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May 13, 2024
May 18, 2007
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Jul 5, 1992 (Age: 31)


Chaser, Male, 31, from Pakistan,Karachi

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May 13, 2024
    1. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      k nvm i got the link i just have no idea how to install
    2. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      wait you had someone do this for you in a shop lol isnt that illegal
      well cfw was just made legal in america for 2000 and 3000 models
    3. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      GREEN USERNAME and for the cfw
    4. ◄Slip►
    5. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Yeah, I think so. On my old computer. I'll check that later, okay?
    6. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      kk zeb finished the code and I add a code to the ally code for goofys save the queen so test it and inform me if it works^^ here the code!!!

      Warrior Sora ally-R2
      21cbFDFF 58455f50 (roxas1989)
      21cb96f4 00303230
      21cb96f8 00000000
      21cb96fc 00000000
      21cb9a00 00000000
      21cb9700 00000000
      21cb9704 00000000
      21cb9708 00000000
      21cb970c 58455f50
      21cb9710 58455f50
      21cb9711 58455f50
      21cb9712 58455f50
      21cb9713 2e303230
      21cb9714 2e303230
      21cb9715 2e303230
      21cb9716 2e303230
      21cb9717 7465736d
      21cb9718 7465736d
      21cb9719 7465736d
      21cb971a 7465736d
      21cd9068 000007e6
      21cd906c 17000005
      21cd9070 58455f57
      21cd9074 5f303330
      21cd9078 575f3041
      21cd907c 00000049

      I will create the warrior roxas ally later to day cus its 5:07 am here so talk to ya later today my time or tonight my time depends on which part of the day your online later dude!^^
    7. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Depends on what you mean by completed :P Do you mean 100% complete or just finished the game?
    8. Kubo
      Hey, congratz on your promotion. =]
    9. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      ok thx zeb^^I think I've got it down now!!!^^
    10. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      kk thx zeb!!!^^
    11. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      one more Q whats soras mdl/mset digit and what do I type into the address window to aquire it cus I tried 01a00000 and that didn't give me s**t? and the same gos fur roxas too!!!
    12. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      its usualy the the long list of codes I'll give you an example

      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
      xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

      etc, etc, etc.
    13. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Ah, okay. Congratulations ^^
    14. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      and one more thing I need help with I need help on how to find goofys mdl and mset codes
    15. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      ok thx zeb good to know!^^but what I actualy meant by creating the actual code I meant the acual code list to add the model And mset codes to!
    16. Blayz Mods
      Blayz Mods
      yes that's what I meant and thx for the link!!!^_^
    17. Alex856
      You're a reporter man!?
      that's awesome.

      It's been hell of a long time since we last talked, and I kinda miss you man, even though you never really left...

      How has your life been Aurangzeb? ^^
    18. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      What happend to your name? Why is it green? Just wondering ^^
    19. EvilMan_89
      for a news company, doing programming for their website (the backend stuff that people don't see, and pretty much the grunt tedious work). it's not bad though, i found that work almost always beats school.
    20. Roxas~N~Namine

      In FMA: DS the's a proram you can run to get by that Boulder mini-game

      i was like, "YUS"

      link is in the descrpition
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    Jul 5, 1992 (Age: 31)
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    Riku Light & Darkness
    Things have changed a lot since i joined KH-Vids. I joined as a code follower, but later on became a video recorder for the site. As time passed, I started learning a little about codes, and from Neo, Anti, Erkz, Truth, Naruto, Razor and all of the other coders, I started making my own codes. Did some plays as allies and Riku can fight without T-Stancing codes. Later on since I was unable to keep up with my studies as well as coding and recording, I stopped coming to the site. Since Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix came out, I started playing the game again came back to the site.


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