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    Oh hey! It's one of those rare occasions I actually do something on this site and in the end I just end up going back into lurking and never post again until another year. AW YEAH.

    Seriously though, yayyyyy. I think my thing is starting now. IT'S WHAT I GET FOR WAKING UP LATE AND PLANNING TO GO BACK TO BED LOL.. In all seriousness though, there might be at least two songs where they're a little ehhhhh. I'll highlight them but I hope all of you enjoy. The last song, I found on tumblr. There was a download link but no artist. Audio on the eighth song will have random static noises in between. I wanted to fix it, not sure why it does that since it's from a CD but sorry about that.

    1. Lonely Boy - The Black Keys
    2. Gold On the Ceiling - The Black Keys
    3. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
    4. Dead and Gone - The Black Keys
    5. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
    6. Unknown Brother - The Black Keys
    7. Black - Kari Kimmel
    8. Strange Times - The Black Keys
    9. No Trust - The Black Keys
    10. The ClockWorks - Theophany
    11. Terrible Fate - Theophany
    12. When The Lights Go Out - The Black Keys
    13. Lovers Mask - Theophany
    14. Grown So Ugly - The Black Keys
    15. Have Love Will Travel - The Black Keys
    16. Mash-Up - Unknown

    Yes I like The Black Keys. It's playing now~
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    To be honest I'm not sure how many of you still use it but I figured I might as well since it's really frustrating.

    I still have the old MSN, not the stupid Essentials one, so I had the color and special characters in my name for a while now. But just yesterday when I signed on, it changed my name to my email even though I never did that. Now whenever I change my name to maybe just "Aura" with no characters or anything, it takes my picture off and the message underneath the name. But when I try changing it back to my name that had color and special characters, it just changes it back to my email.

    I'm not sure how to fix it and I'm scared to uninstall because I don't want the Essentials MSN one. Help? <_<
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    I feel awkward here.

    I absolutely love this band. My brothers ended up getting me into them a few weeks ago and I've been listening to a large majority of their music as of late. Mainly in the car where I blast the music. But anyway, anyone else heard of them? I've honestly never heard of them until my brothers started playing their music repeatedly. I have a few favorites of their songs, but to be honest this I think the first band where I actually like more than just three or four songs. The ones that are my favorites though are Lonely Boy(the song above), Dead and Gone, Gold on the Ceiling, Next Girl, and Everlasting Light.

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    I'm sorry this is so long. adalikfrfbg

    Four about four/five years now, I've had a black Labrador Pitbull mix(we're assuming he's part pitbull since he kind of looks like one). When we had gotten him, we already had three other dogs, three chihuahuas. There was never any issues between the three and him because I guess Rex(lab mix's name) already knew he was going to end up being the dominant one since he's the largest. I didn't like him at first because of the fact I had no idea how to train a large dog(he the first we've had in YEARS.) and he was constantly destroying things. Ripping plants out of their roots, tearing apart the water bowl, trying to "fight"(it was more playful fighting) with the chihuahuas. It was really difficult for me to even love him because I have this issue with death, and I had lost a dog a couple years ago I really adored, and she adored me, really suddenly. I guess she had randomly gotten sick, she died, and I was too afraid to deal with the pain of losing another pet.

    Now, last year, my brother and his ex girlfriend ended up bringing in a pure Red-Nose Pitbull from someone who apparently was moving and couldn't bring the dog along with them. The dog was only two months old and I automatically got attached to it. I don't know what it was, but I just fell in love with that poor thing. However, I knew I couldn't get so attached the dog wasn't mine, and belonged to my brother and his ex girlfriend. My brother named him Boomer and we kept him here at our house. Now, my brother and his ex had this thing where they would bring in dogs that "belonged" to them but would drop them in my room while they went to his room and made out. That was the case with Boomer and his ex's dog too. I became responsible for feeding, bathing, giving water, taking the dog out to go to the bathroom. I didn't like it but I figured I had no other choice. Because of this, the dog immediately saw me as his mother, and I am still his mother to this day. I am the owner/mother of Boomer, not my brother nor his ex.

    After it seemed like the dog would have to stay at our house permanently my mom said she didn't want the dog staying inside, so we had to train Rex to be used to Boomer(who was still a puppy). Rex must have known that Boomer was going to be a large dog so he became very aggressive towards him and whenever we would let him near Boomer while outside, he'd attack him. Eventually, Rex did get used to him and left Boomer outside in the backyard with him.

    I guess Boomer thought Rex was his dad or his brother because eventually those two got pretty attached to one another. It was to the point where if I took Rex out for a walk, Boomer would be crying and wailing the entire time. And if I took Boomer out, Rex would crying and probably slam himself against the gate as if a way to get through to Boomer. This wasn't much of a problem, but I'm sure it might have something to be with Separation Anxiety or something.

    But anyway, now two days ago, my brother had taken out this stuffed dog that his ex had given him. He didn't want it anymore and I guess he wanted the dogs to tear it apart. The dogs just sniffed it, but then my brother cut a hole in it and shoved food in it. Rex knew what to do and eventually got the food. Later that day, I had gone out to bring in their food and I decided to show Boomer I had some kibbles in my hand and shoved it into that hole. Boomer is trained so he automatically sat down and waited for me to give it to him. I took a kibble out, showed it him and put it back in. He eventually realized he was supposed to get it himself and eventually shoved his nose into the hole and started eating. However, Rex saw this and approached Boomer and started growling at him. Before, Boomer would back off and whine whenever Rex would growl at him over something. Occasionally he would even hide behind me. This time, Boomer did not back off and Rex snapped at him. They ended up actually fighting. Like actual fighting. I had no idea what to do because that was the first time I saw them fight. I yelled for my brothers, one ran out and quickly grabbed a stick, and the dogs separated. Obviously it was over food so we just left the toy alone and expected the dogs to eventually tear it apart.

    The next day, yesterday, I had gotten up to feed the dogs and sometimes Boomer would either follow me to the door or just stay wherever he was and just watch me leave. Yesterday he decided to run ahead of me to the door. The stuffed dog was just on the floor and Boomer had walked by it when Rex suddenly charged forward and stood between Boomer and the toy. I quickly knew they'd end up fighting. I grabbed Boomer's collar and smacked Rex on the nose several times to get him to back off. When he wouldn't, I decided I would move between them and push them away from one another. However, as soon as I had let go of Boomer's collar, Boomer snapped and they fought again. I had gotten them by their necks and ripped them apart from one another, but I ended up falling back and letting them go by accident. They attacked again and that's when I grabbed a stick and they broke off. I ended up separating them from each other for about an hour and I had told my brother to throw away the stuffed dog, since this time it was over that. My mom threatened to put them down if they fought one more time.

    Today, I had gone out to feed them again and this time, I felt like this tension between those two. Yesterday throughout the day, there really wasn't one but today just felt odd. Rex got near me and I noticed Boomer suddenly get defensive and just watch him. I quickly pushed Boomer away and he followed me. Now, when I was going to come back inside, Boomer had been waiting for me at the door. When I was walking towards it, he came up to me and I just started petting him. I wasn't hearing Rex eating so I turned towards the garage and just said, "What? What's going on?" to him. He came running towards me and came to my opposite side. I started petting him and I noticed Boomer seemed...jealous? I don't know. It looked like he was jealous but also afraid of Rex. So to just make him feel better, I started petting the both of them at once. But then again, I noticed the two staring each other down so I quickly pushed them away and went to the door. Boomer quickly came in front of me and kept looking at Rex then at the door, then back at Rex.

    I have no idea what to make of this. I'm afraid they're going to start fighting over me now, and I don't want that. There is no way in hell I'm giving those two up. I'm wondering if it's just out of jealousy or if it's dominance issues? I kind of want to talk to a vet about this, but we have absolutely no money so I can't take them to one. It was even a miracle we were able to get them neutered last year. I know a lot about dogs, but this is the first time owning two large dogs that I can train and I have no idea how to do that without them snapping at each other. I don't even know what to do. First time I even owned a large dog was when I was like 4 or 5. So it wasn't my responsibility and now I don't know what to do.

    EDIT: And for the record, Rex has always been aggressive towards other dogs he didn't know. This is the first time he's really fought with one he did know so I'm rather worried about this.
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    Oh look, another story I'm writing I'm probably going to give up on. lololololol. Anyway, yes, something new. In all honesty, I don't know what people will think of it. I haven't written anything in a good while until this came out so I do think it's rather crappy. This has been in mind for several months now and it took a lot of time of planning and getting the things I want for this story. I have a lot in mind with this one so I'm hoping I don't get frustrated and give up on it. I must warn you though, this one will be a little more...violent compared to my other stuff.

    I hope whoever reads this becomes interested. Enjoy.


    “Only with strength can one endure suffering and torment.”
    -Nyx’s Avatar, Persona 3

    “You can‘t trust every single person you meet.”

    “I don’t know who you are, but you’re messing with the wrong guy!”

    “We can do this if we stick together!”

    “Please, don’t leave me…”

    “Give her back!”

    “I’m sorry.”


    Part One

    A bell. That’s what everyone seemed to have heard before there was a bright light. Confusion, disorientation, dizziness - All symptoms people felt while they were in that unknown place and after they woke up. All they knew was that something had happened; someone had done something to them. Sad that not all of them were able to find out who.

    So many of them went insane. They either killed themselves or killed others to survive. Either way, that’s what it was. Some sick game of survival.

    Chapter One

    There was always something about dreaming of a fantasy world when I was younger. I constantly daydreamed about traveling and seeing new places. I guess it kept my hopes up for something. I was never sure. I used to have nightmares all the time, but when my mother started reading me books to ease my mind before bed, I grew some sort of a passion for it and, in some way, related to it. I remember dreaming of this odd world with strange creatures and people who can do magic. I guess it was just those normal fairytales children think of. I was never sure.

    I stared down at an open book that sat on my lap, my eyes moving side to the side as I read the book my mother always read to me when I was younger. I could feel the wind brush against my body as I sat in an open field that was right behind my house. I smiled before closing the book and raising my head. I brought my knees up to my chest and held them close, staring at the trees in the distance.

    The book was always able to ease my mind; it told of a world where people believed in a goddess that granted wishes to those that needed it the most. However, it spoke of a man who wanted to use the goddess’s power to have eternal life and power. But when he approached the goddess, something happened; the higher being suddenly disappeared before the man’s eyes and shattered into pieces. Ahead of him, a statue formed in the appearance of the goddess.

    The goddess had somehow broken apart and could only be awakened if her other half was found and brought back. The book continued on with the world becoming filled with darkness, but towards the end, the goddess’s other half is brought back and peace was restored to the world. The evil man was sealed away in an place called Realm of Eternity; only the goddess would be the one to break the seal. However, she was sealed away herself so no man would try to bring havoc back into their world.

    My father used to say the book was a bit too dark for me whenever my mother read it, but I never did mind, and neither did my mother. The book was always able to draw my attention and I couldn’t help but love it each time I read it.

    A smile formed on my lips as I stared down at the cover of the book, tilting my head a little. I’ve always wanted to travel to places. The only problem was that I was too afraid to leave my parents behind.

    Before I knew it, I was frowning and staring blankly at the grass in front of me, holding my knees tightly against my chest. As much as I wanted to leave, I was never able to have the courage to do it. I remember I was so close to doing it a few years back, but like now, I became too afraid. I closed my eyes tightly and squeezed my legs, biting down on my lip lightly.

    “Maybe it is time for change,” I muttered to myself, my eyes narrowing as I averted my gaze towards the book by my feet.

    Sighing quietly, I rose up to my feet and dusted myself before raising my arms into the air, stretching them as far as I could. I let out a loud grunt, dropping my arms down on my sides as I leaned forward a bit, staring ahead of me. The meadow that sat behind my house was a place I always loved to spend my time in. The only thing I disliked was that not too far away, there was a forest with trees that looked like they could touch the sky. They were amazing to stare at but they always hid a sunset.

    I picked up the book by my feet and turned around; when I dusted the book off and looked up, I saw my mother watching me from a distance, a small smile on her face. I smiled back and quickly made my way towards her.

    “Reading again?” she asked as she extended her arms towards me.

    I nodded my head in response and took one of her hands. “Of course. You know I like to read out here.”

    My mother’s smile grew as I gently squeezed her hand, taking a couple steps closer as I watched her turn to walk away. “Dinner’s ready, dear,” she said, pulling me with her as she headed back to our house. “I hope you’re hungry.”

    I nodded my head in response and ran ahead of her, opening our back door. As soon as I walked in, I saw my father sitting at one end of our table, which was filled with delicious looking food. The one thing that caught my eye, however, was a small cake that sat in front of my father. I cocked my head and walked towards the table, my eyes staring intently at the cake. It had white frosting, with swirls going around it on the top, and on the edges sat strawberries.

    “What is this for?” I asked, looking at my father and then to my mother, who was getting forks and knives.

    “Don’t you know?” my father responded, his elbows pressed against the wooden table as he held his hands close to his mouth. “Today was the day your mother and I found you.”

    I blinked several times before nodding my head and smiling at my parents, who now sat next to each other. “I remember now,” I said, clasping my hands behind my back as I averted my gaze back down at the cake. “But I thought you said you wouldn’t ‘celebrate’ this day anymore?”

    They both laughed. I wasn’t sure what was funny; I remember they said they would stop considering this day special three years ago when I asked them to stop. I frowned and pulled out the chair in front of me, sat down and stared at my parents.

    “We couldn’t help it, Sienna,” my father said as he lowered his arms onto the table. “We found you thirteen years ago on this day. Your birthday is coming up and you’ve grown up so fast.”

    “We love you like our own, and we couldn’t be happier to have taken you in,” my mother added in as she gently placed a hand over my father’s hand while the other was extended towards me.

    My brows furrowed as I frowned once more, tapping my fingers against the table lightly. I stared at my parents for a bit before sighing and lowering my head. “Fine,” I said, looking back up at them with a smile on my lips. “But this will be the last time!” I quickly added, raising my index.

    They nodded their heads in agreement and laughed. My smile grew as I lowered my hand and averted my attention down on the cake in front of us. I was beginning to forget that I was not the biological daughter of my parents as soon as they stopped celebrating this day. I guess in a way it brings back the pain of not knowing where I came from when they found me in an alleyway half dead; but I still loved them.


    My eyes fluttered as my train of thought was cut short; I looked up at my parents and saw them staring at me with concerned expressions. I laughed nervously and leaned against my chair, clasping my hands on the table together.

    “Sorry,” I said. “I was just thinking.”

    It was time to move on. It was time to do so the moment they brought me into their home.


    I wasn’t sure what it was, but after dinner, I would always sit outside and stare up at the stars. I wasn’t sure why I would do it, but I guess it always relaxed me and helped me clear my mind. I sat quietly on a bench just outside my house, my head leaned back as my eyes gazed from one star to the next, each one looking brighter.


    I blinked as I lowered my head and turned around, seeing my mother standing in the doorway of our house. “Yes?”

    “Don’t stay out for too long. It’s cold out.”

    She gently smiled at me before heading back into the house; she was right. I hadn’t noticed that I was freezing until she came out. I breathed in deeply and wrapped my arms around myself, rubbing my hands against my arms to keep myself warm. I was freezing, but I wasn’t ready to head back into the house.

    “Well, well.”

    My eyes grew wide as I gasped loudly, stumbling forward as I turned around, seeing a man sitting on the other side of the bench. My breathing was heavy and my heart was racing; where did this guy come from?!

    “W-Where did you come from?” I stammered as I tried regaining my breath.

    He had a faint smile on his lips, his eyes staring down at a red rose as he slowly plucked each pedal off. “Tell me,” he began, dropping the rose and turning his attention towards me. “What is it that you seek?”

    I leaned back a bit as I shifted where I sat, staring at the man in complete confusion. “What…?”

    “There’s something you deeply yearn for in life, questioning every aspect of it, even if you don’t think you are,” he said before looking up at the sky, his smile growing. “The stars. They bring comfort yet confusion.”

    “Who are you?”

    His lips parted as he raised his index finger to his lips before rising up onto his feet. “Pardon me!” he quickly said, moving an arm behind him while the other move in front as he bowed. “My name is Lirot.”

    The moment he looked up and into my eyes, something hit me. I wasn’t sure what it was, but something about him took my interest. I opened my mouth to speak, but he quickly motioned for me to hush.

    “I already know your name, Sienna.”

    I was officially freaking out. I was ready to yell for my parents until he jumped onto the bench and stood on it, his attention set towards the field I always sit in.

    “Wishing for change can lead to both good and bad. Those that want it, never seem to make that change.”

    He slowly turned towards me, that strange smile still on his lips. “You might just get your change, Sienna. I must warn you though, you will realize it was a big mistake.”

    I perked an eyebrow as I moved forward a bit, my hands pressing against the wooden bench. “What do you mean?”

    “I am sorry, but I must bid you farewell for now.” He bowed once more and jumped off the bench. “We will meet again, Sienna.”



    I gasped quietly and quickly turned around, seeing my mother at the doorway once more. “Who are you talking to?” she asked, that concerned expression back on her face.

    “Uh…” I breathed in deeply as I lowered my head, staring down at the dirt beneath my feet. “Sorry. I was just thinking aloud.” I laughed nervously as I returned my attention to my mother, her concerned look quickly disappearing.

    “Well, alright. Come inside now.”

    She headed back inside as I let out a sigh of relief. I stood up from the bench and looked around; I frowned and sighed again, seeing that he was gone.

    Lirot. Where did you come from?

    Chapter Two

    For thirteen years, I was given a life by two people who had simply found me in an alleyway and could have left me to die. Instead, they took me in and raised me as if I was their own. Now, I’m twenty years old and the seven years I do not know of have been haunting me, leaving me to question whether my biological parents simply didn’t want me, and hit me up side the head so I could not remember them. It left me bitter for years until I was ready to escape out of that misery and anger. However, it still left me wishing for something to change in my life; something that would give me an idea of who I was before being found.

    I laid on my bed, my hands resting on the back of my head as my eyes stared up at the cracks on the ceiling, my mind wandering about. It was already morning, but I didn’t want to get up, I couldn’t. I felt uneasy and confused about the man I had met the previous night, and what he meant by the change I have been waiting for. I couldn’t help but be interested, but also afraid. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure what I should feel. One minute, I felt that maybe the guy was just crazy and somehow knew what I wanted; then again, if that was the case then he would be considered a stalker.

    “What am I thinking?” I muttered, quickly sitting up straight as my brows furrowed.

    Maybe it was just my imagination. A random guy pops up out of no where and suddenly talks about the things I’ve wanted; that sounds more like my conscience more than anything else really. Frustration began to build up and I immediately came to one simple conclusion - I need to stop focusing so much on my past.

    “That’s it.”

    I feel like I just had some sort of epiphany or something. My current life is what matters, not my past. If my biological parents really did just “throw me to the curb” then I need to forget them. That’s all I need to do. A faint smile graced my lips as I slowly sat up.

    “Yeah….That’s all I need to do…”


    When I was growing up, people always though I was weird so I was picked on a lot. Somehow it never phased me. The people that picked on me always figured I’d crack and go crazy; that was never the case. Whenever I was picked on, I never felt angry or sad. I think the only thing I did feel was annoyance, and I never even showed that. That was when I was little; as I got older, I began to realize I was different, but mainly because of my background. I was found in an alleyway with amnesia.

    Eventually the need to know who I was started settling in. that’s where the large meadow behind my house came in, which was where I was heading now. That meadow became my sanctuary; it was where I could brood or just be left alone for a large period of time.

    My eyes immediately settled onto the large trees off in the distance as I slowly lowered myself to sit on the ground. Whenever I was out here, I spent a large portion of my time staring at those trees; I could never bring up a reasonable answer whenever my parents asked why I did. I guess it was one of those things you could never explain.

    I bent my legs as I brought my knees close to my chest, my eyes narrowing as I noticed something odd. I don’t know if I was seeing things but I could clearly see the shape of a persona at the entrance of that forest.

    “What the…”

    I rubbed my eyes, assuming I was simply seeing things; who would even be over there? From what I can remember nobody has ever tried entering, or possibly even thought of entering. When I moved my hands away from my eyes, I was expecting the persona to be gone; however my expectation was quickly proven wrong. I quickly rose up to my feet, turning my attention towards my house then back at the forest. I wasn’t sure who the person was, but for all I knew, the person might need help. My parents should know…right?

    As I debated whether or not I should say something, I noticed the persona turning away and heading into the forest. I quickly turned to the side, stopping for a moment as I gave myself second thoughts. Biting down on my lip, I inhaled deeply before taking off running in the direction of the forest.

    My mind was blank; that split moment I took to question myself had given that person the chance to disappear into the forest. By the time I reached the entrance, my heart was pounding in my chest, my face covered in sweat. I guess it was just the sudden adrenaline, but soon enough I felt something quickly hit me; what was I doing? I took off running into a distant area I didn’t know and for all I know the person I saw could have just been my imagination.

    “I’m an idiot.”

    Sighing loudly, I placed my hands on my hips as I turned my attention towards my house. I blinked as my attention shifted back to the forest; my mom would probably be upset with me but it wouldn’t hurt to just take a look around. Giving myself one last though I turned back towards the forest, making my way into it. It wouldn’t hurt to take one look, right?

    My eyes automatically scanned everything around me. It looked like some sort of rain forest; everything looked so fresh, and as soon as I looked up, I was overtaken with astonishment. I could feel a smile forming onto my features, my eyes gazing up at the enormous trees I once admired from a distance.

    The admiration I was giving this forest suddenly cut short as I felt my feet bump against something hard, and found myself lying face down in the dirt. I grunted as I pushed myself up, looking back up to see I had tripped over a log.

    “I think that’s enough for today,” I muttered, picking myself up and dusting dirt off of me.

    Once I was up on my feet, I took a look around, assuming I’d still be able to see my house in the distance. I was ready to head back home, however all I could see were trees and bushes. I looked in every direction, hoping I’d see my house, but instead I saw the exact same thing over and over. I could feel my heart begin to pound in my chest as I felt a wave of fear and panic consume me.

    “Damn it!”

    I had gone too far and now I was beginning to regret even entering. I cursed under my breath and took a couple steps forward before turning around. I was lost. I heard a crack of a stick, the sound of guns being loaded following afterward. I turned to find several men in uniforms surrounding me.


    Their guns pointing at me, I took a step back as I raised my eyes slightly. What had I gotten myself into? I don’t even know who these people are; they came out of nowhere, only to make me terrified and confused.

    Maybe I had stepped into a restricted area; then again, I didn’t see any signs saying it was. Whatever the case was, I had done something I wasn’t supposed to do. I was forced onto my knees and to put my hands behind my head; a man with a gun stood behind me as I scolded myself for entering the forest.

    “We’ll have to take this one quickly.”

    What? I looked around, my breathing getting heavy as I moved forward a bit.

    “Where are you taking me?!”

    “Shut up!” I heard the one behind me shout.

    I felt a sharp pain suddenly run across the back of my head, causing me to fall forward. I laid still as my vision began to blur and my mind began to fade; I could barely hear the murmur of a voice, my eyes slowly closing as I could no longer keep them open.

    As soon as I heard I was being taken somewhere, I realized I had done nothing wrong; I entered an open area that was never off limits. I was just being kidnapped.

    Mom, Dad, I’m sorry…


    Dong. Dong. Dong.

    The sound of church bells rang in my ears, my eyes fluttering open. With each sound, a light flashed for a split second before disappearing, leaving me in darkness until the next light flashed.

    I felt like I was suspended in midair - or more like in outer space; my body felt lighter than ever. I knew I was looking around, but no matter in what direction I looked, I only saw darkness.

    “W-Where am I…?”

    As soon as I spoke, I felt dazed and as if something was holding onto me. Before I knew it, I saw a light slowly growing in the distance. I don’t know what it was but my eyes were so fixated on it that I couldn’t turn away. It flashed brightly before disappearing like the rest.

    I could no longer hear a bell; just silence and darkness.
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    This isn't really a thread where I'm having issues with my life. More like I have several questions regarding something. If I posted anywhere else, I knew it wouldn't be taken seriously. Before I go on about that though, I'd like to point out this is about a woman's menstrual cycle. >> I don't think there's been a thread about that here, but I really need to know several things, even though they might be a little personal. This is mainly directed towards the women of khv. If a guy wants to read this, go ahead, but I know you won't be able to answer my questions. Or at least I think. Anyway, to where I want to start.

    I started my period when I was 12 years old. I didn't really have any pain until like the day after. From then on, on the first day my period would start, the pain I would get is simply cramps, knee ache, and backache. Those were the only symptoms I had and the pain I had would only really last for many 20 to 30 minutes. Really depended if I attacked the pain as it started. The first few years, my period was irregular, but I was expecting it since I obviously barely started it. My periods weren't really heavy, but the blood was consistent until probably the last few days of that time.

    Now, I'm 19 now. My period isn't near being regular. My symptoms changed this year really sudden. One month they're the same that they have always been and next thing I know, next month, I can't even bear what I was feeling. I had very, very, very strong cramps, I felt nauseous, my knees were weak and hurting, I felt dizzy, exhausted, and all out like I was dying or something. The pain lasted for about an hour or so until I knocked out from how exhausted I felt. My period was also no longer consistent and just completely random. First day, it was heavy, next day, barely anything. Day after, heavy again, day after that, barely anything. It's been like this every month since probably April of this year. My first question, is this normal? I've asked my mother so many times and she tells me it is yet I feel like it isn't. She tells my grandmother, I hear, "It's normal for someone your age." again.

    I've looked up symptoms of the menstrual cycle, there's a name for the really strong cramps(I completely forgot what it was though. Started with a "d.") and it does mention that everything I feel are normal, but nothing seems to mention the sudden change in symptoms. I know exercising can change a woman's symptoms, but I haven't done that. Another thing I'd add is that my body is now immune to pain killers. I've taken them so much throughout the years that now that the pain is worse, nothing helps.

    I've talked with my mom about birth control since I've been told that can regulate and help the cramps. She has made it very clear that she doesn't want me on that. She never gave me reasons why, so I had to do research on birth control. Seeing the symptoms, I'm a little unsure now, but I feel like I have no other choice since Tylenol, Advil, Midol, none of that seems to work for me. I'm told to take a nap but that's really difficult when I'm in a lot of pain.

    Now...these questions might be a bit personal, but it'd be a lot of help before I see my doctor in a week or two.

    How long does it take for a period to become regulated? I figured it'd just take like two or three years for me but it's no where near being regular.
    How many of you have taken birth control? Were there any common symptoms, did it regulate your period, did it actually help with cramps?
    What symptoms did you have on the first day your period started?
    Did any of you have it as severe as I've been getting it?
    Is this normal or just straight out that I need to see my doctor?

    I really appreciate anyone who'll answer these. I just need to see how others might have it before I see my doctor in about a week or two. Thank you, again. ;_;
    Thread by: Aura, Jul 30, 2011, 4 replies, in forum: Help with Life
  7. Aura
    [Credit to Prince for helping me with this. <3]


    Three separate empires coexisted with one another. They each built their lands near one another and helped one another whenever an empire was in need. Castalius was ruled by a female. This empire was considered “pure” due to its way of living. Very rarely did it have any crimes, and if it did, it caught their culprit quickly. Its army specialized in magic and sorcery. Eulias was ruled by a male. This empire was known for its love of violence. The army mainly specialized in advanced weaponry. The last empire was Atlivis, ruled by a male. They were the complete opposite of the people of Castalius. They were consider “barbaric” due to how they knew how to tame a wild animal.

    The leader of Atlivis wanted a crystal that granted eternal life. However, many believed this crystal was simply a myth. Some said it was simply a folk tale, but others believed it wasn’t. People said the crystal resided in the Sacred Land, but Castalius and Eulias disliked the idea of eternal life. Their leaders attempted to convince Atlivis’ leader to abandon that idea, however, this only angered him. He pushed away his two friends and decided to go search for the crystal on his own. However, the two other leaders stopped him in time, saying he’d only go mad.

    War soon broke out.

    Atlivis had two armies attacking Castalius and Eulias, while another, one he led, went to search for the crystal. He did not get very far. Eulias’ army stopped him, only causing more rage. Soon enough, Castalius’ army arrived and they took custody of Atlivis’ leader. Deeming him a menace, the empire’s leader was executed and not too long after, Atlivis had gotten a new ruler, one from Castalius. The three leaders soon agreed to build an academy, one where the youths from each empire will grow together, thus keeping peace.

    At least, that’s what they thought.

    Several years passed and so far peace was kept among the three empires. Nothing really changed, except for several rumors going around the academy saying Atlivis was building an army. Many people didn’t believe in this until Castalius and Eulias were attacked by Atlivis’ army. Not too long after, the Academy was soon attacked, killing several students while others were able to escape. Those that escaped, something came across their mind. They made a sort of pack together to fight against Atlivis’ armies. They felt as though peace would come if they were involved.


    The RP will not be starting right after the Academy is attacked. It’ll be starting a little before that way characters can get to know one another and such. It gives people to get comfortable, I guess you can say. You won’t even know of the rumor until my own character mentions it. So you’ll have to keep an eye on my posts.

    The Academy does have uniforms. Girls’ uniform and boys’ uniforms. You pretty much wear them all the time. So I guess they’re your everyday clothes as well.



    The people of this empire were known for their gentle nature. Everyone somehow knew a bit of magic, disliking the idea of spilling blood. They thought that spilling another human being’s blood was barbaric and inhumane. Yet they found the ability to tolerate Eulias’ and Atlivis’ way of living. Children are taught a bit of magic at a young age, but once they reach a certain age, they head off to the academy to enhance those abilities. Even learning how to wield a weapon. Castalius’ leader is a young woman. She is elegant in battle, showing no fear in the faces of her enemies.



    This empire was known for there violent nature, though, they did have their gentle sides as well. The people knew how to defend themselves with advanced weaponry, even with advanced technology. The leader of this empire is actually related with the leader of Castalius. Some find it strange, yet others find it interesting. This empire’s leader is a male, one who is brave and cunning. Never shows any fear, just like his younger sister.



    The people of this empire disliked the idea of being called barbaric. These people had a special ability that allowed them to tame a wild animal. Some even had a bit of magic abilities, however, not as skilled as those in Castalius. Some of the people even hunted wild animals with the weapons they had. After their first leader was defeated, some of the people became curious over the crystal their previous leader hunted. Some had gone looking for it, but were never seen again while others simply thought on the idea before it left their minds.

    The Academy


    The academy was founded by all three leaders of the three empires. It was built to keep peace between them. When a child reaches the age of thirteen, they receive a letter saying they have been accepted to this academy. This is where they will learn how to enhance their abilities and learn new ones. The Academy has been open for about thirty years, and during that time, peace has been kept.

    The Academy holds a dormitory where the students will stay until school is over. Classes are held during the afternoon for five days a week. The other two days, students have free time to do whatever they wish.

    Classes have a mixture of children from all three empires. Magic users are being taught how to use weapons so they can coexist more with those from Eulias and Atlivis and vice versa. Though, there have been students that have refused to take classes with others that aren’t their “kind.”

    Sacred Land​


    Nobody from either empires entered this place except for the leader of Castalius and her people. They believe the Sacred Land is where their Gods reside so they come here to pray and ask for their help. It’s said to hold the crystal Atlivis’ previous wanted, and now the new leader wants. Many times they’ve tried to enter this place, but Castalius’ army always protects this place. If it wasn’t for the war, the Sacred Land would be quiet and peaceful.



    The area where armies of Castalius, Eulias and Atlivis are fighting. This is the main battle ground. It was once one of Eulias’ cities that was destroyed by the previous leader of Atlivis. Now, it’s used as a battle field and, of course, it has many dead bodies around. Though, they are collected for their loved ones to identify the body. This place can be either extremely quiet or filled with the sound the armies fighting one another.

    Elemental Spells

    • Crumbling Earth - Turns rocks and stones into sand. Useful for causing another to lose their footing or simply to make passageways through walls.
    • Rock Wall - User can summon a thick wall of earth to shoot up from the group. Can used as some sort of barrier.
    • Rising Earth - Causes the eruption of rock spikes from the ground to be spent towards the enemy.
    • Entrapment - Vines rise up from the ground to grip an object or person.

    • Fire Breath - Burst of flames can escape the user’s mouth.
    • Combustion - Allows the user to set any object on fire.
    • Fire Blast - A ball of fire escapes from the user’s palm.
    • Eruption - Allows the user to summon pillars of fire from the ground.

    • Shockwave - A burst of wind escapes from the user’s body to push away anything around them.
    • Blade of Wind - User can summon a gust of wind to be sent towards the enemy. Able to cause a person harm and can cut through almost anything.
    • Gale - A powerful gust of wind that can cause a sandstorm.
    • Summoning Winds - Allows the user to summon a current that is applied around an object, allowing them to lift it.

    • Freezing Grip - Allows a person to freeze another person or object with a single touch. However, they can control whether they wants to freeze the entire person’s body or just a body part.
    • Healing Water - If the user has a source of water at their disposal, it can be used to heal wounds and remove toxins from the body.
    • Ice Crystals - Allows a user to fire ice crystals at an enemy from the palm of their hands.
    • Aquakinesis - Allows a user to manipulate water.

    • Plasma Bolt - A burst of electricity escapes from the user’s palm.
    • Magnetic Pull - Draws in metal objects towards the user by creating a magnetic field.
    • Pulse - Generates a powerful electro-magnetic wave that disables nearby electronic devices.
    • Paralyzing Touch - With a touch of the hand the user can temporarily paralyze a person or animal.

    • Shadow Hands - Holds a target in place by grabbing onto their shadows.
    • Fade Out - Sucks in all the light of an area to place it in complete darkness.
    • Phantom - The user’s shadow leaves to scout ahead. When it returns, the user gains knowledge of whatever the Phantom has seen and heard.
    • White Burst - From the user’s hand an explosion of light erupts to blind everyone around.

    Other Spells

    • Animation - Brings objects to life for as long as the user's concentration is held on them. The objects will obey the caster. Can bring up to five objects to life.
    • Summon Item - The user can summon an item that they own regardless of the distance to have it instantly appear before them. The item can be dismissed at any time or kept on their person.
    • Multiply - Allows the user to make at least three copies of themselves to confuse their enemy.
    • Shape Shifting - Allows a person to change themselves into someone else, also giving them the ability to mimic their voices


    1. No godmodding/power playing.
    2. I know I already said this once, but I’ll say it again. Please keep an eye on my posts. They’re going to be rather important at the start of the RP.
    3. Not really a rule, but more of a note. Those that are from Atlivis can actually summon beasts that they have tamed. Not really Final Fantasy style, but more like the animal hears their call and comes to the rescue! Yeah.
    4. I’d really like it if there was a variety of children from each empire. They’re both equal in power in some given way.
    5. Be active in the RP. This is going to end up needing several people to be involved, trust me.
    6. I don’t really have much else to say. I reserve the right to add anymore rules as needed. Other than that, have fun!

    OC Forms

    Spells: [Only five!]

    Spells: [Only four!]

    Spells: [Only four!]

    Accepted OC’s​

    Username: Elika
    Name: Aida Rohon
    Age: Seventeen
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Aida has a very kind and gentle nature. She grew up with the idea to think of others before herself. She’s not really shy, but simply a quiet person. She’s opened minded and speaks whatever may be on her mind, whether it be to another person, an animal or just quietly to herself.
    Appearance: Clicky
    Bio: Aida grew up in Castalius, so she was very against shedding another human being’s blood. Her mother was one who accepted the people of Eulias and Atlivis very easily, however, her father was very different. Aida had an older brother who she adored with all her heart, but after the war, her brother was killed by someone from Atlivis and so her father grew hatred for that empire. Aida, who was heartbroken, agreed with her mother about how it wasn’t the people’s fault, but their former leader’s. Her father refused to listen and when she got her acceptance letter from the Academy, Aida was forbidden from going to a school with the ones “responsible” for her brother’s death. On the day the students had to be at the Academy, Aida’s mother took Aida to the Academy. Immediately, she fell in love with the school. Knowing her father would be angry, Aida writes letters to her family often, talking about her classes, her school life, even the students.
    • Healing Water - If the user has a source of water at their disposal, it can be used to heal wounds and remove toxins from the body.
    • Rock Wall - User can summon a thick wall of earth to shoot up from the group. Can used as some sort of barrier.
    • Combustion - Allows the user to set any object on fire.
    • Freezing Grip - Allows a person to freeze another person or object with a single touch. However, they can control whether they wants to freeze the entire person’s body or just a body part.
    • White Burst - From the user’s hand an explosion of light erupts to blind everyone around.
    Weapon: Clicky
    Other: N/A

    Username: Britishism
    Name: Taron Wakefield
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Calm and collected, no matter the situation. This is not to say he is uptight, as he cracks jokes with his friends and can have a good time. When pushed to the limit, he will lose his collected side and do his best to protect his friends. He is always an optimist. Very protective of those close to him.
    Appearance:Click it. Nao. (Minus gum.)
    Bio: Born in Castalius, he was raised to be a pacifist. His parents were both open minded and accepting of the Eulias and Atlivas. His parents taught him magic from a young age, and from them he has learned basic and advanced techniques. As he was an only child, his mother didn't want him to leave them to go to the Academy. However, his father said it was the right thing to do. He kept in contact with his parents, but also managed to balance his social life and his studies. Recently, Taron got a letter from his father telling him that his mother was killed by an unknown soldier. He is currently mourning.
    Spells: Healing Water
    Fire Breath
    Rising Earth
    Weapon: Blue Katana called Wavepoint.
    Other: During battle, he can be an attacker, but after the fight, he is more of a healer.

    Username: Guardian_Soul
    Name: Magnus Attis
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Despite being born into a kingdom known for its violent nature, Magnus is a pretty quiet person who, while kind-hearted, usually keeps to himself and prefers to stay in the lab working on his machines. This has resulted in him having a mysterious air which allows rumors about him to surface quickly.
    Appearance: Clickity click Sans the little girl xD
    Bio: Magnus was born into Eulias and raised in a well known family of engineers. For most of his life, Magnus has been around machines and from a young age, he was even taught the basics of engineering from his father. Being an eager and creative boy, Magnus would practice his skills by making various inventions. But one day he had a freak accident with the tools in the workshop which resulted in him losing his left arm. Luckily for him he was found by his father in time and taken to the hospital where he was treated. Thanks to the more developed technology of Eulias, he was given an artificial limb that was more advanced than the prosthetics found in the other kingdoms. The artificial limb could do the same things that any normal hand could except it obviously looked like a machine and had to be treated like one as well such as being oiled to prevent rust. Joining the academy at the age of 13, he has been various fights, despite being somewhat quiet, because of him being born in a country known for its violent nature and his intimidating left arm which has lead to various rumors being spread around the school as to how he got it.
    Spells: Crumbling Earth, Plasma Bolt, White Burst and Summon Item
    Weapon: A longsword and his mechanical arm

    Username: Master of Keyblades
    Name: Dante Vale
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: most of the time he's in control of his anger but, if he's not, he tend to be reckless and ruthless with is usually why he prefers to work alone.
    Appearance: Here
    Bio: Being born in Eulias, Dante became a great fighter. The only downside was that he had a hard time controlling his anger which led to him getting into fights that he would cause. It took him til he was 13 and accepted into the academy for him to control it by trying to do most things by himself. Even if it doesn't always work out the way he hoped.
    Spells: Fire Breath, Phantom, Ice Crystals, Summoning Winds
    Other: even though he tries to isolate himself from other people, he will fight for his friends.

    Username: No Heart-X
    Name: Weiss Aensland
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He's very laid back and calm almost all the time. Even if someone is about to hit him, he is still smiling, or even laughing. However, when he or one of his friends is in danger of being killed, he will become serious.
    Appearance: Click
    Bio: Born in Eulias, Weiss is a descendant of a family that is famous for weapons manufacturing. Before he went to the Academy, his father taught him how to make his own weapon. Ever since then, he has been carrying around the Shikomizue that he made. He embedded it with a Heat system that allows the blade to become super heated. It is his treasured weapon, and uses it whenever he needs to. Despite the fact he was born a Eulias, he was never really violent.
    Shadow Hands
    Fade Out
    White Burst

    Weapon: Shikomizue
    Other: When he fights, he uses his agility to attack from almost every direction.

    Username: Svanire [Rissy]
    Odette Tyne
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Gentle and kind, slow to respond, quiet, polite and is very clumsy. Her smile brightens the room, and tries to stay optimistic. She tends to be independent when upset, and feels misunderstood.
    Appearance: Clicky
    Bio: Odette is a Eulias, which are known for their violent tendencies, but Odette tries to show her softer side more then her violence. Her mother was the same, and her father was the opposite. When the war was raging, her parents both were sent to war; and Odette was left to abide and live on her own until it was over. When her parents came back, they were completely different, her father slowly becoming blind from combat, and lost his legs in the war. He was too old for the new technology, and refused aid. Her mother was emotionally scarred; slowly turning mute, only to speak when she needs to. When Odette received the letter, her parents were uneasy, but Odette convinced them she needed this, to know what the other empires were like. She always wanted to travel the world, and realizing there's brighter places then her home.
    Spells: Shape Shifting, Fade Out, White Burst, Paralyzing Touch
    Weapon: Dual Elbow Blades
    Other: She is not the offensive type, she is a defensive type.

    Username: Prince
    Name: Risit Cael
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Rash in his actions and somewhat hot headed. He’s quite cunning though stubborn. He dislikes most people but has a strong respect for animals.
    Bio: Risit was born into Atlivis and was raised as a hunter. He actually participated in the earlier war for a brief period of time despite his age during it. He’s been into a number of fights at the academy with the children from the other nations due to his unyielding nature but over the years he has calmed down and grown a fondness for the academy.
    Spells: Summon Item, Eruption, Summoning Winds, and Shadow Hands
    Weapon: Carries a bow that fires bolts of plasma and a somewhat short sword.
    Other: N/A

    Username:K u r o g a n e
    Name: Elise Aldrich.
    Age: Eighteen.
    Gender: Female.
    Personality: A rather blunt and straightforward young female who usually does not think before she acts. Her independent and rude ways tend to land her and others in trouble.
    Appearance: Click here.
    Bio: Elise was born in the brutal lands of Atlivis, where fights and bloodshed were routine and perfectly normal. Things were always best settled through fists than with words, and thus was the only world she knew hence her rather "masculine" way of being. Her parents took pride of the fact that they were of Atlivis and the thought of having their daughter attend the academy seemed insane. Still Elise convinced her parents in letting her go, claiming that she would prove that the Atlivis people were far superior to the rest. Years passed and that mentality somewhat changed in the girl as she has become somewhat tolerable to the others, yet still holds her families bitter resent over the previous battles that were lost to the other two races.

    Plasma Bolt - A burst of electricity escapes from the user’s palm.
    Magnetic Pull - Draws in metal objects towards the user by creating a magnetic field.
    Paralyzing Touch - With a touch of the hand the user can temporarily paralyze a person or animal.
    Fire Breath - Burst of flames can escape the user’s mouth.


    Other: As part of the Atlivis people, Elise can summon a grey wolf that she had befriended as a child.
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  8. Aura
    RP Thread Here


    Ten years ago, a group of high school students from Gekkoukan High fought against Shadows to destroy the Dark Hour and Tartarus. However, along the way, they realized they only brought the world’s end closer. In the end, they defeated 12 Shadows and brought about the coming of Nyx. Nyx, a maternal being, was quickly defeated, but soon, the leader of the group sacrificed himself to stop the end of the world. In the end, everyone who saw the world’s ending approaching, forgot, except for those that had the powers of summoning a Persona.

    Ten years have passed and people have lived a normal daily life until now. The once club known as SEES has suddenly been brought back by Mitsuru Kirigo, who was a former student of Gekkoukan High. Going by the club’s advisor, she appears very rarely and only speaks to the one she had seen awaken to the power of a Persona after so long. Somehow, the Dark Hour and Tartarus has returned, which has baffled those that had fought against the Shadows ten years ago.

    Residents of Port Island have suddenly began wishing for a “new world” and for a change. This had caused Persona-users to be born, and by the sudden appearance of Persona-users, Nyx was released by the seal that once kept it away and the twelve Shadows that were defeated returned as well.

    SEES is now working on recruiting more Persona-users to stop Nyx once more. Nyx’s coming is May 11th, 2021.

    Social Links Formed

    Leila Lawson {Priestess} - Holden Grey {Death} Maxed/Lovers
    Sakura Kimonoto {Fool} - Hattori Nakamura {Star} Maxed/Lovers
    Terri Gates {Empress} - Haruka Hotaru {Fool}
    Haruka Hotaru {Fool} - Holden Grey {Death}

    SEES Members/Levels of Personas/Abilities

    Leila Lawson {Assistance} - Lucia {Priestess} Level 23
    • Full Analysis - Reveal targeted enemy's stats, weakness, and skills.
    • Support Scan - Automatically reveals any stat skills in effect

    Holden Grey {Leader} - Thanatos {Death} Level 24
    • Tempest Slash - Inflicts multiple heavy slash damage on one enemy.
    • 1 Hand Sword Master - Increases damage when using a one-handed sword.
    • Evil Smile - Instills Fear mental ailment upon all enemies.
    • Megidola - Inflict heavy Almighty damage upon all enemies.

    Terri Gates {Member} - Hariti {Empress} Level 19
    • Dia - Moderately heals a party member.
    • Bufu - Deals light ice damage to one foe.
    • Sukukaja - Raises hit/evasion rate of one party member.
    • Mabufu - Light Ice damage + Freeze to all foes.

    Allen Walker {Member} - Messiah {Judgement} Level 20
    • Regenerate 1- slightly recover hp ever turn.
    • Bash: Deals light physical damage to one foe.
    • Zio: Deals light lightning damage to in foe.
    • God Hand-Inflicts severe Strike damage upon one enemy

    Sakura Kimonoto {Member} - Orpheus {Fool} Level 17
    • Agilao - Inflicts a medium amount of Fire damage on one enemy.
    • Swift Strike - Inflicts a small amount of Strike damage to all enemies (3x)
    • Dia - Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally.

    Vincent Valier {Member} - Siegfried {Strength} Level 22
    • Tempest Slash - Deals heavy Slash damage to 1 foe. Hits up to 2 times.
    • Power Charge - The next normal attack, Physical skill, or Almighty physical attack will be 2.5 times greater in power.
    • Masukukaja - Increases all allies' Agility for 3 turns.
    • Rainy Death - Inflicts a large amount of Physical damage on one enemy.

    Hattori Nakamura {Member} - Lucifer {Star} Level 21
    • Zionga- Moderate electric damage, one enemy
    • Mazio- light electric damage, all enemies
    • Mind Charge- Powers up spell damage for the next spell used
    • Ghastly Wail- Instantly kills all enemies that are suffering from the Fear ailment

    Haruka Hotaru {Member} - Izanagi {Fool} Level 15
    • Zio - Light Electricity damage.
    • Mazio - Light Electricity damage to all opponents.
    • Cleave - Light Physical damage.

    Full Moons

    May 22, 2020 {Friday} - Priestess [Completed]

    June 21, 2020 {Sunday} - Unknown

    July 20, 2020 {Monday} - Unknown

    August 18, 2020 {Tuesday} - Unknown

    September 17, 2020 {Thursday} - Unknown

    October 16, 2020 16 {Friday} - Unknown

    November 15, 2020 {Sunday} - Unknown

    December 14, 2020 {Monday} Unknown

    January 13, 2021 {Wednesday} - Unknown

    February 11, 2021 {Thursday} - Unknown

    March 13, 2021 {Saturday} - Unknown

    April 11, 2021 {Sunday} - Unknown

    May 11, 2021 {Tuesday} - Nyx's Coming

    Exploring Tartarus

    First Block

    Fifth floor - Guardian {Venus Eagles} [Completed]
    Tenth floor - Guardian {Unknown}
    Fourteenth floor - Guardian {Unknown}


    Boy's Only

    Boxing Team
    {Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday}

    Kendo Team
    {Monday, Thursday and Friday}

    Track Team
    {Monday Thursday and Friday}
    • Hattori Nakamura {Senior}

    Girl's Only

    Archery Club
    {Wednesday, Friday and Saturday}

    Swim Team
    {Monday, Tuesday and Friday}

    Volleyball Club
    {Monday, Wednesday and Friday}
    • Haruka Hotaru {Junior}
    • Terri Gates {Junior}


    Music Club
    {Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday}
    • Holden Grey {Senior}
    • Sakura Kimonoto {Senior}
    • Allen Walker {Junior}

    Art Club
    {Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday}
    • Hattori Nakamura {Senior}

    Photography Club
    {Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday}
    • Leila Lawson {Senior}

    Home Economics Club (Fashion Club)
    {Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday}

    Student Council
    {Monday, Wednesday, and Friday}

    Fencing Club
    {Monday, Thursday and Friday}

    Tennis Club
    {Monday, Wednesday and Friday}
    • Leila Lawson {Senior}

    Cooking Club
    {Monday, Friday, and Saturday}

    • Allen Walker {Junior}


    Those that have Personas and that are in SEES must post one extra attack their Personas have learned and what level they are in now. Each day we explore Tartarus, you must say whether or not you leveled up. If you did, you must post in this thread and say what level you are so that I can edit this post to make it accurate.

    If there are any other Social Links that have been formed, please post here and let me know, that way I can edit this as well. We'll use this to discuss anything we need to talk about, any questions those that are part of the RP and those that want to join have.

    The first thing I'd like to discuss on though, what does everyone think on adding sports into the RP? Bushy-Brow gave me the idea and I'd like to hear everyone's input before deciding on it.
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  9. Aura
    OOC Thread Here


    Ten years ago, a group of high school students from Gekkoukan High fought against Shadows to destroy the Dark Hour and Tartarus. However, along the way, they realized they only brought the world’s end closer. In the end, they defeated 12 Shadows and brought about the coming of Nyx. Nyx, a maternal being, was quickly defeated, but soon, the leader of the group sacrificed himself to stop the end of the world. In the end, everyone who saw the world’s ending approaching, forgot, except for those that had the powers of summoning a Persona.

    Ten years have passed and people have lived a normal daily life until now. The once club known as SEES has suddenly been brought back by Mitsuru Kirigo, who was a former student of Gekkoukan High. Going by the club’s advisor, she appears very rarely and only speaks to the one she had seen awaken to the power of a Persona after so long. Somehow, the Dark Hour and Tartarus has returned, which has baffled those that had fought against the Shadows ten years ago.

    Residents of Port Island have suddenly began wishing for a “new world†and for a change. This had caused Persona-users to be born, and by the sudden appearance of Persona-users, Nyx was released by the seal that once kept it away and the twelve Shadows that were defeated returned as well.

    SEES is now working on recruiting more Persona-users to stop Nyx once more. Nyx’s coming is May 11th, 2021.

    Important Terms


    A Persona is a second soul that dwells deep within a person’s heart. It is an entirely different personality that emerges when a person is confronted with something from outside his world. A Persona ability refers to the unique gift that enables a person to summon and use a Persona. Those who are capable of this feat are known as Persona-users. This ability is humanity’s only hope to defeat the Shadows.


    The Arcana are the different classes of Tarot cards. They are a major thematic element. The Arcana are divided into the Major Arcana (22 unique cards) and the Minor Arcana (four suits of cards, not unlike those of traditional playing cards).

    The Dark Hour

    The Dark Hour is a time period that exists an abnormal period of time known as the Dark Hour, which manifests every evening at midnight. During the Dark Hour, normal people are transformed into crystallized objects resembling coffins through a process called Transmogrification. While a person is Transmogrified, he is not cognizant of anything happening in the world around him. Therefore, the general public is unaware of the existence of the Dark Hour. Only Shadows, the original inhabitants of the Dark Hour, and those who possess the “potential†can experience this time.


    Tartarus, structured like a tower, it is the nest of the Shadows that appears every night during the Dark Hour. Every Persona user will begin exploring from the first floor and advance up the tower as you progress. The tower has 265 floors, that including the roof. It is divided into six blocks, that must be explored. Your goal is to reach the top of the tower. However, if you complete a block before a full moon, you cannot go into the next block until the next full moon is completed. While in Tartarus, you must pay attention to you and your party’s physical condition. You are human, so it is impossible for a Persona-user to handle Tartarus for too long.

    On each floor of Tartarus, there are Access Points, which will take you straight back down to the first floor. However, there are certain points where you will fight mini-bosses and in that floor, there is an access point that can either take you straight down to the first floor, or to any of the other floors you have already explored. Once you go up a floor in Tartarus, you cannot descend staircases. You can only go up.

    While in Tartarus, you expect to only see Shadows that you can fight without much of a problem. However, while in Tartarus you must not spend a large amount of time in one floor. The Reaper lives in Tartarus and can show up if you spend too much time in one floor, or are at a high level and you are currently in the first floors. If your party runs into Death (The Reaper), you must search for the staircase quickly and go into the next floor and search for an Access Point to leave Tartarus for the night.

    Gekkoukan High School/Dorms

    Before Gekkoukan High School was founded, the building was built by Kirigo Group, intended as a laboratory to instigate and experiment on Shadows. The scientists would gather the shadows and harvest them, amplifying their capabilities and their potential. It is later shown that during the experiment, the Arcana that was never meant to be, Death was created. It is also revealed that via the experiments, the leading group of the scientists, came to know about the Fall. A majority scientists willingly embraces the prophecy, with an exception of Yukari's father. Declining Death, Yukari's father intercepted the experiments and destroyed many of the facilities along the way. It is also where the Shadows who began to merge with one another, intending to reform into Death, who was forcefully torn apart, leaving an incomplete shadow escaping. The laboratory was later destroyed by the outraged Shadows, leaving only a few of the leading scientists alive.

    To cover up the incident, Kirijo Group spent a large sum of money and rebuilt the laboratory into a High School. However, as the students enroll in, many of them disappeared with reasons unknown. It was, however, written on the papers that the school suffered from an explosion. Every evening at midnight, Gekkoukan High School changes into Tartarus.

    When a person awakened to their Persona, they must move into the school’s dorm. Any other normal student lives with their parents/guardian in Port Island. However, it is the Persona-user’s choice if they wish to use their powers or continue living their lives as normal as possible.

    First floor of the dorm is the lobby, second floor is where the boys’ rooms are, third floor is where the girls’ rooms are, and the fourth floor is where the Command Room resides.

    Social Links

    A Social Link is a bond you have with another person. Getting to know others is the key to strengthening your Persona. When meeting a person, you create a Social Link. When “maxing†a Social Link, it means the bond you have created with another person cannot be broken. In order to strengthen the bond, or increase your Social Link, you simply hang out with the person. You can even turn the other person into your lover if you wish. If you choose to have a lover, you may only have one.

    Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES)

    SEES is an extracurricular club at Gekkoukan High School. While the school sponsors them and lists them as a school club, their true purpose is to eliminate the Shadows and investigate both Tartarus and the Dark Hour. SEES was originally founded by the Kirigo Group and it was dissolved after Nyx was defeated. However, just recently, it was brought back up by Mitsuru Kirigo.

    Full Moons

    Each full moon, there is a special Shadow of certain Arcanas that the Persona-users must fight. During these times of the Full Moon, I will choose which group(s) from SEES will fight the Shadow. Each Persona-user must be at a strong level in order to fight or else you will simply lose consciousness quickly.


    1. No god-modding/power playing. Very common rule, so please follow it.
    2. I understand all of the terms could be a bit overwhelming, but they are very important. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t written down all these terms, nobody would join. Did it so everyone, even those that haven’t played the game, would understand the basics of the RP and the original game.
    3. Forming Social Links with other members is a must. It makes the RP much more interesting and it increases your Persona’s strength as well. So please form Social Links with others.
    4. You may not bring back one of the characters from Persona 3, at all. It’s been 10 years so they’re adults and can’t really summon a Persona anymore. That is why, all Persona users must be below nineteen years of age.
    5. I do not want to have purely Persona-users. I would like to have normal people as well. You also don’t have to start out as a Persona-user. You can develop the power along the way.
    6. Only one Persona per person. I know in the game, the MC(main character) had a multitude of Personas, but here, everyone only has one. I will provide a list of Personas, and please put what Arcana it is.
    7. Whatever weakness your Persona has, it affects you. So, say you choose a Persona that’s weak against ice. If you are struck with an ice attack, you fall down. You can also become dizzy if you are hit with your weakness twice, preventing you from doing fighting until a little while after.
    8. If you’ve played the game, you know perfectly well that it’s rated M because of the violence and possible sexual comments and such. This RP will be kept at PG-13 though. If you and another character choose to become lovers, if you wish to continue forward than just kissing and hugging, just take it to PM or just do a “morning after†kind of thing. That’s what the game practically does anyway. <<;
    9. During the day, if it’s after school, or on a day off, hell, even if you decide to skip class, you can do whatever you want. You just can’t go to Tartarus, obviously, since it only appears at midnight.
    10. Have fun!


    1. List of Personas. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, the Arcanas are there as well. So whatever Arcana the Persona is under, that’s the Arcana. You cannot change it. And when creating Social Links, you create a Social Link with that same Arcana.
    2. Since Persona isn’t very known, I’m fine if you don’t have a lot of knowledge of the game. I can answer any questions if anyone has any.
    3. The phase of the moon will seriously follow the moon phases of 2020. Seriously. I searched a calendar for it, so try not to worry too much on that. If you’d like to know the moon phases, just click here and here.
    5. If my character is not present in the evening, you may not go to Tartarus. And in order to go to Tartarus, the leader of the group(s) will simply have to speak to my character.
    6. Gekkoukan has uniforms. They can be seen here.

    OC Form

    Persona’s Arcana:
    Persona’s Level:
    Persona’s Abilities: [Just list three for now and it’ll raise to more as the RP progresses and the more you train.]
    Weapon: [The weapon you use during battle, not the Persona‘s.]
    Strength(s) : [Persona’s Strength.]
    Weakness(es) : [Persona’s weakness.]

    Accepted OC’s

    Username: Ruki
    Name: Leila Lawson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Leila is relaxed and calm most of the time. She can rarely be energetic and is mainly called a mature person, regardless if she feels she isn’t. She’s able to adjust to different surroundings rather quickly, which she assumes could just be the power of her Persona.
    Bio: Leila had lived a normal life style before awakening to the power of her Persona. Her mother and Father were one of the few scientists that had survived the explosion ten years ago. About a year ago, at midnight, her family was suddenly attacked by a Shadow. It killed her father and when it was about to attack her mother, Leila awakened to her Persona and somehow defeated it. She wasn’t sure how it happened, due to her Persona’s lack of battle orientations, but since her parents were known by the Kirigo Group, Mitsuru Kirigo heard of what happened and spoke to Leila about SEES, Tartarus, the Dark Hour and the Shadows. Soon after, she moved to Port Island and now lives in the dorm.
    Grade: Senior
    Persona: Lucia
    Persona’s Arcana: Priestess
    Persona’s Level: 16
    Persona’s Abilities:
    • Full Analyze - Reveal targeted enemy's stats, weakness, and skills.
    Weapon: N/A
    Strength(s) : Supporter
    Weakness(es) : None.
    Other: N/A

    Username: Ruki
    Name: Terri Gates
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Terri comes off as a shy girl, and rarely speaks to many people. It takes a bit of time before she can really speak to someone openly and freely. When wanting to speak up, she can seem a bit unsure of herself and rather uncomfortable.
    Bio: Terri is an only child and lived with her grandparents since she was a baby. She was told a few years back that her parents had died in car accident and they had to take her in. She had lived overseas for quite a while, but her grandparents decided to move to Port Island when she was 14. Attending Gekkoukan High, she immediately felt something wasn’t right about the school and felt extremely uncomfortable. After a year, she tried convincing her grandparents to move away from Port Island, but they constantly refused. Eventually, when she was 15, she woke up in the middle of the Dark Hour and began freaking out when she saw coffins in her grandparents’ room. She freaked out and ran outside, seeing more coffins and eventually ran off into an alleyway where she was found by Leila. The day after, she was told about the Dark Hour and the Shadows, and soon convinced her grandparents to let her stay at the dorm.
    Grade: Junior
    Persona: Hariti
    Persona’s Arcana: Empress
    Persona’s Level: 14
    Persona’s Abilities:
    • Dia - Moderately heals a party member.
    • Bufu - Deals light ice damage to one foe.
    • Sukukaja - Raises hit/evasion rate of one party member.
    Strength(s) : Strong against darkness, repels ice.
    Weakness(es) : N/A
    Other: She’s usually found either in the lobby or the third floor of the building reading a book. She has an adoration for books, which her room is practically filled with.

    Username: K u r o g a n e
    Name: Arthur Kirkland
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Here.
    Personality: A proud young man who knows what he wants and walks on forward with a determined look, certain of his goals.
    Bio: After experiencing the Dark Hour one night and being attacked by a Shadow first hand, Arthur was quickly recruited by the S.E.E.S group. He now resides in the dormitory provided by the Kirijo Group as the events he lived through were explained. It then became clear to him that it was something only he and a select few could do and takes a certain responsibility and pride in this, yearning to hone his skills further.
    Grade: Senior
    Persona: Seth.
    Persona’s Arcana: Moon
    Persona’s Level: 15
    Persona’s Abilities: Garu - Deals light wind damage to one foe.
    Agi - Deals light fire damage to one foe.
    Fire Break - Removes Fire Resist, Block, Repel, and Drain properties for 3 turns.
    Weapon: Here.
    Strength(s) : Dark/ Reflects Fire
    Weakness(es) : Light

    Username: Master of Keyblades
    Name: Allen Walker
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Personality: Calm, cool, fun-loving
    Bio: Growing up in Tasumi Port Island, Allen had always felt like he was different from the others. His feeling became true when he journey through town during the dark hour and awoke to his Persona after being attacked by a Shadow.
    Grade: Junior
    Persona: Messiah
    Persona’s Arcana: Judgement
    Persona’s Level: 13
    Persona’s Abilities:

    Regenerate 1- slightly recover hp ever turn.

    Bash: Deals light physical damage to one foe.

    Zio: Deals light lightning damage to in foe.
    Weapon: Scythe
    Strength(s) : Reflects Light
    Weakness(es) : Dark

    Username: Terra
    Name: Holden Grey
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Linky
    Personality: Holden speaks very little despite having much to say. He's the type of person who would rather handle everything on his own and would even try to separate from the others if he knew without a doubt that he would not need them. He may come off cold but it's only because he does not know how to express his emotions towards anyone else, having been raised to know that actions speak louder than words.
    Bio: He said nothing when he was recruited by SEES. After having a messy fight against two Shadows, Holden found himself meeting Kirigo that same night. Holden wasn't bothered by the events going on, as he had kept quiet about facing a Shadow previously. He hadn't always been so silent as two years before encountering any Shadows, Holden was studying under his father, a man who dedicated a great deal of time in researching Eastern sword-fighting, until he was killed in a mugging. His mother, wishing to get away from the memory, moved with Holden to Port Island. While he himself had not involved himself with the history and customs his father had studied, Holden had already become a talented swordsman.
    Grade: Senior
    Persona: Thanatos
    Persona’s Arcana: Death
    Persona’s Level: 17
    Persona’s Abilities:
    • Tempest Slash - Inflicts multiple heavy slash damage on one enemy.
    • 1 Hand Sword Master - Increases damage when using a one-handed sword.
    • Evil Smile - Instills Fear mental ailment upon all enemies.
    Weapon: Jian
    Strengths: Resists Strike/Slash damage and Reflects Dark.
    Weakness: Light
    Other: N/A

    Username: Bushy-Brow-1992
    Name: Haruka Hotaru
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Long red hair down to her waist, orange eyes. Wears the tradtional school uniform, and on holidays (days off) wears baggy navy and black bottoms and a loose fitting red and black sleeveless top (she likes to feel comfortable).
    Personality: Haruka doesn't let her lack of a past get her down and has a very outgoing and cheerful personality preferring to live in the moment , she is the type who doesn't hold back around anyone with the attitude of: 'If someone can't like me for who I really am, why should I care?'
    Not to be considered a tart, but she isn't afraid to use a bit of sex appeal to her advantage. She loves to joke around and hang out with her friends and is extremely loyal, always willing to jump in head first if her they need her, and never backing down from a challenge. Haruka herself has trained herself outside of school doing martial arts and has developed a bit of love for fighting and is naturally skilled with hand to hand combat. So don't mess with her friends or you will have to mess with her too, and she isn't the type to go down so easily.
    Bio: Haruka woke up one day 10 years ago outside of Gekkoukan with complete amnesia, not knowing a thing about her past, anyone or who her parents were. She only knows of her first name because of a tattoo found on the back of her neck which says in small letters: (Haruka 273). She was found by some students when she was on the verge of collapse and taken to the police station. The police did a search to see if any young girls had been reported missing, but there was no trace of anyone looking for a 10 year old red headed girl at all.
    The police decided they would take her to an orphanage but Haruka herself desperately refused at the time saying that she felt she woke up near the school for a reason and that if she left, she may never find the answer that she is desperately searching for.
    10 years have passed since then and Haruka is now attending Gekkoukan High school, still convinced that the place holds some answers for her and her lost memories.
    She gave herself her new surname Hotaru (which is Japanese for Firefly) after her,some of her friends were hanging out and a Firefly decided to land on top of Haruka's head, it's warm glow matching the colour of her hair, to which all of the girls laughed at (espiecially Yukiko with one of her laughing fits).
    Grade: Junior
    Persona: Izanagi
    Persona’s Arcana: Fool
    Persona’s Level: 15 (she won't have access to her power at first)
    Persona’s Abilities:
    • Zio - Light Electricity damage.
    • Mazio - Light Electricity damage to all opponents.
    • Cleave - Light Physical damage.
    Weapon: Knuckle Daggers (Like Asuma's from Naruto)
    Strength(s) : Resists Electricity, Blocks Dark.
    Weakness(es) : Wind
    Other: She often uses Clip-on roller-skates as a preferred form of transportation.

    Username: Aerith G.
    Name: Sakura Kimonoto
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Personality: Gentle, motherly, kind, friendly
    Bio: Though five months pregnant from a rape, Sakura is a strong willed smart young lady from a respected family. A straight-A student in her class, Sakura doesn't have many friends. One night, upon meeting the man who raped her again, Sakura tried to get away from him, and was attacked by Shadows. The man was killed by the Shadows and they went for Sakura, but her Persona power awakened, calling forth Orpheus, the Master of Strings. Because of this title, Sakura had become interested in music and has started writing songs.
    Grade: Senior
    Persona: Orpheus
    Persona’s Arcana: Fool
    Persona’s Level: 13
    Persona’s Abilities: Agilao - Inflicts a medium amount of Fire damage on one enemy.
    Swift Strike - Inflicts a small amount of Strike damage to all enemies (3x)
    Dia - Recovers a small amount of HP to one ally.
    Weapon: Chain-linked daggers
    Strength(s) : Fire
    Weakness(es) : Electricity, Dark
    Other: Dreams of becoming a popular singer while still maintaining good grades at the same time.

    Username: Guardian_Soul
    Name: Vincent Valier
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Link
    Personality: A guy who is full of good cheer and is friendly to others, preferring not to dwell on the negative but on the flipside, he's also a person who usually acts before he thinks and is willing to take risks that others wouldn't take.
    Bio: Although he is a senior at Gekkoukan High School, Vincent has only moved to Port City from the countryside recently and therefore doesn't know much about the city and is still trying to adjust to his new life. Ever since he moved to the city, he has started to have a recurring dream where a person calls out to him. Unable to find the person, Vincent asks who it is and the only answer he receives is a cryptic "Thou art I. And I am thou" which would be the end of the dream and he would usually wake up in a sweat afterwards, confused as to what the dream meant.
    Grade: Senior
    Weapon: Katana - Before moving to Port City, he was one of the top students in his town's dojo and while he hasn't been able to practice as much as he used to since moving to the city, he isn't rusty.
    Other: Has the potential to get a Persona. I'll decide on which Persona later >>

    Username: ghaleon441
    Name: Hattori Nakamura
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Cold to those he doesn't care about, but very open with people he considers his friends.
    Bio: Hattori is an aspiring artist, often letting his sketches get in the way of his studies. His persona powers awakened the night he witnessed his younger sister being killed by shadows, a sight which he has never been fully able to block out of his mind. He changed his last name to Nakamura after his parents moved from Port island, leaving him there and blamed him for his sister's death.
    Grade: Senior
    Persona’s Arcana: Star
    Persona’s Level: 17
    Persona’s Abilities: Zionga- Moderate electric damage, one enemy
    Mazio- light electric damage, all enemies
    Mind Charge- Powers up spell damage for the next spell used
    Weapon: Battle axe
    Strength(s) : Light
    Weakness(es) : Ice
    Other: Skilled artist, sketches just about anything that catches his eye.

    Username: No Heart-X
    Name: Isaac Aensland
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Click
    Personality: Isaac is a light-hearted individual who can make friends with people quickly. He can be a goofball and a klutz at times, but can be serious when the situation calls for it. Whenever he meets people for the first time, he tends to be a little shy.
    Bio: Isaac spent his childhood and most of his pre-teens suffering from abuse from his parents. They would hurt him physically and emotionally and in extreme cases lock him up in his room with no food or water. As a result, he was taken into foster care, where he would spend most of his time reading books. Isaac was soon after adopted a kind martial artist and his wife. His adoptive father would teach him how to defend himself with martial arts. As a teenager, he is a master martial artist even though his relatively frail frame wouldn't give him away as such.
    Grade: Senior
    Persona: Susano-O
    Persona’s Arcana: Magician
    Persona’s Level: 17 (Doesn't have initial access)
    Persona’s Abilities:
    Garu - Light wind damage on one enemy
    Bash - Light physical damage to one enemy
    Dia - Light HP Recovery to one ally
    Weapon: Gauntlets and Greaves
    Strength(s) : Resists Electricity and Wind
    Weakness(es) : Weak against Light
    Other: He spends most of his time in the library reading books without end. His room has a wooden training dummy which he uses occasionally to practice his martial arts style. When under extreme stress, he smokes to relieve his stress.
    Thread by: Aura, Apr 19, 2011, 549 replies, in forum: Retirement Home
  10. Aura
    [To be honest, this is the first thing I've written for months. The chances of this continuing is low. I was just in the mood to write and then this came along. This is the first time I've written something in "second person". I put that in quotations because to me, it sounds more like an Eulogy. I liked the way it turned out, really.

    I'm also putting this in spoiler tags because it might be a bit more detailed and maybe mature compared to other stuff I've written, such as the beginning of this. I would still really like feedback though.


    "Did you fall for a shooting star, one without a permanent scar?"

    My heart was racing. I didn’t know how I had even gotten into such a horrible mess. I was walking home from school and when I turned a corner, I was suddenly surrounded by a group of thugs.

    “Where do you think you’re going?” A raspy voice called out the moment I had tried running away.

    My hair was pulled and I fell to the ground. The moment my delicate body hit the ground, I yelped loudly and my eyes were tightly shut. My eyelids quickly shot up when I felt someone grab both my arms and pin me down. I felt tears roll down my eyes as I struggled as hard as I could to break free. When I looked in front of me, I saw one of the thugs standing in front of me with a wide, devilish grin on his lips.

    “I wonder what a pretty girl like you is doing around this area,” he said, chuckling right afterward. “Did your mommy never tell you to come around here?”

    I had no Mommy. That simple word had never escaped from my mouth; along with the word Daddy.

    “Come on!” A different thug shouted, patting the back of his hand on the other’s arm. “Hurry up! Anyone can show up any minute.”

    “Shut up! I like taking my time with girls that are this pretty.”

    His voice was so raspy, but his laugh was even worse. The whole time I was struggling, but the one that had my arms pinned suddenly pulled out a knife and pressed it against my throat. A helpless whimper immediately came from me. “Scream, and I’ll slit your throat,” he hissed.

    During this whole time, I never thought I’d end up meeting, or falling in love, with a “thug.” Except, the one I had met was different. He didn’t go around raping and killing innocent high school girls. I was the first one he actually saved.

    I felt rough hands touch my legs and soon felt lips on them; slowly, they moved up my legs until the thug had reached my skirt. I was holding back the urge to scream; to just call out for help, but I’d only end up losing my life either way. The knife was sharp. I was trying so hard to not move. Before the thug could rip off my black skirt, I heard the sound of a body just collapse right beside us. I slowly turned my head, as did everyone else, to see one of the thugs on the floor with a knife to his head. He was dead.


    Everyone turned their heads to see you; you looked like you were about my age, standing in front of us with your hands in your pockets. You looked calm, and rather bored due to the expression on your face. You were wearing my school’s uniform, but you wore it less…neatly. Untucked shirt, no tie, jacket was unbuttoned, shirt wasn’t buttoned all the way to your neck, and your brown hair was rather messy.

    “Who the hell are you?!”

    I noticed your eyes look at me before looking back at the one that was about ready to rape me. “Who is she?” you asked. Calm.

    “I asked you who you are!”

    The one with the raspy voice nodded his head, which had immediately caused the other thugs to get away from me and surround you.

    “Are you going to answer me or not?!”

    You sighed. You didn’t seem to care that there were actually guns and knives being pointed at you, and that was something that had really caught my attention about you. You actually ignored those thugs as though they were nothing but air surrounding you. I was nervous and scared. I wasn’t too sure if you would even be able to take on five thugs at once.

    You took a step forward and I felt every muscle in my body just tense up. There was a thug standing right in front of you with a pistol pointing at your chest. I’m not too sure what happened, but the thug’s legs had suddenly gone limp and all the others were ready to pull the trigger or stab you. The lifeless body fell to the ground before another body fell.




    The last two.

    The only one remaining was the one with the raspy voice. I noticed his body was trembling just by what he had just witnessed. You had taken on five thugs and killed them all without any problem. I was beginning to wonder if you were even human. The spots of blood that was on your shirt weren’t even yours. However, when you were closer, I noticed a small cut on your side.

    I was in shock so I don’t even remember when you took down the last remaining thug. I just remember hearing your footsteps come beside me. I slowly turned my head, seeing you crouching down and pulling out the knife from the first thug’s head.

    “Are you alright?”

    You had this demeanor that could easily frighten a child. However, your voice was rather calming. It had actually relaxed my body.

    “Hey, are you okay?”

    Hearing you speak out to me once more finally caught my attention completely. When I looked at you, you were staring straight at me. The expression on your face seemed like you were angry, but when I looked at your eyes, I saw worriment.

    “I-I’m fine,” I stammered, looking away as I tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear. “Thank you…for saving me.”

    “Don’t worry about it.”

    You rose to your feet, wiping off the blood from the knife before putting it away in your pocket. You momentarily looked towards my direction, before looking away and beginning to walk away.

    “Wait!” I shouted as I stood up. You came to a halt and turned your head to look over your shoulder at me. “What’s your name?”



    I remember the first time you and I tried getting along. You would always ask me why I was around you, and I would always say I didn’t know. To be honest, I didn’t. It was unexplainable, but I had this compulsion to be around you. I know you felt it too, but wouldn’t say anything about it. You were my hero. I would always say this to you, but it would upset you for some reason. I never truly understood why. I just so badly wanted you to know it.

    “I’m no hero,” you said to me. “I may have saved you from getting raped, but I’m not a hero.”

    “Why not?!” I whined.

    You scoffed as you shifted in your seat, lowering your head to look down at the pavement. “Because if I was a hero, don’t you think I’d go around saving every girl that’s about to get raped, and go around preventing crime?”

    “Then why did you save me of all the other people?” I asked, giggling when I saw you raise your eyebrow at me. “There has to be a reason why. Maybe…because you wanted me to yourself?!”


    I loved teasing you. The reactions you would get and the comebacks you would make made me laugh. And knowing you would laugh or smile right afterward made me even more happy. I loved being around you.


    I never understood why you always hated seeing me cry. It was natural, wasn’t it? To shed a tear or two if you were mad or sad. The first time you had come by my house was unexpected. I wasn’t even ready to tell you about my lifestyle. I was afraid you’d say something about it, but you actually ended up saving me.

    “Who’s at the door?!” A male’s voice shouted from the inside of my house.

    “No one!” I answered back. “Just a friend.”

    I was scared. You stood just outside of my front door, your eyes staring straight into mine. I knew you wanted an answer as to how I lived, but I was so afraid of telling you.

    “Is that your dad?” you asked me, your eyes momentarily looking into my house before looking back at me.

    “Um…” Before I could say anything else, I felt my hair be pulled, forcing me to get away from the door.

    “You say nobody and yet there’s someone here!” My father hissed. He stood at the doorway and looked at you, growling lowly to know a boy had come to see his only daughter.

    “Who are you?” he asked.

    “I’m a friend of Layla’s. Can I speak to her?”

    “Hell no you can’t!”

    I felt like bursting into tears. I didn’t know what to do, and if I intervened, I knew my father would only end up smacking me around after you left. I knew you were able to see me from where you were standing so I started shaking my head and mouthing, “Leave!” and “Please!”

    He was drunk, and before you arrived, he was on his way to getting high. Knowing someone knocked on the door and interrupted him, he was angry. Extremely angry and he was ready to release that anger onto me.

    I don’t know what happened, I think my mind just blanked out for a moment because I felt the warmth of your body close to mine. I looked over your shoulder and saw my dad just sprawled on the floor, attempting to get back up.

    “It’ll be alright,” you murmured to me, wrapping your arms around me.

    Your voice again. The tone in your voice was calming, but sadly, I started sobbing. I grasped your leather jacket in my hands, pressing my forehead against your chest. I could hear my father muttering a few words as he stood up, and when he was finally on his feet, you simply took my hand and ran out, pulling me with you.

    I didn’t think that same night I’d end up finding out we practically lived the same way. Except, you had decided to end it sooner, while I was still dealing with abuse, until you came, that is.


    To be honest, I know I never told you this, but I kept a journal where I would write every moment I had with you, whether it was good or bad. Whenever I missed you or I didn’t see you, I would look back and read through everything I wrote just to smile. After you left, that’s all I really did. I would cry and cry for hours knowing you and I could have been something, but we were torn apart. I would never see you again.

    The moment I loved though, the moment I would never forget, was the first time we made love. How you just suddenly stared quietly at me before telling me, “I love you.” and kissing me. That night was so special to me. I fell asleep in your arms and woke up still in them. I remember blushing uncontrollably when you asked me about that night though.

    I just hated that several days after that moment, we ended up fighting. You would repeatedly tell me if you died, no one would remember you. I don’t even remember how it started, but we were mad at each other for a while.

    By the time either of us decided to say we were sorry, it was already too late. I felt so much guilt that it led to that. It felt as though I had caused it somehow.

    You were laying on your stomach, not even moving. Your eyes were open and your whole chin was covered in your blood that was coming from your mouth. You had told me to stay hidden, but maybe if I hadn’t hid behind a wall, I could have prevented any of it.

    The thugs were gone and we were alone. It was late at night so nobody was around to help you. I was too much in shock, plus, I had no phone to call the police. I didn’t want to go off running and leave you alone to die. I wanted to be by your side.

    As I walked closer to you, I could hear you grunting from the bullet wound. When I was standing right above you, tears started streaming down from my eyes as I dropped to my knees. I leaned forward, placing my hands against the pavement as I stared down at you.

    “Don’t…cry,” you said to me.

    “Don’t leave me…” I muttered, trying force myself to stop crying.

    “I’m not…going anywhere…”

    “You’re dying.” Dying. I hated that word.

    I could hear you trying to bring yourself to laugh, but all I saw was a faint smile crossed on your lips. The smile only made me cry harder to the point I couldn’t talk.

    “I love you…Layla…”

    The day we fought, you told me you’ve never felt someone love you or felt like you loved someone else. So you told me there would be nobody that would know you even left this world. And on the day you took me away from my father’s house, you told me you hated your life and that you hated your own father with every fiber of your being. You lost your mother when you were five and that’s when the abuse started. I lost my mother because of childbirth and the abuse for me started when I was four. You even told me that your father wouldn’t even call you by your name so that’s when you felt like nobody would remember you.

    You were wrong.

    I remember your name.​


    [Male Perspective]

    "Did you make it to the milky way to see the lights all faded, and that heaven is overrated?"

    I was always confused as to what caused people to be attracted to one another. Or to what caused someone to save another. I never really understood it. Maybe it was because I never felt the feeling of love. I never felt myself love someone and for them to love me in return. Maybe it was just because I grew up with hate in my heart.

    Who knows.

    The moment I heard a yelp on my way home from school, something happened inside me. I was never sure what it was, but I felt curious. My eyes narrowed as I slowly made my way towards where I had heard the yelp come from. The more I got closer, the more I was able to hear voices. I suddenly felt angry when I heard a whimper.

    In a large alleyway, I was able to make out a group of thugs, each of them smirking at you who laid on the ground helplessly. I shifted my hands in my pockets before slowly pulling them out, one hand holding a pocket knife. My gaze shifted towards a thug that stood off to the side; he wasn't in the middle of everything and he had quickly noticed me. I watched as he open his mouth to speak, but I threw my pocket knife at his head, watching his body collapse to the ground as soon as the blade made contact.

    I calmly shoved my hands back into my pockets, turning my attention towards the rest of the thugs.


    Everyone turned their attention towards me, giving me a chance to look at you. I felt sorry for you. I always wondered how someone like you got into a mess like this. If I hadn't shown up, I'm pretty sure you would have been raped and left for dead.

    "Who the hell are you?!"

    "Who is she?"

    "I asked you who you are!"

    I sighed lowly as I saw the group's leader motion for his group to surround me. I looked at the thug that stood in front of me. He had a pistol in his hand and he was ready to pull the trigger. I took a step forward and grabbed the gun, quickly pointing it up to his mouth and fired. A different thug tried attacking me but I quickly grabbed the knife he was holding and slit his throat.

    Quickly, each of the thugs fell to the ground, blood escaping from each of their bodies. I looked towards your direction, quickly noticing fear in you. You were trembling and I'm sure if you weren't so afraid, you would have ran off when you had the chance.

    I quietly walked over towards the first thug I had killed and pulled my pocket knife at his head, feeling a slight sting on my side. I winced lowly as I cleaned the knife and shoved it back in my pocket, turning my attention towards you.

    "Are you alright?"

    You just stared at me, which confused me a bit. I didn't think you'd be that afraid. Then again, you had witnessed a group of thugs get killed by one guy.

    "Hey, are you okay?"

    I saw you jump slightly as you snapped out of it. You hesitated to answer me and lowered her eyes. "I-I'm fine. Thank you...for saving me."

    I sighed lowly, relieved you were remotely okay. "Don't worry about it." I slowly rose to my feet and felt the sting even more now. I tried not to show I was in pain, and began walking away, shoving my hands into my pockets.

    "Wait!" I groaned lowly as I heard you call out towards me. I slowly turned my head to look over my shoulder. "What's your name?"

    I perked an eyebrow and turned a bit, surprised you had even asked that. "It's..."


    It confused me as to how you constantly wanted to stay by my side. I wasn't a good influence on you and I thought myself more as a danger to be with you. But for some reason, regardless of how angry I might have showed myself to you, I felt happy to have you around.

    "We should do something together!" you said to me.

    "You barely know me. So no."

    You huffed out as I looked at you, watching you pout. I felt the urge to laugh, but I held it in. To hide the smile that wanted to form, I turned away and covered my mouth, rubbing my chin lightly.

    "Come on! It'll be fun!"

    The whining somehow always got to me. I don't know why it always got to me and made me want to do everything for you. To give you everything to see you smile and laugh. That smile and laugh made my knees weak.


    The more we got closer, the more I cared about you. The more I fell in love with you. The more I wanted to be with you. I felt the compulsion to constantly be around you. If I was away from you, I felt guilty and lost. I don't know if it was just because I was being clingy. I didn't really know, it confused me terribly. I just didn't want to see you cry anymore.

    "You're going to stay with me," I quietly said as we sat on a street bench.

    My hands were clenched into fists in the pockets of my jacket. I stared down at the pavement as I listened to your whimpers, not sure what words would comfort you. I momentarily looked at you and shifted where I sat before looking away and sitting up straight.

    "I'm sorry," I muttered, scooting a little closer towards you as I wrapped my arms around you, holding you tightly. "I'll take care of you, Layla."


    I know I hurt you. I know I broke your heart beyond belief. I really loved you and those thugs got the best of me. Hearing how they were going to have their fun with you after they took care of me just because I killed one of their own.

    The bullet wound stung worse than the knife I had gotten when I saved you. I wanted to move, but every moment I made hurt like hell. I grunted loudly as I tried pushing my body up, feeling blood just pour out of the wound. I could hear your footsteps rushing towards my direction as I laid still.

    Your sobs continually rang in my ears, as much as I tried avoiding it. "It'll be alright..." I grunted.

    I felt your hands run through my hair then down to where the wound was. Your gentle touch was painful, as much as I wished for it to ease my pain.

    "I love you...Layla..."

    I knew it was dangerous for you to be around me. As much as I told myself I could be with you and keep you happy, I doubted myself in the back of my mind. But the amount of love I felt for you prevented me from seeing how wrong I was for you. In the end, I think my love killed me. You gave me everything though. You became the love of my life and as much as I tried avoiding it, I wanted to be with you forever.

    You were the light in my life.
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    Accepted OC's

    Username: Ven
    Name: Adele Evans
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Adele
    Personality: Adele is quiet and keeps to herself when around too many people. She’s not one who enjoys crowds so when around too many people, she shuts down and doesn’t really speak unless she’s spoken to. When she does open up to someone, she’s kind and gentle to anyone, however, she’s easily frightened. She tries her best to be strong, but the life style she lives in doesn’t allow it.
    Bio: Adele was born in a small town where her father owned a farm. However, due to financial issues, her and her family were forced out of their homes and moved into a small house in Zeelenis. Sadly, they moved just when the war started. Not too long after, Adele’s father was drafted, but was killed in the battlefield. Adele now lives alone with her mother, but since her mother is never home (working two jobs to maintain the house), Adele practically lives alone and rarely sees her mother. Even though she comes off with a gentle nature, deep down she holds a large amount of hate against the government and wishes the war would just end.
    Weapon: Dagger (will be getting it later on)
    Other: N/A


    We will be using this thread to create ideas to further the plot of this RP. The further it goes, the more people we can add. Such as bad guys, maybe people from the government and so on. However, for now, I'll only be accepting kids/teens that are in fear of being drafted.
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    We Are Young

    OOC Thread​


    Most people believe Zeelenis is just an normal city, except for the fact they’re in the middle of a war. A much larger city by the name of Euras became territorial and wanted to take over Zeelenis to expand and turn into something much greater and powerful than just any normal city. The war has lasted about six years now and Zeelenis has lost countless battles, and has won very few. The city has even been close to losing the war itself. At first Zeelenis would send out the usual: adult men. However, the government of Zeelenis quickly noticed sending adults wasn’t such a good idea. They believed those that were sent out into the war didn’t have the energy or the strength to handle such a thing. That was when they turned their attention towards teenagers.

    They believed anyone above the age of fourteen and under the age of twenty were capable of handling a war. They believed they had the stamina; however, only a physical stamina. They knew well they couldn’t have the mental capacity to handle something like a war so the government called in a scientist that had been sentenced to execution due to performing experiments on his own children. The experiments he had performed had turned his children into monsters. They couldn’t think or speak. It seemed like their only instinct was to kill. The government knew that’s what they needed. They didn’t want teens to suddenly become afraid and get themselves killed.

    Over time, the government began drafting any teenagers, didn’t matter whether they were a male or female. They simply wanted fighting machines. At first, the parents of the teens that were drafted opposed this idea, but they were eventually brainwashed into thinking it was perfectly fine. It is unknown how they were brainwashed. The only ones that knew what was happening were the teenagers themselves. They understood what would happen if they were drafted, but they also knew they couldn’t tell their own parents or guardians. As much as some wanted to do something to stop the drafting, they only stayed put and hid if they were next to be drafted. However, the government had crossed the line one day.

    One afternoon, a group of teens saw a young thirteen year old boy being forced out of his home by the collar. Once he was outside, they soon saw a ten year old girl kicking and screaming as she was carried out with her older brother. They were taken away and the teens that witnessed that moment knew where. They finally had enough and gathered whoever they knew. Once they believed they had enough people, they built a small “town” below Zeelenis, which only really had small homes for those that had escaped from being drafted. They even have a small medical area where they take care of anyone that might have been injured when being forced out of their homes.

    Their goal is to stop their government from drafting anymore children/teenagers. Those that are in hiding below the city tend to go out to Zeelenis in disguise and try to bring anyone who is listed to be drafted down below with them.


    Zeelenis is a rather large city with multiple neighbors with homes that look like from the 1960’s. In the center of the city is the building where their government resides and where the experiments on children are held. The city is normally quiet, but when the kids from underground show themselves, that’s when chaos can stir up.

    Below Zeelenis

    Right below the large city lies a small “town” that young teenagers have built for those that have escaped from being drafted. They have a small medical area and everything else they had built were small homes. They supply themselves with food and water from anything they are able to steal above ground. At times, the teens go up above ground when they want to scoop around the city to see if they run into anyone that’s going to be drafted. They also go up above if they need more food and water.

    In order to get to the small town-like area underground, one must go to the south end of the city. Once there, they have to go into an alley way that no one even passes by. At the end, there is a crate that is blocking a hole with a ladder. Once there, it doesn’t take too long for someone to reach the “town.”


    1. The most obvious one, no godmodding or power playing.
    2. Keep everything PG-13, that goes for violence, language and romantic content. If you want to go further with romantic content, take it to PMs.
    3. No, you may not control any teens/kids that were experimented on. They’re not human anymore.
    4. You don’t have to be a teen/child that was saved from being drafted. There does need to be kids up on Zeelenis and below it as well.
    5. If you wish to control a guard or someone from the military momentarily that’s going to try and take you character away, it’s fine. I don’t mind.
    6. Lowest age I will accept is 14.
    8. This RP will take place during a time where they didn’t have high-tech stuff. Only the military people use guns. If you wish to make your character have a weapon, I’ll only accept swords, daggers, knifes, anything with a blade. No guns.
    9. I reserve the right to add any more rules as I see fit.

    OC Form

    Weapon: [Optional]
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    I'm not too sure if this is only happening to me or not, but whenever I used to open up khv, I'd already be signed in since I had clicked the remember me box. So when I'd open it, I'd see my rep, the amount of posts, etc. that would show after we had upgraded the site before the hack. However, now that the hack happened and I open khv, I get this. I have the remember me box checked and when I click on "What's New" I'm signed in. I figured something must have gotten messed up after my name change so I just copied and pasted my name, it "signed me in" but I still got that.

    It says I'm not signed in when I first open khv, yet when I click somewhere else, I actually am. Curious to know if this is happening to anybody else and if this can be fixed.
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    [New story time. Okay, this is a little something that came into mind probably two weeks ago. I need a distraction and then someone told me something and I came up with an idea. This story will be extremely straight forward so I have made (or in the process of making) the three main characters' intros. I have two done, just need one more. There might be a bit of swearing in this one as well.

    The intros are first person, but the actual story is going to be in third person. I only did the intros first person so those that decide to read this story know what the character felt and such during the time I'm describing their pasts. I don't do first person very often so feedback would be lovely. Two of the characters are based off of two friends. I love them dearly and I'm happy I've gotten so close with them.

    Credit of the title goes to my Squi-I mean Arch/Terra. He composed a song called Snowglobe and during the time I was pretty depressed, I would repeatedly listen to it. It made me happy and I felt like the song would fit this story.

    Anyway...enough of me babbling. Enjoy.]

    Adrian Loya - Arch/Tєrrα
    Alyssa Peters - Spunk Ransom/Aqυα
    Helisi Hayden - Aura/Vєn

    Adrian Loya

    A loud knock echoed into my room, waking me up from my slumber. Light came through my windows, shining down on my face. Sometimes I wondered why the light from the sun never woke me up, yet someone knocking on my door did. It was just too odd, then again, I was odd.

    I sighed out heavily as I sat up from my bed, rubbing my eyes with the back of my hands as the knocking continued. It was beginning to frustrate me. "Who is it?!" I shouted, causing the knocking to cease.

    "Your Highness," a male's voice that was muffled by the door being closed called out. "Your brother wants you downstairs. I have your sister with me at the moment."

    "Adrian~!" my little sister's sweet voice called out.

    I couldn't help but laugh. Her voice was so sweet and childish; I teased her very often because of it. "I'll be right out!" I shouted. Hearing no response back, I figured the servant must have left with my sister. Even better, I could just fall back to sleep.

    I honestly hated my brother with a passion. He corrupted the city my father once ruled. Now because of him, the citizens think my sister and I will be the same way; evil and cruel. I can maybe understand why they might think I'll be the same way since I'm sixteen, but not my little sister. She's too young to understand anything that's really going on. She still asks for my parents, and it practically breaks my heart when I repeatedly have to tell her they're gone.

    I threw myself back against my bed, my arms spread at my sides as I stared up at the ceiling. I couldn't help but wonder if anything would go back to normal. My eyes narrowed and I sat up once more. "He'll be pissed at me if I don't go," I muttered, standing up from my bed. I got dressed into different clothes and headed downstairs.


    As soon as I reached the bottom steps, I could see what my brother wanted my sister and I for. His usual "kill-people-in-front-of-your-younger-siblings" thing he does. He does this to show my sister and I how to punish citizens if they commit a "crime." The only problem is, more than half of these people don't commit crimes. They just cower because my brother is an asshole who finds entertainment in killing innocent people. I hated this more than I hated him.

    As I continued walking down the steps, I felt my brother's eyes land on me. He knew I hated what he did, but he continued to do it, knowing well I couldn't really do anything about it except stand back and watch in disgust.

    "He's finally here," he announced towards the guards and a middle aged man that had his hands tied behind his back and was down on his knees. All eyes suddenly turned towards me. The only person I saw smile in my presence was my sister - Kimberly.

    "Well," I felt my brother's arm come around my shoulders as soon as I had reached the last step, and his voice ring in my ears. "You were being lazy again?"

    His tone annoyed me. It sounded like he was playing some game and I was his target. I felt so much hate against him, however, I swallowed the need to retort back in some smartass tone and brushed his arm away from me. I walked towards Kimberly, and as soon as I stood next to her, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. I looked down at her with a faint smile, squeezing her hand back.

    Ray - my brother - walked back towards his throne that sat in the center of the room. He didn't bother sitting down, he simply stayed standing and stared down at the man that was going to be his next victim.

    Something was building up within me. It felt like rage, but more like I needed to finally do something and protect someone. My grasp on Kimberly's hand tightened, making her look up at me. I knew she looked at me; I felt those hazel eyes staring at me.

    "Now!" Ray exclaimed, unsheathing his sword. His eyes momentarily looked at Kimberly and I before they looked back at the man that was down on his knees. Ray raised his sword and swung it down.

    I was no longer standing next to my sister; instead, I stood between the citizen and my brother. However, I felt blood escape from my torso. My vision was slightly blurry, but I was still able to see what was happening.

    "Adrian!" Kimberly's sweet, gentle voice was now filled with terror when she screamed my name.

    I let out a groan when my back hit the ground. My blood seeped through my shirt and eventually met the floor. I heard footsteps around me, and eventually a door close. I'm guessing the guy that was on his knees must have gotten up and ran away.

    "You stupid child," I heard Ray say.

    "No!" Kimberly screamed, but for what? I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them, I saw her on her knees next to me, her eyes filled with tears. When I looked back at my brother, I saw him lower his sword. He must have wanted to kill me. Bastard.

    I looked back at my sister, seeing someone place their hands on her shoulders and pull her away. I was now staring at the ceiling. Everything suddenly went black.


    My arms slightly waved down at my sides as I walked; the wind blew the cloak I was wearing, my eyes staring down at the ground beneath me. For a moment, I stopped walking and turned around, seeing my home about three miles away. "I'm sorry...Kimberly," I muttered, raising my hand to grasp the necklace I had around my neck. I lowered my head to look down at the pendant; a small red marble surrounded by thorns. "I'll come back one day...maybe."

    I turned back around, continuing my walk. It had already been a few weeks since the day my brother hurt me instead of the citizen he wanted to kill. I knew abandoning my home was the only option. I couldn't take any of it and I wanted to bring Kimberly with me. However, I knew it wouldn't work well if she had come along. "One day," I said. "I'll come back and save you...and everyone else."


    I had been walking for days. At times, I would rest somewhere, but I wanted to get as far away as I could away from my home. I didn't know whether Ray would send out guards to look for me. He probably wouldn't, I knew he hated me. Just not as much as I hated him.

    I was hungry and thirsty. I hadn't eaten anything for days and all of the walking I was doing was making me feel worse. My stomach wasn't growling; it was more like I felt completely empty there. The feeling was kind of hard to describe. My throat was burning and dry. I needed food and water or else I would die.

    My eyes fluttered from the sun beating down on me. I raised my hand above my eyes, trying to shield them from the sun. Something in the distance had caught my attention. A city. I smirked, my pace quickening, but my legs suddenly became heavy. "No," I vaguely murmured. "Keep moving."

    I knew I was supposed to be running, but I wasn't. I had no energy to do so and I felt like I was dying. My vision was beginning to blur. Damn it. I knew I collapsed after that.


    I felt fresh air brush against my body. I was slowly coming to my senses, my eyes slowly opening to find myself in an unknown room. I was laying on a very comfortable bed and the light was dim. My gaze turned towards a woman that was standing next to me, a gentle smile crossed on her lips. I slowly sat up and looked towards the woman. "Where-"

    "You're awake," a deep voice said, causing me to turn my head in front of me.

    In front of the bed was an old man sitting down casually. He kept his eyes on me, as though he was staring me down. I didn't know what to think. The only thing that was crossing my mind was where the hell I was.

    "My name is Ron," he said, snapping me back into attention. "She's my wife, Anne. We found you outside of Fieldcrest unconscious."

    Fieldcrest. So that's where I was. It must be the city I saw before I passed out. "What's your name?" Anne's soft voice asked.

    "My name's…Adrian," I muttered, slightly hesitant to say anything. I was a prince, so I was known quite well. I didn't know whether these people knew who I was or not.

    "Ah. Adrian Loya?" Damn.

    "You know of me…?" I asked.

    "A little. We mainly know of your brother," Ron responded. For a moment, there was an awkward silence. I didn't know what to say. The only thing I can probably say was that I hated my brother.

    "This," Ron's voice caught my attention once more. "Is your new home."

    Alyssa Peters


    My mother’s voice rang in my ears. I sat quietly in my room, staring out my window, watching the outdoors. I was watching people walk by my house, birds flying above, anything my eyes can see. Just outside my window was my father’s farm. To my left were the horses and I always loved watching those amazing animals run around. It amazed me for some reason.

    “Alyssa,†my mother called out once more. She sounded closer which made me turn around to see her just at my doorway. She was wearing a brown dress with a apron over it; in her hands was a white towel. Her red hair reach to her lower back. She didn’t look her age; my mother was beautiful.

    “Yes, Mom?†I finally responded.

    “Your father wants you outside.â€

    I nodded my head in response and she left my room. Most kids disliked labor work, but for some reason, I liked it. I guess it was because I loved working with the animals we had here at our farm.

    I ran out of room and headed out towards the farm. As soon as I walked out of my house, I saw my father petting one of our horses. He noticed my presence and turned towards me. “I want you to feed the horses while I take care of the other animals,†he said; I nodded.

    He stepped away from the horse and soon walked away. I walked towards the animal and lightly petted her before I moved on to feed her and the rest of the horses we owned.

    While doing the job my father gave me, I noticed a man who was dressed in what looked like armor pass our home on his own horse. I never saw any military or royal people in my village. Riverland Valley was kind of small and it seemed like it was isolated away from any different villages and cities. It was rare seeing any form of higher class be in this area.


    I turned my head, seeing my mother at the window. She nodded her head at me, motioning to tell me to come back inside. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen, but I listened to her and headed back inside. I think my parents might have known something. Like the reason why someone dressed in armor came by our village. I felt frightened and paranoid.


    My eyes slowly fluttered open, hearing the sound of a horse neighing. I vaguely muttered something before I sat up and rubbed my eyes. “What’s going on?†I asked to no one in particular. When my drowsiness was beginning to fade, I looked towards my clock only to see it was already passed eight in the morning. “Oh no, I’m late!â€

    I jumped out of bed and ran to my closet, picking out any clothes I found decent and changed. As soon as I was ready, I grabbed my book bag off the floor and ran out of my room. When I reached the living room, I didn’t see my parents. I didn’t hear any water running in the kitchen so they might have been out with the animals.

    Figuring it would be fine to not say anything to them, I rushed out of my house and ran to school.


    I had arrived to school late, but my teachers didn’t really care. I think only the administrators cared. It was already after school and I was walking home by myself. I stared down at the dirt road beneath my feet; when I raised my head, I saw my house not too far away. I smiled, glad I was finally home. School was boring and it dragged on too long for me.

    Sighed out heavily as I reached the front door. I didn’t understand why, but I felt uneasy. Something within made me feel frightened when I grabbed the doorknob. I stood still for a moment, wondering why I felt so frightened; I was trembling. I huffed and shook my head, turning the doorknob to open the door.

    “I’m ho-†As soon as I opened the door, I saw two bodies lying in a puddle of their own blood. My eyes were wide as I stared at the horrible scene in front of me. My book bag dropped to the ground while I stumbled backwards, an ear piercing scream escaping my lungs. I fell to the ground and crawled back, my body trembling from seeing the only two people I loved dead.

    While I sat there, I heard the sound of doors opening and voices forming around me. I knew my neighbors were beginning to come out of their houses after hearing me scream. When I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder, I flinched and stood up. Before I could see who it was, I had taken off running.

    I hadn’t even notice what I was doing and when I finally did, I was far away from my house. I stopped running and bent forward, placing my hands against my knees as I panted. I looked over my shoulder, seeing my house in the distance. Who could have killed my own parents?

    I choked on the thought and clenched my hands into fists. I couldn’t go back; the only option I felt that I had was to leave Riverland Valley.


    I wasn’t sure how long it had been since I left my village, but I was assuming it must have been at a week or more. I think the only thing I did know was that I was far away from my home. I had arrived at some city and from what I had asked from someone, it was called Fieldcrest. I had no money in my pockets so I was starving and extremely thirsty. My energy was dwindling.

    I lowered my head and sighed out; however, by doing so, I bumped into someone. I stumbled backward, trying to regain my balance. “I-I’m sorry!†I stammered, seeing it was an old man I had bumped into. He didn’t seem like a fragile old man; he looked like he still had a lot of energy in him. No wonder it hurt me when I bumped into him.

    The man turned around and looked at him. For a moment, he simply stared at me, but I soon noticed he started looking at me from head to toe as though he was trying to figure out something.

    “I’m sorry,†I repeated, wondering if he had heard me the first time I apologized.

    He didn’t respond. Is he deaf? I was beginning to feel awkward so instead of waiting for a response, I turned my back on him and took a couple steps. I felt someone grab my arm, and when I turned, I saw it was the old man. Before I could ask anything, he suddenly started pulling me with him. “W-What the hell?!†I shouted, causing several people to look at our direction.

    Normally, people respond when they see a helpless girl being dragged by a random guy. Most people end up thinking that she’s being kidnapped, especially if the girl is screaming, but these people simply looked at us, but looked away.

    “Let go of me!†I demanded as I began trying to pull away from this man’s grasp.

    For an old man, his grasp was strong. Now, I wasn’t a very weak girl, but since I was hungry I couldn’t fight back. I guess that must have been the reason why the guy’s grasp felt so strong. Not too long after, we arrived at what looked like a school. A very large school.

    The man suddenly let go of me when I had finally stopped struggling, which was when we arrived at this unknown place. “Follow me,†the old man’s deep voice said. Without hesitation, I followed him and he led me to some garden that was inside this “school.â€

    I caught a boy throwing his fists at a punching bag. I perked an eyebrow and cocked my head a little. “Why did you bring me here?†I asked, directing the question to the old man who had practically kidnapped me.

    “Adrian!†So that was the boy’s name. But the guy just completely ignored my question.

    The boy turned around and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. He slightly slouched his shoulders, but soon stood up straight and walked towards us. The old man must have motioned towards the boy before walking away. “Follow me,†the boy said, waving his hand at me before beginning to walk away himself.

    I sighed out and followed after him, looking around the garden and anywhere he would take me to. This place almost felt like it was a home instead of a school. However, we walked through halls and I could see classrooms, some that actually had students in them.

    “Is this a school?†I asked, breaking the silence that had come across the boy and I.

    “Yes and no,†he plainly responded. “I’m Adrian, by the way.â€

    “Alyssa, but you can call me Aly.â€

    Adrian nodded his head in response and looked over his shoulder. I noticed his eyes. They were such a bright blue to the point it looked like they shone. “You know,†his voice calmly said. “You’re pretty cute.â€

    I scoffed and rolled my eyes. We barely met and he’s already hitting on me. This boy works quick. Noticing my reaction, Adrian simply laughed and looked ahead of him once more.

    “Why did that old man bring me here?†I asked, wanting to change the subject before he started hitting on me again.

    “Did you run away from your home?â€

    The question caught me off guard. I stayed quiet for a moment before lowering my eyes and shrugging my shoulders slightly. “Yes and no.â€

    “Well, I’m sure Ron saw something in you and brought you here. This is your new home.â€

    I looked back at Adrian, my eyes wide from the sudden words that slid out of that boy’s mouth so easily. “What? You don’t even know me and y-â€

    “Ron didn’t really know who I was either, but he still took me in. Trust me, this is your new home.â€

    I left my real home after finding my parents dead and now I’m being taken in so easily into a different one. I heard doors open, causing my train of thought to be cut off. Adrian and I entered a kitchen, and I immediately felt as though my mouth was beginning to water. I was so hungry.

    “We’ll feed you and then let you settle in,†Adrian calmly stated. When I looked at him, he was smiling.

    I have a home now.

    Helisi Hayden

    A blue rose stood out in a rose bush. All the other flowers in the bush were red. I had never seen a blue rose before, and this one was beautiful. A big smile crossed my lips as I reached out for it, but soon saw a hand grab mine before I could pluck the flower. I looked up, seeing it was my older sister.

    “Lilly!†I whined. “Why’d you stop me from getting the rose? I want it!â€

    “Hush you!†she demanded. “It’s amazing to see a blue rose so just leave it there.â€

    “It’ll end up wilting though!â€

    “And you don’t think it’ll wilt quicker if you plucked it out?â€

    Lilly let go of my hand and turned away. Without letting her see, I reached for the flower once more, but she turned back around and grabbed my hand. I whimpered while she pulled me back inside the house, refusing to let me go. When we entered, we saw our parents sitting at the dining table. Lilly simply smiled at them, soon letting go of my hand.

    She sat down next to my mother and rested her arms against the table, soon resting her head on her arms. She smiled up at my mother, who had raised her hand to stroke Lilly’s hair. I frowned and turned away, beginning to walk back to my room.

    “Lilly,†my mother’s feminine voice said, causing me to turn my attention back towards them. “You need to treat your sister more nicely.â€

    I smirked. They knew that Lilly was rather harsh with me, and they didn’t like it. I spun around on my heels and ran over to my father’s side. He wrapped one arm around me and looked down at me; I looked up at him, smiling back.

    “Mom!†I suddenly exclaimed. “Tell us our future!â€

    Lilly suddenly smiled and quickly nodded her head in response. My mother was a fortune teller, and my sister and I loved hearing our futures. We were never too sure why, but we did. Whenever she told us our future, Lilly’s future and my future were always the same.

    “The both of you will live a long fulfilling life,†she said as she held our palms.

    I was slowly beginning to get tired of hearing my future, but the only reason I continued to ask was to see if anything that changed, in both mine and Lilly’s.


    Lilly never believed the future my mother would tell her and I. She always said it was something nobody could see, but I always thought otherwise. Even though I always heard the same thing over and over again, I felt the need to ask my mother to tell me my future. Luckily, she never got annoyed with me whenever I asked.

    It was almost spring, however, the weather was still rather chilly. I had a blue blanket around me as I walked through the hall of our home, wanting to get to my room. I was cold and tired; I let out a yawn as scratched the back of my head, soon noticing a light coming from my mother’s study room. I cocked my head, soon reaching the doorway to see my mother reading a book. I smiled and walked in; she quickly took notice of my presence.

    “Ready for bed?†she asked me, putting down the book she had been reading.

    I nodded my head in response, grasping the blanket to keep myself warm. “Hey, Mom,†I quietly said. “Tell me my future, please?â€

    My mother smiled and nodded her head. I smiled back and I gave her my hand; she turned it so my palm would be facing up. She stared at my palm for about a minute, brushing her fingertips against it.

    “It seems like one day you’ll meet the prince,†she said, raising her head to look up at me.

    My smile grew bigger. I knew of the prince, but I didn’t know what his name was. However, the idea of meeting royalty made me happy. My mother looked back down at my palm, her shoulders suddenly slouching a little. My smile faded as my mother let go of my hand and leaned back against the chair she was sitting in.

    “What…?†I asked, curious as to what she saw.

    “One day,†she said. “You’ll lose everything, regain happiness, but lose it once more.â€

    I felt as though my heart had dropped. “I’m…†I couldn’t even repeat what my mother had just said. I didn’t even know what to think. I slowly lowered my head to look down at the wooden flooring, my eyes narrowing slightly.

    “Listen,†my mother’s voice called out, causing me to raise my head. She grabbed my arms and looked at me in the eyes. “Not everything I see is true. For all we know, this can be changed somehow. Just don’t think on it too much, okay?â€

    I stared into my mother’s eyes as I listened to every word she said to me; I could see it in her eyes that she was worried, but I couldn’t show that I was worried. I sighed out and nodded my head in response. “Okay.â€

    She faintly smiled up at me and lightly patted my arms. “Good. Now go get some sleep.â€

    I forced a smile and nodded my head. “Good night,†I quietly said before turning away. I didn’t bother waiting for my mother to tell me good night; I simply walked out the door and stared down at our wooden flooring. “I’m…going to lose everything…?â€


    My head was leaned back as my back rested against the back of the chair I was sitting in. My eyes were closed as I thought of several things from my childhood. I don’t know why, but I did that often. I suppose it was a habit. A knock on our front door interrupted my thoughts; before I could stand up to see who it was, my father was already at the door. I stayed seated and saw a guard hand my father a note. They exchanged words before the guard left and my father closed the door.

    “What is it?†my mother’s voice came from just beside me, startling me.

    I turned to look back at my father, seeing him opening the note he was given. He read through the note, soon looking at us when he had finished. “Apparently the king wants to see us,†he said in a confused tone.

    “Really?†my mother questioned. “I wonder why he wants to see us. Is it only you and I or all four of us?â€

    “No, all four of us,†he muttered, lowering his eyes down at the floor. I could tell just by the way he looked he thought something was wrong. My father turned around and headed towards the door. “Lets go.â€

    My mother shouted for my sister to come down, and within just a minute, my sister was already downstairs. I could see she was confused as to where my parents were going, but she followed them without giving it much thought.

    I felt worried and nervous. I didn’t understand why. The words my mother told me several years ago suddenly rang in my ear. “Maybe…I’m going to meet the prince today.â€

    I smiled, however, it was faint. I didn’t want to bring my hopes up too high only to get them knocked down.


    Our house wasn’t too far away from the castle. It was probably about half a mile away so we ended up getting to the castle kind of quick. It was quiet the entire time we walked there, but as soon as we got to the place, my sister and I couldn’t help but stare in awe. It was bigger than we had expected and so much more beautiful closer.

    Two guards stood at the doors, and when they saw us, they opened the doors for us to enter. The first thing that caught my eye when we entered was the throne that sat in the center. Something made me feel uneasy though. Before I could tell my parents anything, I heard my mother and sister scream. When I looked towards their direction, I saw them being forced down on their knees by two guards.

    “What’re you doing?! Let go of us!â€

    I looked towards the other direction, seeing the same thing happen to my father. What’s going on? I felt a hand fall on my shoulder, soon pushing down on it to force me to get on my knees. I tried to struggle, but the guard soon grabbed my arms and forced my hands behind my back. I continued struggling, trying to break free from this guard’s grasp, but he held both my hands with one hand and placed the other on my head, pulling my hair to get me to stay still. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes, refusing to scream out in pain.

    “Take them outside.â€

    I opened one eye and slowly raised my head to see the king standing not too far away from us. Before I knew it, my family and I were taken outside and forced back down on our knees. I was the only one that was actually struggling, making the guard tighten his grip on me. I wouldn’t stop struggling though. I needed to break free. I had a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    “Why are they doing this, Your Majesty?†my father asked.

    For a moment, I had stopped struggling and stared up at the king. He had a menacing smile on his lips, something I would not be able to forget. I lowered my head to stare down at pavement, soon feeling the guard’s grip loosen. I remained completely still before pulling my hands in front of me and swinging my right arm to smack the guard that stood behind me. I had broken free.

    “Run!†I heard my father yell at me.

    Without any hesitation, I quickly took off running. However, before I got too far, I turned around to look back at my family. My legs suddenly froze, my eyes growing wide; my father’s throat was slit open while my mother was stabbed through the chest. The guard that held my sister forced her down on her back, pinning her as four other guards surrounded them. I couldn’t see her anymore, but I knew what they were going to do to her. My body was trembling; I didn’t know whether it was from anger or fear.

    I was snapped back into reality, seeing a guard run towards me. I cursed under my breath and forced my legs to move. When they finally did, I ran as fast I could. I needed to get away from this city. The only image that kept repeating in my head was that smile I saw on the king’s lips. I gritted my teeth and closed my eyes. Leave my mind!


    I didn’t know how long it has been since I left my home. All I know is that I wanted to be away from such a horrible place. My chest was heaving while my arms lightly swung down at my sides. I had several cuts and bruises from getting into several fights with men. As much as I knew I was fairly weak against them, I had to fight back to get away. The warmth on my stomach and down my waist was beginning to worry me. That area was stained with a crimson liquid and the more I felt, the more my vision was beginning to blur. I saw something ahead, way ahead. At the horizon I saw what looked like a town or city to me. I knew I wanted to smile, but due to how little strength I had, I couldn’t. Everything went black.


    I felt cold air brush against my body; I remember feeling hungry and thirsty, but I didn’t feel it. Was I dead? My eyes slowly opened, a groan escaping my mouth as I felt a sudden pain run across my abdomen. My vision was slightly blurry, but I could see there was someone standing next to me. I blinked several times, and with each blink, my vision was adjusting. As soon as it was clear, I noticed the person standing next to me was a boy who looked a few years older than me. I opened my mouth to speak, but he simply smiled and ran towards the doorway.

    “Ron! Come here! She’s awake!†he shouted.

    Moments later, an elderly male stepped into the room, sighing out and smiling to see me awake. I was completely confused; I didn’t know who these guys were and where I was. I tried moving, but I felt my body suddenly come tense and filled with pain, making me wince.


    I looked towards the two men, seeing they were now standing next to me; one was on my left and the other on my right. “You shouldn’t move,†the elderly man said.

    “Where am I?†I finally asked, slightly forcing myself to speak.

    “You’re in a city called Fieldcrest. You were handed over to us after someone found you outside of the city unconscious.â€

    I blinked several times, trying to remember what happened before I had blacked out. I stared at the old man, noticing his expression change. My eyes narrowed, feeling droplets of water roll down from my eyes. My hands clenched into fists and I forced my arms up to cover my face as I started whimpering.

    “What’s wrong?!â€

    “Alyssa, we need your help!â€

    I started crying loudly, remembering the images I saw before leaving my home. My body was aching now with the sudden movements I had made. I squirmed onto my side, feeling the two males that were in the room trying to grab me to be still. I suddenly winced, beginning to whimper more out of physical pain. My stomach felt warm and wet; when I looked down, I noticed the sheets were stained with blood.

    “Adrian, go get Anne and Alyssa!†the elderly man quickly ordered as soon as he noticed the blood.

    The boy took off running out of the room, hearing him call out the names the old man had said. I started wincing even more, feeling the pain in my abdomen become slightly stronger the more I moved. The old man put his hand on his shoulder while his other hand placed a towel against my stomach.

    “My name is Ron. Just try to relax and not move so much. It’s only been a week since we took you in.â€

    I was beginning to pant, but I nodded my head in response and stayed quiet. When I looked towards the doorway, I saw the boy that was in the room earlier with two other people standing next to her. One looked around my age and the other was an elderly woman; she must be Ron’s wife. I vaguely heard them say something to one another, but my eyes were soon shut.


    I felt a bead of sweat roll down my face as my breath was becoming heavy with each step I took. It had already been two weeks since I was taken into Ron’s home and I was finally able to get out of bed. I spent most of those two weeks asleep and only really spoke to Ron and Adrian whenever I was awake. Adrian would tell me while I was asleep, Alyssa would sometimes watch me if Adrian would leave the room. But he was mainly the one that kept an eye on me, along with Ron. His wife was normally busy with other things, I just didn’t know what.

    The stairs that led to the rooftop of the main building were kind of steep, but I pushed myself until I reached the door that led to the rooftop. Once I did, I swung the door open and felt the wind brush against my body. A large smile crossed my lips, seeing the whole city. “Whoa!â€

    I ran towards the railing, leaning against it slightly to get a better view of everything. I didn’t know how Fieldcrest looked like but seeing it the way I was now made me eager to run around the streets of the city. I got down on my knees, my smile fading when I suddenly felt homesick. I shut my eyes tightly together as I shook my head in response to my sudden feeling.

    “Didn’t think you’d be up here of all places.â€

    I jumped and turned around to see a girl standing a few feet away from me. My eyes fluttered as I looked away, trying to remember the girl’s name. “Alyssa…right?†I asked, hoping I got the name right. She nodded her head and smiled at me, causing me to smile back.

    “Do you like it up here?†she asked, walking towards me.

    Once she was next to her, she got down on her knees and sat next to me. I watched her before looking back towards the city. “I do.â€

    “It’s an amazing view.â€

    I nodded my head in response, staring off into the distance. Having Alyssa’s presence here for some reason made that homesick feeling I felt go away. And it went away the moment I noticed her.

    “If it‘s okay to ask this,†Alyssa calmly said, catching my attention once more. “Why did you leave your home, Helisi?â€

    I opened my mouth to speak, but I quickly closed it and averted my gaze to the ground. I thought for a moment before speaking. “My family was killed by our king. I don’t know why, but I had escaped before being killed.â€

    I turned my attention back to Alyssa, noticing her expression had changed. It kind of surprised me, but then again, whose expression wouldn’t change after hearing that? However, her expression seemed more like surprise mixed with anger and sympathy.

    “I’m sorry,†she finally said. “Do you…remember the king’s name?â€

    I leaned back slightly while my hands stayed wrapped around the bars of the railing. “I think his name was Ray or something similar to that.â€


    Alyssa and I turned around, hearing Adrian’s voice behind us. Alyssa smiled slightly, but I simply nodded my head in response. “You know him?†I asked.

    Adrian shook his head and walked closer towards us, getting down on his knees with us. “No…but I’ve heard of him before.â€

    I looked towards Alyssa, noticing she was staring at Adrian as if she knew something. I got curious, but figured if they did know something, they wouldn’t tell me. Maybe. I sighed out softly and looked back towards Fieldcrest. The was kind of big and my eagerness to explore it built up within me once again.

    “Listen, Helisi,†Adrian’s voice called out softly, his hand on my shoulder. I turned around, seeing him smiling at me. “You have a home now. If anything, Aly and I will take care of you.â€

    “We’ll protect you,†Alyssa added, smiling at me.

    I looked back and forth from one to the other, surprised they were already willing to protect me without even knowing me for too long. However, it still got to me; my eyes narrowed, feeling tears roll down my cheeks.


    I brought my hands up to eyes, trying to wipe away the tears, but they kept coming down. I felt Adrian wrap his arm around me and bring me closer. He lightly patted my head, hearing him and Alyssa telling me to calm down and that it was alright. As much as I wanted to stop crying, I couldn’t help it. I was always sensitive to certain words and hearing the both of them say they’ll take care of me got to me.

    I’ve regained my happiness. Please let it stay.
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    (9:01 PM) Acompañame A Est: -LOOKS FOR BLEACH SPOILERS-
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    DO IT NOW.
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    THAT TROLLFACE ******* OF . . .BLUBO.
    (9:21 PM) Violet: HELL YEAH.
    (9:22 PM) Violet: SON OF A *****.
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    (9:32 PM) Acompañame A Est: DAMN BLUBO
    (9:36 PM) Acompañame A Est: YES
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    (9:50 PM) Acompañame A Est: ME TOO
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    (9:52 PM) Violet: IT'S MY BROTHER'S THOUGH.
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    (10:00 PM) Acompañame A Est: DAMN BLUBO
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    (10:00 PM) Acompañame A Est: -PUNCHES BLUBO-
    (10:02 PM) Acompañame A Est: yes
    (10:02 PM) Acompañame A Est: BLUBO CURSE YOU
    (10:03 PM) Acompañame A Est: **** YOU BLUBO AND CAUSING CANCER
    (10:05 PM) Acompañame A Est: LOL
    I HAD TO
    DO THT
    (10:06 PM) Violet: I SEE NOTHING.
    (10:07 PM) Violet: **** YEAH.
    SAVING THIS ****.
    (10:07 PM) Acompañame A Est: **** YES
    (10:07 PM) Violet: FFFF-
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    (10:07 PM) Violet: THE PICTURE ISN'T SAVING.
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    (10:09 PM) Acompañame A Est: **** YEAH
    (10:10 PM) Acompañame A Est: FFFFFFFFF-
    (10:11 PM) Violet: WANT ME TO POST IT?
    (10:16 PM) Acompañame A Est: HELL YEAH 8DD

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    So, for the past two weeks, I haven't really been getting enough rest since I've been going out a lot. But I've also been trying to push my social life a little aside(Not too much, though.) so I can get some rest. I've been pretty busy with life for the past two weeks, but now it's beginning to settle down. Two weeks ago, I had pulled my first all nighter (Lol. Yes.). I don't do them because I'm not someone who can handle pulling an all nighter since I lack energy and I'm tired a lot. I did one since I had gone to Disneyland with my senior class before graduating. The next day, I was a wreck and wanted to sleep. However, I had to stay awake or else on Saturday (I had a placement test the day after I got back from Disneyland.) I would be asleep during the placement test I needed to take for the college I'm attending in the fall. I slept a bit while at school, got home, slept for 3-4 hours, ate and then went to bed. Next day, I was still exhausted so I'm pretty sure I did terrible in my placement test. Rest of the day, I rested, kind of. My family dragged me out.

    Last week was a pretty busy week since I was graduating at the end of the week. I was still tired, but I started feeling somewhat better since I was getting a bit of rest. Although, over the weekend that just passed, I began feeling worse. I couldn't get up or move any part of my body. I just sat on my bed. I also lost my breath and started panting. It eventually went away when I decided to take a nap. Now, almost everyday I get this. I'm probably sitting on my bed doing nothing, but I suddenly then feel faint, exhausted out of nowhere and I'm out of breath. I figured it was because I was lacking sleep so whenever it happened, I tried taking a nap. But whenever I woke up, I felt worse for a while.

    Now one thing that's beginning to make me worry is that my chest is starting to hurt whenever this happens. Monday I had gone to the DMV so I could get my California ID. I was tired, so I kept yawning, but whenever I yawned, my chest would hurt. I figured it was just because it was cold in the DMV, so I ignored it for a bit. But now, whenever I feel exhausted out of nowhere, faint and out of breath, my chest starts hurting now as well. It's hurting right now and it feels tight. I have asthma, I'd use my inhalers, but their expired. I've told my mom several times to refill them, but she keeps forgetting, along with her idea of making an appointment so I can get a checkup, which I know I desperately need.

    I'm no where near healthy. I was born with asthma, I have no strength whatsoever so if someone wanted to cause me physical harm or if I was in some sort of accident, I'd probably end up dying. I lack sleep and energy, I barely eat, I don't eat anything healthy and I'm most likely anemic. I'm not all too sure what to do or what's wrong with me. I told my mom earlier I haven't been feeling well, but she told me I'm most likely getting sick. She then said, "Hm." and walked away. She does that a lot. << I also tend to have panic attacks. Had one yesterday, chest ended up aching for quite a while and my body was trembling.

    Is all of this just happening because I'm lacking sleep or that something is seriously wrong with me?
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    And I had gone to Disneyland. I walked for hours and only really sat down to rest for less than half an hour. I've barely slept and my body is aching. And then tomorrow I have a placement test I have to take for the college I was accepted to.


    Only fun thing was actually being in Disneyland after so man years.
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  18. Aura
    And now I feel extremely sick.

    Wtf. This is the first time it's happened to me. ; ;
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  19. Aura
    I think you'll understand
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  20. Aura


    It's extremely windy here to the point the wind sounds like thunder. I have a phobia of thunder.


    Help. ;-;
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