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Nov 28, 1992 (Age: 31)
A place


Moogle Assistant, 31, from A place

oh god.....how long has it been since ive been here?! everything has changed! Nov 5, 2012

5f4hhkz was last seen:
Dec 6, 2012
    1. nasirrich
      Oh my glob he 5f does rinoa sound familiar to you at all?

      Besides that... SUP (\^\/^/)
    2. 5f4hhkz
      oh god.....how long has it been since ive been here?! everything has changed!
      1. nasirrich likes this.
    3. Dman23
    4. Rhiscx
      Oh really I thought I did. Sorry. I've never used the messenger thing so maybe it didn't send it.

      Now that I'm on break I am felling great!
    5. Rhiscx
      Sure, as you can tell I'm a major n00b with this stuff. My e-mail I use most is harbovec@yahoo.com

      I do believe i sent/attempted to send you a message.

      So, while your here, what's up?
    6. Rhiscx
      Your welcome, and sweet. I have a yahoo account, but I don't really know how to add people on there *insert stupid face here*
    7. Generio
      Heyyy Sorry for taking a long time to replies i haven't been on much D: and thats good to know (:
    8. Rhiscx
      Nah, that's alright. Everyone has there stuff to do. Btw, saw your post about your e-mail. Mind if I add you?
    9. 5f4hhkz
      for those of u who dont know....im always on either of these emails...my yahoo is theanonymousgirl92@yahoo.com or my msn anonnie@live.com...add me ^.^
    10. Rhiscx
      Happy birthday!!!!

    11. Generio
      Well a year ago or so i had created this group type thing, then this yeari started to write a story about it. Basiclly the game right now is about how two people from a different planet came to a new planet due to there being destroyed.( i have another story on how it was destroyed and stuff) one of there friends from that plaent came back alived on the new planet and they met two new people the 3 ( Generio,jake, clara) never told the other 2 ( Kite, Rena) anything that happens to them for two years.
      They watch tv and found out that a village has been attack. Generio wanted to go but kite and rena protested about how they all were to die, but Generio won.
      they went to the next village that was gonna be attacked and a guy appeared but not the same guy. At this point Generio and jake revealed they had extra Ordinary powers.

      After the battle The guy cast scan and found that generio blood was inrelation to his leader. Later on generio and jake went alone to vist his brother
      His brother name is kai. They both asked each other questions and Kai wanted generio to join them. Generio refused as he didnt want anything evil involved.

      A perfect Opprotunity Generio Strikes kai and they fight Jake goes after them tmo but some guy name soul fights jake. Generio was abbout to finish kai tell a girl came in and knocked he out of the way.Four more people with equal power come into the room. They introduced themselves as guardians to kai.There group was called Tensora.

      Cornered generio and jake were , helpless. Kai then drains out there power taking Jakes Heavens wind power and Generio conduke power leaveing them to not much at all. Then The room filled in with a lighting then smoke and generio and jake disapperd.
      A guy name jay had saved them. He tells generio Some things and told him to tell everyone to leave this place and come with him on his ship, because Kai was approaching them as they spoke. They left in a hyper speed mode appearing at his base. They go inside and there all explained to there a group that fights Tensora. He helps Generio and his friends unlock a new power. but this power is much weaker , it has the potentiality to go higher then the conduke and heavens winds state. Weapons and magic are Used by Certain stars. Weapon stars Transform into weapons magic stars are put into the weapon giving it powers. Not everyone can use the same star though. only there element star, each person has there on element..
      ok i just told u the beginning. After that there basically looking for 3 more members then searching for 8 Star guardians to unlock there true power. Generio comes up with the group name Desunora. After finding the stars they go after Kai and Tensora.
      sorry if i talk to much XD i love explaining things some times
    12. Generio
      yeah XD nothing at the moment, Aside createin a rpg game from rpgmakwer
    13. Generio
      Is that a trick question O: haha im jking XD i just joined so he told me some people i should add
    14. Generio
      Hhahaha your very welcome (: thanks for accepting hehe
    15. Princess Rapunzel
      Princess Rapunzel
      Yes, it has been a long time.
    16. Dman23
      Pretty good,yourself?
    17. Dman23
      Hi :) it's been a while.
    18. nasirrich
      I'm sorry about that... I'm trying to be on more a lot more.
    19. nasirrich
      Oh my gosh.... Wow ummm hey there its been a while.
    20. Dman23
      w...what happened?
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