Nov 8, 2009
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April 10


Moogle Assistant, Female, from Tokyo

Does anyone still use this? Aug 14, 2021

      u think my gf would lyk this if i draw it 4 her

      oh thats sad well im bord cuz i get alot of homework
    3. XIII-roxas
      Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. (I was bored :/)
      I hash sum videhoz fuh yu! (Kindove ironic, looking at my last post...) I think a few are songs though. I know! I'll make a key :3

      * (Ever heard of this band? They're pretty good.)
      * (Yes, It's a KH music vid. I'm a fanboy, leave me alone!)
      * (A bit different from how linkin park usually is. Still a good song, though)
      * (This song is...Awesome. MEANINGFUL rap. Thats why Eminem is a mastermind)
      (Be prepared O_o)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwGFalTRHDA&feature=related (Epicly trololoed)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZUPCB9533Y&feature=channel (CAAAAAAAAARL, that kills people!)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpjyH-LkEAg&feature=channel (That is what forgiveness sounds like. Screaming and then silence.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49j6_uk0g3k&NR=1 (I feel like I have been issued a challenge.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pj8DTv2o3F4 (DON'T BE GETTING ALL IN MAH GRILLZ I SMACK YO ASS!)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYnsfV5N2n8 (TREE POWERS! ACTIVATE!)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKB4h9gvmm0&feature=channel (I like trains.)

      That is all. Enjoy! Also, I have a text colour now :3.
    4. XIII-roxas
      "lol, ohh that's what I said!! xDD". BURN.
      Wow? What about World of Warcraft?
      Okay then...*Shifty eyes*
      Yeah, I really didn't get what you were talking about at first. Either I was tired, or something else.
      Yeah, that's how you make someone a gamer in a day. They also need some source of energy, most preferably candy or coffee...
      (Huh? I used the same starter twice in a row? Thats not good *practicing for the fan fic*)
      Yes, I am. Then the next day I would teach them to talk in the ways of the internet, all the abbreviations and such, along with the regular things a MMO would have. Then, my good friend, you have yourself a gamer >:3.
      Do you know what a narwal is? It's a whale, but it has a unicorn horn and it lives in the antarctic :DDDD. Currently one of my favourite sea creatures.

      Jeese, when was the last time I saw kk? I kinda started using "kay" because I despise certain peices of internet slang. A prime example is "u" and "r". In truth, it only displays the fact that you're to lazy to spell a three letter word. Lol is fine, because most chat bars have a text limit. Get my point? Good lord I've gone english mad...e_O
      Well, I had a few characters in mind:

      -Possibly a bit of Axel thrown in there
      -Ventus. Maybe if we defied KH logic and made it even more confusing then it already is, we could fit him in?
      -Aqua, for being the one girl in KH that hasn't started to be bashed on yet >.>
      -Anyone else that could own Sora in the face.

      The reason I chose those two specificly is because Roxas is going to be in there ofcourse, and Riku always makes things better for some reason.
      AHHHHHHH! *in his corner rocking back and forth sucking his thumb*
      Slow poke? I may be a bit blind, but that dosn't mean I poke slow :/.
      I'm not gonna do it. I'm starting to get tired from that joke. Are you trying to make me say it???
      I think I kinda got that one without the translation (for once).
      Peace :3.

      Happy halloween-was-yesterday! I didn't go trick or treating...I bought candy and a skull flashlight >:3 (way better than walking around wasting my valuable grinding time...)
    5. adamboy7
      lol yes i did :D I used a translater from google XD lol What are you going to be? :D and nothing much :D just going to go trick or treating some time tonight lol (Im frankenstiene lol :D)
    6. anarchy666
      hehe well nice to meet you alice :)
    7. anarchy666
      yea im good haha anyway i think an introduction is in order, my names jesse, im 14, and i think thats all thats needed?
    8. anarchy666
      no worries, how are you??
    9. XIII-roxas
      PREPARE FOR THE QUOTEING OF A LIFE TIME! "haha yeah (x" >:3
      Indee-stuff it -.-
      You are what?
      OH!!! Then whats so-wait, I got it...*Reffering to obvious diferences (hobbies, ect.) that he only just realised*
      Why, I would strap you to a chair and make you download WoW and PWI, ofcourse! :3 (then make you multi-task and train for hours! MWAHAHAAH!)
      We'll see the almighty narwal king on a rainbow in happy land? I THINK NOT!

      And by shortly, I mean in 2 days from now because I'm busy.
      Roxas and Riku, just to make the story interesting.
      I'll add it in soon (once again, in around 2 days, or now.)
      Yep, suckity suck sucked.
      AHHH! You stole my face! *Goes to his corner and curls into a ball*
      ^^^^^ Just joking. ^^^^^
      Trusting me with what? <.< >.>
      Whatever it is, okay.
      Dev=Deveraux. People seem to call me Dever or XIII when it comes to it being my user name....
      Kay, cya :33333333
    10. adamboy7
      lol good :D i dont even speak french lol :D Anything interesting happen today besides french? :D
    11. adamboy7
      lol thats awsome :D And I am very good :D So, how are you? :D
    12. XIII-roxas
      Sweet indeed :3
      Dam straight you better be! For I have CASUAL OUTFITS! (and so many!)
      Once again, awesome indeed :3 (I'm currently obsessed with that smily)
      TRY? You shall work your nose off! I joke, I joke.... (I'm also obseesed with annoying people. Guess it runs in my blood?)
      Out of all that, I can only assume your not that much of a gamer. I can change that >:3
      Indeed you do see. YAY! My lame jokes awesome comeback!
      Hm? If it's too much trouble, thats fine. I just thought it might be nice.
      I don't think time has ever been on your side >.>

      I'll be e-mailing you shortly.
      I could go either...But I figure an adventure would workm out better. You know, so we can make a KH character the main?
      Marvelous. I'll email the pass. And give me a user name you'd like. I'll just put XIII at the end of it, since it seems like that has become a thing I over-use.
      I'll email you that too. Kh-vids has a character limit *rolls eyes*.

      Blows? I couldn't even blast some music. I didn't dare go on any MMORPG, probably be slow as hell. I was stuck with mini games for about 7hrs. By the time we went home, it was 9 degrees at 4 in the morning. Still kinda worth seeing my cousins who I havn't seen since my b-day....
      Don't be, I just like talking to you.
      I've got the old IE...Lord I want fire fox...
      When has insane ever been-Oh. Dev just informed me. Never mind...
      Expecting? This. Is. CORREEEEEEEEEECT! (see my puns there? I'm just leeking them out. as a metter of fact... THERES MORE THAN 9000! And there you go again.)
      I told you, don't be :3 Peace ^^
    13. XIII-roxas
      By the way, here are some things you might need to know.

      E-mail: Deveraux_XIII@y7mail.com

      To be specific, what kind of comedy fan fic? Adventure/comedy or just the plain old hanging around with friends comedy?

      I came up with an idea. How about we share my fan fic account? (sorry if you made one, I like to change my mind some times)

      If you want to (your decision, I can do it if you want me to) can you make a draft? I'm making one anyways too.

      Also, I don't think you would make a bad impression. Just telling you.

      And thats it. Reply soon =D



      Uhg, almost 2 in the god dam morning...And I'm still on Newgrounds and Youtube...In my cousins house...Does that seem a bit messed up to you? :/

      I got bored and decided I'd check up on you. No reply, guess my reaction? Yep, ---DISSAPOINTMENT---. I'm starting to think your computer hates me....

      And LORD, if this is actually google chrome I'm on currently...I am NOT getting it (like I even had the chance to in the first place >.<).

      Lordy I'm bored....But I'm not gonna go out there...I'm a lot more different than the rest. I stick out like a dead guy in the living room (oh yes, feel the power of my lame puns).

      Also, I know I said I was posting the details, but I got lazy...Anyways, I might edit later if you don't respond, or if I actually have something to talk about XD. Peace ;).
      im good so how u been
    15. XIII-roxas
      LOL. Just lol.
      Halloween? CANDY!?? COSPLAYING!!! *Happy dance*
      I'll do my best to get a roxas costume. if i can't...beware casual me. MWAAHAHAHA!!!
      YAY! We shall make...A COMEDY FAN FICTION! *MORE happy dance*
      Meh, I havn't made a fic yet. But I'm a big reader, and basically a straight A student. But I'm insane, a gamer and an artist, so I'm the GOOD type of straight A student.

      I still can't beleive it. 1000 CHARACTER LIMIT MY ***!!
      if by specific you mean address wise, then it's AQ.com . You heard me. if by detail wise, Im making a new post thats all about that.
      Seeing we had that little time discussion on RS, I beleive it was 7.
      yes, i mean time. I'm not sure why, but it's always dirty thoughts that pop up when people don't understand stuff even when you can't fit a dirty pun in. O_o
      If you want, I can help you farm rep (Rep/Reputation-A type of 'points' that may be obtained through certain quests upon completion. 'Rep' or 'reputation' usually allows you to buy certain items with the right amount of the right currency and/or with membership. NOTE: membership is not needed all the time.) to buy the suit. Btw, try~ not to make a bad impression. A lot of people who play MMORPGs can be over confident at times. Ofcourse, you know that already XD.
      I have a lot of kind friends, such as polipoles, who was my first friend that I still know, and I started playing 2 years ago, around 2 or 3 months after release.
      Kay, cya.
    16. adamboy7
      noting much :D im going apple picking tomorrow lol you?
    17. adamboy7
      Hello :D long time no see :D
    18. (╯°□°)╯︵ ıɥsoɯ
    19. nasirrich
      *Is in awe.* Wait wait wait did you realy just...*Has a smoothie filling a two pie. Slams one at your face. Then drops the other one ontop of your head so you can feel the run off of the smoothie.
    20. Ominous-Glory
      Ain't no thing but chicken wing.
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