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  1. Roxas-Ventus
    Okay so, I’ve been arguing with people over this for like 7 months. You say checkmate in checkers...but you also say it in chess? That doesn’t even make sense! It should be chessmate! People keep saying checkmate checkmate checkmate. No, it’s chessmate. This issue has been bugging me for the past 9 months and I want peoples opinion on this.
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  2. Roxas-Ventus
    I have been promoted to Super Vampire God.
    To celebrate this promotion. I will host a party at my house.
    I'll only invite some of you but not all of you.
    If I don't invite you, do not be sad, be happy.
    There's always next year.
    And to celebrate my promotion again. I will hand out this special Roxas-Ventus themed pin.
    It has beautiful visuals on it. I took a lot of time to create this pin.
    This pin will be added to my collection of one pins that I currently hold.
    My promotion party will have cake with the Japanese katakana イェア which means **** in Hindu.
    I will be playing WEEGIE BOARD ADVENTURES with me and my girlfriend ゴ which means the inside of Japan's legal pedophile act of 1590 in Japanese.
    I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    effective. Power لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ 冗
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    So I'm waiting here trying to reclaim my throne for being the last 5 members alive on this site, and I look back at my previous posts that I made pre banned Roxas-Ventus days.
    These posts are some of the most cringe making, stomach hurting, eye squinting, ugh making posts I have ever seen in my life.
    I actually thought this crap was funny and cool.
    Oh my god I feel like the biggest piece of ass on the planet.
    Then a couple of minutes ago I looked back at the infamous rp that left us on a cliffhanger for shameful reasons.
    I'm starting to think I was high making these posts. Oh my god they're the worst I feel like dying right now. Some one could pull the trigger point blank at my head and miss.

    I Roxas-Ventus was on drugs.

    Book end
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    I've got a SPUNKY question here.
    You see, I've been eating some ramen noodles here as I type.
    They taste...bland. Like a CARDBOARD cutout of skittles but with the s MISISING IN ACTION.
    Does anyone have tips on how to make Marchan ramen instant noodles not taste like cardboard cutouts of skittles with the s missing?
    I want my ramen to TASTE like something that I've never eaten before.
    I want my ramen to LOOK like something That I've never eaten before.
    I want my ramen to FEEL like something that I've never eaten before.
    And finally... I want my ramen to SMELL!!!!!!! Like something that I've never eaten before.
    So far I've put CRUSHED RED PEPPERS on my ramen noodles. It's ok for now.
    So please I need an HONEST answer. I am being
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  5. Roxas-Ventus
    I am ONE of the last 5 remaining members online.
    Praise me. Cheer me. I want to hear some clapping send me some clapping gifs. I am a God as of right now.
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  6. Roxas-Ventus
    Yeah so bring back those little smiley faces like these :)
    Or at least have some more of it plwease can i have more cute little faces i promise ill be good

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    If you change the time on the 3ds will it effect any games?
    For example if I change to time on the 3ds back to 2011 and I play pokemon will it effect the timed base events
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  8. Roxas-Ventus

    Rpg maker vx

    i need help with rpg maker vx. the problem is that i'm trying to make the enemy not disappear from the map if i escape. i just want then to dissapear when i defeat them
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  9. Roxas-Ventus
    1kristoph gavin
    2klavier gavin
    3miles edgeworth
    4trucy wright
    5apollo justice
    6phoenix wright
    8dick gumshoe
    9manfred von karma
    10winston payne
    (can you please not post any breakdowns there really creepy mostly matt engarde)
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  10. Roxas-Ventus
    1.cheats (like the famous konami code)
    2.glithes (most games have them)
    3.every power that you get you get at the begining of the game then you lose them (like in prototype)
    4.good or bad ending like bubble bobble (i got the bad ending because i was playing coop i think)
    5.enemies that kill you in an instant or one hit kills ( i think they had that in final fantasy with like these guards and in mario)
    6.after ending you keep going (like in kingdom hearts 3d you get a crown which means that you completed the game and u get julius also in twewy you get another day)
    7.fake endings (i can only think of 1 BATMAN ARKHAM CITY)
    8.a stupid guy (i can't think of any at this moment)
    9.jumpscares (uhh....idk)
    10.phase through models and walls (like glicthes or you just can do it)
    13.girly japanese men (goku)
    14.nudity (why the hell do they have that?) over ( i almost had a heart attack)
    16. character select screens ( i wanna take you for a ride do do dadadada da da i wanna take you for a ride dodo do doooo)
    17.cliffhangers (mr guy-hey how you doin-*shot* ughh *screeen fades to black* mr gamer-omg who did that i guess ima have to wait till the sequel *no sequel* nooooo)
    19.annoying reapeating music (dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun)
    20.choose what happens (walking dead the only thing i can think about at this moment)
    21.random people (all my pokemon is at 1 hp and this trainer wants to battle me WTF?? and in final fantasy my people needs some potion or to go to a inn im right next to the town and then a battle starts)
    22.close up face (i hate in cod zombies when i turn around a zombie in in my freakin face)
    23.cute deaths ( i would never play a game when cats die)
    24.stretch (nope)
    25.slow motion ko's (street fighter)
    26.repeating ko's (tekken ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhhh)
    27.hit sparks (tekken with that red blood spark)
    28.confusing story (kingdom hearts)
    29. a remake (solo remix final mix collecters edition golden eddition)
    30.last 1.....a crossover
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  11. Roxas-Ventus
    i have nothing to do in here at all no rp's no other fourms no nothing i would like to join rp but almost every one is so hard to even make your own character when the groups were here there was group rp's like trpgtnwwg the kh rpg (the kh rp had too much random crap) death note or something like that ect. so yeah does anyone have any ideas or any rp that i can join or something (i feel like a buttnip)
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  12. Roxas-Ventus
    -Edited For Advertising-
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  13. Roxas-Ventus
    or used to live in Tokyo
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  14. Roxas-Ventus
    in kh2 theres a part in the game when you have to answer tell that guy the flavor of the ice cream
    sky sugar
    sea salt
    liver pepper
    i know it's sea salt but what happens if its wrong?
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  15. Roxas-Ventus


    captchas are so stupid if you dont know what a captcha is its a image of 2 wierd distorted words that are really annoying most of the time they have them for signing up for something or if you sign in on another phone or computer. the reason why they are annoying is because they are so hard to understand
    i looks like l
    m may look like n
    and and v's look like u
    it took me about 10 minutes to create a youtube account
    5 for the user names
    and 5 for the captcha
    some may look easy but most of them are hard
    the reason for a captcha is to make sure your not a robot. a robot could not read the letters because of the distrortion text but i could see why they would have it for putting alot of comments rapidly. its because they dont want spams i think? idk but i hate captchas and i will always hate them
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  16. Roxas-Ventus
    here are 2 cutscenes i really like
    1.screenshots (like twewy and coded)
    2.358/days and chain of memoreis cutscenes
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  17. Roxas-Ventus
    in the gba version the faces was creepy im talking about the cutscene faces. when sora smiles it's creepy that judge lady from wonderland was creepy when yuffie (i think) does that smile face (one when her eyes is like sqwinting lol) it's soo wierd but 358/2 days looked better since it's on a ds my opinion
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  18. Roxas-Ventus
    One day Roxsew was playing at the arcades in shibuya while he was playing puck-man he noticed that his high score was ranked at #3.#1 was his friend len and #2 was his other friend josh Roxsew was the best at puck-man he was angry so he ran out the arcade and straight to len's house.roxsew punched len in the face giving him a black eye len said "what was that for???" roxsew said "your number 1 in puck-man im always number 1" len laughed "okay fine i'll let you be number 1...if you give me 1 yen" roxsew never gives money to people even if it's 1 yen "fine" said roxsew as he gives len the yen after that they ran to the arcade len took a rock then smashed the arcade machine "we need a new arcade machine" said len to the store manager he said they'll have a new machine in a couple of days the two friends went home.several days have past len came to get roxsew they went to the arcade a the new puck man machine arrived as soon as roxsew saw it he started playing for hours and hrs and hrs and hrs untill he reached level 256 [or 257 idk] roxsew never made it up this far he should of looked at wikipedia because he was facing the infamous kill screen roxsew said out loudly in the store "what the crap is this???" everyone looked at him then at the screen they ran over there looking he had to be careful because the maze was all f'd up but his friend josh looked it up then he gave him the directions and Boom he beated it the end
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    if you ever beated the game like me you may have end up at a point in the game when roxas ventus and xion ask u questions what happens????
    Thread by: Roxas-Ventus, Aug 4, 2012, 6 replies, in forum: Kingdom Hearts Help
  20. Roxas-Ventus
    here are the gods (that means you can't say mwahahaha you can't hurt me im invincible) no umm.....killing oh and 1 moar thing if you tell me the contra code then i will want to be ur friend
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