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  1. NemesisPrime
    Well then again MY thing with Namine's portal was that Xemnas made it close prematurely.

    But yeah, and wouldn't the Organization know about the portal and closed it off so that no one could reach their world?
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jan 19, 2015 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
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    Can I haz pin?
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jan 10, 2015 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    That's why I didn't even bother getting the 1.5 guide cause for one it's for games I already played and owned and two, I had a feeling it was gonna be a slapped-together job and shoved out onto the market considering it doesn't even take into account the Final Mix content.

    Plus you have GameFAQs which has extensive coverage and for free.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jan 5, 2015 in forum: Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX
  4. NemesisPrime
    I decided to bite the bullet and get this collector's edition since I've never gotten a collector's edition for anything unless the Mark Of Mastery version of 3D counts.

    Now I'm struggling weather to keep my copy of the 1.5 limited edition or sell it and get two collector's edition and keep that MIB and sell it later for some quick cash.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Nov 18, 2014 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  5. NemesisPrime
    Yep, he's totally itching to fight Mysterious Figure again xD

    This is awesome though, a new secret movie which will further connect Recoded to 3D! About bloody time too as that game gets too little love. I mean yeah it was light on the story but it had really fun gameplay! Makes me glad I preordered back in May.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Sep 12, 2014 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
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    I really hate this stigma that once you reach a certain age you HAVE to stop watching animation "Cause it's kids stuff" Hey um, Disney called and says that you can still enjoy stuff as an adult and oh look at that the lines are being flooded saying YOU CAN STILL ENJOY CARTOONS EVEN WHEN YOU'RE NOT A KID!

    Sorry, but it's that stigma that led me to anime in the first place, an example that cartoons can have adult material and discuss adult themes. Heck I watch Power Rangers and Super Sentai and they can still discuss adult subjects! Whenever someone says that you're too old for something really makes me angry ya know?
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jul 31, 2014 in forum: Community News & Projects
  7. NemesisPrime
    Sounds fun, I'll sign up and see what happens.

    Username: NemesisPrime
    What you would like to be called: Daxam
    Where are you from: USA
    Time Zone: Eastern Time (GMT -5:00)
    Buzzer: Attached
    Post by: NemesisPrime, May 29, 2014 in forum: Community News & Projects
  8. NemesisPrime
    Could we include live-action Japanese movies?

    Cause I'd love to show some Tokusatsu films like Gokaiger Goseiger 199 Heroes, Kamen Rider etc.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Mar 6, 2014 in forum: Feedback & Assistance
  9. NemesisPrime
    I am interested though my videos are not the best though but I'd try!
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Feb 8, 2014 in forum: Kingdom Hearts News & Updates
  10. NemesisPrime
    I do not agree with this ruling but I can see the logic for WHY they did it. It's a big reset button and all is not lost because the FCC is considering appealing the decision and this time let's do it RIGHT.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jan 16, 2014 in forum: Discussion
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  12. NemesisPrime
    Well If I remember correctly these was a teaser for Super Dangan Ronpa 2 at the end with Usami saying she was looking forward to meeting everyone very soon. And it was followed up on by the team stating if the dvd/blu-ray sold alot they would adapt Super Dangan Ronpa 2.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jan 5, 2014 in forum: Anime and Manga
  13. NemesisPrime
    I started off watching The Animation then once I finished I played the PSP game in english with a patch by Team Zetsubou.

    The game is alot more in depth and takes it's time between trials to get to know the cast better and the game to me is like Phoenix Wright but alot more sadistic. But I still recommend watching The Animation AFTER playing the game so you can compare and contrast what was cut.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jan 2, 2014 in forum: Anime and Manga
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    Another year down, infinity to go! Let's hope this year is better than the last!
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Jan 1, 2014 in forum: Community News & Projects
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    Yeah, things have been busy on my end as well but I have some free time to work on my part now.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Dec 29, 2013 in forum: Production Studio
  16. NemesisPrime
    When a Nobody is born they at first have no recollection of their previous life.

    It's over time as explained in 3D that they grow their hearts back and recover their previous life and memories.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Dec 27, 2013 in forum: General & Upcoming Kingdom Hearts
  17. NemesisPrime
    Unless he's lying. Rule #1: The Doctor lies.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Dec 27, 2013 in forum: Movies & Media
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    I care nothing for the kid, I personally feel staying up to date on what (insert celebrity here) is doing is rather pointless and a waste of my time.
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Dec 26, 2013 in forum: The Spam Zone
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    "Times Change...And so must I...But I shall never forget this time, not this day, not one second of it. I shall always remember the time when The Doctor, was me."

    Farewell Matt. You were an excellent doctor and now we must wait till next fall for Twelve's run to start. ;_;
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Dec 26, 2013 in forum: The Spam Zone
  20. NemesisPrime
    And getting hammered!
    Post by: NemesisPrime, Dec 25, 2013 in forum: The Spam Zone