Nov 8, 2009
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April 10


Moogle Assistant, Female, from Tokyo

Does anyone still use this? Aug 14, 2021

    1. XIII-roxas
      Happy new year Xi-xi! And a late merry christmas! I feel like it's necessary to make you a big sprite card to pack everything togethor. I'll get on it in the morning, Its 1AM and I don't think I'm ready for editing at the moment.
    2. XIII-roxas
      Hey, I wasn't able to get you anything. So, I'll do that video/song thing I did the other time *Insert lolface HERE*.
      Also, it'd be nice if you gave me your opinion on them.

      *NOTE* purple will not be used next to the links, it takes to long because I have to keep getting it.

      (I've heard of them, and havn't actually HEARD them until now.)
      (Not entirely sure if you've heard this one yet, but it's too beautiful to NOT put it here.)
      (More Rise Against. I love them so much....)
      (Not sure if you heard this yet either. But who cares? It's Linken Park.)
      (Even MORE Rise Against.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjObi8ESWjA (Just 1 more Rise Against song after this, 'kay?)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xd5x-tKOr6U (There, the last RA song.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hssEbp3Cc0 (Thats the last SONG. Still a few videos coming up :3)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdmgojzki98 (Lol.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPAanpcN924 (Axel is very flattered.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA-rDb0QHnQ (Lol #2.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AmM4FN-87E (Lol #3.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PrpWp8kv_s (Lol #4.)

      And thats all of them. Alot more then before, I know.
    3. xion2468
      Hello. Can i be ur friend, Xion-chan? xx
    4. NamineKairiXion
      Xion!! XD hehehe
    5. nasirrich
      No dont worry about it its all good ok.~_^
      Well actual I havent been doing so hot. I also have been feeling kinda sick and life really is looking up for me.
    6. adamboy7
      lol I can see how that would be the bomb.com lol XD
    7. XIII-roxas
      Deveraux: *Falls over*
      Sky: Well, what a grand return this was...
      Hollow and Rave: Where are the girls?
      Sky: According to the bulliten board over here, we got seperated into different groups.
      River: You had your part, let Reigon talk!
      Reigon: ....No.
      River: What did you just say, a** hole? *Pulls out sword*
      Reigon: *Buts on shield-sword thingys* Bring it.
      Sky: While they're beating eachother to death, how about we introduce River?


      River is Dev's little brother, and a skilled sword wielder.
      Age: 12
      Weapon of choice: 4 bladed sword

      -END TIME FREEZE OF DESCRIBING- (Yes, my descriptions suck)

      *A very victorius 12 year old stands over a almost dead Reigon*
      Rave: That was quick.
      Sky: He's got a 4 sided sword. Dosn't take a genius to figure it out.
      Rave: But reigon had-
      Sky: River wiped out and army with that sword. If he can kill a fully armoured soldier, I think he can kill him.
      Hollow: HE WHAT?!?
      Deveraux: During the war when they invaded our town. He didn't do it alone, though.
      Sky and Hollow: Oh.
      Roxas: *Casting curaga* Well thats interesting.
      -KH boys walk through-
      Sky: When'd you get here?
      Axel: A while ago.
      Vanitas: Yeah, we just decided to stay back for a while. You know, so we don't die.
      Demyx: *Yawn* whats the time? I'm tired...
      Hollow: 4:AM.
      Sky: Maybe we should go to bed then....No?
      Deveraux: 'Kay, lets go....


      Boys 1st day OVER.

      You get the girl KH characters. I get the guys.

      Girls 1st night NEXT.
    8. XIII-roxas
      *READ FIRST* Before we start, me and my OCs are having seperate posts now. Yours get one too.

      """'Wow? what about World of Warcraft?" Double Burn! >:3" Triple burn. Hell yeah.' Quadruple burn. F*ck yeah!! xD" Whatever comes after quad burn. Epicly burned" Yes nothing but ashes! CHA! whatever 6 is named! ^^" 7 times the quote, 7 times the healthiness! XD
      -All versions but normal and the new ones- Hey, I want a hug!
      -Messed up version- You know, if you gave up on existance, you'd make a good pillow. Just saying.
      -Trying-to-hit-on-you (or, more likely, "trying to get into your pants") version- Want something to drink? Or should we skip that?
      *NOTE: That was NOT me.*
      -Normal version- *FINALLY breaks out of the hug* Want some cake, Xi-xi? (Hang on, isn't that the hunny version? Meh, still would've done that.)
      Butter knives? Potatos (otherwise known as the worlds deadliest vegetable)?
      Damn, I prolly' should'nt of killed them. LOL.
      Damn straight your exact.
      Well, Hollow and Rave are twins...And I don't know about Essix...
      I agree on your agreement. Check mate.
      YAY! *Happy dance*

      Lolzorz again. Puppy dog.


      I wanna know now >.<
    9. anarchy666
      yea ive been alright, wat chu doin??
      yea u did tell me n yestardy it was our 9 mounth
      i gave it 2 her n she cryd n gave me a hug
    12. XIII-roxas
      "'Wow? what about World of Warcraft?" Double Burn! >:3" Triple burn. Hell yeah.' Quadruple burn. F*ck yeah!! xD" Whatever comes after quad burn. Epicly burned.
      Hmnmm....I have a few responses to that....
      -Vampire version- Well, hello there. Do you mind?
      -Werewolf version- *om nom nom nom*
      -Normal version- *Glomps* Are chu okay? Sorry Xi-xi!
      Thats good, because I was starting to think I was going a bit over-board.
      The crappy one? Or the good one that hasn't been started?
      Stress? I have other things to worry about...Once it's up though...*Gulp*
      Dam straight you don't know.
      Holy crap your right!
      Hmmmm...One of your OCs. That or one of the following:


      Meh, neither will I.
      So it's agreed? Along with a few of our OCs.
      We are. Just not for the hero and the villain.
      He'll be in there somewhere, just not main.
      Yay! I think we're actually making progress!

      Heh, Yeah. I am funny XD
      *Curls up in a ball next to your feet*
      I still think your trying to make me do it.
      I never liked gold. Thats why I prefer coming in second or last than anything. (If you don't get it, heres a hint: "I spoke to you first ha!")
      Unlike most people, I opened up to you. It's very rare for me to do that.
      It's at school, and I'm technically* on holidays from now on. So, "all hope is lost"? (You get a cookie if you get the reference)
      You don't have to Xi-xi! I just wanted to have you around D:
      You better be O_o
      I could do it now, but it wont change anything..
      Why does everyone keep betting? It's scaring me....
      "Other people" don't like me. I seem to cover up my personality and hide it with most people.
      I'd probably leave something funny here, but after I say something deep I get all dull ._.
    13. nasirrich
      Ok that's Terrific.^ ^
      As for me my mom is killing all the fun in my life... And its gotten so serious she even with a metal bat
      Besides that little episode I'm doing ok.
    14. adamboy7
      lol Mine was pretty interesting :D but nothing really out of the usual :D why was yours the bomb.com/?
    15. adamboy7
      lol nothing much :D just enjoying my long weekend :D you?
    16. nasirrich
      Heyyy you wats going on havent seen you in a while. How's that thing people call life now a days going for ya?
    17. XIII-roxas
      ""Wow? what about World of Warcraft?" Double Burn! >:3" Triple burn. Hell yeah.
      Oh nu! You use mah wordsh! *Starts chasing you with his scythe*
      Hee hee. I am rather evil, no?
      I've started the first chapter, but I'm thinking about changing it for the 20th time...
      Sorry, but as I said, I've gone english mad. I want the fan-fic to be perfect >.<
      When has it not?
      We could make Sora the evil guy. And Roxas could be that one guy made of awesomesauce that owns him in the face, takes his heart and becomes a somebody with a heart and he lives oh-so happily! *Fanboy day-dreaming powers, de-activate!*
      A Nami that owns in the face with her mind powers would be cool. Or maybe Axel...No, wait...Actually, not an OC...*Mind narrowing down selections*

      -Ventus (Like I said though, we'd have to defy, and make a more confusing version of, KH logic)

      Yes, I still havn't changed my mind on Namine. I got rid of Aqua, simply so we don't kill KH logic. Although I'm sure some people would appreciate it.
      Yay! *Starts poking really fast*
      Lol. Just lol.
      *Glomps* (In other words, NO RESPONSE)
      Holy crap, you ARE trying to make me do it.
      I like the new song too. I think they're going back to their old style next album, though.
      I amz glad chu are back!
      Yesh, on that day. All the way back to the first time we spoke. Look for yourself if you don't believe me.
      Sure? It was just gonna be a birthday card type of thing.
      But you don't have to get me one!
      Thanks, the yellow almost blinded me XD. On that note, Is the purple too bright, or do you have the dark layout?
      I probably should've just edited the first comment ._.
      Oh, kay.
      Good, because it's very dull without you here!
      I can only assume that's some sort of good bye.

    18. adamboy7
      lol Im sure it was awsome :D
    19. anarchy666
      so how have you been lately??
    20. XIII-roxas
      Xion, where are chu? I miss chu*! (Do you like my new word? XD)
      Also, promise you'll reply to one of my comments on the 6/12/10**, 'kay? It's our anniversary :3 (Yes, anniversary. The day we met?) (Yes, I'm that into our relationship) (I think I missed your birthday, so I'm making you something speacial for that day/on christmas.)
      Oh, yeah, try not to use bright text colours. The layout I use is white, so the rest is pretty self explanetory.
      Sorry for leaving you so many comments ._."

      *Sorry if that creeped you out a bit >.>
      **Or the 12/6/10, however Amaricans put it. Just to make sure you understand-
      6th of December, 2010.

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