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Apr 20, 2011
Sep 16, 2007
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March 10


Gummi Ship Junkie

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Apr 20, 2011
    1. Advent
      A lot of reading for English about Greek Mythology (a huge book and the play "Agamemnon"), three Spanish short stories which are written in the most convoluted way possible, a **** easy algebra packet for calculus, and then... writing words and their definitions on index cards for U.S. How about you?
    2. Advent
      I did laugh, not gonna lie, but at the same time, it takes a real man to wear that tag and make it look good.


      Go on, laugh at its generic nature and my severe lacking of originality.
    3. Advent
      We began to have a discussion about the vidya before. I can only assume you have a 360 because you had BioShock before the PS3 release. Do you have a Gamertag?
    4. Advent
      Yea, I know. When this place is being ****, I tend to go look around 4chan because I can't be bothered to go outside, so since KH-V has been particularly ****** lately, this news was particularly disappointing to me.

      It's been pretty good, man. Summer homework is a *****, but balancing that with some guitar here, some all-night Brawl sessions there, I think I'll live. You?
    5. Advent
      We had a nice ally oop right there. I think we need to spend less time on 4chan. Or more. I dunno which.
    6. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      I am feeling very crappy right now D: feel sorry for me, I seriously feel like ****, and I accidently deleted my entire music folder, and all my photos and all my uni work

      .-. *hides under a blanket*
    7. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Well, we used to, but then they started leaking and everyone was always covered in slime.
    8. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Sounds delicious B|

      Though I am curious as to how you would get the newt eyes.
    9. Misty
      xD it's not likely they'll hunt you down as long as you're smart about it. just make sure your IP address isn't put out there and you're fine. It does creep me out sometimes though. :/

      xD 'Project Lead the Way.' I swear schools just try to make things sound dumb these days.

      well anyone I'm going to go, I've got to be up in eight hours and forty minutes.
    10. Misty
      Yeah, orange mentioned something to me about taking gym over the summer, I'm jealous that your school does that. I would kill to not have to take gym over the school year.

      pfft, there are people who still buy off of iTunes? xD I feel bad for downloading music but I think it's okay since I still buy CDs. :/
    11. Misty
      It just means you ate a lot, because if the boat was filled with twizzlers it'd be a large amount because boats are big. :v

      I know, you've told me. :>

      I'm taking Health so I don't have to take it next year.
    12. Misty
      it is a bit odd, but you're right. odd is good.

      :C I want to see Up so badly, it looks so cute but it's out of the local movie theater.

      KotOR is an incredible game. :x I play it for hours upon hours and it never. gets. old.

      I'll tell you about my day.

      Got up, went to summer schoool. my teacher is nice although it's a bit hard to understand him sometimes. came home, ate some cheese and crackers, went to my friend's house, watched gilmore girls, ate popcorn, came home, and ate a boatload of twizzlers.
    13. Misty

      they have it on the FiOS TV Free on Demand thing, that's how I first saw it, but now I've got the DVD> :>

      Download it?
    14. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Eurgh I think I have a cold ._.

      You should totally fly to england to make me soup.
    15. Styx
      Ah, too bad. Some other time then.
    16. Styx
      I see. Have fun in any case! I'm taking my room mate to the theater soon too. We're gonna see Coraline or something.
    17. Styx
      Me neither. It has its positives sides too though.
      Which movie are you going to watch today?
    18. Styx
      Camping close to Rock Werchter gives you few opportunities to clean yourself. Wait a minute...No that's not it. They do give us opportunities but we don't take them because we're dirtbags like that.

      By bike do you mean a bicycle or a motorbike?
    19. Styx
      Pretty good. Had a medical check-up today. Pretty welcome after four days of a complete lack of hygien and possibilities of weird diseases. How about you?
    20. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      I actually can't think what your name was before anyways x: I think I am having a blonde moment.

      It is hard at first, but once you get used to it it is like flying, I love it. Though admittedly I was always good on inlines so iceskating is pretty similar, except with blades instead of wheels.
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