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Jun 3, 1992 (Age: 30)
Safest Haven


Goddess, Female, 30, from Safest Haven

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Jun 24, 2016
    1. ReverofEnola
      What's up R&m?
    2. ReverofEnola
      Why is that is there something unfunny about them? Because I consider this hilarious
    3. ReverofEnola
      Do you know what a meme is?
    4. ClawtheCyclops113
      aw srry about that
    5. ClawtheCyclops113
      i am good and you.
    6. ClawtheCyclops113
    7. Plums
      You were the only one with pink xDD

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    9. ClawtheCyclops113
      thank you for accepting my friend request
    10. Beucefilous
    11. Beucefilous
      Uh..About 8 years i think. Came out after kingdom hearts.
    12. Beucefilous
      Well...In short, dragons, war, possessed children. that sort of thing. if you want a more detailed definition,


      The game's protagonists are Caim, his best friend Inuart, and their companions. The plot revolves around a war between the Union and the Empire in a somewhat altered medieval Earth. Every playable character makes a pact with a powerful beast, and pays a price for joining the pact. This concept in the Drakengard series is called "pact pricing." In the process of forging such a pact, humans are branded with a mark called a "pact emblem," which appears on a part of their body associated with the price they pay - They either lose use of a physical attribute (Voice, Sight, etc.), or can lose 'intangible' attributes, such as one's joy, or ability to age. However, the bonds that tie a human with the magical creature he/she made the pact with in life, also binds them both in death as long as the creature allows it so.
      [edit] Characters
      [edit] Playable

      Caim (カイム Kaimu?): Son of the Royal family (in the Japanese version, the kingdom is named Caerleon (カールレオン, Kārureon), a location deeply connected to Arthurian legend. In the English version, it remains unnamed), Caim was forced to witness the brutal murder of his parents by an Imperial black dragon. Since then, he swore vengeance on the Empire and Dragons, fighting as a soldier in the army of the Union. Mortally wounded, he encountered the red dragon Angelus, who was near death as well. Though he hated dragons, Caim demanded Angelus to accept his offer of a pact that would save both of them. Since then, Caim lost his voice in the exchange, marked on his tongue, and thus the only human Angelus revealed her name out of their new-found respect for each other to before becoming the new seal. Age 24.

      Angelus: A Red Dragon that is over 10,000 years old, Caim forced a pact with her in order to live that she reluctantly accepts. Being of a kind revered by others as masters of the natural world, Angelus comes off as arrogant, seeing humans as inferior, careless and defiant. But in time, Angelus made an exception in Caim whom she revealed her name to.

      Note: Angelus' name in the Japanese version of Drakengard is "Angel" (アンヘル Anheru?).

      Arioch (アリオーシュ Ariōshu?): Arioch was a loving elf mother and wife until she was driven mad by the murder of her family at the hands of the Empire. Since then, she has become an insatiable murderer, only a pure joy as her young prey fall victim to her insanity. Formed a pact with Undine and Salamander in exchange for her fertility, marked on her waist. As an ally, Arioch is a threat to herself and others. In the Japanese version, it was implied that she murdered and cannibalized children as a result of her trauma. Age 24.

      Seere (セエレ Sēre?): Manah's twin brother, he felt it was his fault Manah was neglected/abused by their mother who loved him. Though he shares his sister's magical abilities, he possessed the gift of prophecy. After his village was destroyed, Seere formed a pact with his new found "friend", Golem, in exchange for his "time" (the ability to age), marked all over his body, thus can never grow up. He joins Caim's party to search for his lost sister, only to feel more guilt seeing what became of her. Age 6.

      Leonard (レオナール Reonāru?): A kind-hearted man who distasted the horrors of war. He was constantly tormented by the knowledge of his faults and past mistakes; blaming himself for the deaths of his brothers enough to attempt suicide upon seeing them dead, but couldn't do it. By then, Faerie appeared and took advantage of Leonard's instability at the time to force a pact upon him, robbing him of his sight that is marked on his eyes. He befriended Seere, who seemed to remind him of his brothers. In the Japanese version, Leonard was at one point a pedophile. He was absent from the massacre that killed his family because he was engaging in pedophilia at the time, a fact which haunts him. Age 32.

      [edit] Non-playable

      Furiae (フリアエ Furiae?): Caim's younger sister. Raised as a royal princess, she struggled to come to terms with her appointed role as the goddess at the time of her parents' death. As her cursed fate unfolded, Furiae began to despair. Living in her brother's castle, sitting quietly and offer silent prayers. She was abducted by Inuart, as she is the Final Seal that keeps the Grotesqueries from appearing in their world. In the Japanese version of the game, it was implied that Furiae harbored incestuous feelings toward Caim. Age 19.

      Hierarch Verdelet (ヴェルドレ Verudore?): The hierarch whose duty allows him to speak directly with the goddess, Verdelet is a pious man who is always careful of his words and of doing the right thing, but places himself first should the situation becomes dire. When young, he made a pact with a dragon that is now in a petrified state that left a mark on his head, losing his hair and ability to grow more in exchange. In the end of the game, Verdelet performed the sealing ceremony over Angelus. Age 72.

      Inuart (イウヴァルト Iuvaruto?): Caim's former friend and son of a noble of the kingdom once ruled by Caim's family. Inuart possessed a beautiful singing voice and master of the harp. Though sincere and honest, his heart is weak and relies on his former betrothed, Furiae. But Inuart was taken by the Empire and tortured by them until he swore allegiance to them. He then made a pact with the very Imperial dragon that killed Caim's parents, sacrificing his talent for singing to cement the pact with a mark on his neck. He did this to fulfill his desire to protect Furiae instead of Caim, who was the object of Inuart's envy. He battles his former friend, taking Furiae to the Empire where he believed she will be safe. Age 20.

      Manah (マナ Mana?): A mysterious young girl who commands the empire as high priestess of the Cult of Watchers. But the truth, Manah was driven insane by outerworldly entities that she refers to as "the Watchers", who are using her body as a means to direct the Empire in the goal to destroy the world by removing the seals that prevent chaos from ensuing. Prior to it, Manah suffered abuse from her mother, which led to her current state of mind. Though released from her benefactors' control, Manah still dared Caim to kill her so she can find peace. But when Angelus revealed that there is no peace for her, Manah soon realized what she had done and was abducted by Caim and shown the suffering that she had caused so she would "never forget." Age 6.

      The "Grotesqueries": A mysterious otherworldly race that are tied to Manah's possession and would appear once the seals that keep them out of the world are no more. Though they failed to achieve their goal in the canonical ending, they did in the two alternate endings which revealed them to resemble giant human infants with teeth. They are in turn led by a more human adult-like queen. Their true identity is revealed in Drakengard 2.

      [edit] Plot

      Prior to the beginning of the game, Caim's parents were killed by a black dragon sent by the Empire, breeding a hatred in him toward both the Empire and dragons. During the war against the Empire, Caim is mortally wounded, but comes across a red dragon imprisoned by the Empire. Although neither Caim nor the dragon are fond of each other, they cannot deny that they need each other's help to survive but the dragon remains reluctant. After fending off squads of advancing soldiers, the dragon accepts to creating a pact, fusing their souls, healing their wounds. The price Caim paid to enter the pact was his voice, rendering him mute and causing a pact emblem to appear on his tongue. Caim and his pact partner soar into the sky with newfound power, obliterating the Empire's air force and disposing of the rest of their infantry.

      Caim and the dragon regroup with Inuart, a long time friend of Caim's and talented musician, and his sister, Furiae, the Goddess of the Seals. Inuart proposes that they seek asylum in the elf village that holds the Seal of the Forest. Without protests or delay, they head off, only to find the village invaded and realise that the protection of the seal now is hopeless. Hierarch Verdelet, Guardian of the Seals, speaks through the dragon, pleading with the group to bring the Goddess to the temple that holds the Seal of the Desert. Caim learns from a dying elf, that hostages have been taken by cultists to the Shrine of the Watchers. Caim sets off to rescue them as Inuart heeds the message of the Guardian and sets off to the desert temple with Furiae.

      Caim fights through the shrine only to find that the kidnapped elves have been taken elsewhere. Later, within the Valley of the Faeries, Caim meets Leonard, who becomes an ally and is revealed to have a pact with Faerie, sacrificing his sight which is visible by the emblem on his eyes. The dragon reveals that Inuart and Verdelet have been captured, so the group quickly set off to the Seal of the Desert. Arriving at the desert, Caim finds Furiae safe, though realises it was too late for Inuart and Verdelet. Caim heads to the Imperial Prison to rescue them, succeeding only in finding Verdelet, learning that Inuart has been taken someplace else.

      They return to the desert, only to find the seal broken. The group then finds Arioch, an elf driven to insanity after witnessing the death of her family by the Empire who sealed a pact with Undine and Salamander, her pact price being her ability to conceive. After Arioch joins the party, Inuart appears, having sealed a pact with not only a black dragon but the one that murdered Caim's parents, demands that Caim allow him to free Furiae by bringing her to the Empire. Caim refuses and the both engage in an intense aerial battle. Caim is defeated, and Furiae is taken by Inuart. Caim, realising his duty, delays the rescue of his sister and the group head to the Seal of the Ocean, only to find that too, has been broken.

      Verdelet explains his speculation as to why the Empire wish for the destruction of the seals, stating that the destruction of each and every one marks the birth of the "Seed of Destruction" which is thought to reconstruct a new world. The party arrive at the Imperial Lands and find a young orphan boy by the name of Seere, who explains that his sister was taken by the Empire and plead that they allow him to join the group. It is then revealed that he also sealed a pact, a pact with a golem in sacrifice for his "time" or ability to age. The entire group join the final battle between the Union and the Empire, resulting in the latter's defeat. Celebrations are short-lived however, as the sky turns black and an unsettling evil arises.

      Fire rains from the sky and the corpses of the Imperial Army are reanimated. A fortress appears in the sky and so does Inuart, who challenges Caim. Caim is victorious and Inuart returns to the fortress, having learnt he has been possessed, he discovers that Furiae has been killed by no other but himself. In the first ending, the party succeed in stopping Manah, high priestess of the Cult of Watchers and sister to Seere, whose powers are sealed by Verdelet. Having been driven insane, the young girl has been possessed by otherworldly entities that desire the Goddess and the seals that prevent chaos from overwhelming the world and destroying it. Caim and the dragon manage to stop them, though the dragon, whose name is revealed to be Angelus at the game's end, volunteers to become the new seal, despite her inappropriateness as a seal (being a dragon) and Caim's protest, and disappears. This is one of five endings and is the one which leads to the events of Drakengard 2.

      The second ending involves Inuart and Furiae after she is killed. Inuart takes Furiae and tries to resurrect her with the Seed of Destruction. Although she is revived she is a monster, now having godly powers and wings. She kills Inuart and Caim engages in battle. After a long and grueling aerial fight, Caim succeeds in defeating his reborn sister. Standing atop a hill carrying what was once Furiae, Caim gazes upon the landscape only to see a myriad of the monster he holds in his arms.

      The third ending involves Caim and Angelus. Manah, out of desperation and realisation that all is lost, attempts to summon a dragon but results in the dragon consuming her. The power that once resided in her flows into Angelus, and she now becomes the Chaos Dragon. After becoming this new dragon, the pact between Caim and Angelus is broken. But Angelus, although still having respect and love towards Caim, knows that they must fight for the rising dragons plan on destroying humanity and taking over the world. Caim pulls through and defeats her but hears more dragons coming his way. Accepting the fate of the world, Caim runs outside full speed to battle until his final breath.

      The fourth ending consists of Caim, Angelus and Seere. After the death of Manah at the hands of her brother, what order is left in the world is lost and absolute destruction is imminent. Grotesqueries, what appear to be huge babies that consume and destroy everything in sight, fall from the sky. Arioch becomes obsessed with the image of children and runs towards them as they crush and consume her. Leonard sacrifices himself by self destructing to clear a path for Angelus, Caim and Seere. Soon after, the Queen Grotesqueries (a massive woman with a stone complexion and no hair), rises from the ground. Angelus and Caim desperately weigh out their limited options, finally deciding on what must be done. Seere, with his significant pact sacrifice, has the ability to stop time, at the cost of his life. Caim, Angelus and Seere fly towards the Queen Grotesqueries, dropping Seere onto her. Angelus and Caim, having achieved their final task, are killed by the overwhelming number of Grotesqueries. Finally, Seere asks his sister to forgive him as he releases bursts of light from his body as black fume surrounds him, covering the Queen Grotesqueries and Grotesqueries, forever frozen in time.

      In the fifth and final ending, Caim and Angelus travel across a dimensional boundary to fight the Queen Grotesqueries, and in a strange twist end up flying over modern Tokyo. After defeating the Queen Grotesqueries in an unusual battle, Angelus states, "It is done, at last", before being shot down by a pair of fighter jets when finally a radio transmission is heard, "This is Bravo 1, unidentified target has been neutralised. Over and out". The final credits roll silently as the sounds of a typical urban area in Tokyo is heard, the end of which scrolls down to a dead Angelus impaled onto Tokyo Tower. This ending and final setting leads to Nier, another game by Cavia.
    13. Beucefilous
      I only know about it because it's from a really good game.
    14. Beucefilous
      This song. [video=youtube;-lDOeb_Geec]
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      That quote in your sig pic. is that from what i think it is?
    16. Plums
      Me too. xDD
      This is probably the best game I have played in a while. @___@

      But before Persona 4

      And consider it a race. B)
    17. Plums
      I watched it

      AIGIS CSNHF ;_________________;

    18. Plums
      I'm near halfway through January. I heard there was a bad ending you could get by chossing the other choice, so I'm making an extra save file just so I can watch it. xD

      also JunpeixChidori
      11eva ;___;
    19. Plums

      Also, probably because I clear all the floors of the New Block in a night and just train on and off for the month. xD
      And yes, I felt so happy when he fell off. That dickface >:
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      Ikutsuki is the biggest **** face oh my god.

      And poor Mitsuru ;______;
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