.
    Post by: libregkd, Apr 12, 2017 in forum: Bug Reports
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