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Mar 11, 2011
Jan 6, 2008
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Look at the house with the most flowers
Flower girl


Twilight Town Denizen, from Look at the house with the most flowers

AVALANCHEMAD was last seen:
Mar 11, 2011
    1. ◄Slip►
      I've been Great, Missed you alot :( Ive been relaxing and partying, Have to enjoy my Holidays as much as possible.
      How about you?
    2. AxelRedHot
      Hello, it's good to meet you. :) How are you?
    3. ◄Slip►
      Ur not a "out cast"
      Just tell me any Idea of a code that possible and Me & u will hack it together.
      Well wish u get back to your original PC so we can start hacking and coding
    4. ◄Slip►
      Well i missed u and i wanted to welcome u ^-^ with a change
      Most important HOW YOUR ARM?
    5. ◄Slip►
      ^-^ every code NTSC
      i will be able to "Label Port" them the 100% working port way.
    6. ◄Slip►
      Ur Best buddy ^_^
      Has learnt to Hack
      i've became a Hacker and i've hack sooo many new codes.
    7. ◄Slip►
      My friend had a hamster we called it "gibbles" xD
      Well i wish to see you. I have to go aswell bi x
    8. ◄Slip►
      Actually i dont really had a pet or somthing i watch over xD
      Put i did have my friends fish when i was young but it died T.T forgot to feed it
    9. ◄Slip►
      ^-^ Thats really good
      Well at least you have the option to take care of your most care thing
    10. ◄Slip►
      hmm wish you get well real soon :(
    11. ◄Slip►
      Ayl you ok?
      This hurt arm is it putting to much stress and pain on you....
      anything i can do to help?
    12. Finale
      sup? =3
    13. ◄Slip►
      T.T if your in Pain i'm in Pain, please take care of yourself and get well soon i need you. Rest as long as you want ^-^ Your health is the most important thing in my head right now.
      Ye im doing good, i had good day a long day, had fun with all my friends and bought some nice stuff, oh ye i had a some bad news i got into 2 fights xD im ok dont worry, some idoits try to take my stuff so i fighted back and it caused a fight but me and my friends suited him out and his friend.
    14. ◄Slip►
      Ye no problem enjoy yourself dont let me hold your social life back xD
      I gotta see a friend he got back from Spain
    15. ◄Slip►
      0.0; Sorry
      Im nearly done with the code adding some finishing touches
    16. ◄Slip►
    17. ◄Slip►
      xD True
      Well i think i need a tester, are you busy?
    18. ◄Slip►
      ^-^ Well i wanna allow everyone to be a part of a code
    19. ◄Slip►
      Well i have so many ppl PM to be a tester but i guess i'll allow everyone to test my codes in PAL
    20. ◄Slip►
      ^-^ Nothing i figure it myself. Well it starting to rain now T.T
      I just got back from shopping bought a waistcoat and a £32 Top thats suit it perfectly.
      So Miss flowers how you make £25
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    Look at the house with the most flowers
    Flower girl
    When people meet me they say I am really like Aerith, I love flowers and I try to avoid fights

    Helping with KH coding, planting amd collecting clothes from KH and FF


    (Pic Made by Slip)