^_^zexion's real wife^_^
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Jul 15, 2010
Jan 20, 2010
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Oct 8, 1995 (Age: 28)
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Vocaloid ♥
Laughs at kaito's "aaaah" vocals

^_^zexion's real wife^_^

Traverse Town Homebody, 28, from Vocaloid ♥

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Jul 15, 2010
    1. raceing227
      yes, my kindergarden teacher. get this: she always yelled at us because we didnt "colour in the lines" jeez,we were in kindergarden! (when i say we i mean me and my friend James) oh, and my grade 4 teacher. im in french immersion, ok? grade 4: first year of french immersion and she expected us to know every single french word. like, jeez. oh, and Axel said hes staying for a year now and he invited Larxene and Demyx. exceuse me for a second.....
      me: Axel, why the **** did you invite larxene and demyx??????
      Axel: ahhh... just for the fun of it. i thought you said you like larxene and demyx.
      me: yeah... but were running out of rooms for you to sleep in.
      Axel: why dont we all sleep in your room? you have an awesome pokemon poster.
      me:........... great. hehe
    2. raceing227
      heh. sorry i didnt answer right away... i was straightining my hair. soooo.... who is that girl that is trying to weigh you down? hope it isnt me... cause i will stop if its me.
      Roxas: its probably you.
      me: be quiet Roxas, im asking if its me.
      Roxas: sure. so want some ice cream?
      me: why the **** would i want ice cream at 9:00 in the night?
      Roxas: ......just asking.....
      so yeah forgot to tell you Axel and Roxas are staying at my house for a week.
    3. Korra
      Social groups: http://www.kh-vids.net/group.php

      It was just a bit of an easier way to keep track of members, plus you can invite people and whatnot. So it became easier than making a thread.
      I believe we got the system in 2008.
      And I do like KH, but I don't find fictional characters attractive.
    4. Korra
      "Like how" in reference to what?
    5. Korra
      Well...a fanclub's a fanclub. It's a place where people that are fans of something can post about or whatever.
      Though since we have Social Groups now I think they're kinda obsolete.
    6. ShibuyaGato
      thx. i just came up with the idea after watching asas again.
    7. Korra
      With what?
    8. Korra
      You claim you've read the rules, and yet...you freak out when I move something to a different place?
      The description for the Fanclubs section says: "The home of all the Forum Fanclubs (Posts don't Count)".
      Your thread says: "okay i can't make a club but whatever anyways who is cute terra or riku?"

      i.e. it's not a fanclub.
    9. raceing227
      I wish i had a kh closet. my closet is full of my stuffed animals... and to think about it the only place to actually engoy kh in my house is on my laptop... cause i put my wallpaper a picture of Zexion...yeah.. if i didnt like Zexion my favourite charater would be Larxene.
    10. raceing227
      and yes i saw your album!!! its awesome! i might leave a comment.
    11. raceing227
      of course i voted for terra. Im not a riku fan, so the choise was easy.
    12. ShibuyaGato
      i just got on now and thanks again. hey i just made a new photo today out of boredom. i wanna know if you think its good. heres the link http://www.kh-vids.net/album.php?albumid=2142&pictureid=20238 i know that its not zexion but again it was only out of boredom. and this one took about the same time as yours.
    13. raceing227
      heh, thanks. saw your comment on the nobody zexion picture. yeah i lol when i saw the photo of larxene being mean to zexion. like, thought "ha! this is waaaay too funny! i got to add this!"
    14. ShibuyaGato
      it wasnt really that hard. i used paint and cut them out of photos i took of cutscenes i use for vids. it only took me like um... half an hour to an hour tops. im just glad you like it. thats the important thing. hey why dont you join an amv making group ace phoenix started. just pm him about joining and he'll probably let you in. and again im glad you like the photo. you should make it your profile pic now so you can show off you custom profile pic. ^_^ well ttyl
    15. raceing227
      yes, i knew you made that post it said your username under it. how did u know that i voted for larxel?!?! anyways... did u see my album? it has more pictures on it sence you commented it.
    16. raceing227
      hehe i wish i could meet u guys some day.... anyways if matt is gay then why does he have a girlfriend???? anyways i know TERRA IS SOOO CUTE!!! hes also cool.
    17. raceing227
      terra is soooo cute!
    18. raceing227
      yeah... so, what do u want 2 talk about?
    19. raceing227
      yes, your good! that was an intresting story.
    20. raceing227
      sure ill tell you! but its kinda akward... so what. ok, at school this guy named Fergal said that my worst enemy Jack liked me. i didnt belive him. then when my friend Kyra said its true i started thinking... anyways Jack came up and started talking to me! and he was blushing when he was talking! wierd and freaky right? anyways i hate him!!! any storys u want to talk about?
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    Oct 8, 1995 (Age: 28)
    Home Page:
    Vocaloid ♥
    Laughs at kaito's "aaaah" vocals
    Im miku hatsune! i love to sing with my friends and my lover kaito!

    singing with friends and my kaito.


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