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  1. Sara
    I'm taking an online class and the Discord format (mandatory for live classes) has been horrendous. It keeps on cutting in and out and crashing. The instructor insists using the server for class and a lot of the kids have been using their webcams as it gives them more credit for attending.

    I've tried Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge. Chrome seems to be the most stable where I can get visual of the screen sharing from the instructor and a lot of the lecture, but even then it cuts out every two minutes or so for 30 minutes. It also pops up a Java error with Chrome, and sometimes it even stabilizes around 30 minutes in, I had a chat with a group today with one time being cut out.

    The desktop refuses flat out to even load on my computer for discord. I am hoping it's just an internet issue, (my internet is probably amongst the worst for cable, and I use ethernet for class) but I was hoping someone knew what was going on and how I can fix it. Thank you.
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  2. Sara
    I recently started watching the Pokémon anime (XY to be exact) and 13 episodes in, I learned several things:

    1. No matter how ridiculous the disguise or how cheap/stupid it is... No one will recognize you. Ever.

    2. Never look up, then you can actually see attacks/Team Rocket/Enemies coming.

    3. Tears will get you anything.

    4. It's okay to quit on what your parents want you to do, they'll still be happy for you when you call them/tell them you're abandoning your duties.

    5. No matter how many times an invention blows up, always rely on the same person to make another invention for plot reasons that will blow up either during use where you'll find a way to solve the problem you could've used in the first place, or right after it's needed so it will never be used again.

    6. Even status attacks will knock out a pokemon. Confuse Ray and Stun Spore will totally knock out an opponent without any other attacks.

    7. A first Gym Leader will have a pokemon that knows Solarbeam and can use it in one turn without charging... And PP doesn't exist in the world.

    8. Team Rocket doesn't need a ten year old kid to beat them... They just need to spend their whole budget trying to catch an electric rat without telling their boss.

    9. Always trust a villain, they'll never betray you. Even when they're laughing evilly in front of you. Just their friends will betray you.

    10. Cuteness is the only standard for Pokémon for young girls, period... (If you've seen the anime, you know exactly which character I'm talking about)

    11. Anyone can survive a 50,000 volt jolt of electricity, and never gain immunity to it. Same for falling, flying through the air and crashing, explosions and god-knows what else trying to kill you.

    12. Ash is immortal. There's no other way to explain it. He also has the worst memory of anyone on the planet.

    And that's it. Anyone want to add on? (Sorry if this is in the wrong thread.
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  3. Sara
    Anyone hyped? I'm slightly hyped, though seeing the last trailer... Not as much as I have a hope for it being great.
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  4. Sara

    I am very surprised this hasn't been posted yet...

    I saw this on the BBC... :P
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  5. Sara

    I kept the title as neutral as possible considering what will be discussed here.

    I remember, in ninth grade, I was just learning about the Right and Left wings of our country a lot more. (Right: Conservative, usually Republican, wants to keep a lot of the same as it is, i.e: Gun rights, no interference, no abortion, etc... Left: Liberal, usually democrat, wants to change things, i.e: Outlaw guns, help people who need it, abortion a choice, etc...) One day during class, my teacher drew a line with three dashes, two at either end, one in the middle.

    I'll never forget what he told us: "The middle is independent or neutral, the far left is revolutionaries, the far right is the KKK."

    To this day, it still sends a chill down my spine. I barely knew about the KKK, but I saw enough pictures to know what he meant, and it scared me.

    I'm not saying all conservatives are bad, as not all liberals are amazing. But after hearing about what happened yesterday and the reactions from the white house, it scares me.

    Yes, the white nationalists got all the permits, signed all the right papers and did everything by the book. They were also wearing full blown body armor that even troops in Iraq don't have and were carrying guns. The fact that they were engaging with people who protested against them scares me even more.

    I'm not even mentioning the car plowing through the people who protested against the White Nationalists, nor the KKK being there.

    I no longer feel safe in this country... And hope and pray to leave soon to another safer country.
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  6. Sara

    So I got this great job after a horrendous job from before and am happy, then my grandmother cracked her pelvis and someone stole my identity with four mortgages.

    I've been trying to save up for a car for a while now and thought I was close enough, but with the four mortgages, I'm nowhere near close enough. It will take months to remove all the litigation from it and the car sales place refuses to give me one for a low payment because of the mortgages.

    I posted a Go Fund Me account to try to earn some more money which is above. If you just advertise it in facebook and spread the word, I would appreciate it, I lose my ride at the end of this month and losing this job will destroy me.

    I don't need a new car or even close to one, just to get to the bus and do some errands. I was aiming for a budget of 10,000 at the most.

    Please, any help will be a huge help. Thanks.
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  7. Sara

    This is close for my mom and I, both of us suffering from many issues. (including skin cancer) and her not having health insurance for a decade before the Affordable Care Act was passed. Me having health care through government and it crippling basically any chance I had in getting a full time job.

    She got ACA as soon as it came out, and this was (despite it's flaws) the only insurance she had in a long time. I thankfully have it through my university now and no longer have to worry about my own insurance.

    Finding out that this would've destroyed any health care chances my mom had, it would've killed me. I'm glad it hasn't passed and at least for now been shoved to the back burner.
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  8. Sara
    I recently started a new job about 30/45 minutes away from home. I don't have a car and am on six months probation. As is the rules of my employment with all new employees. (Ending my fifth next Friday.)

    I looked everywhere to find this job and it was mostly dumb luck I found it and got hired. It's nearly my dream job with a great supervisor and perfect benefits... But....

    I don't have any way to get there. My town banned public transportation years ago, and the buses that do run in the next town over costs 100 dollars a month for a ticket, including the fee I would have to pay an uber driver to bring me to the bus stop and home every day, we're talking about 620 dollars a month. I only get about 1,600 a month.

    I had a ride for months from my mom and then my grandmother cracked her pelvis when she fell. I got a ride for a few months but my driver made it clear that at the end of this month she's going to stop. I've been posting ads everywhere in campus asking for a carpool with helping pay for the gas and fees with only one response from someone who works at a different campus and wants me to walk on the highway to meet her. (I'd take a bus to work from her campus to mine and back again at night. Which adds about another hour to this.)

    Does anyone know anything else I can do to get a ride? I've tried carpool sites with no luck, btw...
    Thread by: Sara, Mar 16, 2017, 4 replies, in forum: Help with Life
  9. Sara
    Alright, follow up on previous question/thread:

    I did get the approval for work on the site and my ideas, we're going to be working with the survey and mine combined to remake the Intraweb, I am in the future going to get computer classes about this, for now, I need three things:

    Menu: Side with drop downs *there's a top with drop downs that will be adjusted to suit the needs of who goes there*

    Updatable calendar: One where I can post new events when needed.

    News: An easy way to post news. It would be in the middle of the left menu and calendar.

    If anyone can help me, I would deeply appreciate it, I'm throwing this out there, I know there's different methods of coding and when I see more what I'm working with, I'll update the post. Thanks in advanced.
    Thread by: Sara, Nov 8, 2016, 2 replies, in forum: Technology
  10. Sara
    Alright... I'm not sure where to put this:

    I have been asked to make survey questions for a Intranet website that is........ Not well made. It's one of the worst I've seen.

    We're trying to improve it through a survey. Does anyone have any idea what to post to get some very insightful answers on how to fix it?
    Thread by: Sara, Nov 4, 2016, 3 replies, in forum: Technology
  11. Sara
    I've been working HARD for this one job for a month, phone interviews, two in person interviews and six references. They called me today and said I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm so happy!!!!1
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  12. Sara


    I just killed my Xbox 360... T_T
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  13. Sara
    This came up in a thread, so I decided to cut the staff a break and bring the debate to it's own thread. :P

    There are usually two parties who run in the U.S.: Republicans and Democrats, the electoral vote decides who is voted in. But once in a while: A third party comes in and tries to be elected. Usually it's something small: Senate state seat, House seat, sheriff, judge, etc...

    They also seem to pop up a lot (at least in my state) during the Governor election, and usually once in while a Presidential one. Sometimes they have a chance, sometimes they don't, but it skewers the election each time.

    Being fair: I like Third Parties, but living in a state where for 30 years of elections for Governor hasn't been majority vote because of a third party taking as little as 2-8% and up to 10-15% of the vote... We've had several problems.

    Google: Governor Lepage. Voted in twice, read his record so far, and what he was voted in by. If you're not shocked, I'd be amazed.

    So the question is: Should there be more limitations on a third party joining a major election? Should they have more restrictions to a third party joining? Or should it stay the same?
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  14. Sara


    It's 2 am, I'm depressed and can't sleep...

    Any suggestions?
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  15. Sara

    I feel old...

    Was at a job interview yesterday and spent most of my time talking about my work on the forum. And now someone mentioned in a thread that it's been eight years since he joined and I realized I started here in the VERY early year of 2006... And was in college...

    Man... I feel old.
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  16. Sara
    (Sorry for the tangent, but to understand the question has to have quite a bit of background.)

    I recently have seen Designated Survivor the t.v. show. It is actually pretty accurate to a rule that has been posted in the Cold War since the 1980's.

    When the President dies during his term of office, there's a line of succession: Vice President, Speaker, Senior Senator, Cabinet members, etc... The biggest thing is, though: You have to meet the requirements of being a Presidential candidate: Be over 35 years old, be born in the U.S. *natural born citizenship* and have lived in the U.S. for 14 years... To be able to be in the line, you are ineligible if you don't meet them. Madam Albright born in Czech for instance was never part of the line even though she was higher up, nor is a Cabinet member in the current Presidency because she was born in London and also a higher ranking Cabinet member.

    With this, a Designated Survivor is chosen every time there's everyone in one place from the Legislative/Executive branch *the Supreme Court/Judicial branch aren't part of the line of succession* who meet the requirements who is brought to an undisclosed location. In case of an attack, they take over the Presidency. There were a lot of people asking what would happen if everyone died in the line of succession, except maybe one who was non-U.S. born, would they still reject that person?

    After a bit of googling, I found out what happens is basically if everyone dies, it becomes a State Governmental decision to reoccupy the Senate and from there they elect a President. So I was wondering:

    If worse comes to worse, should someone who doesn't meet the requirements of the President of the U.S. but there's no one left in the line of succession who does, should the person who doesn't take over as President?
    Thread by: Sara, Sep 23, 2016, 0 replies, in forum: Debate Corner
  17. Sara
    So I don't watch television much if at all anymore... But my mom was watching the news when this little commercial popped up.

    Based on true U.S. Government law, there's a cabinet member taken to a undisclosed location during the time where everyone in the Executive/Legislative branch are together in one building/area. (I.E.: The State of the Union, inauguration.) That in case of a severe enough attack there would be someone who could take over as president.

    This series goes into what happens if the worse does happen with the most unlikely person to be president. *has a feeling someone will insert a political joke here* And it's very well-written acted and extremely emotional. The stress going through the minds of the people is well-shown and beautifully directed. It's just the first episode, but I have high hopes.

    Anyone else seen it?
    Thread by: Sara, Sep 23, 2016, 3 replies, in forum: Movies & Media
  18. Sara
    I was just scrolling through my e-mail and this tweet alert popped up. It mentioned something about something like this should be illegal and I clicked it... (WARNING: MIGHT CONTAIN SOME SWEARING/MATURE CONTENT IN COMMENTS!!! DIDN'T FIND ANY IN MY QUICK SCAN, THOUGH...)

    This is what I found:

    Any volunteers?
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  19. Sara

    I know this seems a bit bizarre, but this needs a bit of a background:

    Rio before the Olympic games has been a major concern for crime. Before the games started, athletes were robbed in the city, others had their laptops and memorabilia stolen from the village due to a fire that was caused by a careless worker. It was a major issue and one that became one of the background worries in the games.

    Well... Apparently Lochte (a medalist who has basically competed with Phelps all his life and has a fair share of 12 medals himself.) Claimed about midweek of last week that he was robbed. Well... He said to his mother that him and three other teammates were robbed at gunpoint. She went to the press and Lochte embellished the story to the press when asked about it saying that several men dressed as police officers held them at gun point and he gave them his wallet along with the teammates. Not including the police got involved and he told the same story.

    Then several witnesses and the gas station got wind of what was going on and turned over the footage showing him trashing the bathroom. Including: Breaking down the door, breaking the mirror and destroying the soap dispenser. Along with several other unmentionables that I don't think is appropriate for this thread. A security guard caught them and they paid him with the money they had towards the bathroom. He also had left back to the U.S. at that point with at least two of the teammates left behind to be dragged off the plane by police and questioned for false information along with the damages. (They were later released and sent home. One had to pay $11K to a local charity to be able to go home, though.)

    Note: They were also tremendously drunk at that point from drinking and partying all night.

    So yeah, he refuses to pay the fines, nor face the country for what he's done. The IOC will most likely ban him from future games, at least 2020 for his actions. I'm kinda glad because I liked the guy, but I would like to also see some of the newer athletes get some attention.

    What I really get a kick out of and think is a great thing is one sponsor is donating $50K of the money they were going to pay Lochte to a charity.
    Thread by: Sara, Aug 22, 2016, 0 replies, in forum: Current Events
  20. Sara

    Alright, before anything else: Look at this picture:

    Is this person male, or female? First impression, no google.

    She is in fact a female. But her testosterone level according to all tests is as high as a male. She's also competing against females and beating the socks off them.

    I looked at a picture 2/3 years ago and if someone gave me that picture. (I can't seem to find it now.) I would say a 100% that she's a male in every way shape or form. There's complaints and a lot of backlash going on about her competing with such an edge (testosterone levels make males run faster in most cases.) against other females.

    Myself: I do believe she should compete, but not at the female competitor level. I also raise a questioning eyebrow that she is the first black South African to come from the country to try and win a gold medal. South Africa has been rife with many political and race issues lately, many that can't be mentioned in this forum.

    So the question asked: Should she compete? And if so, what gender?
    Thread by: Sara, Aug 17, 2016, 3 replies, in forum: Debate Corner