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Feb 15, 2019
May 2, 2007
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October 25
Quebec, Canada


Merlin's Housekeeper, Female, from Quebec, Canada

Wow! It's been a long time since I last log in! Feb 4, 2018

~Acy_XIII~ was last seen:
Feb 15, 2019
    1. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Hiya! Been some time, eh? How's life been treating you?

      Oh, thought you should know, I just beat Revelations! [no spoilers ahead, honest] That last mission was beast, not to mention the ending cinematic... I got down to, like, one health tick in the middle of it and still managed to succeed.
    2. strfruit
      I have been pretty good ^^ Trying to get everything settled after coming back home haha
      How about yourself?

      Awesome! :) I went to Italy 2 years ago. It was beautiful!! I would love to go back some day! :D London was nice as well! I haven't been to France, but I hope to one of these days! XD
    3. strfruit
      Ah okay :)
      Ooooo! Traveling would be wonderful!
      Where would you like to go? :D

      Sorry for the late....really late reply v.v things have been crazy lately so I haven't been able to reply to anyone. My apologies.

      Hope you have been well!
    4. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Gosh, I... I'm terribly sorry for not answering your other message. It's just that, in most places, people from my country are known for their, how can I put this, recklessness regarding the english language. If you really want to know, PM me, ok? :) Not to sound pretentious or anything, but you can even say I handle english a little better than a few "naturals" 'round here - trust me, I've seen it. By the way, I've posted my poems in the Writer's Nook, you could check that out if you'd like.
    5. strfruit
      Ooooooooooo! Anime Convention! I haven't been to one of those since 2007....hoping to go to another soon!
      Hope you have fun!! :D
      All night 4 days a week....my my....what is your profession? :)
    6. strfruit
      Thanks! haha ^^
      I'm hanging! I'm hanging! XD
      Well, my family and I were thinking about going to Universal Studios. So excited!
      How about you? :P
    7. strfruit
      Good evening to you too! :D
      That's good to hear you are doing well!
      I have 3 more days of classes and I will be heading back home for the summer :P
      Oh my! A pool! Can't wait for swimming!! :3 lol!
    8. strfruit
      Hey! :D
      I am doing great! Summer is almost here!! Yayz! :3 haha!
      Thanks for asking!
      And yourself?
    9. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Not really. I don't live in the northern hemisphere, school years here go from Feb through Nov/Dec - a bit more logical, no?
      Just kidding. I wish it were vacation time already... Not even halfway there though.
      Also, congratz on that 3DS.
      My parents bought us a Vita, which I never play, so we were planning on selling it and then buy us a 3DS. (KH3D ftw!)
    10. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Nothing at all, I just finished playing through AC2.
      Now I've nothing else to do for the entire weekend...
      Real exciting I tell ya .-.
    11. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Bored... Other than that, I'm fine.
      And you? P:
    12. strfruit
      Your avatar! I laughed through that entire scene....especially where the guy gets punched out of his clothes o.o oh my! XD

      I like it! Haha!
      Hope all is well for you! ^^
    13. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Quite well, indeed. Same as usual, lurking a lot... A bit better now, I suppose, because I finally finished most of my school assignments. Thank you for asking.
      So, how 'bout ya?
    14. strfruit
      That is good to hear :D
      I have been quite well myself! Thanks for asking :)
      Were you able to enjoy some nice weather on your days off?
    15. strfruit
      Hey there! Hope all has been well for you! :)
    16. awesomeperson
      good how about you?
    17. strfruit
      Ohhh! Rainy days make me drowsy >.< haha!
      Woohoo for your week off! Hope it stops raining soon so that you may enjoy the lovely outdoors. :D
      I love going outside on nice days! Feel so cooped up when it's raining :/
    18. strfruit
      That is good to hear! :D
      My day has been quite well actually. Going by fast, though! haha
      How was yours?

      (Oh and accepted you on Skype....meant to tell you that a few days ago....completely slipped my mind. My apologies. ^^ Thank you for adding me! )
    19. strfruit
      I am wonderful! ^^ thank you for asking!
      And yourself? :)
    20. awesomeperson
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  • About

    October 25
    Quebec, Canada
    So you wanna know about me...

    Nothing much interesting to said, honestly. I'm just someone... I don't have any useful talents, but I don't bite!
    I'm a bit too shy... I look more often at the forums than I post :3
    You can add me on Skype or Msn, I do like chatting even thought I'm a bit clueless about some stuff...

    Oh, I forgot to mention something that may seems a bit obvious when I write, but English is my second language... And to be honest, I understand really well, but I'm really clumsy when it come to write and talk.
    I apologize for all the misunderstanding it might causes, and I'll do my best to go through my difficulties.

    Video Games, Manga, Reading, Drawing, Writing, Taking pictures of the sky on my way home :p


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