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    Wow. So after BbS I watched the insanely boring Re:Coded. At least the first 2 and a half hours were boring. I swear they were messing with me with those Castle Oblivion retread cutscenes… anyway, the ending was still fantastic despite all that. A shame it wasn’t the actual Coded game - I actually got it out a year or two ago and enjoyed playing it for the 2-3 hours I did. And it just makes no sense as a THREE HOUR MOVIE comprised of 90% filler.

    After that, I decided to watch Unchained all the way through to prepare for DDD, 0.2 and then KH3 and obviously without spoiling anything too heavy I’ll just say this is an appropriate time to watch Unchained if you’re doing a series run.

    And holy ****, Unchained was honestly one of the best KH releases in years. I played a bit back in 2018, so I was familiar with the premise before going in now, but it barely scratched the surface of the full story back then. I’ll say this - nothing could prepare me for the ending. I can’t wait to play KH3 again with a new perspective and knowledge of what actually happened in the past and how it all connects.

    But KH3 has to wait as I still have a couple more games to get through. And yeah, 0.2 doesn’t have a plat, but this is more of a full series run so whatever. I’ll be getting all the trophies in that anyway. Before anything else, it’s time to disconnect from the datascape and drop into the Mark of Mastery.
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    • I whizzed through BbS Final Mix before KH3 came out, and 100%'d the game when it came out on PSP. So I'm familiar with most of it, but there will definitely be new experiences happening here. Let's get going.
    • Does anyone else think the table and chairs in the Mountain Path look insanely uncomfortable to use? Terra’s ass must be red af after sitting on these Flintstone looking things.
    • The Command Deck - a source of much controversy in the Kingdom Hearts community. I personally don’t have a problem with any of the games’ systems tbh, especially not this one, but it seems to be a pain point for many.
    • This is a huge graphical downgrade from KH2. The maps have little to no detail comparatively. It’ll be easy to get used to though. This was a PSP game and you have to remember that.
    • I had to win a spar with everyone to get the extra scenes. Ven was my favorite.
    • Doing the stories in order, which means Terra, Ventus, Aqua.
    • Terra’s voice actor is noticeably worse than the other cast. Not only does his voice not really fit him, the delivery is so off. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t ruining these cutscenes.
    • Maleficent’s cackle lmfao.
    • It’s sad that it takes 4 worlds for a NPC to appear. There was 1000x more to interact with in KH1 and 2.
    • I take back what I said about the maps having little to no detail. Some of them are oddly large and barren, while others are filled with little details. It makes no sense.
    • Already at Radiant Garden. I forgot how fast the story moved in this.
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    The following interview occurred on the official Twitch channel on 1/6/2022, but has been transcribed for your reading pleasure below.

    --- With the one month anniversary of KH-Vids Royale III's release on our minds, a week ago we reached out to the story's elusive creator and author, Roxas, to see if he would speak with us. We were so happy when he messaged us back saying he would fly out for an exclusive interview, so we invited him here on our Twitch stream tonight. Welcome, Roxas. Come on out.

    (Roxas walks on set, sets water bottle down, waves at audience)

    Roxas: Thanks for having me. It's us that should be thanking you. After the release of KH-Vids Royale III the forum has gained enough traffic for us to launch this Twitch channel. It's the biggest thread in the Spam Zone in about three years, and members who last logged in a decade ago are back and posting.

    Roxas: It's just a fanfiction... Now there are dozens of questions from the 5-6 fans of the story that we're clamoring to ask you tonight - but before we get into all that, here's a word from our sponsors.

    Cowboy voice: weeeyll getcher ding dong dang diddly behahn down over to Bojangles, the best rootin tootin sandwich this sahd of the mississippi, hoowee! Bojangles, the best chicken y'all ever did seen. Welcome back to the studio! So, Roxas, we must know - what inspired you to write KH-Vids Royale III?

    Roxas: Well, after coming back to the site after thirteen years or so, I saw it wasn't quite as busy as before. (laughs) And I knew other old members like me would eventually come wandering back for nostalgia's sake. I had this really rad idea to write a third story so there would be an amazing treasure for them to find when they returned. And I hope people get that "oh wow!" experience when they come back and find it, even find themselves in the story. So yeah, after that thought, I knew I had to write it. There are quite a few players in KH-Vids Royale III that weren't even around during your time at the forum. If you wanted this to be some big reunion, why did they make the cut?

    Roxas: Things change. When I came back to the site and saw all these new staff members I didn't know, I realized just how much time had passed since I'd been around. So I wanted to give them their due. It's been awesome, too. I've been getting to know these people thanks to this story. That's all I want really, for the story to bring the community together like the first one did. And this is your plan to do it, then? Kill off all of your friends?

    Roxas: (laughs) Yeah, good point... You know, my first Battle Royale fan-fiction included people I knew in real life. Then I suddenly had this thought, like - wow, you know, that's really weird to be killing off your school friends. You're gonna get put on a list if the wrong people find this stuff, you know. (laughs) But I still had a need to write that story and I went with the members of my favorite forum instead. I guess not actually knowing them made it seem alright to kill them off, even though they are real people. It's all in good fun. So what's your process? The chapters are coming at a steady stream. How do you stay so focused?

    Roxas: My process has definitely evolved since I started the story. These days I try to write during my entire lunch break and if I can get the chapter out then, great. If not, I finish it when I'm free later that day. I know what's coming next generally, though I like to keep myself open and try to surprise myself with twists, too. But that's what helps me pump the chapters out - is having some kind of roadmap. I also write it initially in another editor, then paste it into KH-Vids and do my revising there so I get another take at it. Wow, it's great to get inside the author's head like this. And what about staying invested? How do you keep the inspiration coming?

    Roxas: Sometimes I listen to The KH-Vids Song while writing it. (laughs) But that's just a way of reminding myself why it's important that I write this story. The original KH-Vids Royale, the song, all of that stuff - it built this community back in the day, and gave us an identity. It linked us together and gave us something to gather for that wasn't just Kingdom Hearts. So many people contributed to our community this way and look at how much this place means to us now. By listening to that song I remind myself not just what KH-Vids means to me, but of what it means to the greater community, and that's why I want to write and finish this story, so those of us who are still around have something to look forward to and enjoy and love about this site again. (wipes tear) T-t-that was beautiful. And now another word from our sponsors.

    Serious voice: If you or any of your loved ones have vaped in the last 6-7 minutes, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Call 1-800-FUC-KOFF today. Well that's it for us tonight, folks. Thanks for tuning in, and again, Roxas, thank you so much for flying out here to spend the evening with us.

    Roxas: It was a true pleasure. Next up, we have KH2 randomizer speedruns with Tamale, and then we'll be playing the entirety of KH2's cutscenes from midnight to eleven in the morning tomorrow. Good night.
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    Can't believe it's been over SIXTEEN YEARS OF KH-VIDS!!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who stumble upon this
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    • It’s time for KH2 - the game I looked forward to more than any other in history when I was a kid. A game that defined that period of my life. What a time. I’m going to play this one slow and really enjoy it
    • Crit Mode obviously
    • Chills when the Twilight Town logo world comes in. I STILL remember the first time I saw that scene when this game came out and how I felt then. What a great scene!
    • The entire Roxas segment is so good imo. KH3 really missed a soft intro like this to set up the bigger adventure
    • Why do the skateboard segments play so well? Could be its own game
    • I played CoM back before this came out but I know a lot of people didn’t. Imagining what this whole prologue and experience must have been like for them is hilarious
    • Had to grind a quick level out vs Seifer before the Struggle to appease my inner child
    • Did anyone feel like they could see/feel things others couldn’t as a kid? That’s basically what Roxas is going through when he sees the ghost train and Namine while no one else can
    • The theme of hearts and thoughts connecting us forever is perfect for a forum like ours
    • I’m in awe at the detail of Namine’s art in the mansion
    • What a ****ing prologue lol. This was the most mind-blowing thing on the first playthrough and still holds up well
    • I love how Sora's movement controls are slightly better than Roxas's. Great design choice
    • The music in this game is seriously A+ tier. The TT theme is so nostalgic and beautiful
    • I wish I could live in Twilight Town
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    • I’m watching 358/2 Days first so I can collect everything with Sora during Chain of Memories. Never actually watched this whole thing before.
    • The way the Days storyline played out was kind of like a Persona game. TWEWY was like that, too.
    • Roxas is the best.
    • Nothing lasts forever you know. Especially for Nobodies like us. - Axel
    • This whole having to click during a movie thing is annoying. Like I wanna eat popcorn but then I have to touch my PS5 controller with my buttery ass fingers.
    • Mickey in his Org coat lmfao. Those ears.
    • This was much better as a game than a movie. Sad they didn’t just remaster the game, it was pretty damn good.
    • CoM time let’s gooooo. I love card games and loved this game on GBA. I've never actually beaten the console version as Riku but I've obviously played it a bit, but this time I'll be getting everything.
    • This script is amazing. Although this was written as a GBA game so makes sense.
    • Please don’t @ me but I ****ing love the card system. Building decks is LIFE
    • The first Axel fight is epic stuff. I still feel like I preferred this all on the GBA tho.
    • Gotta love the starring role Jiminy Cricket takes in this game.
    • I keep editing my deck for no reason, but it's half the fun.
    • I'm on the 4th floor now, just chugging along through the most fillery filler I've ever seen. This game is really held together by its card system and if you aren't into that then...
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    So this remaster came out a year or two ago and I know it's online co-op multiplayer. I've always wanted to play it but I need a few people to join me. If anyone's interested, let me know here.
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    In a stunning turn of events, Chapter 005 of KH-Vids Royale III has been delayed until at least midnight tonight.

    "I'm shocked," was the response from KH-Vids Royale fan and story character Mish, who stayed up until 3 in the morning local time to catch the potential release. "Roxas always gets his chapters out on time, and he betrayed not only me, but the whole KH-Vids Royale fanbase when he announced the delay."

    Meanwhile Roxascoin, a cryptocurrency tied to the success of Roxas's artistic pursuits, tanked from 0.000017 cents to 0.000015 cents.

    "I put everything into Roxascoin," complained forum icon and investor Inasuma. "Roxas's decision to delay that chapter not only hurt me, but it'll hurt my family, my mortgage, and my future. Thanks, Roxas."

    Twitter also turned on Roxas, with multiple people tweeting that he was a "Rucksack" who didn't know how to write a story.

    "Imagine only being able to churn out three chapters in one day - pathetic," tweeted administrator Sara (@whereverthewindtakesme). "I thought I taught that kid how to think. Turns out my words fell on deaf ears."

    We were unable to get in touch with Roxas when we reached out for comment.
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    The following story is standalone and does not consider the events of KH-Vids Royale I and II to be canon.


    1 Lauriam
    2 Mish
    3 Misty
    4 Deathspank
    5 Jinx
    6 Boris the Blade
    7 Darkandroid
    8 no_reality_allowed
    9 Sara
    10 Calxiyn
    11 kitty_mckechnie
    12 Trigger
    13 Yozora
    14 Rosey
    15 Amaury
    16 libregkd
    17 Cia
    18 Cin
    19 Explode
    20 Hissora
    21 Catch the Rain
    22 cstar
    23 Aelin
    24 Risk
    25 C
    26 GhettoXemnas
    27 Tamale
    28 EvilMan_89
    29 Arch
    30 Inasuma

    Table of Contents











    Next Chapter Coming Soon

    KH-Vids Royale III


    The clock struck midnight.
    Happy New Year!”
    “It’s 2022, baby! Get over here!”
    “Happy New Year, love.”
    “Oh just kiss me, ya little sexpot.”
    Michaella kissed her husband Sam under fountains of champagne and confetti as family and friends broke into Auld Lang Syne. The song was already done before she pulled away to stare into his warm eyes. Our first New Year’s as a married couple, she remembered, the weight of her wedding ring fresh on her finger. Sam leaned in for another kiss.
    Ewww, that’s so gross, Auntie Mishy!”
    Michaella looked down to see her niece Rebecca with a scrunched up face.
    “My teacher said boys have germs and you shouldn’t kiss them.”
    “They do have germs,” Michaella smiled. “But one day you’ll find someone special to share those germs with.”
    Rebecca turned pale. “Ugh - wha - no!”
    “They’re special germs,” Sam added, running his hand through Michaella’s blonde hair. “Germs you should only share with one person.”
    “Well,” Rebecca second-guessed, “I suppose you can’t really get sick if you’re only sharing them with one person.”
    “There’s one person out there for all of us,” Sam smiled. “But it might take some time to find them.”
    Michaella wiped a tear from her eye and nodded. Finding Sam had taken far too long. After years of stumbling through dating both online and in real life, she met Sam two years ago through mutual friends. She was interested after a couple weeks, but previous relationship experience had destroyed her confidence. That’s what made Sam different. He made every effort to show her he loved her. He gave everything. And so she decided to give everything back - even her germs.
    “We’ll have this conversation again in a few years,” she told her niece. “Let’s see how much you care about germs then.”
    Rebecca wasn’t the only one who had something to say to Michaella. As she walked around the room swapping celebrations with family members, she had to dodge questions about when she’d be having a child, when she and Sam would be buying a house, and when she might finally graduate university. She kept a glass of champagne close and before long, she only had an aunt and uncle left to catch up with.
    Samuel pointed to them. “Shall we go see Liv and Derek?”
    “Yes,” giggled Michaella.
    Bzzt, bzzt.
    Michaella’s phone went off in her pocket. She grabbed it and looked at the screen.


    “Oh, one sec, Sam,” she said. “I’ll meet you over there.”
    Sam wandered off for a chat and Michaella went toward the staircase. The noise of the party faded away and she answered the phone.
    “Hi, this is Michaella.”
    She waited.
    “Uh - hello, this is Michaella.”
    There was a short pause before she heard a deep voice.
    “Mish - ella?”
    Whoever was on the other end of the phone chuckled.
    “So… this is really her.”
    “Well, yes, I am me.”
    “No. You’re the Mish.”
    A rising gust of wind sent the chime on the front porch into a frenzy. Michaella felt a lump catch in her throat.
    “Can you elaborate?”
    The voice breathed. “I just needed to know it was you.”
    “W-Who is this?”
    The voice didn’t answer. Michaella heard Sam calling her from the other room.
    Tell me,” she whispered. “Tell me who you are.”
    “Find a quiet place, Mish.”
    Sam was calling her name louder. “I won’t be long babes!” she shouted with her hand over the phone. She jogged to the top of the stairs and found a bathroom. Her clammy fingers fumbled with the lock. Finally, she sat down on the counter.
    “Ok,” she started. “I’m alone.”
    “Good. I’d like to start by saying Happy New Year.”
    What should I say? I’ll start by being polite, I guess.
    “Uh, Happy New Year to you, too.”
    “It’s been a long time, Mish. A very long time.”
    Her heart began to palpitate. This was creepy.
    “I know you remember who I am.”
    “I don’t,” Michaella hissed. “I have no ****ing clue who you are!”
    “You don’t remember me? Your old bestie?”
    This must be one of my crazy ex boyfriends. Someone who’s just found out about Sam and I.
    “Look, I don’t know whether this is Adam, or Ryan, or whoever, but I’m going to report you once I find out. It’s New Year's night, and you want to spend it harassing me? Get a life!”
    “...Adam? ...Ryan?”
    There was a short pause.
    “I’m not a former lover, Mish - well, maybe that isn’t entirely true… but we never dated. In fact, we’ve never even met.”
    “Then who are you, and how do you know who I am!?”
    “Because I remember everything, Mish.”
    “Everything? What’s everything?”
    “Everything. When you walked away. When you wouldn’t hear me say. Please, oh baby, don’t go...”
    Michaella fell to her knees. A hundred memories of a life came and gone rushed back to her. On her wrist was a tiny tattoo - a heart - and it was the only thing that still connected her to the lyrics she’d just heard.
    “I know you’re there, Mish. It’s time.”
    “Time?” she gasped. “For what?”
    “Time to change your life forever. Or a million times over, with the amount of money I have sitting here right now. I’m calling you because I’d like to play a game, Mish. A game that could change everything. But in order to change your future, you must first return to the past.”
    “What does that mean!?” she screamed. “Tell me who you are!”
    “First, open the letter on your doorstep.”
    Michaella jumped to her feet. No, no, please. She was terrified. Don’t let there be a letter.
    “The letter, Mish.”
    She unlocked the bathroom and made her way downstairs. Small dots of snow covered the cobblestone streets on the other side of the glass door. Children were out making their first angels and snowmen of the year and an orange glow from the myriad lamps illuminated the festivities.
    Michaella saw the corner of an envelope on her porch. She crept closer, as if delaying it any longer might make it disappear.
    “Have you found it?”
    She pressed her nose to the glass and looked down. There was a letter pushed up right against the door.
    “...Yes,” she whispered.
    “It was good talking to you, Mish. I can’t wait to see you again.”
    “Hello?” Michaella whispered. There was silence on the other end. The noise of the party came back and she heard Rebecca giggling from the living room. Outside was a serene scene of children playing and people celebrating. She was surrounded by happiness and joy, yet through her cut a nibbling fear. If I want to find out who that was on the phone, I need to open that letter.
    Sam came up behind her and put his arm around her. “You alright?” he wondered. “Not having those digestive issues again, are you?”
    “No,” Michaella said, deadpan.
    “What’s happened?” Sam asked.
    Michaella opened the door and grabbed the letter. As it closed behind her, she gave it to Sam.
    “I need you to read this to me,” she said. “And I don’t want you to ask me any questions until it’s done.”
    “Where’d this come from?” Sam asked incredulously. “Is this what’s upset you?”
    “I’m not upset - I’m just… I’m anxious about what’s inside.”
    Sam opened the top of the envelope with his thumb.
    “It’s okay, love. I’m sure it’s nothing more than a late Christmas letter.” As he pulled it from the envelope, Michaella put a hand on her chest. The card featured a character from a video game named Kingdom Hearts.
    “See, love, it must be one of your internet friends! Isn’t this that Roxas fella from Kingdom Hearts?”
    Michaella gulped.
    “This’ll be lovely,” Sam smiled. “Alright, here we go.”
    “Wait!” Michaella screamed. She heard the noise die down in the back of the house before bubbling back up again. “I don’t want you to read it, Sam. I've changed me mind. Let me do it.”
    Sam handed her the letter. “But, you’ll tell me what’s in it, right?”
    “Yes. Of course,” Mish said. She opened the letter and looked inside. She was only one line in before she knew who it was.

    Dear Mish,

    It’s been almost 15 years, but I’m back.
    And I’m offering the greatest prize of them all.
    One million dollars per player.
    The game? You won’t find out until you arrive.
    Your plane ticket is included.
    I can’t wait to see you again.

    Love, your favorite forum friend,
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    back in 2005 when there were no members yet. :P

    But the explosion in members the year or two after was incredible. If only that could happen again.

    Let's be real, it won't. I mean, we have nearly 60k members now and not a new thread in sight. In 2006 we only had 1k but the amount of content was insane.

    It looks like 2016 was the beginning of the end for this site based on the level of traffic tapering off around that time in a lot of the random subforums.

    But that's natural. Forums are dead and most people seem to have moved on from KH, too, but **** it, I'll keep coming back here for the nostalgia hits and to relive the golden years of the early internet. And of course, to pay homage to one of the greatest things on the internet for anyone who experienced it - KH-Vids itself.
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    Did three of these four things...
    1. Brought a pineapple to a birthday party.
    2. Performed a new pop punk song.
    3. Stayed up til 5 AM playing Pokemon.
    4. Got laid.
    The first person to correctly guess which one didn't happen will be the starring character of my upcoming fan-fiction.
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    I'm gonna leave this as a list of thoughts while I run through the game to make it digestible and fun. I'll sprinkle in random KH trivia, strategies and more. I got the idea for a Plat Run from Cin so shouts to him. Got to pay homage to this great series and I haven't played it in forever. Plus it'll be great to finally see how the Xehanort Saga flows as a whole. Anyway, enough rambling.

    • First time playing this on PS5. Here we go.
    • Always go staff for the extra MP. I'm gonna give up sword too.
    • Love that they put the triangle Reaction commands back in for chests and other interaction. The PS2 version was so much more clunky in comparison. I bet there are plenty of new fans who never had to experience that.
    • I always pick night for EXP although I won’t for the speed and no equipment runs you have to do to get the plat trophy.
    • Darkside rising up is classic.
    • Holy ****, if you go behind Darkside when it leans back and shoots the pink bombs you can jump to combo its head and get the 2 Tech Points. I always run up the arms there but this is so much cheesier. Still learning new things about the game almost 20 years later.
    • Classic cutscene when Sora wakes up on the beach, this intro aged well tbh.
    • It’s always nice to gain a level or 2 off Wakka or Selphie’s Tech Points but it’s faster to level once the Shadows spawn after you get the Keyblade imo.
    • Love how muscle memory kicks in against enemies like Riku and Wakka. Been years since I’ve played this yet all the old moves come rushing back.
    • God Tidus is so ****ing annoying in the 3v1 fight on Destiny Islands. I just wanna kick his whiny ****ing ass, he thinks he’s so cool because he ****ed Yuna in a lake but we both know who she’d pick if she’d had the choice between both of us… anyway, the fight wasn’t too bad after grinding Potions off Riku.
    • Why the **** was KH1 the only game with parrying like this? The Tech Points are great...
    • I love that you can spend a good 15-20 minutes fighting a range of enemies that teach you different game mechanics on the first day of Destiny Islands. It were those little touches that made this era of Square games so damn good.
    • Disney was such a different company back when this was made, and that really shows with the first cutscene at Disney Castle. Their tightening grip on future titles wasn’t great imo.
    • Oh god, the brown cloaked figure in the Secret Spot… there was an air of mystery in the earlier titles that still hits hard. Nomura really knew how to draw us in. It gets a bit messy later but hopefully this playthrough will untangle some of those threads.
    • I can’t overstate how good the music in this series is but Destiny Islands truly represents that.
    • Riku’s such a salty prick after the race when you win, he always pisses me off here.
    • Gonna grind a bit on all the Shadows that spawn after you get the Keyblade while I order food, this was always a good early leveling spot.
    • Haha, Darkside. I know your little secret now. Free Tech Points.
    • Ordered wings. Just got to Traverse Town, that song tho lol. I'm gonna take a break and get back into this later tonight.
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    I mean seriously.

    I probably spent more hours here than at school on a weekly basis in 2005-2008.
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    Who's around?
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    I don't think I can ever enjoy this song.

    I was in a palapa with my girlfriend off the coast of Mexico when it first dropped. I remember opening YouTube on their grade A Wifi and slapping it on via BlueTooth speaker. The sun, sand, sangria and other things beginning with S were the only highlights of the trip tbh - there's something about being locked inside a resort that's kind of boring to me - so obviously the song got me hyped. Let's not get into my obsession with Skrillex circa 2010-2012 when he first exploded in popularity and my career as a DJ was surging.

    It was a decent song. Good production, cool vocal chopping, but nothing mind-blowing. Anyway the point is I was way too hungover the last day of the trip which triggered a fight that led to my GF and I splitting up. Even now, a snippet of the song reminds me of that palapa and the general waning of that ****** relationship. I really need to visit Mexico again and replace those ****ed memories LOL
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  16. Roxas


    Guess who's back?

    Back again?

    Roxas's back.

    Tell Deathspank.

    Guess who's back
    Guess who's back
    Guess who's back
    Guess who's b
    Guess who'
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    Any other SMT fans here?

    I beat this two nights ago. Not sure if I'll play for any more endings. The game was ****ing great, but I'm not in the mood to wander that barren wasteland again so soon. I managed to get a good 90% of the demons before the end, which is definitely better than I've done in any of the other games. Glad this finally released and ended up being good, it definitely gave me early FF vibes.
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    My Apologies

    My apologies to those who cannot take a joke and think I am racist.

    By posting the Asian picture of Cho, in which it says "coming to a school near you," it was not meant to say that all Asians are killers. Cho Seung was in fact Asian, and he was the VT killer. The picture was simply meant for a quick laugh. In no way did it represent my non-existent hatred for Asians.

    The "Jewish Piano" picture is simply building off a common stereotype that Jews own all the money in the world. It is not racist at all. To say that it is racist is to simply build off my previous Asian picture and try to stuff me into a deeper hole than I was already in.

    The Battle Royale picture in which I stated "Cho's Graduating Class" was simply in reference to my favorite film, Battle Royale, where children are put on an island and forced to kill each other until one remains.

    Finally, I'd like to end this by saying that all the pictures I posted are not my personal beliefs but simply quick laffs and gaffs posted by Anons all over the internet. I'm sorry that by trying to give people a few lulz, in which most people did get a few, I offended others. I am also sorry that I am "an accident and a huge waste of oxygen."

    Thank you.
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  19. Roxas
    Bleach is a sucky anime. Why, you ask?

    - The main character's name, Ichigo, translates to Strawberry in English. *coughgaycough*
    - Just like all animes, the fanbase is 90% Wapanese and 10% furry. Whether this is due to it being on adult swim or just being fruity as hell, is unknown.
    - Mudkip is not a central theme, so therefore, this series needs work.
    - Orihime, with huge tits, would clear do Ichigo. Unfortunately, he's batting to the other team, which pretty much ruins the show.
    - Uryu sews.

    And an overall plot description and synopsis for Bleach:

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