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Jul 24, 2010
Jul 20, 2010
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William Levy's pants ;) <3


Moogle Assistant, from William Levy's pants ;) <3

♥~Chappy~♥ was last seen:
Jul 24, 2010
    1. NightofNights
      No problem^^ what do you want to know?
    2. NightofNights
      Hello Ruby that's a pretty name^^
    3. NightofNights
      hello the names NoN nice to meet you^^
    4. ^_^Xion^_^
      I will -.-
      Peace (x
    5. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, yep!
      Peace out sis ^.^
      No you won't, and we'll finish the story xD
    6. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, okay ^.^
      Jk, you're radd XD
    7. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, some can be weird, which is why you can ignore ^.^
      That's what I'm doing...
      I'm starting the story in my journal xD
      Okay well I'm going to make names and make people!
      This should be manga style!
      Maybe we could meet at the library and get progress later...
      It will be better than Twilight ^.^
    8. ^_^Xion^_^
      Okay, till later ^.^
      te iva decir que agas add a random gente y di hola.
      Con eso you won't get bored xD
    9. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol xD
      Un poco...
      Te digo que?!
    10. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, what did you say?
      I have no idea xD
      Dinero para que!? O_o
      Me too!
      *crazy dance*
    11. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, I have no clue ^.^
      Me niether ...
      Cual chica frances?
      Yo voy a aprender xD
      I'm excited!
    12. ^_^Xion^_^
      Don't think you told me about that...
      lol, you'll learn ^.^
    13. ^_^Xion^_^
      Hey art must be fun though...I might join that later.
      You actually know some haha ^.^
      German must be tricky though....
      And yeah it must suck!
    14. ^_^Xion^_^
      I'm joining french club and maybe german afterward ^.^
    15. ^_^Xion^_^
      Hahaha xD
      Oh come on Mrs. Negative Nancy!
      You'll do fine ^.^
      Besides it's not like you'll stay like that forever, you're barely 14!
    16. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, maybe but that doesn't mean you won't be able to fight.
      Try joining something...like karate?
      I might join jui jitsu xD
      Si resas si ara un milagro ^.^
      lol wow....no comment ^.^"
    17. ^_^Xion^_^
      Oh just keep praying and having faith...
      It'll work?
      Maybe, give it a shot ^.^
      Oh and go to your profile and look at the user notes, I posted something xD
    18. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, I know right?
      No, you'll survive if I help you ^.^
      Danonino is good though haha xD
    19. ^_^Xion^_^
      You're not wimpy...
      I bet you can manage a punch or two on me ^_~
      Choco milk is good but not pure chocolate....
      And don't worry I won't ever fist fight you...or jiu jitsu ^.^
    20. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, wow that's good.
      So when I'm sick you'll heal me for FREE!
      Jk ^.^
      lol, I can fight back...I'm not afraid to make you lose a tooth
      *evil laugh*
      But I'll make sure to glue it back in ^.^"
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    William Levy's pants ;) <3
    Yeah, like if I'm actually that stupid to give information like this.

    Anime/Manga,Cooking,Writing,drawing,photography,Soccer/football,fashion design,video games,reading


    ♪~Y cada que pienso en ti
    Se enciende mi corazón
    Y nada es más triste que hoy
    Hablar de ti~♫