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    He wasn't sure how long they walked, but the change in the scent of the air caused him some concern. How far were they getting from the other group? These thoughts left him as soon as they broke out of the tree line, and the destination was in their sights. As they walked up to the water line, Blaine took notice of a rather out-of-place stone. Curiosity got the better of him, and he knelt down to touch it, inadvertently opening the way through.

    He took a moment to stare in shock. Once again, the day was giving him surprises and sights he couldn't have even dreamed of before. As impressive as the sight was, it was still unfamiliar and a complete unknown to him. His hands rested on his weapons at his hips. "This goes without saying, but everyone keep your guards up." Auburn took the lead, and he followed closely behind, keeping his eyes open for anything unusual or sudden around them. They were so close to their objective, and he didn't want any other dangers to fall upon them now of all times.
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    I have a hard time believing this
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    As Blaine stepped off of the gigantic hand and back onto hard ground, he looked back to see the distance that they had just covered. It would be quite helpful if Auburn could carry them all the way to the temple, but it seemed that that could not be the case. She had shrunken to a very small size, just big enough to fit onto Lazulis' hand. The surprises never seemed to cease when it came to this new life as a Beacon student.

    They continued on their path, and Lazuli voiced a rather great question. "Yes...I'm hopeful for one that'll help us get to our destination quicker.. He frowned, his hand now curled into a fist in frustration. Just thinking about his inability to use his made him feel...weak, below standards. "Sorry to disappoint you all, but my semblance can't do that. Actually, I don't even know what my semblance is."
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    So I want to animate a fight that's essentially Naruto and Sasuke vs. Momoshiki (the anime version), and I'm trying to choose between Ruby and Yang for the two characters. And I'm having so much Goddamn trouble, they all fit the other 2 in so many different ways.

    First off, choosing Ruby and Yang because they're siblings, like Naruto and Sasuke basically are. If I wasn't so attached to this idea, I'd probably go with Blake for Sasuke. Anyways...

    Ruby and Sasuke both have powers directly related to their eyes (Silver eyes, and the Regular and Mangekyo Sharingans and Rinnegan) and use some sort of bladed weapons (scythe and sword). Yang and Naruto are both blond, prefer fisting, c̶a̶n̶ ̶u̶s̶e̶ ̶S̶e̶x̶y̶ ̶J̶u̶t̶s̶u̶, and literally power up through anger AND get red eyes as a side effect.

    On the other hand, Yang and Sasuke are the ones missing an arm, and between Ruby and Yang, Yang is the one that's more likely to go all Dark Side like Sasuke and/or get his personality(both even end up losing faith in someone they cared about; Itachi and Blake.) Also that whole little arc where Yang finds out the truth behind her family (on her mother's side, atleast), and then there's Sasuke, whose literal entire EXISTENCE is tied to his family / bloodline.

    Whereas, like Naruto, Ruby is absolutely the one that'd use the Talk no Jutsu the most, and both of them are also known for having immense speed(Ruby's semblance is literally Speed, and Naruto is compared to the teleportation of the Yellow Flash Minato Namikaze, also his father, by the Raikage, one of the fastest entities in Naruto canon). Ruby's also the epitome of optimism, hope, and "I never go back on my word. That's my nindo, my ninja way." of RWBY, just like Naruto in his own series.

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    Blaine waited for a response, and all of a sudden, one of their teammates had just grown to a humongous size. He'd never seen an ability like Auburn's before. As she finally stopped growing, his eyes widened, and he took a moment to compose himself. "That's...impressive." And quite helpful, as her hand reached out to help take them all over the river. "Is this your Semblance?" He couldn't help but ask, stepping onto her gigantic hand and waiting for her to cross them over the river. With a power like this, it seemed as if fighting off enemies should've been easy, though he assumed that care must be taken so as to not step on any friendlies. Probably why she didn't use this power before...
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    By the way, just wanted to know
    Will there be a Discord or some chat group?
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    The last of the Grimm vanished, and Blaine smiled as he looked around. Usually, after defeating some wave of enemies, he had no one to talk to, but this was a first. He felt it was ripe for a good, jubilant expression of achievement. "Good job, team!" And with that, he continued on the path, trying his best to lead them. As they passed through to the river, Blaine noticed the strange sentient statue on the other side, and then the surge in the current. He frowned. That branch is a big risk. He picked up a stray branch and tossed it into the river, immediately swept away. And this river would carry us off to Oum knows where. He looked to the left, and then the right of the river. "Doesn't seem that there's another path...For the time being, that branch looks like our best option, but..." He turned to his group, an idea already in his head. "I hope for this this to not be our only option, but just incase...does anyone happen to have some Ice Dust with them?"
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    Suffice it to say, Aero's situation could have been
    so much worse. Getting caught for blowing up a planet? No problem. Getting transported to the worst prison in this sector of the galaxy? Okay, getting there. But having his mask removed and forcing him to near-death from a lack of an apparatus that helps him breathe? That was about as worse as things could get. Fortunately, the guards let him keep it, though its abilities were severely wired down, decreasing his visionary abilities to just short of super-human, essentially turning it into just a regular breather aid with fancy goggles, but who was he to complain about this prison's hospitality?

    Upon arriving within the prison, he took a good luck around and sighed. Was this really going to be his life now? He had wondered on the way here if he could really escape. Well, of course, he was going to try. Either that, or die in his efforts; he had just escaped from a slave life, and there was no way in hell he'd ever go back to that kind of lifestyle again. The problem was that there was no way in hell he could do this alone, so as his thoughts drifted back to that really old space movie where the protagonists also escaped a maximum-security prison like this, he scanned any individuals or groups he could for possible potential that would be good for a crew.

    ...Well, the two fighting each other didn't seem like they'd get along in a team. And just like that, he found himself distracted, tilting his head, watching the--Rami? If he was correct?--lash out at the human about...mushrooms? Maybe she preferred Zega over Mimtemdo.

    Plans for escape already out of his mind for the time being, he set himself down on a chair to watch, noticing an empty tray on his table. ...If I really wanted to, I could throw this at them for shits and giggles... He decided to let that thought simmer for now.
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    He took some damage, but it wasn't too much for him to handle. Stepping away from the horde, Blaine looked around. The remaining number of Beowolves failed to make there seem any difference from the start in Blaine's eyes, but he didn't care. Steadying his weapons, he took aim and shot away, taking out the two Beowolves that he had damaged before. He leapt forward and swung down on another, unleashing a furious barrage as it slowly crumbled to dust. Another tried to take a swing at him, but he swiftly dodged and bashed its skull, knocking it away and severely damaging it.

    Defeated Beowolves: 4
    Beowolves remaining: 7
    Damaged Beowolves: 1/3BP

    Blaine BP Remaining: 0/7
    Bullets: 1/3
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    Long story short, I'm making a Bloodhunter in D&D (uses their own blood to fuel their magic attacks) and for his character design, he has bloody marks over his body that are permanent.

    Anyone know what culture has runes/symbols/anything tbh that would look cool/be fitting to have be the makeup of these "blood tattoos" ?

    For reference, it's literally like how they made Aang's tattoos from the live-action film; that's what I'm imagining for my character.
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    Those familiar red eyes of the Grimm appeared, and he tightened his grip on his tonfa. Once more, they were forced to do battle, but atleast their enemies were just some low-tier Grimm, and not some all-powerful deity. Blaine noticed Auburn quickly dispatch two Beowolves and Cadoc kill off another two, and he couldn't help but smile. "Everyone keep an eye out for each other!" As long as they had each other's backs, they would take care of this little bump in the road in no time.

    He watched as a few of the Beowolves slowly stalked towards him, and one dove in for what it probably believed would be an easy kill. Blaine jumped over it, slamming his weapons down on its head as the beast smashed into the ground right on its neck with a loud crack. Landing on his feet, Blaine he quickly sidestepped to his left, dodging another Beowolf attack, and countered with a heavy bash to its ribs. He would have run for it to finish it off, but another one rushed towards him, and he was forced to fend it off, deflecting its swipes and kicking it away. With a grimace, he stepped back towards his team, making sure to keep as close to them as he could.

    Defeated Beowolves: 1
    Beowolves remaining: 12
    Damaged Beowolves: 1/3BP, 1/3BP

    Blaine BP Remaining: 0/7
    Bullets: 3/3
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    Yeah Idk why that keeps happening, here's the fixed link
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    I need help with balancing an item lol.
    Also could use some help with talking about by two campaigns, but mostly it's an item I want to balance.
    It's based off the Infinity Gauntlet, but much less powerful, and each of its stones can do its own thing but when you put everything together in to the gauntlet, you get a cool new effect. And I want to use one of these two as a template, or maybe even combine them somehow.

    Edit: here's the Fixed Link:

    Which one seems more balanced, or seems like something you guys would want to use?
    Also ignore the hyperscore thing in the second one, Idk what that is lol
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    Instantly in love with this idea, can't wait to play it!
    Also, [WIP] because I don't have a lot of time to write at the moment but hopefully I'll finish this soon
    Edit: Finished!

    Name: Aero
    Crew Position: Gunner
    Age: 26
    Race: Cyborg Terminan
    Birthplace: Termina (Planet has been destroyed)
    Personality: For your first few interactions with this...interesting fellow, it would be hard to pin down the general range of his personality. But once you realize that his mood fluctuates with his physical health, such as how drowsy, hungry, restless he is, it becomes easy to tell how Aero will be. In the early hours of the morning, when you'll find him struggling to keep awake, he'll come off as rather grumpy and unpleasant, but throughout the day as he regains his energy, he quickly becomes noticeably more pleasant, chill, and optimistic about life, even carrying a sense of humor from time to time. Near-opposites seem to rule this strange fellow's personality.
    Bounty: 150,000
    Crime: Caused the destruction of a small planet; main purpose was the production of robot slaves.

    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Silver, but they turn red when he's ready for battle.
    Skin Color: An almost pale-white color, like damn, someone get this boy some sunlight.
    Height: 5'10"
    Distinguishing features: You'll usually find him wearing a mask that covers his whole face (thanks to nanotechnology, it can turn into a helmet that covers his whole head) and the mechanical plating on his abdomen makes his cyborg nature obvious.
    He mostly looks like this cool dude:

    Weapon Proficiency: Two one-handed blasters with multiple settings(rapid-fire, high intensity burst, etc) and his one knife that he carries by his side.
    Special Skills: His mechanically upgraded eyes give him extremely sharp vision, but coupled with the technological abilities of his mask and partially-cyberized limbs, he's able to "lock" onto a maximum of six targets within his view and shoot them all in less than a second. This drains his systems, so he sparsely uses this technique.
    Also, because of his helmet, it can act as a diving helmet, supplying him with oxygen for up to a half-hour.
    Spoken Languages: English, most codes used by slaves, Morse Code, and binary (How does one even speak the last two?).
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    Team BLAU set off alone on their path, Blaine making sure to stick out all of his senses for any possible disturbance, his aura ready to activate at a moments notice. As soon as he heard a noise, his hands curled into fists from reflex, but he quickly calmed himself down. No use in getting so worked up if it was just a harmless animal. But the noises kept coming, and Auburn voiced his thoughts aloud. Blaine, too, slowed his pace. "Yes, though I believe that 'something' has already found us..." His hands reached back, and within seconds, he wielded his tonfa, ready to fight at a moments notice, his aura flaring up to protect himself. "Everybody ready, we don't know what'll come!"
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    Blaine listened carefully to their new instructions, and upon Noire finishing her explanation, he looked carefully upon each path. He felt rather despondent that their huntsman friend could not be there to join him, but he reminded himself that whatever business Qrow had to take care of, it had to be extremely important for him to just leave them there with a single guide. And he felt like he was being entrusted with a heavy task to make sure that he could lead his team to their victory.

    Speaking of leading...He needed to choose a road. Knowing that just staring at both paths wouldn't get him anywhere, he opted to think of something else. Instead of trying to figure out which he should take based on just observing them, he decided that the better way would be to judge which group would be better suited on taking the road with Noir--

    "We should go this way."

    Or that. Though if he were to be honest, Blaine did feel that him and his team should've been the ones to go with Noire. Thinking back on their first battle, he felt that the other team did better than BLAU did, so perhaps it was best that they gain some more experience working together while being able to work with a much more experienced huntress at the same time.

    "Then my team shall go right!"
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    There was a sense of relief and happiness in him seeing that him and his teammates were finally getting along. They'd even managed to get a laugh out of the shy Auburn, and Blaine could see that Qrow couldn't have been more right; the key to having a good team was having good communication, and it truly felt like they had begun to connect with each other, not as teammates on the battlefield, but as comrades, as people facing catastrophe together. And it seemed that their time was to be cut short, as they had just been called for. The big bird had come knocking, and they were to move out soon to their next destination.

    As they joined the others, Blaine took a quick glance at his team to see how they were doing, giving Auburn a reassuring smile before looking back at Noire. Hearing the comment from Dubhán, he laughed nervously. "Apologies! We were held back, but there is nothing to worry about now." He was ready to move on, to face his next task in a journey that's barely begun.
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    With full attention, he listened to her story, amazed at how she survived and winded up as the adoptive daughter of a huntsman from outside her village. This was just about the first of their real conversations together, and he already felt as if he'd caught a glimpse through her exterior. The part with her moving to defend her mother was the one thing he could connect to. The instinct to defend something to the very end, perhaps something he could forge a connection out of to better this team.

    "Wow...That is truly a heart-moving story." He nodded in agreement with Lazuli's comment. Though Auburn wasn't looking at Blaine, he smiled at her anyway. "Yes. Despite rough beginnings, I am happy to know that you were lead down a path to greatness as a huntress."
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    I hope to God there's a story mode, I hated that the last game didn't have one because they were scared that the cutscenes would get leaked online.
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    Shame and regret filled his core as Blaine listened to Qrow. It made him sad that they needed an emergency meeting to help them grow closer to each other as a team, when he should have been the one trying to bring them all together in the first place. But he refused to let his head fall, he listened with full intent to understand, and take this in as a lesson, his first lesson at Beacon, perhaps. To be a better leader, and perhaps more importantly, be a better friend.

    He listened to each of his teammates as they all properly introduced themselves. "And I am Blaine Carmine. Apologies for not being the leader you all deserve, I promise I'll try harder!"

    Hearing Auburn's last name struck a hard bell in his memories. And then Lazuli had spelled it out for him, and Blaine finally realized why he had felt a sense of familiarity upon seeing Auburn before. "Wow...You're Miyashiro's daughter..." Blaine couldn't help but feel amazed to have someone close to the Huntsman on his team. "I've heard of him, read many great things about him. He was a big inspiration for me!"

    Qrow's words were quickly brought back to the front of his mind. Deciding to steer the conversation towards Auburn instead of her father, who he could always ask about at another, preferably better time, he took a quick breath. "Ahem...Err--Since you were five? So you've been..." And now he was, perhaps, stepping over some lines. "If you don't mind me asking...You've been without a family before?" The thought of not having anyone care for you was completely foreign to him, but he wanted to understand his teammates better if he was to work with them.
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