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Apr 18, 2009
Jan 10, 2009
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June 17
in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats


Traverse Town Homebody, from in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats

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Apr 18, 2009
    1. Maggy
      O_O breakfast? lol!

      i'm about to go to sleep! xD
    2. Maggy
      yey lol xD
    3. Maggy
      lol i'll probably add you

      my gmail is: ;)
    4. Maggy
      lol! nice e-mail xD
    5. fadedphantom
      Wow, well that's a cool skill to have!! You could do a lot of traveling and not feel out of place haha :D

      I know right?!? Gah, that was so stupid... I told my mom they said that and she was like "But... it's your graduation, I'm just there to watch..." And I was like "EXACTLY!! Can you go tell them that???" but of course she didn't T_T
    6. Maggy
      I have Gmail, so i guess that'll work :)
    7. fadedphantom
      O_O Wow. Three languages? I think my brain would explode...

      Hahaha yeah, my school was just silly. They wanted it to be very formal, so they were like "That will take away from the ceremony. This ceremony is not for you, it's for your parents." And we were like "Uhhhhh they already graduated, this ceremony is for us, wtf are you talking about????" So that's why we did it anyways hahah :D
    8. Maggy
      that's can't download? O_o

      well do you have what Mike said ? (AIM or Yahoo)
    9. Mike
      Aim or Yahoo?
    10. Maggy
      do you have MSN?
    11. Mike
      Can you go on MSN now, if you have one?
    12. Mike
      You interested in helping out with coding?
    13. fadedphantom
      Yeah!! Marshmallow guns are awesome!!!

      Sigh, I wish languages came easy to me... I took French for 3 years and barely passed each time hahaha ^_^'

      I know right?? They always throw their caps in movies/tv shows, so my friends and I all kind of thought that was like a tradition or something, and then when we were told we weren't allowed to do it we were like "Whaaaat?!?!" Lol
    14. Maggy
      lol thank you xD
    15. fadedphantom
      Yes they are!! :D

      Wow, I think I'd get confused and like be thinking in the wrong language for the wrong test haha... sounds like something I would do -_-' Haha I can do backflips on the trampoline/off a diving board... does that count??

      Hehehe good luck with that, I just checked my grades and I got an A- in my advanced calculus class :D I guess I'm smarter than I thought lol ^_^

      YAY!! I PASS!!! *throws graduation cap in the air* Did you know at my graduation we weren't allowed to throw our caps or they'd take away our deplomas???? WTF?!?!? But a group of us went behind the school afterwards and threw them anyways hahaha :D
    16. fadedphantom
      Ooh I like puzzle games!!

      Wow, two languages?? That must be tough... Haha yeah I used to be a springboard diver, so I was really good at gymnastics (that's what we'd do for indoor training) but it's been a year since then so I'm like not flexible at all any more :/

      It's 30!! Weeeeeeeee!! :D
    17. fadedphantom
      Gah, I don't have either of those... darn...

      Ah, yes, that would be good... Hahahaha this quarter I will probably only have like one test, because my schedule consists of: Foundations of Drawing, Computer as a Medium, Intro to Acting, Intro to Gymnastics, Intro to Film... and then Calculus with Multiple Variables :/ Hahaha so for like 5 out of 6 classes I don't really have to do much thinking :D And I doubt that they'll have any like really hard tests. YAY!!

      OOH OOH *waves hand around in the air* I KNOW THIS ONE!!! It's it's uhmmmm... 2!! Am I right?? I'm right, right?? I'm totally right...

      Unless you're trying to trick me by saying the answer's like 11 or something... -_-'
    18. fadedphantom
      Lol I bet. Maybe I should play that over the summer... is it for PS2??

      Haha I never feel like studying :D

      Yes, yes, you'll find that I'm generally right about basically everything XD Jk jk hahaha
    19. curse_tail
    20. fadedphantom
      Ohh haha I've never played either... I guess I was just imagining that the lyrics were familiar hahaha ^_^'

      Yes you are!!

      You just put your arrow on the bright yellow upload button at the top right of the page.... then you click "Video File"... and then you upload... hahaha XD

      Yep, I'm pretty brilliant :D :D
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    June 17
    in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats
    I should really get onto updating this.