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Jul 24, 2010
Jul 20, 2010
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William Levy's pants ;) <3


Moogle Assistant, from William Levy's pants ;) <3

♥~Chappy~♥ was last seen:
Jul 24, 2010
    1. ^_^Xion^_^
      I know right?!
      I think the same about that O_o
      But it's their job...
      *spits it back out*
    2. ^_^Xion^_^
      I didn't mean that!!!!
      I know right?
      Doctors are creepy at times, but hey healers are radd!
      I don't!!!
      Deal with it!
      YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! D:<
    3. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, and that got you this hyper?
      You need help!
      Jk, I get yper just by eating skittles...
      For you're information...
      I ...I don't like chocolate!!!
      There I said it ^.^"
    4. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, you must like the same story over and over huh?
      Man the novelas back then were a little better.
      The ones now....let's not even mention xD
    5. ^_^Xion^_^
      lmao, novelas...
      I remember when I used to watch that O_o
      Man now I hate it, same thing over and over haha.
    6. ^_^Xion^_^
      Queria decir que I was going to fight back!
      *backs away from you* O_o
    7. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, quien te asusta?
      It's okay no te van a morder ^.^
      Por que yo los voy a morder >:3
    8. ^_^Xion^_^
      I was joking lol.
      But yeah you're still radd haha xD
    9. ^_^Xion^_^
      That's so messed up!
      No I'm serious he'll probably cry that his "sweet", "innocent" daughter grew up!
      Hey notice I quoted the words 'innocent' and 'sweet' lol xD
      Jk, you can be...somehow ^.^
    10. ^_^Xion^_^
      lmao, you'll do good ^.^
      You'll cook so great one day, and after maybe marry.
      Don't worry your dad just said that b/c he'll miss his daughter, lol ^.^"
    11. ^_^Xion^_^
      Oh it's okay nothing that bad ^_^
      But still, quiero ir a nadar!
      Haha xD
    12. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol, hopefully you'll do great haha ^.^"
      *crosses finger*
    13. nasirrich
      Why me to, and ok if you say so. And I agree with you 100%^_^
    14. Zsofi13
      *shakes hand*i'm ok.Tell me a little about yourself.I'd like to know you because you are my friend.
    15. ^_^Xion^_^
      I've been great and not so great haha ^.^"
      How have you been?
    16. nasirrich
      I'm honored that you asked me to be on your friends list Madame ♥~Chappy~♥.
    17. Zsofi13
      Hi.How are you?Welcome to my friends list!!! :D
    18. ^_^Xion^_^
      Okay, night night!
      Yo tambien haha xD
    19. ^_^Xion^_^
      lol ni modo!
      Si quieren ago una patada en el cu** haha!
      jk! :P
      *goose honks angrily at you*
      Uh-oh O.O
    20. ^_^Xion^_^
      It was?
      Oh no!
      *looks at the goose*
      *goose starts moonwalking to you*
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    William Levy's pants ;) &lt;3
    Yeah, like if I'm actually that stupid to give information like this.

    Anime/Manga,Cooking,Writing,drawing,photography,Soccer/football,fashion design,video games,reading


    ♪~Y cada que pienso en ti
    Se enciende mi corazón
    Y nada es más triste que hoy
    Hablar de ti~♫