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Jul 10, 2017
Apr 13, 2008
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Moogle Assistant, Female, from Sweden

3LadyInRed3 was last seen:
Jul 10, 2017
    1. KeybladeMasterJoe
      whats going to happen in the summer?
    2. KeybladeMasterJoe
      im sorry u have a headache :(

      nothin much but dealing with school and talking to people on here ^_^
    3. KeybladeMasterJoe
      pretty good how about u?
    4. KeybladeMasterJoe
      well my name is joe
      and your friend kelly jelly joined my group randomness so i checked out her profile and saw you talking to her about you having a facebook so i decided to ask and see if you would like to be my friend, of course we would have to chat first to get to know each other but after that maybe we be friends :)
    5. KeybladeMasterJoe
      um... i saw that u said you have a facebook, would u like to be my friend and my facebook friend?
    6. Korosu
      Aw thats back to hear...Get better :D
      Umm I send you my msn? xD i bet i sound like a right stalker O.O
      But I'm Not XD
      Your not, it took me ages to figure out even to get to the inbox hehe :P
    7. Korosu
      :) im happy :D wbu?
      This might sound like a stalker question but oh well ^,^
      Do you hve facebook? or msn XDDD
      And thank you :)
    8. Korosu
      I love snow but i prefer the sun 8D
      here have some of mine -captures sunshine in a bottle- xD
      Sweden really? wow, i have a kinda pen pal xDDD
      My birthday tomorrow :DDD. I hope it dont rain.
      Im sure some things hppen :)
    9. Korosu
      Really, you can see the clouds?! wow. I hate the cold >.< i go all purple dx
      Yeah she's near the spain border ? i think now.. :S
      Ahh where i live the sun is shining xD its spring! I hope it just dont rain as normal -.-
      xD im from england, where it rains and rains Dx
    10. Korosu
      Umm 14 people hurt :/ but there alriht now i think....
      what happened was a man was driving and he had a heart attack or something at the wheel and hit the 14 people ^^.
      Sooo...have youu heard about that volcano in iceland? my friends stuck in spain because of it >.<

      So on a lighter note....Whats it like where your from? xD Nom, Nom yummIce cream<3
    11. Korosu
      Nope my 3rd time...
      Your moving too? Good luck in your new place xD.
      Im making a video now! :D with like Gifs and stuff ^^.
      Theres been a bad accidnet in my home town ://. a car crash in the town hall. :/
    12. Korosu
      Ice cream yumm :) indeed it does :).
      The sites dont work >.< aw never mind though.
      Yepp nothing..expect packing Im moving house xD
    13. Korosu
      I wont tell X'D thank you so much -Hugs-
      Ah Im still On my hoilday :) but it seems so boring T-T.
      Yayy a new Amv!!! XD
      You do have a life (y)
    14. Korosu
      Oh my gosh You havnt up a new video up in like forever! DDDX
      I take it you dont like the movie then? I'm hopefully ge the book :3.
      Arugh I really want to join youtube..but I only WMM and i have no idea to get the music..Help? XDDD

      You on your hoildayy yet? I am..Ahh I love lazy pj days :')
    15. Korosu
      Ive only played 358/2 days and 1 But Im hopefully getting chain of memorie and 2 soon XD. I have a new fear.....................
      a fear...
      Grease! DX. I think Grease is horrible :L
      Aw im soo happy hoildays are here :D
    16. Korosu
      Yayy Cake :D. Im glad you now have something to look forward to :D. What Kh Gams have you played?
    17. Korosu
      Aw.,.I know I'll send you some of my b-daii cake! X'D. Would look you forward to that? Hehe :).
    18. Korosu
      Being Random is awesome ;D. It's a song that goes on about waffles and pankcakes..and french toast :L. Yay Im so exicted 24th of april my b-daii I'll be 13! XD.
      Do you have anything to be exicted about?
    19. Korosu
      Yumm Waffles(Y) Bit random there Emma..Have you heared the breakfeast song? XD
    20. Korosu
      Hehe, Yeah beat the crap out of them XD.
      2 more weeks!? :O unluckyyy (N)
      Hm..What shall we discuss?
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