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  1. nasirrich
    Despite your flaws you still passion for something
    You change up who you are for many so a mask is what you're hunting
    There's a burning ember inside you don't extinguish that drive
    Rock in a hard place when the ember in a mask try to coincide

    Too many are quick for a protest
    There's little to no alternative ideas cooking but there's an array of chefs
    You can bet your bottom dollar that "We The People" aren't served next
    Sit and wait for this squabble to squash down
    Peel the roots of these nuts only to have them turn up brown
    Ban nana only since we can't have them induce potassium now
    Do any of you truly show compassion without having to be asked when it's time for privileged actions to spark factions to flat fractions despite reactions of those who fare less than NYC cabs packed thin?
    Never has been a demand for more people to stand high
    You can't shoo away all problems if your immediate response is too standby
    In life the path of least resistance allows more to coagulate
    Pool those enriched minds and the seeds of knowledge will no longer be hidden and displaced
    In turn we teach to impeach not even discrete when we lable an admirable passion a freak
    No dismissing what you can easily obtain
    What would posses you to obscure your fire for a commercial easy flame
    I want hard cold facts ; because that in which you distract only to interact with that mask is never something I could ascertain
    Look here
    We maybe all bags of flesh whose emotions consign success
    Be impressed; by the most emotional motion moments motionless
    Potent proportioned potions poke poor promotional emotionless
    Social media nests discourage progress unless your pursuit of happiness ends without a will to manifest

    Despite your flaws you still passion for something
    You change up who you are for many so a mask is what you're hunting
    There's a burning ember inside you don't extinguish that drive
    Rock in a hard place when the ember in a mask try to coincide

    Man time sure flys by. It has been a while since I posted a poem or stopped by KHV. I want to thank all who visit this here little thread.
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    10 mins of my life wasted thanks to this video ;^; I-I can't get it back so it'll only be fair to have you lose the same. I'm not here to help and we can lose time together now come....

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    Because I can so enjoy

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    Well it was on December 3rd of Last year, but its pretty sad what parenting skills are like now adays take a look
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    Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but are you this nice at Kingdom Hearts?
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    If you wanna read some of the sickest lines ever typed down by just one dude
    Get some Darvocet because it’ll be flyer than that super dude with the bird flu
    Other guys will say their swag helps them rise
    Their boxers are at half-mast so I will not condone these lies

    This is a new craze can’t you see
    Naw you're more like Matt Murdock so try to save a docked Titanic with a sinking fee
    I’ll do the Schettino and save my life for the people
    Stay cruisin for a bruisin trying so hard to conduct evil

    Corrupt words for those who would do a U Turn just to be put in an urn

    Claiming you’re menace to society because it’s now your turn
    Son you're easy bake and somehow you still burn

    Now you wanna go into how you’re gonna do my girl
    Record it and send it out going more nuts than a squirrel
    Stupid amateur what that’s called is being insecure

    How immature as you think you’re capable of possibly doing that
    Paraplegics should be able to do yoga without the mat
    Just sit and think for a second though
    Sony lost to me so is that vegas claim pro?
    Does it make me sick for having ambulances pull me to the side?

    As the fire truck gets to enjoy a blazing ride
    The crazy part is that a blind man said he’s the only witness to this
    You call bullsh**, but you’re the one with the pooper scoop
    We all know the bad one of the group since we can smell out the truth
    Unable to get past those
    repulsive roads you go down

    I would let you into my path but I already deal will the bad asses of this town
    Please don’t misjudge me for I just don’t fudge with fugly
    It isn’t my fault for how bad she looks and how hard she sucks see
    You pick the people you hang out with, but I was sought to be more of the better one
    Again I’m not your father, but I’ll throw you some life lessons for fun

    Still I don’t want you so fall back
    Life kicks you in the ball sack
    I’ll start hitin your jaw
    Quick as a car jack
    So much speed with no impact
    Display my awards on a gold rack
    Swear you got big stacks
    Pockets got bunny ears
    Wallet Konata chest flat
    Aflac tells scientists to face facts

    This is where you could lose the youth
    Got so much time to text, but no time for a grading booth
    And you’re smart for having more than one wisdom tooth
    Ok I’ll see if you can solve this one for the new whip
    Who’s real Holmes or Gadget and this is no trick

    I’m no black eyed pea, but I get to have dirty bit
    Your level of intelligence equals to
    A parent and a child playing peek-a-boo
    Claim that you're grown so you talk to your parents with a curse in the sentence
    So irrelevant for saying you've earned your independence
    You lack common knowledge of how the revolt started
    I’ll give it some time for the pea brain farted
    This left the dead dearly departed
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    It appears you have gone through a lot
    I’m sorry for pestering you I think I’ll need a anaphylactic shock
    I can’t get a quick fix at the pit stop

    I will just adore how you ignore and continue to endure your heart being trampled on the floor
    After that workout you still aren't sore?
    What you think it’s a lecture to bore?
    The class of 2012 is leaving through New Year’s Door

    I found you sick and filthy but those dirty thoughts of you stayed in my mind see
    Mind me as I trick those unable to deduce my lie from their truth
    How can what I say and believe not be something easy for me to achieve?
    I ran up lovers peak too fast and started to bleed
    Before the sweet fruits of my labor nourished a diabetics dream

    I love to eat treats, but you my dear sweet…
    I was unable to feast because many ruined the only thing worth seeing
    Before it turned into Discovery’s new hit storical being
    Many of the viewers were neglected so they couldn't understand and would be stunned

    The spectacular thing about having true… love for someone
    They’ll always catch you as you continue to run
    You can’t fall in love while tripping for someone else
    That’s a mismatch like Chris Robbin and Kate Hudson acting for good wealth

    Now you gotta do the walk of shame
    Ignorant klutz slipping on salty black ice is bad luck, but I’m still sane
    I’d get hit by a car because the runway was so White Planes
    Added my own style to it just so you can be the 1st with class
    N***z claim they want women with hour glass figures
    They have silicone innards; get cut with used scissors that could make em freeze worse than the Queen’s Blizzard

    I wanted to mold the many grains of your pain into a once in a lifetime thing
    Had the perfect view of you from the shadow of dude
    Never made the time for what he had
    The time I put into it was a secret and better than jerking off with a glad bag
    Got the second wind for the third time when I first tried
    I lied it must have been the moment you said hi

    Don’t be mad as I continue to strive and try to make our hearts collide
    This in turn will make all turning tides just rise higher then cloud 9
    Think heaven is the stopping point?
    You wake up stilled baked so pass this joint
    To someone who will completely agree
    That mincing up attempts to pieces is not how you conjure up a new plea

    You got the beggar, liar, cheater, rat, punk, fake, cowards, and me
    I could be those if I chose to impose on my judgment
    I was since sentence to repent so I beg and plead
    Before I catch this corporate greed
    I’d give you clean necks, but you need a tissue for this now very public issue
    Should have bought a different pair of shoes because now this shits on you

    Naw it’s all good because I single handedly did a DP
    Still I’ll have to learn not to spill like BP
    I needed to throw that one away since you can’t invest in something that’s free

    That was just amazingly rude, but I’m no longer the same dude that can be underestimated it’s so true
    The above statement excludes you for the me of today would cease to stand so I’ll wither away
    I have come here to say I need to keep my promise which can compromise the settled agreement
    I signed away my heart so we will never be that far apart on this big blue cooled molten rock
    I want the gift of a loving embrace so I was 4 steps ahead in a two legged race
    I moon walked to ease the pace, of hated greats trying to overdue ones stakes

    I arose from the down low as you yourself had to keep a piece of your heart to
    More of an enigma than Escher asking you to walk up some crazy stairs in his shoes

    Can’t complain because it was agreed that it had to be a challenge to reach you
    You fell for those who had put you somewhere worse than Davey’s Locker
    Told I’m sweet for wanting to taint my heart for her, but sir I’d like to infer that
    She’s untouchable even after I fine the fine her

    Set a date cause the older this gets will make it harder for those who are wanted for arrest that caused her stress
    Making this a restless and painful journey
    Turntables can’t even get me off like the way she turns me
    Errrr… Y-Yea that was pretty sick, b-b-b-but you stutter so much
    She t-turns me this way so the blame can’t fall on me
    Put it on those I hate and gas out that community
    Kinda harsh seeing as it could be traumatic to those that have ties hung from that tree
    Now it’s a problem since I used it in hip-hop you’re kidding me
    Doesn't matter so enough of this chit chatter I’m gonna get what has to be besides me
    It’s said the nickname is*Turntables scratch*

    It shall soon come whenever that maybe
    Still… I wish *Turntables scratch* was still as crazy as the good times like our future family
    Just you and Me
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    I am not for abuse it was for a friend. I wanted to tell her struggles, but keep it anonymous cause of the fear of more of it when she goes back home. I apologize for the very explicit, and strong language again it has a purpose in there. I do want to say sorry if its taken personally, but I just embodied that evil so she can remain in peace.

    Just stop what you're doing and pay attention to me
    If you're hard at listing I'll give you a lobotomy
    I would have just let it slide, but your not tall of enough to enjoy that ride
    The way you almost shocked me cause I was swimming in deep waters
    Caught a couple of fish, but that sh** ended up being Sophia Petrillo’s Golden Daughters
    Something so true and sweet like taffy with none of the outside interferences
    Catz stay asking me for money like they don't have insurance clearances
    You insist that we stay cool trying to friendzone me
    Last person to do that is now in the graveyard see
    I'm not the simple guy I once was
    I'm not a baby who needs hugs
    I'm more along the lines of dismembering those I had close ties with using tree vines
    Have Tarzan swing by shoot him in his thigh, and make him scream until he dies
    And leave you watching it asking why
    Soon you’ll be hoping you got to a safe place
    Until you wake up still being chased?
    Huh how does that even happen unless it was a dream
    Then wake up understanding you’re incapable of joining that regime
    You got so much to say to me which is along the lines Jeffery Dahmer crazy
    The speech in which you speak should deplete as you get choked in the cheeks
    Not even hiding it in the sheets
    What stays in the dark comes to the light which is why I hope you've come prepared to fight
    Having an idea of what I can do to you as you would try to undo the damage
    Dr. Who Told your crew his revenge is inoperable
    Dumb b*tch you got someone unstoppable in an improbable total deconstruction rampage
    What you have built up within will come crashing down
    As if it were Linking logs
    Once that's done everything that was true will just be a widows tale in his story
    Ending very gory for an adolescent 18 year old boy be
    As we conclude this very decent plot of revenge
    Is the outcome of what is planned what he wants?
    I doubt a lot of sh**, but just not this hun
    You attention loving wh*re get on some decent decor with some lavish shopping with Madison Zamor
    You dress to bore not even the poor could adore what you wear
    Heck I doubt their poor asses could pay to stare
    Nasir how dare... How dare me what?!!
    I don't have to keep my thoughts to myself if she already is in a rut

    I'd run her up with this tap she'd have to get checked out from my quick jab
    Leaving her covered up as if she was Arab in the sun sir
    Sounding ignorant as f*ck but I don't care cause its the summer
    Fakes claim to sound dope when they were runnin with me
    I slit their hamstring so they can't be rushed to an I.V.
    Put you in for an I.O.U. for an I.C.U. on your tombstone when you make it to heaven
    But then you wake up in a pool of wet cinnamon cement
    I'll throw in some pepper flakes and crushed talc to make it into hot powder
    Boil you and throw in a match to create Flaming Clam Chowder
    Well a wild fire which I caused cause she wanted to take obtain a cloth
    So she can get some water for those hot flashes
    Wanna know what's hot? Your eye lashes on hand sculpted Gothic stained glasses
    Might have thought of accepting those passes but you said you needed a break
    If you're that desprate take a menopause
    I'll shove your ass up a chimney heat it up so that you too can believe in Santa Clause
    I can give you uppers that will leave you lower than Down Syndrome
    Think it can't get worse?
    Next time you check in your purse for a Vicodin prescriptions
    You’ll see it was written down with a Klonopin to sooth those seizure like conditions
    For the fear I put in you'll only wanna have good dreams
    Figuring out how wrong the assumed position turned out to be
    All of it makes sense since it ends with me
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    I've heard of rage quitting, but damn this guy is just nice with it.



    There's some strong language in these vids sorry about that.
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    This vid says it all ok.
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    Have you ever had a thought of school rules. Like no cell phones allowed, no gum, no eating in class, no ipods, mp3's things like that. But yet it seems like the teachers break these rules all the time. They pull out their cells, eat, drink juice not water. Now if the the school is so strict in enforcing these rules. Why is it such a big deal when we break them when the teachers do it all the time. I'm not understanding that at all. Doesn't that mean that its the teachers that are showing us to break the rules when they are the ones that enforce some of them. So is there really any point in having guidelines to follow if its going to be broken by the highered staff. Honestly what does that tell you about our education system and how corrupt it is. Even the puishments seem to be unreasonable. How is it you can get 3 days ISS for watching a fight if they catch you.(That's in my school not sure about everyone else.) Or the fact that now you get arrested for watching a fight if the cops catch you.(The reason for this is cause at my school a 2 weeks before the midterms. There was a fight the whole week. So now the cops are at my school.) And it gets to the extream where anyone that watches a fight will get arrested. And the thing is that they can't arrest all those people. So how corrupt are you schools when it comes to not folllowing ceartain rules?
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    Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe... are doing it big again?^ ^
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    Aite dude now show her wat her friends really mean Ok.^ ^
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    I'm not sure if this is even allowed but umm here's wat I got just three verses though ok...And the chorus. And if you want I'll just keep going if you like it.(And the instrumental I was thinking about wen I thought of this song was Nas Blunt Ashes.)

    Alright listen now your going out with the girl of your dreams. She's looking so fly and your looking so clean. Everything is all good even up in your hood. But then her snake ass friends comes in town again.

    You try not to think about, but it all comes back. You when it comes her your girl has her back. Even when you try to tell the truth but none of that works. The funny thing is you act like it don't hurt.

    And you try not not to cry on the inside. And then you realize many people said there was nothing inside.

    Life comes and goes shit has to pass away. Thought you could live your whole life so flashy, then ask me. If that's is keeping it gansta or just classy. No its not is all I can say to you homie.

    But you thought that you were doing so good. Still riding that fresh ride in your hood. Brotha you still don't know anything which aint fly. Better start being good before you die.
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    Ok check this out if you really want this to work then you have to add that little zing to it. Like make it more like wow this is a group that I have been waiting for. Now I may be able to get things started back in my old one. And if this works I can thank those that were apart of this. You know things like that.
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    Awww man ok let get this place looking right.
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    Yooo wats god man. How are you liking it so far??? See and I told you to join. OOO yea and I'll ask some of my other friends to see if then can talk to ya K.^^ ^^
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    Woow I betcha that this will get some attention.^^ ^^
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