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    The approach towards working within the aesthetic is satisfying. And we know enough from the recent newer installments that everything still offers a great deal of innovation within the framework of this aesthetic; a lot of the Kingdom Hearts games do indeed have subtle mechanical differences that make them stand out with each other, or build upon each other, and all. Glad to see there is enough activity among the team for determined work on 3 alongside the recent 2.5.

    I need to read up a bit on evidence from potential earlier interviews, but I imagine there might be some more validity considering the output the team has been pumping out (and talking about, slowly) these past few months and comments on the simultaneous work with 3 and 2.5. Ehh, we will see I suppose.
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    I am enjoying my new watch fobs.

    I have been in this boat for a while, just recovering. I wish you all the best, but I am certain you will be able to handle it.
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    Good luck, friend.
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    Literally every episode brings me to tears.
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    Put up a monotone voice and recite the top fifty news headlines of the day whenever you pass her by.
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    Your laptop is haunted.

    But in all seriousness, is this the first time this has occurred?
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    Have you seen some of those processed snacks.
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    Looks like we have discovered the true origin of Naglfar.
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    When you put it into the left basket, what is the
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    All the Bravest.
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    That sounds rather brilliant. If I have time (and resources) I might take a look at the movie itself before delving into the series, especially if it is only six episodes long. I do not hold the most trust with syfy but the details of the plot pull at the inner cords that make time travel stories such a delight.
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    Hoopa and Hoopa Unbound are absolutely delightful. I had been following the speculation surrounding Hoopa (and Volcanion) for a good while, so it is excellent to see some actual confirmation. That typing though. Hmmhmhmhm.

    Re: role in ORAS canon. There is something very peculiar about the notion of ghosts, hauntings, and unexplained occurrences peppered very gently throughout this generation; at the least, X and Y, and I suppose the ORAS Pokemart legend ties it further into something that appears very deliberate on the part of the developers.
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    You should also try out some anime films and see how she likes them. This could run the gamut from your basic Ghibli to more diverse things; there are many to choose from.
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    The pizza example brings to light a fairly major point about the subjectivity of cooking. To be honest, it would be for the best if we would leave out cultural associations of cooking with extreme complication and esoteric knowledge as it occasionally seems to be. It is actually quite easy, and I mean actual ingredient and heating-based preparation! Basic cooking simply necessitates the need to follow a recipe for individuals who are understandably not as comfortable. While processed convenience food exists due to time constraints and income factors, I could very much call its prevalence compared to cooking more of a reflection on our society rather than on personal time management skills or habits. It is unfortunate, but I hope for change. We all need a little time to simmer over the day.
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    Has a musical genre ever truly died, in a sense? Perhaps those of which we did not necessarily keep the scores, but I am hard-pressed to see that as long as some record of existence is present, there may very well be a niche group of some sort who can congregate with their ears and enjoy the music, regardless of the present day. Will musical genres die? No, I do not think so. The notion of dying is based on highly subjective criteria filtered -- in part -- through a lens of familiarity. Oftentimes individuals who seriously consider X to be dying are within the reality of X changing to a point that they find it less recognizable, or distasteful. Not to say it has died out completely at all. It may not be as popular, but why should the popularity of a musical genre be the basis upon which one enjoys it? What musical genres do, since they are such slippery and -- as Misty said above -- very arbitrary notions, is that they evolve and grow. The very idea of "genre" is a convenient classification with fuzzy boundaries, even within genres itself. As music responds to the changes of time and society, the little branches and shoots of the great musical tree extend. But that is not to say the roots do not exist anymore. I am still able to turn on the radio and listen to some wonderful modern jazz composers. Some things might be out of fashion, certainly, but the notion of death is very much relegated to one's own personal perspective rather than an objective truth. Life is a series of changes, and music is a series of changes, natural and organic, rhythmic to the muse of our changing environment.
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    I am highly curious! I believe it has to do with time travel and viruses? Unfortunately I did not get a chance to see the original. Do you have a rough description of what it is about?
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    For streaming, Crunchyroll might be in your alley in terms of quality and consistency. Third parties such as animefushigi/animeseason/animetv etc can be hit or miss (also you need to watch out for a billion sketchy ads). Honestly I would say one gets the most bang for their buck in terms of audio and visual quality through downloads but I understand if it may not be viable at the moment. Good luck.

    PS: What a cool mother.
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    Seems quite Jekyll and Hyde-like, actually. I have seen mixed notions on Remember Me but DONTNOD seem to be a nicely creative bunch and I have lots of faith in them to start fine-tuning their works. Excited to see more updates. I think we can safely say that, with this and Life is Strange (and I believe even Remember Me), they seem to be quite in love with the idea of choice and effect, which has a plethora of methods to play around with in the future.
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