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June 17
in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats


Traverse Town Homebody, from in your closet that's filled with fuzzy coats

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Apr 18, 2009
    1. fadedphantom
      I'm glad you're still alive too!! Haha what song is that btw?? It seems familiar...

      Yes, definitely see it :D

      That's the plan!! Hahaha ^_^

      Yay!! I can't wait to see it!!

      Yeah, I think that at least part of Days is before CoM, cause Larxene's voice actress confirmed for the game, and on the Days website I saw a teeny tiny clip with Zexion. I bet in the middle of the game the whole CoM thing will happen. And I bet Roxas will be all like "I wanna meet Sora, wahhhhhhhhhh!!" and that's when he leaves the Organization!!! I figured it out!! Yay!!
    2. fadedphantom
      Lol remind me not to get on your bad side... O_O

      OUCH!! Gah, you have scars?? Wow, that's one nasty sting!!

      OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. That's like seriously one of my favorite movies now. It's all about how girls are under the misconception that if guys are mean to you that means they like you, and it follows like 4 different relationships. It's reeeeeally good, and it has an amazing cast.

      Yeah, I wanted to work for Square Enix, buuut since my school has a contract with Disney I figured what the heck, I'll work for Disney hahah. Yes!! I wanna meet the voice actors (and maybe be one too lol :D)

      (Yes, I agree!! That's why my posts are always so long... this one's a bit shorter cause I'm tired and my contacts are fogging up so I can't really see haha... so I think I'm gonna go to sleep. Goodnight!! Ttyl!! :D)
    3. fadedphantom
      Hahaha oh my so you're a trouble maker eh?? Lol XD

      Wow, so scary!! I saw a gigantic dead jellyfish on the beach once... actually I've seen a few giant dead jellyfish (I live near the beach so I used to go a lot... now I'm too lazy -_-'). I would not want to be stung by one of those...

      Hahahaha yeah it's such a good movie. That and "He's Just Not That Into You" are up at the top of my movie list right now :D

      Me too!! Or, if I go into animation, then Disney... but technically I could still work on Kingdom Hearts if I worked for Disney :D Actually, that's the reason I picked my college, becaue A) They have a reeeeeally good graphic design program and B) because they have a contract with Disney :D :D So next year I'm going to try and get a paid internship with Disney, hooray!!!

      (Haha don't I always?? And yes they are fun to read :D)
    4. fadedphantom
      Hahaha oh dear you're stuck with Adri. Lol, haven't you caught on to the fact that you're not in trouble by now??? XD

      Ooooh that sounds so scary!! Wow, I think I'd be afraid of the water too. I used to catch jellyfish... they were this special kind that didn't sting, and they were small and cute, and they would always be floating around the boat dock on this island I go to every summer (they're not there anymore though :( ). They were cool to pick up... they felt like jelly!! Haha shocker, right?? :P

      Hahahaha I know, I went to see it with four of my girl friends, and we were just laughing at the guys' awkwardness the entire time!! I love that movie!! Hahaha!!

      Lol that would be soo cool!! Maybe we'll both work together someday!!

      (GASP!! This response is not novel length!! I'm getting better, uwaa!!! ^_^)
    5. fadedphantom
      Haha oh dear. Once kids have a name for you, you're kind of stuck with it hahaha XD

      Oh wow they actually put your names?? I would hate that!! Lol, you really ask if you're in trouble? Hahahha

      Lol, just think of it as fate!! Yep :D Haha college cannot hurt our friendship!!

      Ohhhh haha I'd totally go on the roof if I could!! But then again... I bet there are spiders on the roof huh... mmm maybe not then lol. I'm an arachnophobe ^_^'

      Haha yes I suppose... but we do see each other on breaks and stuff. Like, some of my friends and I just saw "I Love You, Man" two days ago (GREAT movie, go see it!!) and we're having a sleepover sometime later this week :D But still, it's not everyone... oh well, I think one of my friends is having a "reunion party" in June for the whole lot of us, so I'll see them all then at least!!

      OMG that's what I'm doing!! I'm majoring in Graphic Design so that I can someday be either 1) A video game designer or 2) an animator. Aaaand if I get to do some professional voice acting along the way that's always a plus... :D

      (Haha well it wasn't a short response, but it was better... ^_^')
    6. fadedphantom
      Hahaha Adrian?? Are you like "Ummm you added a letter..." Lol that's a completely different name!!

      Gahh I would hate that!! I was worried that that would be how they did it in college, but thankfully it's by ID number, so even though some teachers do put up a list with everyone's grades on it no one can tell who's who unless you know their ID number (I don't even have my own memorized lol).

      Haha thanks, and I really like that nickname btw. It made me smile when I first saw it :D

      That's so cool!! My best friend Mikayla and I met at school in 6th grade, but first I just knew her as "the girl who runs fast" (she'd always get the fasted time for the mile in PE so her name would get on the board. She'd even beat the boys!!). And then we were both in speech, and one day she was like "Hey, you're a good speaker. Do you wanna do a Duo Speech with me?" and so after that we were speech partners and kicked everyone else's butts!! And then I told her I was applying to a private all girls school, and she was like "Oh, one of my friends is applying there too." And guess what?? I knew the girl she was talking about!! I was like whoa, fate!! And so together the other girl and I convinced Mikayla to apply too (even though this other girl and I hadn't talked in years, so we didn't know we were both convincing our mutual friend haha, but we became instant friends once we actually went to the same school :D). And now it's seven years later and we're still best friends!! Yay!! And we're going to be friends forever and ever and ever. We've talked about it many times, how we'll never let ourselves lose touch with each other, and one day we'll be old and wrinkly and still best friends ^_^

      Hahaha yess making movies is soo fun!! And they're hilarious to watch lol XD Haha we always sing random songs when we record ourselves too!!

      Yeah, we were gonna go on the roof, because we're daredevils like that, but we couldn't figure out how to open my friend's windows hahaha sooo we ended up just sitting in her yard, which was why we couldn't see the sunrise -_- Oh well!

      Sigh, I wish, but 1) My parents won't let me bring my car to college this year and 2) my friends are spread out all over the country, so I'd have to take one heck of a road trip!! My main group of friends are actually all in California like me (but some are in Northern California and one's in middle California and then the rest of us are in Southern California), so once I have my car I might be able to go visit them over the weekend sometimes, but a lot of my other friends are on the east coast :(

      Haha thank you!! I love dissecting things... I used to want to be a veterinarian, so I found it really fascinating. Interestingly though the year I took anatomy (which I took because I wanted to be a vet) was they year I decided I wanted to be an artist instead, hahaha. But I still enjoyed the class :D

      Wow that was a long post! Lol :D
    7. fadedphantom
      Haha okay good. It's like a pet peeve of mine when people spell my name wrong. One time this girl spelled it Erycka. I was like "...Um..." Haha it was weird.

      Ohh I see, well that works too then haha. Thank you, I like to think I'm still young :D I mean after all, I still like video games and cartoons, so I can't be THAT old, right??

      Lucky!! I wish my best friend and I lived right next to each other... well, we're sort of close even at college, cause she goes to UCLA which is like 30 minutes away from Cal Poly, buuuuut neither of us have a car.... lol so close and yet so far >_<
      Hahaha my friends and I sometimes record out get togethers as well :D My one friend wants to go into the film industry, so sometimes we even make movies (with costumes and everything!!!) Last time I was the bad guy hahah. I got to wear my Harry Potter cloak and kill people with tennis balls and ukuleles and stuff hahah it was pretty fun :D We also recorded our new years party this year. We stayed up to watch the first sunrise... but we couldn't really see it cause my friend's house isn't high enough, but oh well. Ah, memories... WAH I MISS THEM ALL!!! That's my least favorite part of college, not being able to see my friends very often :(

      Anatomy's pretty fun... well at least I thought it was ^_^ And I was good at remembering all the bones and muscles for some reason, so I also liked it because of that. AND we got to dissect a bunch of stuff, including a mink at the end of the year which took THREE DAYS to dissect!! It was smelly...
    8. fadedphantom
      Haha thanks, I'm glad you think so. Yeah, I like Erika better than Erica, but everyone always spells my name wrong D:

      Hahaha yeah I think they were trying to avoid little kids trying to forge their grades or something, idk. It was so long ago I don't really remember... gah I'm so old!! T_T

      Lol well it's a very cool word!! My best friend makes up words as well... but they generally make no sense at all and she forgets them moments later hahaha XD

      Whoa!! See, I probably would have liked chemistry if I'd had a teacher like that. Unfortunately, my teacher was really old and really boring -_-' I had an awesome anatomy teacher though, so that's like the only science I like lol :D
    9. fadedphantom
      Wowww that's such a cool name!! It's really pretty!! Gah, I'm jealous. Mine's Erika (which you probably knew from the thread). It's pretty boring. But oh well :P

      Haha ohh I think ours were always just mailed to us. But I knew I couldn't spell so my teacher wouldn't have changed it anyways hahah

      Schazzy??? I've never heard that word before lol. But I like it!! I'm trying to figure out how to pronounce it... hahah I keep saying it out loud. Good thing no one else is in the room or they'd think I was a crazy person O_O

      Uh huh, suuuuuuuuure. Omg, my grade in APUSH sucked, but my exam score was actually pretty good. So we're opposites I guess haha. I've always liked math, but I really don't like chemistry, probably just because I had a really bad/boring teacher :/ Well, I have to take it again in college, so maybe I'll find it more exciting this time around...
    10. fadedphantom
      Haha I think it's clever! And yay! I was calling you Ari in the group. I guessed you're nickname!! Hooray!!

      Ohhhhh yeah, mine were like that too!! I count that as straight As though cause it's basically the same thing. I used to get all Es... except every once in a while I'd get an S in spelling :/ I can't spell haha.

      Wow cool!! I got in the paper for something I drew too! And now that I look back on it, it's pretty crappy... hahahah but oh well, I thought I was pretty cool :D

      Wow, smarty pants :P I suckkkk at history... I struggled so much in APUSH. Gah. But I've always been good at math and english. Those are my strong points. Well, and art obviously... Haha but that doesn't mean I like math!! Everyone thinks I like it because I'm good at it -_-
    11. fadedphantom
      Hahaha, using my own words against me XD Nice.

      Yes, that is my belief too :D

      Gah, I used to be, back in elementary school, they used to come easy for me (back when there were no honors classes and so they graded everyone easier hahah). But I have ADD, so it's often really hard for me to focus... I wasn't diagnosed with it until 10th grade, and holy crap my grades improved SO MUCH after that!! It's insane... but I still get good grades. My GPA for my final semester in high school was a 4.0 (which was actually As and Bs because I was in honors/AP classes, but I think that's still pretty good eh??). I wish I could get straight As... this next quarter that's my goal. I was fine with getting Bs but now I feel like I really want to see if I can get straight As again... it was such a good feeling hahaha.
    12. fadedphantom
      Lol okay I'll definitely read one piece over summer then :) I should really read more manga... I just don't have the time, and I get addicted reeeeally easily lol. So I have to wait till the summer or I'll like flunk out of school... which would be bad hahaha.
    13. fadedphantom
      Ohh yeah I tried to watch Naruto once... and then I promptly turned it off. I can't watch a show where the main character wants me to shove pencils in my ears @_@ But I was going to try and watch it again this summer because I figure since soooo many people are completely obsessed with it it must be at least kind of good, right??

      Gah I haven't watched/read One Piece either. I was also going to try and give that a chance this summer because, again, a lot of people like it. So it's worth it then??

      Hahahahha wow. How in the world did that start??? Lol
    14. fadedphantom
      Hmmm well I'm going to have to say Fruits Basket because it was the very first one I ever read. It was actually what introduced me to Anime, so it will always have a special place in my heart :) And I have lots of good memories because of it because my friend and I got like half my class addicted to it in like 10th grade, and we got a good portion of my sister's class addicted as well hahaha :D

      What's yours?
    15. fadedphantom
      OMG Mickey would kick every country's butt!!

      Ohhhhhh I think I actually saw that post!! Was it in the thread where people post their pictures?? What a loser. I'm glad she was banned (...or maybe it was a he??)
    16. fadedphantom
      Yes!! All athletes should study Mickey's technique!!

      Hahaha yeah, being a name known to all would be awesome :D Someday...

      Wow. So much drama. Why would that person make three accounts?!?! They must really have no life... jeez...
    17. fadedphantom
      Me too!! A lot of times when I was Mickey, I'd just jump around and around because his jump was so freaking awesome haha.

      Yeah, most of the people I know only have like one or two bars, but still, it makes me feel accomplished to have rep ^_^ I've made it my goal to get at least three dots. I'm almost there!! ...sort of lol.

      Ohhh I heard about riku lover. Wasn't she banned? And wasn't she also like two other people on here who always created a lot of drama or something? What a weird person (if that's true)...
    18. fadedphantom
      Lol I was in Beast's Castle fighting that thing in the dungeon (you know, right before you save Lumiere and those guys) and I was like "Nooo I died... wait... this game over screen looks funny... what happens if I press 'I won't give up!'... OMG WTF MICKEY?!?!?! HOLY CRAP!!" And then I proceeded to beat up that heartless thingy. Huzzah!!

      Oh wow. I don't want my rep to go down, I just got to two green dots like, yesterday... grr people are mean, why would they do that??

      Hmm maybe... but it does matter!! Gah!!
    19. fadedphantom
      OMG yeah!!! Mickey kicks serious bad guy butt!! He's so badass, omg. He would be so much better. Sometimes, if I was really bored, I would lose a fight on purpose and hope that Mickey would come save me just so I could play as him hahahah.

      Lol that's so stupid!! Thankfully I've only been derepped that one time... so far...

      I dunno, cause I mean, I think he's been voicing Mickey for like 25 years or something O_O So I don't understand why he sounded so different... sighhh so confusing... maybe that's how his voice actually is, and they usually change the pitch a little bit to make it a little higher, but this time they didn't do that for some reason?? Idk...
    20. fadedphantom
      Lol that stupid duck.... I just wish he'd stand on the sidelines and go "Heal! Heal! Sora! Heal!!" He'd be much more helpful if he just stayed out of the way...

      Omg, I got derepped and the reason was "Spam" for a post I made IN THE SPAMZONE which, I may add, was not spam at all... it was a response to something tummer said actually... I was very annoyed :/

      HAHAHA that's exactly what I was thinking!! Apparently it was the same guy playing Mickey, so I was really confused...

      I know, sigh. They should have spent more time on Riku's story. It was so disappointing.
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