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  1. Doc
    Hello to everyone new and old on Kh-vids. I'm back again due to a really heavy nostalgia and a bit of loneliness. I had a best friend who introduced me to Kh-vids who I was very fond of (and who has moved on with her life.) I really enjoyed making friends on Kh-vids and thought I'd come to see if any of my old friends were still using and if I could make some new friends! I want to stick around for a while!

    Ps. If anyone here likes, games, anime, manga, comic books, conventions, pets, archery, or drawing then we will be amazing friends! <3
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    So how many of our Kh-vids users got a nice pinch yesterday for not wearing green? And if so just where did we all get pinched? -Waggles eyebrows- ;)
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    Goodness you all it just seems that I can't get enough of this web site and I keep coming back every year. Not much changes though and it looks like it's as hard as ever to make friends on the site. Oh well... Hello again everyone I've missed you all even if you guys don't really know me. :D
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    Man I swear it's like I've been in every kind of car accident ever and it only happens to me..... My fellow co-worker scared me by being a total stalker and watching me when I wasn't looking. It was night so when I looked up and saw a person just staring at me I literally had a mini panic attack. The A** just laughs. I start up the car and I'm so shaken up and paranoid I hit the car against a pole and the light breaks off. Soooo not only do I have 2 to 3 thousand in car dents which must be fixed I also have to go into work tomorrow and get yelled at for breaking the light. Man I want to cry so bad right now...
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    The title is self explanatory. Man im a girl and im starting to hate clothes because of my job. That's just crazy.
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    View attachment 37193

    Soooo i wasn't sure if it's ok to stick this in the photography section or the traditional section cause it's a bit of both. Anyways yea... I'm the dork in the back round.
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    I never knew many people on the site and I don't really have a lot to do but when I first started out I had so many wonderful amazing friends... I wonder where they all went... Oh well. KH-vids is kind of like an infection I can't give up so no matter how lonely I am I keep coming on and wandering around before disappearing again. Weird. Anyway I'm back for a little while to see if anyone is still alive and to talk to random people.

    So to sum that all up. Hello everyone. I'm home.[DOUBLEPOST=1387859411][/DOUBLEPOST]Bluh..... already an error? Sorry. I meant to say "Hello I guess I'm back if only for a little while" So lame of me...
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  8. Doc
    Guy's midnight release today!!!! <3 I have work until ten but lord I'm going to speed to Best Buy after to buy this game... I hope I can be one of the top fifty but I doubt it...
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    Hello good people of Kh-vids I have a really important question to ask! I need to pick a interesting book for english class that will have a scholarly journal or literary review to support it. I can't think up anything interesting. Anyone have any serious authors? Please give me some interesting book titles!
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    Yea so who else besides me watched Arrow 2012 and enjoyed it? I thought the pilot was really good! Any thoughts?
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    This is a bit sad and I'm very new with writing stories so please give me honest criticism not mean or silly comments. Thanks for reading and enjoy! ​
    P.s. The story is in Noel POV. ​
    “What Could Have Been”​
    The day that I met her...​
    The day her life became intertwined with mine, everything about her intrigued me, from her smile to her eyes, I was drawn into her life immediately. Her laugh struck a deep cord within my heart that I had forgotten existed while I wandered alone through the time stream. Everything... everything about her was breathtaking from her smile to her laugh. From that day on I knew, I knew I had to protect her from any danger that might hurt her. In my heart she became precious to me, important to me. So why...
    Why couldn’t I save her...​
    I thought after our long and hard journey we could overcome any challenges we faced. Together we could end the Paradox and save the many futures we had seen.

    I thought we had saved the past and created a better future for our friends and family's. A future were everyone was safe... and no one was alone.

    I thought...

    I thought I could protect her...


    I’m so sorry...

    “Hey Noel..." She softly called my name and I turned to look into her deep blue eyes. "Thank you.” A gentle smile spread across her face as her eyes lit with joy. In my eyes she glowed, "how could someone be so beautiful?" I thought. Everything was great after we... I killed Caius in our final trial. The guilt plagued me, as his death replayed within my mind but it didn’t last long, not with her smile filling my heart with warmth. We made it, I repeatedly told myself, and now we could be together, with our friends and families. Everyone would be safe, and everyone could stay happy.

    She suddenly gasped breathlessly, and I could see the curse of the seeress consume her, as her eyes flicked. As I watched her body begin to sway, fear and panic began to fill my mind, and I could barely breath as my breath held in anticipation. This couldn't be happening...

    I soon found my voice and shouted her name, “Serah?!... SERAH!!!” She became unbalanced and collapsed towards the ground of the air ship, shock, fear, and grief coursed through me, I swiftly reached out to catch her falling body.

    Serah was everything to me, she held my hope’s, my dreams. She inspired me in ways neither Caius or Yuel my precious family could, and together we moved towards a brighter future.

    Serah... I’m sorry...

    I failed you.

    “NO! Not now Serah please!!”

    I remember... I remember thinking, ‘This can’t be happening, not to her, anyone but her!’ I remember the fear and... the pain. I didn’t want this! I didn’t want her to suffer alone. So why.... Why wasn't I strong enough to protect her!?

    "SERAH!!!" An anguished cry escaped me.

    I remember the promise I made to her sister Lightning, a great warrior who depended on me, and in a way this promise became my mission. I promised myself that I would protect her no matter what, I would keep her safe, because she became my light, my everything. She’s everything I could never be, pure, kind, and filled with hope. She showed me how beautiful a world filled with people could be. She showed me what it meant to have a family and a place to call home, when I had lost my own. When I showed my gratitude for her kindness she took my hands into hers and told me she wanted to save my home, and our eventual time line seven hundred years into the future. I was shocked, she knew nothing about me and yet... she accepted everything. When I was thrown into my darkest memories, ready to give up and die she was there to save me even though, she herself was afraid. Her voice was able to reach me, when I could no longer hear. She understood my pain, my sorrow, I just wish I could understand hers.

    Why.... Why couldn’t I save her?

    ‘It’s all my fault...’ Caius... Yuel... Serah... I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t strong enough...

    I’m sorry I...

    Clutching her shoulders and bringing her lifeless body closer to mine I could still feel her warmth. My face grew hot as I leaned closer to her body. Grief overwhelmed me and the thought of letting her go pained me. I never wanted to let her go. It hurt....

    Sobs tore through my body as I struggled to overcome the pain. I remember this pain as I watched everyone around me die. This was the pain of death, and I was the only one left to remember it. My mind was an endless haze and my body was completely numb.

    "Noel?" A familiar voice approached me and called my name. I knew it was a friend but it wasn't the voice I wanted to hear. I shook my head... no...

    "But why...?" I could hear the sadness in Hope's voice, and it only made the pain of my failure stronger.

    "You were safe, everything was fine." His voice raised in an overwhelmed panic. I could hear so much pain in his words... Hope wanted an explanation, he wanted to understand why this was happening... 'Hope it's to late...'

    My voice caught in my throat as I tried to explain, "The future changed. It changed." My eyes gazed at Sarah's lifeless body as I continued, "If you change the future, you change the past. The seeress is forced to see it all"

    "You mean Serah...she saw this vision?" Hope further quested, the sorrow in his voice twisting my guilt further, and further.

    "Yes. And it killed her." My voice caught in my throat. It was painful to admit what I was trying, desperately to deny.
    "Serah..." I choked out her name as the palm of my hand raised to stroke her still warm face.

    "She knew the risk. If we altered the future, she knew what would happen; that her life could be in danger." My palm raised to brush her bangs away from her eyes.

    "But she still chose to save it. I wanted to protect her... I thought I had. I thought she was safe." Anger mixed into my grief as I raised my eyes to the endless blue sky. It reminded me of her eyes. The sky ominously began to darken and a strong cold wind hit the interior of the airship. Lowering Sarah's body gently to the ground, I rose to stand in defense against this anomaly. I watched as Mog's body suddenly fell to the floor, and my guilt grew. In my overwhelming pain I had forgotten about my third companions existence. Hope quickly caught Mog's body and held him gently.

    "The goddess... She is gone, kupo." Mog's faint voice whispered out as the light within his gem faded.

    I remembered... Caius and his warning. "The heart of Chaos beats within me, a manifestation of Etro. And should this heart stop beating, the goddess will die once again." Terror griped me, as I clutched my shaking hands together.

    "I killed the goddess?" My voice shook and I was left breathless. I felt my knees buckle as I fell onto the cold outer surface of the now darkening airship. The wind and darkness grew suddenly as Hope and I tried to balance ourselves on the swaying air ship. As the world grew dark and the darkness consumed us only one name reached me.

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  12. Doc
    I was reminiscing during work,(day dreaming) and I thought about a few silly pranks my cousins and I pulled on various family members. Two of which, I will probably remember for the rest of my life.

    The first one involved me going to my very first sleepover (at 12 or 14... over protective mom. Don't ask.) I stayed over at my cousins house when we decided we would prank her annoying bother, and his cousin, (who was also sleeping over) We stayed up until 4 am. waiting for them to go to sleep so our plan could commence! After the boys got scolded (by their grandmother no less) we snuck into their room holding in our childish glee. Using lip stick, we drew all over only one cousins face. He looked like jiggly puff with the swirls on his cheeks and red lipstick on. When we woke up the next day, to our surprise and pleasure, we found out my cousins big brother was blamed for the whole thing! My cousin, my sister, and me decided to make chocolate chip cookies in our victory.

    The second occurred during middle school on a very cold October or November morning. I used to go to school at five a.m. because my father had to go to work really early. I would sit inside the music hallway waiting for violin class to start. One day... As I walked into the hall all the lights were off. I wondered why but it was to dark to even search for a light. So I sat on the floor, in the dark, waiting for a good friend to come in at six. When she did arrive we chattered a bit then decided this is the perfect halloween prank! Our devious minds planed as we waited for a good guy friend to join our trio and then the pranking started... We put makeup on our guy friend and told him to go and lie on the middle of the floor like he was dead, or unconscious. He was pretty convincing with the makeup job we had given him. One by one students would come into the hall (the light from outside gave them a glimpse of the inside hall) only to be scared s***less by our "dead" friend. For about an hour we made silly noises, and watched our friend chase people out of the hall, some hitting lockers, walls, and doors in their haste to escape. It was a riot! But our fun had to end... At eight a.m. the janitor realized he left the light in the music hall off and we had to end our fun prank.

    So what's the funniest middle or high school prank you guys have pulled? I'm curious to know!
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  13. Doc
    Yes after waiting for one whole week (maybe less then that) my hidden blade arrived in the mail! Did I squeal? No... Yes. Do I think I'm a god now? YEA!

    It's amazing..... XDDDDD
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    -Sign- Yea I have been thinking my arts no good lately and I want to show you guys something amazing but I just don't have a scanner yet. The pictures not done yet either... I was doing it at three in the morning so yea not done... I hope this makes up. Please tell me what you think?
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    Yea the song came to mind while I was drawing this. It's actually a picture of my avi and Llave de Espada... Yes he has been a great friend that has stuck by me even when I disappeared for a year. This is a horrible quality picture, (stupid camera) but thank you for sticking by me!

    P.S. I adore Saxima just as much! She was my very first friend! And I hope she comes on more so I can finally talk to her. Hopefully on the weekend...
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    I'm actually sitting in my colleges lunch room and listening to a group of college students talking about kingdom hearts and the key blade war. I wonder if they have a kh account here...
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    What is love?

    "What is love"

    What does it mean to love someone? Is it the way he gently holds you and caresses your skin while muttering the words your heart seeks to hear? Or is it the deceitful lies he feeds you while breaking your heart over the stone cold floor upon which, you stand beneath.

    Why do we love? It it to fill an empty part of our hearts that we never knew was bear-en until we found the one? Or is it because his sweet gentle words were able to woe us into his web of lustful lovers, one, part of many others.

    Who do we love? The man I call my partner who I have vowed to love, and in return has vowed to love me, and only me for as long as my heart still beats within my racing chest. Or the man with empty promises of a future even I can no longer see.

    When do I love him? Do I love him as he sleeps besides me cocooning me within his warmth and love. So gentle, so loving how could I choose to live my life without it. Or do I choose to ignore the fights, the pain and sorrow and throw the blame on others just as he places all his blame onto me.

    How do I love him? Do I stutter and fidget in anticipation every time he comes to whisk me off on another life changing adventure. Or do I end up waiting for someone I know will never come back to me, arms forever reaching for a partner I have already lost.

    I do not claim to be perfect. (In fact I am flawed in many ways.)

    But neither are you or he.

    Answer me this, am I the one who doesn't know what love is or are you?
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    Back again!

    Hello all! It's been what a year now?! Really?! Well I'm back after some family problems and trials. I hope all my previous friends still want to be my friends and I hope to meet many new people! If you need a friend I'm here!
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    Right so I haven't done this in a very long time and my computer takes really bad pictures so look more at the art and not the quality or lighting please. I plan on buying a scanner soon so my art look's normal when I post it. Tell me what you think?

    This is an original piece so please no taking or using without permission.
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    View attachment 27318

    I love Batman and Robin.... all four of them! Hehe tell me what you think? This is Damien by the way.
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