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  1. Odamadillo
    Name: Alphonse Zekerman. (Goes by Zeke)
    Proof of Existence: The Observant Quizzer
    Age: 24
    Race: Nobody
    Birthplace: A Laboratory in a world lost to the darkness.
    Catchphrase: There is a puzzle in everything.
    Personality: He sees everything as a puzzle for him to solve including people. He asks a lot of questions and seems oblivious to how annoying that is. He in generally calm in any situation except if his observations are proven wrong.
    Main theme: (Can't find a suitable one. If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me)

    Hair: Joshua’s hair from TWEWY but black.
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Color: White
    Height: 5 foot 6
    Distinguishing features: He wears a small bag on his belt that contains a pen and notebook. He wears a pair of prescription sunglasses that cover about half of his eyes.

    Weapon: Wrist bow (a crossbow mounted to a bracer on his right wrist)
    Stats:Str:6 Int:10 Magic:2 Spd:4 Def:3 Crt:7 Limit:8
    Element/Power: Shadow Manipulation (This means he can use the shadows to create arrows for his bow or use them to hide himself or other things)
    Techniques: Shadow warp: He turns his physical body into a shadow and sinks into another shadow. He travels into a shadow filled realm where he can move to another shadow in the location and rise into physical form again (There is a five mile limit to this move)
    Shadowblend: He stands in a shadow and by focusing on himself or something else he can make that target undetectable by the eye.
    Arrowlock: He fires an arrow at the shadow of someone and if it hits he can lock that part of the person. An example of this could be if he shoots an open hand then that person could not make a fist or hold anything.
    Fighting Style: Strategic range
    Limit Break: Shadow barrage, He shoots many arrows made out of shadows. The amount varies based upon the shadow size he is inside of. (He can only use this when stood inside a shadow and when used he loses his ability control the shadows for twenty minutes)
    Battle theme: (Same as main theme)
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  2. Odamadillo
    My loot is as followed.

    A pair of jeans.
    Two Epic Mickey ganes for my Wii.
    Dragonball Lego figures.
    Persona 3 movie part 1.
    Decendants 1 and 2.
    Starfox for my gamecube.
    A chocolate snowman.
    Vaan from ff12 play art.
    Hulkbuster armour pop vinyl.
    Scooby doo dvds.
    A amazon Fire tablet from my brother.
    And the best gift ever!
    A Keyblade!
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  3. Odamadillo
    I am up for this so sign me up.
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  4. Odamadillo
    Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for the results.
    The votes are as follwed.
    In joint 7th place we have The Legend never dies by Kan Ashcorps submitted by @burnitup and Song of healing by Oliver submitted by @Day~Dream both with 24 points.

    In 6th place we have Giants fall (A Shadow of the colossus song) by Miracle of Sound submitted by @SuperJedi224 with 28 points.

    In 5th place we have Reclaim the Throne by NateWantsToBattle submitted by @LadyAzura with 36 points.

    In joint 4th place we have Assassin's Creed Remix by JT Music submitted by @Rinzler and Rose of May by Erutan submitted by @Odamadillo both with 40 points.

    In third place we have No Mercy by the Living Tombstone submitted by @tamale with 41 points.

    That leaves us with two entries.
    But who is the winner?
    Is it

    Or is it

    Drumroll please.
    Without further delay I can annouce the winner is
    In 2nd place we have Lazy Afternoons by Lizz Robinett ft Dysergy submitted by @PlushChrome with 45 points.

    In 1st place and the winner is Death Should Not Have Taken Thee by Kagamine Rin and Len submitted by @cstar with 46 points

    And that brings an end to another round of the KHvids Song Contest. Thank you for your patience.
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  5. Odamadillo
    I was happy to get it for you. I didn't see why I shouldn't have since I had the funds and you wanted it.
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  6. Odamadillo
    Sorry for the delay and triple post.
    It is time for the voting. The nine entries are below. I hope you enjoy them.

    A reminder that in order for your entry to NOT be disqualified, you MUST vote! No voting for your own choice :3
    Voting time will start from now until next December 1st 12:45 United Kingdom time. (The downside of being British)

    Voting will go by the Eurovision rules so send in your top eight songs in this order:

    8 - song title
    7 - song title
    6 - ...
    5 - ...
    4 - ...
    3 - ...
    2 - ...
    1 - ...

    The song you choose to vote as number 8 should be your favorite song, with the rest in descending order.

    @tamale @PlushChrome @Rinzler @cstar @burnitup @LadyAzura @SuperJedi224 @Day~Dream
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    Terry was doing his normal routine when he heard the ping on his computer. [Sure. Where do you want to meet this time?]
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    Terry laughed as he read Eva's reply. [He was going to but his idiot brother beat him to it] Terry then thought about how his parents reacted. [His parents and brother just teased him and his dad said "I guess it is time for the birds and the bees." Could it get crazier than that?]
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  13. Odamadillo
    Terry had a normal evening until Will came home and mentioned Eva to the family.
    "Oh my baby has a girlfriend does he?"
    "I guess it is time for the birds and the bees"
    "Lil T will just LOVE that dad!"
    Terry went red faced and rushed to his door and slammed it. "Why did that damned Will have to tell them!" Terry fell asleep after punching his pillows several times.

    When morning came, Terry refused to go down for breakfast and then heard his computer ping.
    "Oh! Eva is on!" He read Eva's message. [Oh no. I am a ghost who is hunting your computer. It is my job to troll you everyday.]
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  14. Odamadillo
    There has been no more sign ups. Everyone signed up please submit your entries if you haven't done so already. Please have your entry submitted by the 23rd of November.
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  15. Odamadillo
    We have nine people signed up now. However I will keep the sign ups open for another 3 days. If no one else signs up by then I will start requesting the entries.
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  17. Odamadillo
    Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for the next round!
    The theme for this round is Video game inspired songs. This means songs about a game or a game character. Also any songs giving lyrics to a piece of music from within a game is acceptable. However songs from within a game such as Simple and Clean or my previous entry 1000 words are not applicable. If this is unclear to you, feel free to pm me for clarification.

    Sign ups will close on the 12th of November.

    Sign ups:
    1: Odamadillo (Myself of course)
    2: Superjedi224
    3: Plush Chrome
    4: LadyAzura
    5: Cstar
    6: Rinzler
    7: Day~Dream
    8: Burnitup
    9: Tamale
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  18. Odamadillo
    What!? I won!? I did not expect that! I will run the next round so stay tune for details in the near future.
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  19. Odamadillo
    "Better keep an eye on tomorrow's obituary" Terry winked jokingly. "Lets hang out again soon Eevee! See ya." Terry walked home after leaving Eva.
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  20. Odamadillo
    "My dad actually." Terry shrugged at Eva's comment about cracked phones. When Eva mentioned meeting her mum, Terry gulped. "No it is not a good idea yet! It may be best for you to head home now alone and tell her I couldn't make it because I had other commitments to attend to or something."
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